A wonderful session [ELECTROSADIST]

A wonderful session

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A wonderful session
by Electrosadist. All rights reserved.

The white-tiled room was almost empty. There was only a small chair, a light bulb in the ceiling and a metal table. And, there was a blonde, naked young girl securely fastened on her back on that table. Her hair was in a ponytail, her faced covered with cute freckles. The girl’s legs were well parted, bent at the knees. She seemed to be in her late-teens – and very well trained. Her genitals were covered with a thick bush of blonde pubic hair.

The girl was secured to the table with black leather straps, sweat stained from earlier sessions in the room. Of her clothing was nothing left, except for a pair of flimsy, purple panties that were wrapped together beside her on the table. Her arms were tied along her sides and a broad strap just above her hips secured her torso. She could hardly move a muscle.

And yes, she was scared. She was scared because on a TV-screen on the wall in front of her, she saw scenes from the past in this very room. The scenes were cruel: a dark-haired girl was being tortured by a raven haired, and very beautiful, woman who seemed to be about 35 years old. The woman had connected some sort of black wires to the girl’s nipples and cunt lips, and the girl was screaming constantly. Screaming, as there seemed to be pure and everlasting pain coming from those wires; pure electrical pain. The screams that were produced from the contorting, hysterical poor girl on the screen were telling her that. The girl on the screen begged for mercy, but the show just went on and on.

Suddenly the TV was turned off. The blonde little girl now heard a door open somewhere behind her. Then she heard steps of high-heels, and all of a sudden she was slapped hard across her face by a beautiful female hand with long red nails. The owner of the hand was the same woman that had been torturing the unlucky dark-haired girl earlier. She was dressed in a military uniform and smiled evilly, leering at her naked and very well shaped victim. Oh yes, she thought. Oh yes, this was going to be some night…

– Well hello, little one… let me introduce myself, my name is Samantha. And now I’ll introduce you to two of my best friends… Samantha teased her prey and held out a horrifying pair of metal alligator clips to the poor bound girl. The clips were connected to one black wire each, and the wires trailed away to a strange looking box that Samantha had placed on the table, between the feet of the naked blonde. The box had a crank on the right side. The poor girl stared at the clips with wide-open eyes; but what else could she do, she could not just stand up and leave the room… Samantha sat down beside her gorgeous victim. She savored the sight for a moment; such a good body, trembling from fear, so strong and yet so vulnerable, so extremely vulnerable… Samantha smiled and licked her lips.

With one hand she caressed the firm breasts of the naked beauty, and with the other hand she playfully tickled the labia of the girl and then suddenly eased it apart, making the girl’s pink little clit stand out from the hairy bush. Samantha smiled again and with a swift and well-practiced movement, she easily fastened one of the devilish clips right there, right on the poor girl’s most sensitive spot. The blonde girl screamed out instantly; not even half a second passed before she went totally wild down there on the table… just from the clip…

Samantha stood back for a moment and drank in the wonderful scene. How lovely that the girl reacted so strongly on this torture, she thought. And the best thing was that this was merely the beginning of the session… just the clip…

Samantha eased herself in position again, right beside her petrified young victim. She made sure that the clip was in full contact with the clit before she slowly, ever so slowly, took the other nasty clip and let it trail it’s short way down from the protruding breasts to the lower part of the labia.


The poor, babbling girl was now screaming out loud, but… Samantha just sat still and listened. She smiled; she was going to have her best session for many years tonight, she was sure of that now… No mercy. No.

Samantha therefore let the jaws of the clip close slowly upon the lower part of one of the cunt lips. The naked girl screamed out for all that she was worth and tried to jerk away from the pain; but, of course, with no success, no success at all… She stayed put.

Samantha hummed merrily and calmly checked the connections of the wires to the box. She then slipped a pair of thin black rubber gloves on her beautiful hands, and slowly but steadily started to turn the crank with her right hand, at the same time pressing the upper clip hard at her bound victim’s clit with the left hand. Samantha experienced a strong excitement when she felt the girl starting to writhe under her pressing fingers from the searing current, now powerfully flowing through the girl’s softest and most tender spots… And the screams… The screams she produced from the girl were fantastic! Listen:


There is not one girl in the world that wants her most private areas tortured by electricity, while another female is standing above her, betraying her own sex by pressing an electric alligator clip to the clit while smilingly staring her victim in her eyes. Samantha knew that for sure. And as the poor blonde no longer could hold her bladder and a spray of urine spurted out on the table, Samantha was convinced that this was the case with this particular victim as well…. not so surprising…

As the girl felt the pain growing for each turn of the crank, she panicked and again and again called out for mercy… But there was no mercy in store for her, no help to get. If she was destined for electricity, it was electricity she’d get.. while Samantha started to caress her now totally soaked slit with her left hand, glove still on, listening delighted to the squeals…

What a lovely night, she thought when she orgasmed for the first but not last time – reaching for some long, long needles…


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