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Description: The Green Hornet is hot on the trail of a criminal who has just escaped from a bank robbery. He has fled to a huge industrial building and The Hornet is not going to let him escape! She creeps through the hallways looking for the robber and after a brief search, finds an open door into his hideout. The Hornet enters his lair and never sees him as he hides behind a pillar. He grabs her from behind and quickly shoves a …into her face. She screams and struggles but is no match for the powerful …and eventually goes out and is carried into the room. Our Hero is shoved into a dog crate where she is left to recover from the effects of the …. Eventually she awakens and confronts the villain. She is going to bring him to justice when she gets free from the cage! He laughs and tells her that he is going to break her will and she will submit to him. Never! He has his ways though… he approaches the crate with a pair of cables. He touches them together and sparks fly! Fearing for her life, The Green Hornet is helpless to stop him as he attaches the cables to the cage and 10,000 volts pour through her body! She is tortured like this for several minutes and eventually succumbs as he turns up the juice. After she is safely knocked out, he drags her from the cage and strips her of her costume. She is carried to a bed and handcuffed tightly, with black duct tape covering her mouth. Finally, she awakens and struggles against the tight cuffs…. After several minutes of struggling, our villain returns and tells her that she will break, and he will train her properly. He approaches her with a sheet of thin red nylon and covers her face with it. She struggles to catch her breath, but can’t escape the cuff and gasps hard as stars form before her eyes! The nylon is removed and reapplied several times before he decides that it’s time to move onto the next phase of his plan. He holds the nylon over her face long enough until she is knocked out from lack of oxygen but not too long where she won’t be any use to him…. The Green Hornet awakens to find herself tied tightly to his final contraption. Her booted feet are spread wide, and hands are tied overhead. She is asleep, but is woken abruptly as the Hitachi that is tied to her crotch is turned on! The strong, powerful vibrations bring our her to a crushing orgasm much to her dismay!! The villain returns and taunts her, but she is powerless to stop him as the strong vibrator brings her to multiple orgasms. He gags her briefly, and then deciding that it would be better to be more “hands on” removes the bit and covers her mouth with his hand as she grinds against him for several more orgasms!! Eventually the pleasure is too much for her to bear and she is struck unconscious. The scene fades in and we find our once proud Superheroine chained with a collar around her neck to her new home. The crate. The villain has finally broken her, and he pets her head like the dog that she is and orders her into her crate, where she crawls in and cries for her freedom…



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