Seductive Studio – THE COMPUTER VIRUS

Seductive Studio – THE COMPUTER VIRUS

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Jenny has arrived at a service call to fix some guy’s computer at his condo. She is invited in and soon gets to work on the laptop. The man offers her a drink, and… He sets it down next to her, and she takes a deep pull. As she finally cracks the password, a video starts to play on the computer. It is a video of a man s..a woman and playing with her limp body. She freaks out about the video and tries to leave. The man steps in between her and the door and tries to calm her down, but she isn’t having it. He tells her to relax, because he has given her something to ease her nerves, she can’t beleive it, but then her vision goes black and she falls heavily to the floor. She awakens on the couch, her hands tied behind her back, feet propped up on the table, ankles tied together, and her big toes tied tightly together as well. The man appears with a black wire….. her feet wrinkle oh so tightly…. Jenny’s torture continues. The man taunts her as he tightens the cord around her again and again. Sometimes leaving her with a breath of air as her vision clears … only to awaken as he tickles her feet. Eventually he tires of the play and holds the cord



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