Sleazegroin – LEFT FOR DEAD #16

Sleazegroin – LEFT FOR DEAD #16

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: Blowie is back being chased by Zombies, this time her character is played by Cherry. She runs into a house and closes the glass door behind her as the Zombie pry’s his hand in and grabs her, she pushes the Zombie away and closes the door, as she walks backwards she gets attacked by another Zombie from behind, struggling for her life the other zombie opens the door and attacks her from the front, she is out numbered and the Zombies rip openrnher top exposing her breasts. she falls to the ground as a Zombie pulls down her pants and forces his cock in her mouth as the other Zombie and pins her down, she pushes the Zombies off and tries to escape but the other Zombie turns out to be a Poker Zombie who shoots it’s long tentacle cock at her and wraps around her body pulling her in beck to the Zombies and the taentacle cock goes in her mouth, the Zombie shoots cum and hits the door missing her face, she then pushes them away and grabs her gun and starts shooting the Zombies dead. She starts walking rnaround the house securing the area and starts getting dressed she then goes down the hall and gets attacked by another Zombie from behind and wraps his hands around her neck until she goes out and falls back. Will she make it out out alive?



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