Sleazegroin – PURE VORE #7

Sleazegroin – PURE VORE #7

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: Hot blonde Asian girl Taryn Kemp enters the basement, she is wearing nothing but her panties and a skimpy top,with long thigh high stockings, she hears a noise coming from the corner, she doesn’t know what to make of it but the Super Fiend targets her as it’s next meal, it quickly shoots it’s tentacle around her neck and pulls her down towards it’s gaping mouth, she struggles as the tentacles pull off her shirt and panties exposing her nice round ass. it pulls her in as she gets devored for dinner and see her inside the monster’s stomach struggling before she gets digested in this brand new installment of Pure Vore No.7.



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