Sleazegroin – ANACONDA

Sleazegroin – ANACONDA

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: From our Pure Vore series comes the Anaconda and this is our BEST VORE yet! Why you ask? Because it’s our very first ass in first. Usually you’ll have the victim go in the monsters mouth either feet or head first. Ass in first you will get to see both head and feet going in it’s mouth. It takes a contortionist to do something like this and Felony does the job and also the fact that some of it is shot on super slow motion. The story starts as a girl is awaken by someone knocking on the door, she answers it to a man who claims he is a animal wrangler at the Zoo and a fifty foot Anaconda snake is on the loose so he advises her to lock her doors and windows. She then goes back to bed not believing anything he said and goes back to sleep, suddenly the snake slithers from the back and with it’s tongue takes off her panties then starts slowly and stealthfully swallowing her, she wakes up in it’s mouth and starts screaming in fear, her body starts kicking and twisting in shock that she urinates on herself by accident as she crawls out of the big jaws of the snake as she is about to run for it, the snake grabs her by the ass and starts swallowing her again, it only makes things worst since in that position it’s hard to kick and punch. slowly her hands and feet touch as it begins descending her into it’s stomach as we see her ass inside (in night vision video) slide back in. This is not to be missed by Vore fans.



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