VelvetsFantasies – Hypno Way To Treat Your Friends Part 3

VelvetsFantasies – Hypno Way To Treat Your Friends Part 3

Categories: Death Fetish, SoftCore, Gun Fun, Non Nude, Non Sex, Girls Play, Amazon, RolePlay, F/F

Description: Based off a custom script! Our story begins where we left off. Now that Serena is completely subdued now as a hypnotized slave, Jacquelyn begins to give her orders to continue her training and bring a new victim for the mistress. The victim this time, is Miss Bambi Buttons. Serena calls her to come over with an eerie but seemingly convincing tone to her voice. Moments later, Bambi arrives at the house but it appears no one is home. Suddenly a tranquilizer gun reveals itself from behind a door, shooting Bambi straight in the derrière. She gasps, and moments later feels herself succumbing to the sleepy drug. She crawls on the floor, eyes rolling and moaning out for help, but no one answers her call.

Suddenly, Serena enters and gets her victim ready by undressing her down to her tank top and underwear. She positions her in the very compromising derriere pose, giving her a smack on the bum before she leaves. When Bambi awakens, she stumbles down the hallway, still feeling the effects of the dart. The door slams behind her leaving her locked in the bedroom, only to be knocked out yet again with a heavy dose of sleeping gas as it enters the room.

When Serena enters again, she undresses Bambi down to her lingerie and leaves her in the derriere position again. When she returns, Jacquelyn is by her side to assist the task of wearing her down by knocking her out over and over until the mistress has been satisfied. Bambi puts up a fight, but after being put under multiple times is no match for both Jacquelyn and Serena. These hypnotized slaves are on a mission for their mistress, and they MUST OBEY….

This movie contains hypnosis, tranquilizer dart KOs, room sleeping gas KO, chloroform KO, syringe KO, gas mask KO, butt slaps


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