WickedWorksProductions – Don’t Drink the Water Isabella

WickedWorksProductions – Don’t Drink the Water Isabella

Categories: Nudity, strangulation, drugged drink, dead stare, lots of limp play, lots of rag doll play, necro, body pans

Description: Isabella and Loki have returned from their walk. Loki offers her a glass of water. She drinks it and quickly starts to fade. Soon she is out. Loki plays with her limp limbs as he undresses the unconscious Isabella. He unzips his pants and climbs on top of her. A few strokes into it, she wakes. He wraps his hands around her small throat and strangles her as she tries to fight him off. He finishes her and finishes up himself. Now it is time for some more play with this sexy and limp corpse.



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