Seductive Studio – GORILLA CARRY

Seductive Studio – GORILLA CARRY

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Main fetish items = “Over the shoulder lift/carries” + ” Sheer black pantyhose” – Costume = 1. Tartan micro- mini skirt/kilt, 2. Sheer black p.hose, with skimpy, white plain or lacy panties underneath, 3. Black , strappy, pumps-style , 2/3 inch heels, ( with T-strap at front, – or strap that goes round front of ankle to a buckle, 4. White slim-fit shirt, or any cute top. — “Story” = Damsel has returned home after modelling at a mini-skirt Fashion Show, still in her Scot.-Dance Girl costume, – Big, chunky Bad guy has followed her, and sneaks in to spy on her. He happens to love seeing “Jungle-Girl” films, or “Cave-Girl”, in which girl is captured and carried off by an Apeman or Gorilla. – Today, he is eager to act his fantasy out for real. – He leaps to Girl and grabs her in a face-to-face bear-hug, – She tries to fight him off , but goes into a limp faint, – he then pulls her forward over his shoulder, and begins a slow, leisurely walk around, carrying his limp trophy-damsel.Girl wakes up, and again tries to resist and push him away, but he pulls out his … to k.o. her again. – He now drapes her forwards over back of sofa, or edge of dining table, and gets out his bits of rope to tie her wrists at the back, and her ankles, he then lifts her over his shoulder again, and resumes his carry-walk around. – A few times in story, he stops at wall-mirrors to drool at reflection, and does a lot of p.hose thighs and ass rubbing/stroking. – At end, he lays her down, unties the ropes , and makes his escape, thumping his chest like a happy Gorilla-Man. –



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