VelvetsFantasies – Twist Of Fate

Twist Of Fate

VelvetsFantasies – Twist Of Fate

Categories: Death Fetish, SoftCore, Gun Fun, Non Nude, Non Sex, Girls Play, Amazon, RolePlay, F/F

Description: Starring Megan Jones and Jacquelyn Velvets. Agent Velvets is given the task of ridding a criminal lair of a platoon of clones…all modeled after Agent Megan Jones (i.e. one of Velvets’ fiercest rivals). The well-trained agent makes her way through every inch of the house, taking out clone after clone with a barrage of lethal neck snaps (with some added necro-snaps to “make sure”), fulfilling every aspect of her mission…until the REAL Agent Jones shows up and takes Miss Velvets out with the same maneuver she used to clear the lair!

This movie contains 9 separate scenes, 9 neck snap deaths, 12 overkill neck snaps, garrote KOs, 2 slow neck snap deaths, pleading, death stares

Twist Of Fate screen
Twist Of Fate.wmv

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