WickedWorksProductions – Drunk Again 2

WickedWorksProductions – Drunk Again 2

Categories: Nudity, strangulation, dead stare (first half of film), groping, lots of limp limb play, rag doll play, foot view, foot sniffing, wrinkle/stretch foot soles, necro, body pans

Description: Loki is drunk and passed out on the couch when April gets home. She is at the end of her rope with him. She yells at him to wake him up and snatches the bottle from his hand. She continues to yell at him about his drinking. He stands up and, tired of being yelled at, grabs her by the throat. She fights, but he is too strong for her. He takes her to the floor still choking her. She continues to struggle, but soon succumbs to the sweet release of death. Now he can enjoy her in silence.



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