Peachy Keen Films – Dream Come True

Peachy Keen Films – Dream Come True

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Brad was s simple man with simple needs. Today, he sat in a waiting room on the 32 floor of a shiny glass office tower waiting for his turn to meet with the lady who would be his public defender in an assualt case—that was a bogus charge of corse. Guy had it coming.

A couple seats away sat a young, pretty girl that, like a shiny object–caught his attention. He tried to flirt with her a bit. Then the lawyer lady–a real looker herself, came in and got her. He was alone, so he leaned back and had himself a fantasy.

The woman were talking about something in her office and then, all of a sudden, they were like getting it on. It was a full on lez-fest and as he watched, he felt pretty uninvited. So, in his dream, he walked right in, right as they were tribbing with each other. He shot the lawyer point blank in the head. She fell dead–hanging off the desk. But the other cute girl kept fucking the dead lawyer–not paying him any attention until he pointed the gun at her. It was too late, though, he shot her too and she was dead, hanging off the desk.

He woke up. What a weird dream–but then he wondered if they were really lezzing out. If they were, he would make them get it on with him.

So, he peaks into the office. They were just sitting there talking about legal mumbo-jimbo.

That pissed him off really bad. He walked right in, stood there. They told him to leave, but then he pulled out his gun. The lawyer looked shocked and scared as he pointed it at her. So, he shot her in the chest and gun. She went down. Dead. The other girl freaked out, tried to beg, but he had the gun at her now, and popped her–once in the breast and belly. She went down and soon was dead.

Wow, no one came rushing in. He was along with these dead beauties and had time to get what he wanted.

He put the lawyer on the desk, then the girl. He fucked the lawyer for a bit, then switched to the girl. All the while, getting them partially naked.

This was fun. He never done anything like this before and planned to take his time. He fucked them a few different ways, then fucked their mouths for a time.

When he was done with there mouths, he moved them around again, and fucked them some more. There bodies were shaking as he fucked them–heads hanging off the desk. Finally, he squirted on both girls. Satisfied, he got out of there before someone came around to see what he had done.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Lesbian, 2X Headshot (dream sequence), 2X Breast Shot, 2X Belly Shot, Lifting, Carry, Body Pose, Body Play, Postmortem, Necro Fuck–a lot, Necro BJ, Cum Shot, Body Views.

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