Psycho-Thrillers – Night Home Invasion 3

Psycho-Thrillers – Night Home Invasion 3

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: A young woman is attacked after returning to her home after a night of partying. She is confronted by a masked and gloved man in her bathroom and led back to her bed at knifepoint where she is tied up with her own panties and sexually assaulted. Moments later, he snaps the girl’s neck then continues to fuck her dead corpse until he blows a wad of semen all over her young belly.

Contains: Dialogue, Home Invasion Theme, Undressing, Young Victim, Petite Victim, Blonde Victim, White Panty Fetish, Bondage, Knife Play, Terrorizing, Begging & Pleading, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Multi Position Live Rape, Death by Slow Neck Snap, Death Stare, Limp Body, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Pans, Necrophilia Rape, Neck Bruising, Bare Feet, Brief Foot Worship, Foot Views, Innocent Victim, Mask Killer, Gloved Killer


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