VelvetsFantasies – Sharpened Deaths

Sharpened Deaths

VelvetsFantasies – Sharpened Deaths

Categories: Death Fetish, SoftCore, Gun Fun, Non Nude, Non Sex, Girls Play, Amazon, RolePlay, F/F

Description: Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Remi. Based off a custom script, both girls are clad in heels, sexy lingerie and bikinis in 10 different scenes where they both deliver a viciously sensual stabbing to one another and themselves with intense writhing before their last breath.

This movie contains sleeper hold KO, multiple toy knife stabbing scenes, wall slides, body piling, dramatic death scenes. There is NO BLOOD or special effects, just two sexy girls acting out death scenes over and over!

Sharpened Deaths screen
Sharpened Deaths.wmv

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