Seductive Studio – THE AFTER PARTY

Seductive Studio – THE AFTER PARTY

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Daisy, Sophie, and Lacy got really drunk at the club, and just walk through the front door of Lacy’s apartment as the film begins. The girls decide to keep the party going, and acting rowdy, they grab the liquor and decide to make some prank calls. After a few more shots, they begin to play a game of truth or dare, when they hear a knock at the front door. They run to the door to see who it could be this late, and are excited to see it’s a cute guy! They open the door for him, and when he explains that he found Lacy’s purse at the club, and checked the ID for her address so he could return it, they invite him in for their after party. Frank seems timid at first, and the girls try to loosen him up with a shot, he refuses, and watches them play truth or dare for a moment. When it’s his turn, he dares the girls to all make out. They try to laugh it off, and say they’d rather make out with him. He insists again, and once more they deny him. It was never really about Lacy’s purse. Or truth or dare. Frank has had plans for these girls ever since he eyed them at the club… he pulls a .. from his waistband and orders all three girls onto the ground. They scream in fear, and drop to their knees. Lacy starts to panic when Frank grabs her by her neck, he has no patience for her cries and throws her to the ground and violently smashes her skull in with the butt of his .. He then orders Daisy to take a length of rope from his bag that he has brought and to tie her friend up so he can play with her one on one. Daisy finally finishes the hog tie, and Frank has her cover her friends mouth with duct tape, and grab a chair from the dining room, placing it in front of her bound friend so she can watch the torture and taunt them both. He ties her hands behind the chair and puts the gun to the back of her head….The movie begins where Frank left off… the back of Daisy’s head, Sophie screams out for help. Infuriated, Frank runs over to her and places the gun to her forehead. One more outburse and he’ll… He returns to Daisy and pulls a large ..from his bag. He .. her arms and legs, drawing the blade across her skin, relishing the site of the blood as it seeps from her wounds. Finally he plunges the.. into her stomach repeatadly untill she breathes no more. He then grabs a ..and shoves it into Sophie’s face. He unties her and plays with her limp arms, carrying her onto the couch and checks her eyes and mouth. Frank then goes over to Lacy, and picks her up onto his lap. He is fascinated by her limp body, and ragdolls her for a few minutes. He then drags her to the middle of the floor to prepare for his work of art. He pulls Daisy from the chair and places her over Lacy’s body. Then going to Sophie on the couch, he drags her over and places her upon the other two girls. The .. has finally worn off, and she awakens confused and scared atop of her two dead friends. Frank stradles her, and places his hands around her throat, …



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