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Scene Description:

Episode #1

Deep throating is this slut’s passion, she loves having cock balls-deep down her throat and shows it in this scene when she gets down on her hands and knees and works this dick like a total fucking champ.

Episode #2

Nineteen year old hottie decides to teach the world how to gag on a cock, and demonstrates her qualifications in this smoking hot blowjob scene. This naughty slut can suck and gag like the best of them, she’s certainly good enough to be teaching — don’t miss the lesson!

Episode #3

This cute amateur admits that she’s had to practice a lot before she got really good at sucking cock, but now she’s fucking great at it. She gags on this dick until tears pour from her eyes and cum drips from her hair and chain.

Episode #4

A biff stud slam fucks this long-haired harlot’s face, making her gag on his thick dick before, eventually, nutting all over her face and in her hot, wet mouth.

Episode #5

Japanese sweetie, Asami, shows off her tight little body and then gags on a tattooed white guy’s dick. She shares some of the secrets of the Orient in this scene, taking this dick deeper than should be possible before choking on it.

Episode #6

A Kansas cutie with a tight little body gives the blowjob of her life in this scene, sucking on a big hard dick, feeling it hit the back of her throat and gagging on it like a good little Whore Gagger.

Episode #7

A blue-eyed blond takes an inked up stud’s long dick deep down her throat. She works it with her hands and mouth and gags a little bit when it penetrates her throat further than she expects!

Episode #8

This girl has tiny tits and big fat lips that are perfect for cock sucking. She starts out the scene impatient to have a big dick down her throat and she stays cock-hungry all the way through this scene, this slut just can’t get enough!

Episode #9

In this scene a sweet blonde co-ed sucks on a big, black dick. She takes it like a champ, but still gags more than once as that massive pecker plunges into her mouth and down her throat.

Episode #10

A dark-skinned diva plays with a white guy’s cock, licking it, sucking and teasing, then he fucks her titties for a bit before going back to gagging her with his big long prick

Episode #11

A horny guy falls asleep wanking off while a sexy slut is tied up in the room. She wakes him up, makes him untie him and then shows him all her cock sucking skills. This movie is not to be missed, it’s messed up, but fucking hot!

Episode #12

A flat-chested sweetheart with long dark hair has it used as a handle to manipulate her head into sucking this dick exactly how its owner wants her to — including gagging on it when he shoves it in too deep!

Episode #13

This sultry brunette slut is gagging on dick within fifteen seconds of this scene starting and she doesn’t stop until the end when she swallows back a massive load of jizz

Episode #14

All this barely-legal slut needs to do is get on her knees, open her mouth and say ‘ahh’ while a big hard dick gets crammed down her tight little throat. It makes her gag and choke, but she keeps coming back for more.

Episode #15

With her nose plugged, a hand at the back of her head, and a big hard cock going balls-deep down her throat this dirty little slut has little choice but to gag and choke before getting a hot sticky load all over her face.

Episode #16

Two girls are making out on the couch and then they’re offered the chance to suck off two guys and jump at it! This is group whore gagging at its finest and is not to be missed by any blowjob fan

Episode #17

With jiggly boobs, a tight little ass and a sweet little mouth, this sexy nymph is one who is sure to get you off. She takes this cock deep, and even gets blindfolded with tensor bandage while she does.

Episode #18

A cute amateur in her very first porn scene ever gets a hell of an initiation here. Not only does she get face fucked, but she’s slammed so hard she chokes and gags — now that’s fucking hot!

Episode #19

Blonde and nut-bustingly hot, this sweetie gives a strip tease that’s not to be missed, and then she sucks cock, in fact, she sucks a cock and a dildo at the exact same time, and of course, she gags while she does it!

Episode #20

Cum is dripping off this sweethearts face and dribbling into her mouth by the end of this scene. This girl is twenty years old and she sucks cock like she’s been doing it all her life!

Episode #21

Even this self-proclaimed deep throating diva gags when she has her head pinned against the couch and her mouth fucked hard by a big, fat piece of man meat

Episode #22

A raven-haired cutie has come to check out an apartment but the rent is a little high, so she works off some of the price by sucking and gagging on the landlords massive dink.

Episode #23

At twenty-two this short haired, petite cutie has sucked a lot of dicks — but none of them like this one. With her head held still she gags hardcore as her face gets fucked super deep.

Episode #24

This trash-talking cutie gets her big naturally boobies banged by the pool, then gets her dirty mouth plugged with cock. She almost chokes on this massive load as it gushes down her throat, and she does gag on the girth of this pecker!

Episode #25

A busty blonde sweetheart squishes this hard dick between her sort titties, and then she goes to work with her hot mouth and talented fingers. She gags all the way through this scene and eventually gets a nice creamy load of jizz to lick up.

Episode #26

A pretty little jizz-loving babe gets all the cum she can handle at the end of this choking and gagging hardcore face fucking scene. This dirty whore gets bathed in cum, but only after she earns it!

Episode #27

This long haired slut knows how to work a cock, she can suck it slow, or get it pounded down her throat — she loves it either way, and you’ll get to see both in this poolside cocksucking fuck fest!

Episode #28

An Asian hottie gets like you wouldn’t believe in this scene! She has her nose plugged, gets choked, gags and gets a face load of jizz, al while she’s sucking on her husbands big fat dick.

Episode #29

This cutie just turned eighteen and she likes sucking cock so much she decided to perform in a porn movie. This slut gets gagged, fish-hooked and has her face fucked by an inked up stud, and she loves every fucking moment of it!

Episode #30

Twenty year old white trash, Crystal, gets down on her knees and puts some slobber on the knobber in this blowjob hardcore. She gags when it goes deep but that doesn’t stop her from taking it all the way in, just like a good whore gagger.

Episode #31

A mini-skirt wearing skank goes into the video store to rent a porno movie and the clerk talks her into going to his apartment to get a good one. Before you know it she’s starring in porn rather than watching one!

Episode #32

This slut’s nickname ought to be ‘Balls Deep’ because that’s exactly how she sucks cock. She goes deep and does it with enthusiasm, gagging and choking and eventually getting a face full of cum.

Episode #33

This horny stud plugs this bitch’s nose while she’s sucking on his schlong — which makes her gag and choke, making the scene even fucking hotter. In the end she gets covered in jizz and you’re sure to bust a nut too!

Episode #34

There’s no plot to this movie and there doesn’t need to be. It starts off with a sexy brunette getting her mouth plugged and it keeps right on going that way. This girl knows how to suck cock and she knows how to gag, what else could you ask for?

Episode #35

Stuffed so full of cock that at times she can barely breathe, this naughty nympho gags her way to giving one of the best blowjobs ever caught on camera, and she totally gets off on doing it too!

Episode #36

Pigtailes make wonderful handlebars to steer this barely-legal brunette’s face toward the hard dick she’s meant to suck. Watch as she gags on it good and hard and then gets a face full of jizz for her efforts.

Episode #37

This dirty blonde whore says she loves to gag and wants to be the best whore gagger ever! Don’t miss watching her in action as she gets her face fucked and chokes on a big fat cock in this sexy scene.

Episode #38

A nut-bustingly beautiful blonde babe gets interviewed and filmed doing a naughty strip tease by a British babe, then she gets her throat fucked good and hard by a long cock that makes her gag on nearly every stroke. This is a wet and gooey gagging scene that is not to be missed!

Episode #39

The star of this whore-gagging scene is a pretty girl with long red hair and a playful attitude. She claims to give the best blowjobs, and judging by the action in this scene, she wasn’t lying!

Episode #40

A small-chested sweetie tells all about her first blowjob and then she takes off her clothes and starts working the pecker in front of her with her hands and mouth, gagging the whole time but not missing a single stroke!

Episode #41

After a very brief little interview scene where she promises to gag on this nice big cock, this Euro cutie gets right down to business. Dropping to her knees and gobbling that cock like the pro she is.

Episode #42

It’s this sexy little nymph’s very first porn scene ever and she’s excited. She loves giving blowjobs and that’s precisely what she does in this hardcore scene. She works this pecker like a total pro and then takes a big load in her mouth and all over her face.

Episode #43

This eighteen year old blonde California girl is new to porn, but not to sucking dick. She gets her face fucked hardcore here, gags on the cock, but just keeps right on sucking, just like a good whore should!

Episode #44

This twenty year old slut has small tits and a fuck of a lot of experience when it comes to sucking cock. She uses both hands and her hot mouth on this hard cock, taking it balls-deep down her throat

Episode #45

Katie Ray is a saucy blond chick that doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to sex. She will do anyone, anytime – because she”s a total fucking nympho. That’s not a bad thing, obviously – so when John West stops by to offer up his cock, she is all for that shit. Her fingers work down her sequenced panties, getting her nice and wet before she attempts to deepthroat this giant dick. Her eyes water as her throat gets the dick slammed to the back of it, but she does manage to take it all down, even if she chokes a few times.

Episode #46

White trash slapper Lilly has sucked a few cocks in her time, but never one as big as John West’s. She’s a little scared by the massive length as it towers over her, and she gets even more freaked out as the psychopathic pornstar grabs her by the throat and rams every inch of his member into her mouth. She turns her head, moaning and trying to get away, but John has that nutty look in his eye that means that no one gets out alive. He viciously pumps her face over and over while she gags and starts to cry. She tries to get out of the way of his massive load, but eventually gives in and opens her mouth to receive his creamy spunk load.

Episode #47

When you first see Jessi Summers strip off, your jaw is going to drop – she looks like a barbie doll, how can a woman possibly have a body this perfect? Gorgeous face and smile, along with perfect titties, athletic frame and a great ass. But just because she’s hot, doesn’t mean she gets any mercy from the most brutal gagger of them all – the mighty John West! She thinks she’s gonna get it easy, but when the big dick fucker grabs her by the hair and presses her mouth down onto his shaft, she realizes she’s gonna get a rough throat fucking just like all the rest! John bangs her face like a brute until he’s ready to spunk on her smiling mouth.

Episode #48

Bailey O’Dare certainly lives up to her name as being daring. She stands in front of the camera completely naked except for high heels, shaking her big fake titties and being very casual about it. She’s getting ready to give the best head of her life, but when John West comes out her eyes get really wide. It’s either excitement or she’s wondering how she’s going to manage to take his dick down her throat. She grabs on to his dick and strokes it up and down, licking and slurping it down her throat.

Episode #49

This total whore gets down on her knees and introduces herself as Pamela Peaks as she takes a cock full in her mouth from John West. She makes a very good effort to take his entire dick in her mouth. Her big meaty lips wrap around his dick hard and he responds by giving a nice loud “fuck yeah.” He uses his hands to shove her head right into his pelvis which causes her to choke on his dick. Kinky, he plugs her nose while he is fucking her face which makes her choke hard on his cock. She takes her tits and Pamela Peaks lets him fuck her boobs hard.

Episode #50

Isabella Stanze is the type of chick that gets exactly what she wants, and today she’s after a rough face fucking from John West. She gets down on her knees and starts sucking that dick, taking just the tip of it in her mouth then working it down to the back of her throat. He is loving every second of this cock sucking action, slamming his meat down her throat harder and harder until she can barely handle the blowjob. Isabelle Stanza powers through like a real trooper, taking that cock to her limits and beyond.

Episode #51

Alexa Von Tess looks like she should be hitting the books in school instead of stripping naked in front of the camera and showing off her perfectly perky body! She’s got some great little titties and a cute booty that she loves to make bounce. When she’s completely naked, she gets on her knees and grabs a hold of this cameraman’s cock to plunge it down her throat. She lovingly wraps her lips around it and gets it completely stiff when she shoves it all the way inside until her lips are resting on his balls. She continually licks it like a lollipop up and down, rubbing it along her tongue and through her lips until she milks his cock dry.

Episode #52

The curves on this hot chick are amazing to look at! Bianca Dagger spreads her stuff for the camera as soon as she takes off her lingerie, rubbing her tits and her shaved pussy at the same time to get her nice and horny. Then again, she’s always horny whenever there’s a cock around for her to enjoy, because her favorite thing to do is suck on a fat pecker and make it shoot cum all over. She gets her wish here when she gets down on her knees and opens her mouth wide for every inch of his cock, damn near gagging on it as he gets on top of her and plunges it down her throat. When she gets hungry for cum, he paints her mouth with white jizz.

Episode #53

Bella Bond always starts off her day with a workout because it gets her warmed up for the rest of the day’s activities. So what’s on the agenda for today? Why sucking a huge cock, of course! We see her getting on her knees in front of a fire, as she strips her workout clothes on and takes his dick deep down her mouth. She gobbles up every inch to make sure that he’s covered in her drool, as he effortlessly slides in and out of her face. She looks up at him to practically beg him for his cum, as she works the shaft repeatedly to get him close to cumming. When he shoots his load, he coats her face and her tits in all of his sperm!

Episode #54

Kylee King wants to prove that she’s the queen of giving head here, because he craving for cock knows no bounds! She also shows just how horny she is, because she’ll put anything between her legs and rub it against her pussy. After showing off her beautiful body, she gets down on her knees to the perfect level for her mouth to be filled up with cock. She gags on it and spits all over it, as he lays her down and has her open her mouth for every inch of his dick to dip into. She strokes him while sucking him off, and then gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide to receive every drop of his jizz on her tongue and down her throat.

Episode #55

Who doesn’t love it when a chick isn’t shy about showing off what they’ve got? Trinity bends over on the couch here and pulls her panties down to give us a look at that fine ass for hers. But she’s got something better planned for the couch in lieu of showing something else off; her cock sucking skills! This guy gets to have a seat and relax as she bobs her head up and down his dick to make it as erect as possible. Even when it’s rock hard, she can still shove it all the way down her throat and spit all over it while jerking him off. No wonder why it takes him no time at all before he’s spewing hot jizz inside of her hungry mouth!

Episode #56

Brandi Lyons makes herself comfortable on this wooden bench, as she lays down and shows us a peek at her perky boobs through her red fishnet shirt. It also makes it easier for her to accept this big cock inside of her mouth, as she wraps her lips around it and invites it all the way down her throat so she can gag on it. He gets to fuck her mouth like it was her pussy this way, and she loves every minute of it! She feasts on his dick and his balls, and then squats down in front of him so he can grab her hair and bang her throat. She makes sure to keep a tight seal around his pecker so she can taste every drop of his hot cum.

Episode #57

Breaking into the janitor’s room can get some people arrested for trespassing. But I think Vanilla Skye’s willing to accept those repercussions if it means that she’ll get a fat dick to suck on! Since she’s alone, she starts off by taking off her sexy panties and rubbing her shaved slit until it’s soaking wet. But instead of the janitor coming in to give her what she wants, it’s the pizza man that brings her the big sausage she craves. What a swerve! A dick is a dick to her, as long as she can get to suck it stiff and then make it cum. That’s why she makes sure to take him as deep inside of her mouth as possible and lick his prick for jizz.

Episode #58

Trisha Rey loves to please her pussy any chance she gets, as evident here while she works her jack rabbit vibrator around her pussy lips and her clit to get her horny and wet. But she prefers real dicks in her hands, especially when she gets to wrap her lips around one and suck and drool all over it. This multicolored hair babe gets just that soon enough, as a big dick cums to greet her face while holding on to her hair. She was so hungry that she didn’t even say anything, she just sucked it up and down and choked on it like a good woman. No wonder why this guy was spewing hot jizz in her mouth as quickly as he arrived!

Episode #59

This beautiful babe is so pleasing to the eyes that any one of us could watch her simply masturbate on the couch. But that wouldn’t totally please her, because she’s not completely satisfied until after she gets a big, long cock to suck on. Thankfully for her, her needs are met after rubbing herself in front of the camera, as she hungrily opens her mouth for a fat dick pointed right at her. She lays down for it and opens her mouth and throat wide for him to pound her like it was her pussy, as she gags and chokes on it, the drool spewing from her mouth all over him. He’s got something to spew on her too, as he shoots his sperm all over her.

Episode #60

Alisandra Monroe has one of the sexiest bodies you’ve ever seen on a chick, with humongous round tits on her chest, and a cute booty that she loves to shake. But in this video, the only important part of her body is her face, because she’s going to open her lips up wide for every inch of this hard cock. That’s what she loves to do the most, as she finds it thrilling to be able to lick and suck on a prick and make it shoot cum everywhere. She takes as much of it as possible in her throat, as she gets mouth fucked deep while she lays down for it. She gets back on her knees when he’s ready to cum, and her cute face is covered with his sperm.

Episode #61

Katalina Linda is a hot Latina slut who has a mouth full of braces. She’s not used to sucking cock with them on, so this is a new experience for her. She’s excited to be on film and she does everything she is asked. She takes off her hot red lingerie, exposing a perfectly shaved pussy. John West joins her and crams his cock into her mouth, making her gag a little as it goes all the way in. She loves to suck cock and she doesn’t stop until she knows he’s good and satisfied. She slides that cock in and out of her mouth until he jizzes all over her metal mouth.

Episode #62

Why is it just so damn satisfying to make a bitch choke on your hard cock? There’s something primal, something that’s the essence of man, when you hear a soman’s pitiful cries as she tries to get away but you just keep banging away at her mouth. In this scene, oral whore Mika Brown really gets worked. The busty babe looks happy enough as she performs a striptease for her man John West, but the smile is soon wiped from her face as he grabs her by the hair and rams his cock down her throat until she chokes. He continues to hammer away as she chokes, gags, and starts to cry, not stopping until he’s ready to explode on the slut’s face.

Episode #63

Busty babe Vanilla Skye thinks she can handle John West’s hardcore gag fucking – think again, bitch! The voluptuous teen looks fucking stunning as she strips out of her outfit and teases the camera with her curvy bod and delicious boobies. She thinks she’s in for a nice, clean blowjob scene, but her illusions are shattered as soon as John grabs her hair and starts to get rough. He lays her down on her back, forcing her throat straight so he can fuck it just like he would a cunt – making her gag, and spraying her own saliva all over her face and hair. She starts to sob as he brutally nails her face, giving her a cum mustache at the end.

Episode #64

When petite cocksucker Kat strips off and reveals her pert little titties and tiny frame, you just can’t believe that she’s gonna be able to handle stud John West’s huge prick – and guess what, she can’t! The crazy fucker goes to town on the tiny teen tart. Things start off innocently enough, with the teenie slut gingerly taking his huge cock in her mouth – it’s so thick the head barely fits in – and starting to suck. The scene soon gets nasty, however, when he rolls her onto her back and starts fucking her mouth, covering her face with streams of her own spit, and making her gag and tears come out of her eyes and her mascara run.

Episode #65

Gina Ginger is a Latina slut who loves a good blow job. She’s not picky about what her cocks look like, as long as they are hard, she doesn’t care. This little slut removes her pink plaid bikini revealing a tiny set of tits with the biggest nipples you have ever seen. Those things are so huge that they take up her entire tit. John West doesn’t seem to mind though; he’s just glad he’s going to get some action. She lies down on the bed and he stands over her, cramming his cock into her mouth. She takes him so far into her mouth, her lips hit his balls.

Episode #66

Hornbag latina babe Angel Flirt certainly wasn’t expecting to get roughly face fucked when she signed up for this oral scene – but once the contract’s signed, there’s no going back! This blowjob clip starts off normally enough, with Angel stripping down and showing off her cute brown boobies. She starts sucking porn star John West’s fat prick and it’s immediately obvious that she’s not so experienced at cocksucking. John takes control, telling her what to do and then holding her head and fucking it like it’s just another fuck hole. He pumps her viciously and then fills her mouth up with spunk – the horny bitch loves every minute of it!

Episode #67

Valerie Jackson’s describes her first blow job and tries to relive the experience by getting her face fucked by a long, hard dick. Grabbing this whore by the ears makes her take the whole cock down her eight-teen year old throat! This slut loves to have her piehole crammed full of cock and what she loves even more is when it makes her gag! Valerie needs a long schlong in her face to get her pussy wet, and making her cum is easier–just blow a fat load in her mouth!

Episode #68

Now dominant stud John West gets to go to work on an unsuspecting Indian bitch – busty brown slut Ty Enali. She’s got a really sexy curvy bod, great fat ass and nice round boobies. She thinks it’s going to be a regular blowjob scene, where she can suck her man off and then bail, but old Johnny boy has different ideas! He turns her over on her ass and rams his cock right down her throat until she can’t breathe, and she feebly tries to free herself as he plugs her throat with his huge prick. He sits back down and bounces her mouth up and down on his cock as she sobs and gags before he unloads a ballsack full of cum onto her distraught face.

Episode #69

Tiny young babe Lori London should have just done as she was told! Now she’s gonna get taught a painful lesson in oral submission. She looks too small to handle a huge cock like the one that’s about to get thrust down her throat, but somehow she survives. She endeavors to keep things civilized, sucking gently on the cock and pumping with her hand, trying to get her man off quickly. He’s not having any of that, and he grabs her ears and presses her to gag on his prodigious member, fucking her face roughly. She starts to cry and her mascara runs down in streaks as the little slut gets face banged until she swallows her man’s chunky cum.

Episode #70

Thick ethnic cocksucker Dasani Lezian loves having a cock in her mouth and especially loves it when the guy gets rough with her and treats her like a slut – so John West is definitely the man for her! Right from the start, John takes a handful of hair so he can watch every inch of his cock running in and out of her mouth – then he pinches her nose and rams his cock right down her throat, laughing cruelly as she chokes and gags. She begs him to spare her, but he keeps on roughly fucking her face and hammering his pubic bone against her nose as he continually has her suck on his massive boner until he’s ready to cum on her face.

Episode #71

This brunette with nice tits gets a nice long trouser snake plunging itself in and out of her mouth and throat. She’s face fucked in all sorts of positions but one thing always remains the same, she just can’t stop gagging!

Episode #72

A stunning brunette with huge, gorgeous titties and a nice round ass talks about her first blowjob experience and then shows off exactly how much better she’s gotten at giving head since then in a really hot gagging oral fuck fest.

Episode #73

Barely-legal and cute, this blonde beauty gets her face fucked like never before and the whole gag-tastic experience is caught on tape for you to enjoy.

Episode #74

A pretty little slut doesn’t waste any time with formalities or strip teases, she just lays down on the couch and gets an inked-up stud’s cock shoved way deep down in her throat right away.

Episode #75

This curvy blonde beauty starts out how she means to go — with her head hanging off the edge of the couch and a big cock being piledriven into her throat where she gags and chokes on it

Episode #76

Her sweet little ass is this cutie’s second best asset — second only to her cock sucking and dick-gagging skills that is. She gets down and dirty in her backyard while the camera rolls and catches all the action.

Episode #77

A bleached-blond slut with a phenomenal ass gets a massive dick rammed down her tight little throat where she gags on it and then comes back for more, rubbing her face against it like a cat before deep throating it again and again.

Episode #78

An Asian slut kneels on the bed with a fat white dick hanging out of her mouth to start this scene and it just keeps getting better. She takes it all in, gagging and drooling all over that veiny prick, but loving every minute of it.

Episode #79

This cute girl pulls her lips away from a dick long enough to tell you the name of the movie, and then she goes back to smoking pole and gagging when that hunk of man meat slides too far down her throat.

Episode #80

With her hands behind her back and a pornstar’s cock shoved between her lips, this Spanish slut passes her cock sucking course with flying colors, though she does gag more than a little bit.

Episode #81

A small-chested cutie gets her face mashed down on a massive cock, taking it deep in her throat and gagging every fucking second of the time until she finally gets a massive load all over her pretty little face.

Episode #82

A big-boobed white girl gets a face full of big dark dick that makes her choke and gag — especially when she’s taking it upside down. She crams that cock between her titties and her lips, and eventually gets a big jizz bomb on her face!

Episode #83

This long-haired hottie can barely be bothered to take the dick out of her mouth long enough to tell you what the movie is called let alone for any other reason. She’s a total cockwhore who gets off on knob-polishing, but that doesn’t stop her from gagging!

Episode #84

A blond snow-boarding slut shows off her toned and sexy body and then her hair is used to guide her to this big fat dick, making her gag and choke, but getting him off good and hard.

Episode #85

A cute Asian babe shows off her sweet body and her tight, pierced pussy, then she takes a nice big white cock between her lips, sucking and gagging all over fuck, but eventually getting a load sprayed all over her pretty face.

Episode #86

Gag me! That’s what this sweet looking girl says at the beginning of this movie, and her partner is more than happy to oblige — slamming a big hard dick so far down her throat that she can’t help but gag.

Episode #87

This cutie has tiny tits and almost no gag reflex, but this nice hard dick gets shoved far enough down her throat that it makes even HER choke and gag more than a little bit.

Episode #88

Stephanie is an exotic little slut who loves to suck cock. IN this scene she has her head pushed down so hard into this dick that she gags and chokes, but she keeps coming back for more!

Episode #89

An ebony cutie with floppy titties and a nice ass gags on a big, long white cock. She opens up wide and takes this fucking thing DEEP down her throat while the balls slap against her chin. Don’t miss it!

Episode #90

Blonde Aubrey Adams knows how to have fun. Today she knows what is going to do to get it. She’s is going to do a little dance… smoke a little pole… and go down tonight. She like to savor a cock in her mouth and is awfully gifted at it. She polishes the knob with pleasure. This girl pulls out every trick. She pumps the shaft, and squeezes his dome before she really gets down. She will lick every inch of John West’s dick. A dicksucking diva like her doesn’t miss anything. She hums on his balls and works every angle. Even getting under him for a major deepthroat mouth fuck; she does it all! She’s no quitter, she swallows.

Episode #91

When Annie gives a blowjob, she doesn’t just bob her head up and down, she goes to extremes. She loves getting her throat fucked and gagging on the big meat that gets stuffed down her throat. Not only does he hold her head perfectly still while he thrusts his hips into her mouth, but he makes her do it hands-free! Then Annie gets on her back and leans her head over the edge of the bed so that he can really penetrate her throat while choking her! He practically drilled for oil down the back of her throat while he skull fucked this little Asian slut. With lots of drool, sweat, and tears running down her face he decided to also add cum.

Episode #92

Shasta is a whore who loves to suck a big cock. She doesn’t care who it belongs to, as long as she can cram it down her throat, she’s happy. When she meets up with John West, they don’t waste anytime getting down to business. He whips out his cock and rams it into her mouth, almost making her gag. This bitch really knows how to work a prick and she uses her hands as well as her tongue to get him off. John West really wants to get fucked, so he sits on her chest and crams her even further than she can imagine.

Episode #93

Sometimes you just want to dominate your bitch – maybe she’s pissed you off, and you need to put her back in her place with an enthusiastic throat fucking lesson! Page Morgan has been getting out of line, so her man John West decides to teach her a lesson in who’s boss – with his cock. What starts off as an innocent blowjob soon turns nasty, as the sexy blond stunner finds herself being grabbed by the sides of the head as John vigorously starts forcing his cock down her throat as far as it will go. She gags and splutters, trying to get the dick out of her mouth but he is merciless, ramming her mouth until he drains his spunk down her tender throat.

Episode #94

Misty May has an addiction to dick and she loves letting guys fuck her mouth. She got on her knees and let this guy slide his cock into her ready mouth. She sucked and stroked his tool then she laid down, tilted her head back and let him fuck her mouth. He slid his cock into her mouth and went balls deep down her throat. He fucked her mouth so hard she started gagging. She gagged on his cock and slobbered all over it making herself choke on his meat. She wrapped both hands around his dick and sucked the head of his cock while she stroked and milked all the jizz out of his balls and into her mouth.

Episode #95

When lovely little Carrie Ann gives a blowjob, she not only sucks and bobs, but she gets her throat opened up with a huge fuck stick! She slobbered and swallowed the massive erection that was put before her, but he had other plans for that cute mouth. He held on to either side of her head and started to throat fuck her sweet mouth. She gagged and choked until the tears started welling up, but Carrie Ann likes it rough! Finally she got on her back so he could stand in front of her and drill down the back of her throat. At that rate, he was going to come out the other end as he drilled for oil until she finally tasted his man batter!

Episode #96

Allie Ray dances around and sticks her ass in the air before trying to tame the one eyed snake. John West sits back and loves every second of her talented mouth on him. She spends some extra time She spends some polishing his knob and then slowly moves her mouth down the dick. She takes in the entire shaft of his cock down her throat. She loves to give head and her skill level shows it. When Allie tongue tickles his dome, John is near bursting. Each time she glides up and down his pole, she stops at the tip and gives it a little squeeze. When John can’t take it no more he spreads all of his pimp juice all over her face.

Episode #97

Amerie prefers her cocks white and thick. What she really wants is to stick a thick and meaty dick down her throat. She gobbles his knob and licks the tip. This cum hungry slut can and does take the time to go all the way down his long schlong. She is a talented cocksucker. Her head bobs all around because she likes to get it at every angle. She caresses it and kisses his dome. Then it is time for the best part. She eagerly lays back while he mouth fucks her hard. His cock goes all the way in, but there’s no gagging for her. When he is finally ready to blow his wad, the cum splatters all over her face.

Episode #98

A fiery redheaded siren like Vixen certainly earned her name. Here, she gives a rim job to Seth Dickens. She struts her sexy self in front of him for a nice visual before getting downd. She sucks and licks his dome to precision. This girl likes to work a prick from all angles and she bobs her head all around it to ensure the deepest penetration. She works his shaft as if she is trying to squeeze and muscle water from a stone. She will stop at nothing to make sure that Seth gets every sensation possible and adds tittie fucking to the mix. This sets Seth off and Vixen soon gets a cumshot in the eye.

Episode #99

Stephanie Tripp is a dirty little camper who loves to have fun when no one is watching. She’s not afraid to get what she wants, so when she and John West go on a camping trip, she gets right down to what she’s been craving. She’s not wearing much clothing, only a tiny little piece of fabric around her waist. She has the most luscious set of titties you’ve ever seen. She crams John’s cock deep into her mouth, sucking off all the flesh she can get her mouth onto. John’s so horny, he grabs the back of her head and fucks her face.

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