Choke Chamber – Last Casting Couch

Choke Chamber – Last Casting Couch

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: It’s Diana first modeling job, and she’s a little apprehensive. But, the photographer sounds highly professional. Upon arriving, Diana’s mind is set at ease. The photographer seem to be a great guy, until he presses her to remove her bra. Diana resists, and tries to leave, sending him into a rage. He grabs Diana by the neck, forcing her back, pulling her down, on top of him. She fights back, but he is very strong. She breaks free, trying to crawl away, but he pounces on her again, dragging her back. The photographer wraps a strap around her neck and chokes her, till the life fades from her eyes. He takes off her bra, and finally gets the photos he wants.

Casting Couch Final Choke!

Fetish Elements:
Super sexy death stares, Erotic garrote strangle, Eyes wide, Legs kicking and twitching, nudity, high heel pumps, sexy casual attire, mini skirt, bra and panties, bare feet, necro-stripping, fondling, handling, manipulation, limp play, rag doll, post-mortem, multiple death pans, body moaning, writhing, agony, gasping, heavy breathing, Photographing

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