Truly Rough Productions – Halloween Night

Truly Rough Productions – Halloween Night

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: Starring Hanababy Doll, Rod Rammit

It is Halloween night. Hana is handing out candy to trick or treaters. A small group comes by and she enthusiastically gives them their candy. Noticing she’s down to two pieces of candy, she decides to eat one when the doorbell rings again.

She goes to the door and a solitary man dressed in black is quietly waiting for her. She notes that he has no kids with him and that she’d rather give her last piece of candy to a child. He stares at her in silence and holds out his bag. She relents and cautiously gives him her last piece of candy.

She is creeped out by him, but tries to put the incident behind her. She is done handing out candy for the night, and decides to undress for bed. She looks at her reflection in the TV when she hears the doorbell ring again. Thinking it’s more trick or treaters, she goes to the peephole and sees nobody is there. She announces she’s out of candy hoping to discourage whoever came by.

As she’s walking away, the doorbell suddenly rings again startling Hana! Trembling, she reaches out to the door handle and quickly opens the door. She peeks outside, nobody is there.

Hana closes the door and tries to talk herself into calming down. It’s only Halloween. It’s just trick or treaters playing a prank on her. Suddenly a loud banging comes from her bedroom, and she screams bloody murder! She creeps into the bedroom and searches for the source of the sound, but finds nothing. She hears the sound of running water, and leaves the bedroom. As she walks away, the face of her evil trick or treater is in the window!

Hana goes into the kitchen and finds the source of the noise: her kitchen faucet. She is quite freaked out now, but decides to take action. She turns out all the lights in the apartment and huddles on the floor next to a Halloween decoration. She scans the room and freezes in fear when she sees a shadow moving across the floor in the bedroom.

She slowly gets up to investigate, cautiously creeps to the bedroom and sees nothing. She tries to return to her hiding place when the masked trick or treater suddenly grabs her from behind and viciously stabs her in the back! He rips her shirt open, exposing her breasts and drops her to the floor. She frantically crawls to get away, but he grabs her by her hair and slams her against the wall!

The killer crouches down, pulls out his bloody knife and shows it to her. She cries out in fear as he slams the knife into her chest! She gurgles blood while he saws away with the knife, cutting around her breast. More blood spurts from her mouth as he reaches inside her chest and rips her heart out! She looks up at him, and then to her still beating heart and goes still.

The killer drops the heart, and it settles next to Hana’s body, and he leaves to go find more victims.

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