Inshadow – DEPRESSION aka Necro Love


Inshadow – DEPRESSION aka Necro Love

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Starring – Lolly

Lolly hesitates before the final step, she looks at the noose hanging up there…her hands are shaking….she just can’t stand her life anymore since her boyfriend left her…Even her friends tried to help her….it didn’t help…

She climbs on the chair, puts the noose around her neck, and let it go….

One of her friends who was staying in her house to help her in this difficult moment finds her….but it is too late…

He will discover his sexual crush for dead bodies…he first plays with Lolly’s limb hands and feet…then goes further fucking her ass….

Depression Aka Necro Love.mp4

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