Seductive Studio – LATEX END DEUX

Seductive Studio – LATEX END DEUX

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Two scantily clad spies are searching for some important document in the scientist house after killing him (we dont see him). They separate. Two (again scantily clad) heroines approach the house: they separate too. First heroine finds one of the spies, wrestle with her, but second spy comes back to the scene by surprise and puts the heroine to sleep .. The spies bind tightly to a chair the unconscious heroine, then they notice the second heroine approaching (watching out of a window, or whatever). The spies decide to prepare a trap, but first heroine wakes up (tied). She understand her fellow heroine in danger of an ambush. She tries to free herself feigning sleep, but the spies notice that: they taunt and handgag her. Tied heroine tries to warn her friend anyway, screaming and moving her chair, so desperately that they have to handsmother her, shutting her nose and mouth with gloved hands, making her unconscious again. They gag and blindfold her. Then they attack second heroine entering in the room. They wrestle her to the floor and quickly smother her wrapping her head with a thin latex sheet (Probably the bravest girl should be the one getting the head wrapped with the latex sheet ) Then they tie and gag the second unconscious heroine. Heroines are on the ground, well tied, blindfolded, gagged (use tape over a cloth cleave gag). They hear villain girls speaking about getting a van to transfer them to a nearby hideout and torture them for information. They rub their faces together to get rid of the blindfolds but they can’t dislodge the gags. They start to work at their bindings with hurry but when one of them has her legs free, the spies arrive. Heroine # 1 with free legs run and tries to go outside but finds the doors closed, calls for help at the windows hoping to attract attention (use your location at best here, do what you can), but she’s jumped on by the spies. She tries to defend with kicks. CUT to the other heroine #2: she manages to break free of her ropes and finds the…used by the bad girls. She takes it, hoping to come to the help for her fellow heroine. CUT to the first heroine: she can’t keep the villain girls at bay. They menace her with the latex sheet, get hold of her, block her on a bed or table (or on the floor) and proceed to put her to sleep using the latex sheet again to wrap her head. When the heroine #1 faints and is immobile, one of the spies takes the latex sheet and goes to suffocate heroine #2 (they believe she’s still tied), the other spy stays to bind the unconscious girl. Heroine #2 ambushes the villain girl looking for her, and put her to sleep …Then she finds her mate, unconscious and being tied by the other spy. Heroine #2 uses .. to put this spy to sleep too.



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