WickedWorksProductions – Kidnapped

WickedWorksProductions – Kidnapped

Categories: Nudity, Necro, Bondage, Gagging, Duct Tape, Groping, Postmortem Groping, Pantyhose, Pantyhose Tearing, Limb Play, Ragdolling, Foot Shots, Body Pans, Eyes Open, Shutting of Eyes

Description: Elise awakens to find herself bound and in an empty room. She struggles to get her hands free. Then a man walks in. Fear grips her and she tries to get away from him. He takes a piece of duct tape and places it over her mouth. He violently gropes her and exposes her tits. He pulls her legs wide apart and tears her pantyhose open to reveal her unpantied pussy. He is so turned on, he pulls her towards him and thrusts his cock into her. As he is raping her she screams behind the gag. He cums hard deep inside. Now killing time.

He pulls the tape from her mouth and places a plastic bag tightly over her head. She thrashes violently, kicking her shoes off during her struggles. As he bags her, he gropes her tits, enjoying the life draining from her. Soon her struggles begin to weaken and she succumbs to the lack of oxygen. With a few twitches she dies. Now the fun begins. He plays with her limp body like a ragdoll. He gets hard again and decides to have seconds. He leaves her sprawled on the mattress for fun later.



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