Emir Pleasure [CORTEZ]

Emir Pleasure

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The Emir pleasure
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

Trapped by intrigue and betrayal, Monique Desalle and her maid, Nula, have been taken prisoner by the Emir. Accused of treason and plotting against the EmirТs vicious and depraved rule, the two young women have been already suffered one agonising session in the EmirТs Punishment Courtyard. [See СGiven to the WomenТ.]

Now having taken time for leisurely refreshments the Emir has ordered that their torture should begin once againЕ

Monique Desalle curled herself on the stone floor trying to ease the pounding ache between her legs. The heat in the small stone cell was stiflingЕ the window slits let in shafts of sunlight whilst the ancient iron grille barring the door allowed the guards to enjoy every moment as the naked blonde, nineteen year old French girl twitched and wriggled helplessly.

Her tanned, honey-coloured skin gleamed with perspiration and sun-bleached strands of hair were plastered uncomfortably across her face but there was nothing she could to move them because her hands were still tied behind her back. She gasped and panted continually, partly trying to cope with the awful heat but also because every movement brought fresh agony from the angry red weals lacing her bottom and the firm, full globes of her breasts.

Locked in her own discomfort, Monique Desalle was trying very hard to keep her fears at bay; horrible imaginings of what agonising tortures she might be forced to endure when they took her back to the EmirТs Punishment Courtyard. The thought of being strapped onto that diabolical iron saddle like poor Nula made her shiver with terror as she remembered how her maid had squealed as the charcoal had slowly heated the iron phallus impaling her. Heating it until it seared and scorched the delicate membranes of her vagina so her screams became shriller and shriller before she had finally slumped unconscious from the pain.

Her panicking thoughts were interrupted by the deep note of a gong throbbing through the hot, sticky air of the prison block. Moments later, Nahib, Chief of the EmirТs Guard, stopped outside her cell, deliberately thrusting his hips forwards so she could see his erect penis tenting the front of his thin cotton trousers and grinning crudely to reveal a hedge of yellow broken teeth. He unlocked the iron grille and signalled for two of his men to pull Monique to her feet. Just as theyТd done last time each held one arm, twisting it against the joint so she was forced to walk stretched upright, almost on tiptoe, with her breasts thrust out. The firm mounds and their swollen pink tips danced and jiggled madly with each step.

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Nahib casually flicked one sore pink teat making Monique gasp and jolt in the menТs fierce grip. Obscene comments and crude laughter made the young Frenchwoman blush furiously. Their laughter increased as Nahib deliberately flicked her other nipple so she gasped again before ordering the guards to march her away.

He knew that his master was awaiting the arrival of his afternoon amusement and only a fool incurred the EmirТs anger. Besides, Nahib thought, stroking the thick shaft of his cock and letting his thumb circle the smooth helmet through the thin cottonЕ besides the Emir might wish to enjoy the sight of his guards fucking one of themЕ His thumb moved faster, rubbing the cloth over the sensitive glans until he felt the slippery wetness leaking from the slit. Of course, as Chief of the Guard, he would be the firstЕ

Monique winced in the full glare of the afternoon sun. Just like this morning the Emir was lolling back on a heap of rugs and embroidered cushions, enjoying the shade of the wide veranda and sipping a glass of cool sherbet.

СAh, Miss Desalle, so good of you to join my little entertainment once moreЕ you are just in time to watch my pets playing another game with your foolish servant.Т He waved one chubby and bejewelled hand towards the courtyard, Сalthough I fear her discomfort will outweigh any pleasure she may feel.Т He giggled as Monique stared round at the collection of awful torture devices scattered across the Punishment Courtyard.

Would the put her on the ghastly iron saddle with its jutting shaft, a bowl of burning charcoal was standing ready at the sideЕ. or perhaps the slim, vertical stake with its cruelly bulbous and rounded tip? The wooden shaft was polished to a gleaming black shine and a foot from the base the short toe pegs jutted out; tiny inadequate supports to hold a victim up for those extra, lingering minutes of agony before the final descent.

Would the Emir make Nula ride the Brass Mare? Monique pressed her thighs together at the sight of the toothed rail theyТd forced her to straddle this morning. Her cunt still throbbed with the bite of those blunt metal teeth and her breasts and bottom bore the raised, angry weals of the whipping that had forced her to ride the brass rail in agony.

She was looking at the grim black shape of the whipping frame when Mena and Ria, the two young Arab women who were the EmirТs favourite torturers, padded out from another of the arched openings into the open area at the side of the courtyard near their masterТs couch. The olive skin of their naked bodies gleamed with fresh oil and the gold bracelets at wrists and ankles winked and glittered in the light.

Ria, the taller of the two was carrying what looked like a giant belt, made of thick, dark brown leather set with bronze fittings and buckles. Mena carried the two thin rattan canes theyТd used to whip Monique with when she rode the mare earlier. Both of them smiled in cruel anticipation as they saw the tanned blonde Frenchwoman arched up on tiptoe in the grip of the guards, her face gaunt with terror as she waited for their agonising attentions to begin once more.

The Emir clapped his hands and other guards half-carried, half dragged MoniqueТs maidservant, Nula back into the courtyard. Like her mistress, her body bore the weals and marks of her earlier torture. Her eyes were wide with terror and but for the harsh grip of the two men she would have fallen from pain and exhaustion. Suddenly she went rigid, eyes wide and her mouth gaping with fear she saw the curious belt-like object in RiaТs hands. She writhed so violently that the guards almost lost their grip and a thin high scream of terror echoed round the courtyard.

The screams continued as the guards forced her forwards to the open flagstone in front of the EmirТs couch. With her wrists tied behind her there was nothing the slim young girl could do to resist and the guards held her easily, letting her thresh about so they could all enjoy the sight of her breasts bobbing and jiggling as she struggled vainly to avoid her fate.

Ria put the wide leather band down on the hot stones, opening it out so it lay flat, the ends curling up from the shaped stiffness of the thick leather. She smiled at Nula and licked her lips.

СIt seems that your servant has heard about this little toy of mine,Т the Emir giggled once again. СUsing it means much pleasureЕ for them, unfortunately for your maidЕТ Whilst he spoke Nula was forced forwards, pressed down by eager hands until she knelt on the middle of the wide leather strip.

Ria stroked the girlТs face. СYou know what must beЕ bow, bow to your Lord and Master so the corset can embrace you properlyЕТ

СWait!Т The Emir scratched idly. СNoЕ. let the servant ride the Mare this time. I wish to see Miss Desalle in the corset insteadЕТ He studied the shivering young Frenchwoman for a few moments, Сand then you must enjoy your own ride on my iron saddleЕ after all, I did promiseЕТ the EmirТs rolls of fat wobbled as he laughed aloud, amused by the horrified expressions on his victimsТ faces. СThe maid first, let her mistress watch as she rides for usЕТ

The girl was pulled back to her feet and the guards stepped back. The two Arab women pressed against her, rubbing their own breasts against her moist flesh and stroking the maidТs quivering flanks. Monique watched them deliberately letting their hands tease up so their fingertips tickled the hot, swollen tips of her small conical breasts. NulaТs head rocked from side to side so her wet hair whipped across her shoulders and she moaned and twisted at the tormenting pleasure of their hands.

Just like theyТd done with her mistress earlier, Ria and Mena gripped one of the girlТs nipples apiece, twisting slowly so the girl moaned again at the throbbing pain before leading her across the hot stones to where the toothed bronze bar was held between two iron posts.

Someone had replaced the unstable little platform crosswise beneath the bar and Ria let go of her teat so she could steady the girl as she awkwardly straddled the toothed bar. The watchers could see the hollowing of the girlТs belly and the rapid rise and fall of her chest as she tried to ready herself for the agony to come.

СSit, sit down now little oneЕ feel the mare nuzzling against your wetnessЕТ RiaТs voice was soft; coaxing the girl down until the lips of her cunt parted to kiss the hot metal of the mareТs back. СThereЕТ Her foot moved and the little platform rocked forwards, falling over with a sharp СclackТ on the stone flags.


The girlТs frantic cry filled the air and her body locked into a rigid spasm as she tried vainly to hold herself off the blunt torturing teeth now biting into her cunt with the full weight of her body. СUse the stakes little oneЕ at the sideЕ they will give you reliefЕТ

Ria and Mena brought a new squeal of agony from the girl as they pulled her feet apart, forcing her to squat even harder on the mare as they placed her outstretched toes on the wooden stakes set into the stones on either side of the rail. NulaТs leg muscles showed like quivering iron as she desperately tried to hold her self a little wayЕ even just a tiny fraction, off the blunt brass teeth now biting deep into the delicate folds of her slit.

СAnd now to hold you upЕ just to stop you falling off as you ride your fine steedЕ MiaТs voice was filled with cruel amusement as she tied a rope dangling from the overhead beam to the bindings round the girlТs wrists. She moved to a cleat on the wall, unfastened the other end and began to haul the rope taut.

СUh-uh-uh-uh! Nuh, nuh, no, p-p-p-please d-donТt d-donЕAaaaaaaahh!Т

Monique winced as she saw her maidТs arms rise into the air behind her back and heard the frantic pleas for mercy followed by that single quivering wail of pain. She knew only too well what was happening. The pull of the rope was bowing her forwards, forcing NulaТs clitoris even harder against the metal teeth of the mare, doubling the agony. From across the courtyard Monique could see the straining, quivering tension in the girlТs outstretched legs as she lifted herself so desperately onto tiptoe.

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Silence fell, just the girlТs frantic panting breaking the stillness of the hot, cruel place. EveryoneТs eyes were fixed on the slim, quivering figure straddled over the mareТs toothed back. One minuteЕ twoЕ the trembling of NulaТs legs became worse thenЕ

NuuuhhhЕ uhЕ.uhЕ. naaaaaarrrgggh!

The Emir grinned wetly, clapping his hands in delight as he saw the girlТs muscles relax and heard the first desperate cries as she lowered herself fully onto the bar. Only a few moments passed and she was rising again, legs shivering as she fought the cramping pains to lift her body even fractions clear of the teeth. Monique pressed her own legs together, remembering the agony of the morningЕ She saw her maid sinking down once more, her face contorted with pain as she cried out in her torment.

Nula was now locked into the horrible rhythm of the torture, riding up and down on the rail as long as strength remained in her legs. Up at full stretchЕ until the cramps became unbearableЕ then down until the agony of the metal teeth drove her upwards again to yet another straining effort.

СShe rides well, almost as well as you,Т the Emir giggled. СNo need for my pets to tickle her just yetЕТ He looked at the ominous leather belt, the EmirТs corset, lying on the courtyard stones. СNow it is time for you to embrace a new garment.Т He clapped once, softly and the guards hurried Monique forwards. СKneelЕ as you saw your maid do!Т

They pressed the young Frenchwoman down onto her knees in the middle of the wide leather band. The EmirТs women padded across, hurrying to prepare their trembling victim for her next session of torments. СForwards, just a little forwardsЕТ Ria whispered in her ear, her soft, oiled hands caressing the nineteen year oldТs body as she made Monique shuffle forward until her knees were resting on the rim of the leather band. СSit back, right backЕТ their hands pulled her back to sit on her heelsЕ then she was being bent forwards at the waist, forced down until her breasts were squashed against her thighs.

Now the guards took over, wrapping the supple, oiled leather round MoniqueТs body, folding the sides over her back to keep her in position and confining her bound arms. All Monique could see was the ancient grey stones of the courtyard and the feet of her torturers grouped round. The leather held her folded in a СZТЕ no pain yet, just a constant pressure and a sticky, growing heat as her body sweated in its tight casing under the desert sun. Mena cupped the young womanТs scarlet face in her hands. СNow prepareЕ breath only a little,Т she laughed, Сit will soon be impossible for you to do moreЕ!Т

A sudden, awful thudding impact and a grunt of effort from the guards and the leather tightened like a vice, gripping her body in an awful crushing squeeze. MoniqueТs cries became a series of rapid, panting groans as she tried to cope with the increasing pressure

СHuh, huh, nuh, puh, puh, p-pleaseЕ nuuuuuuh!Т

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Her grunts of protest ended with a sudden gasp as one of the guards knelt on her back whilst the corsetТs straps were tightened again, each buckle fastened to secure the girl immovably within the leather hoop. Then, like some sore of obscene parcel, Monique Desalle was carried to the edge of the courtyard where two thick ropes, each ending in a polished steel hook, dangled from a crossbar. Working with the speed of long experience the guards slid the hooks through the rings on either side of the torture corset and let her swing freely.

For Monique the world revolved in a circle as she spun between the ropes. Gradually, the movement stopped until she hung, upside down, heels pointing skywards and her head pointing to the stones. Fighting dizziness she tried to control her breathing, her face reddening still more with the horrible compression of the corset and her head-down position.

Her view was suddenly filled by the oiled curves of MenaТs body then soft lips touched her own. СNow you will learn of the CorsetТs true tormentЕТ the womanТs hands steadied the ropes and Monique gasped as she felt RiaТs fingers on her bottom. It was that touch that told her just what an awful position she was inЕ for with her body compressed within the confines of the belt, only her buttocks jutted out beyond the leather rim. Not only that but she now realised that the position meant that the tender opening of her anus and her already sore and swollen genitals were quite clearly displayed between the taut, parted cheeks of her bottom. Even worse, she was quite incapable of moving to shield herself in any way.

RiaТs clever fingers teased the wet furrow unmercifully, one fingertip tickling and probing the wrinkled, sensitive rosette guarding MoniqueТs anus. The only response the bound nineteen year old could make was a gasping grunt of surprise at the sudden stimulation and a futile heaving spasm that made the ropes and the oiled leather creak softly. RiaТs fingers moved higher between the girlТs tautly stretched and parted thighs, stroking and caressing the full, pouting lips of her shaven cunt, spreading the slippery wetness of her unwilling arousal and forcing Monique to respond to her insistent masturbation with frantic mewing noises. After a few minutes she looked across to where the Emir sat in the coolness of the verandaЕ Her master bobbed his approval so she leaned forwards into the scented, moist warmth to touch her lips to the girlТs labia. Using her fingertips she parted the swollen lips to reveal the pink inner folds and then flickered her tongue into the wetness.

СYyyyiiiiiiiiaaaaaaah, ah, aaaaah, hah, hah, y-yesЕ n-no, no, nooooooo!Т

MoniqueТs breathing raced, hissing and bubbling as she panted and gasped for air. The leather corset creaked and groaned as she fought to flex her muscles; to draw a full breath, even to be able to move just a little as the womanТs tongue stimulated her beyond bearing. Then, as her head flailed wildly in her rising excitement, her world became a hot, wet darkness as MenaТs thighs straddled her head. Now there was only the hot copper tang of the womanТs arousal and the oily pouting lips of her cunt filling her vision as Mena shivered as the young FrenchwomanТs frantic breaths caressed her genitals

She looked up dreamily, sharing the ecastay of the moment with her lover, waiting until RiaТs fingers had taken their victim almost to the brink of comingЕ Ria lifted her head, her face glazed and sticky from MoniqueТs juices and smiled back before bending her head once more. This time her mouth worked higher, her lips spreading those delicate folds until she could flicker her expert tongue against the MoniqueТs prominent clitoris. Mena jerked in response to the sudden spasms as Monique jolted with excitement. She bent her knees, pressing down so her labia parted allowing the girlТs tongue and lips to work against her core.

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The two torturers joined their hands as they worked Monique to a cruel orgasm within her corset of pain. RiaТs face was buried in the cleft of the nineteen year oldТs bottom as she licked and nibbled the oily pebble of the girlТs clit. Mena, gripping the girlТs head between her thighs, rocking rapidly to and fro, her body arched backwards in excitement as she neared her own peak.

For Monique her orgasm was now sheer agony as she wailed and squealed at the maddening sensations that she was unable to release in any way. As her heart rate increase so her body demanded more and more air. Air that was simply not available to lungs compressed by the leather corset and a nose and mouth half smothered by the wet oily folds of a womanТs cunt.

MoniqueТs desperate efforts to breathe, her wild cries and the jerking spasms of her mouth acted as an extra stimulant to the woman riding her face and Mena screamed with pleasure as she reached her climax, drenching MoniqueТs face with the sharply scented flood of her juices. Caught in the bucking spasms of her own release, Mena sank to the stones of the courtyard gasping with the effort and the pleasure of her orgasm.

Ria lifted her face, coated and shiny with MoniqueТs wetness, looked at Mena and brought both hands down between the splayed thighs before her. Two fingers of her right hand speared into the girlТs anus whilst forefinger and thumb of her left hand slid between those slippery lips to pinch and flick the tender stub of her clitoris in a merciless, driving rhythm.

Monique Desalle squealed like mad thing as her devilish tormentor took her to more and more agonising peaks of pleasure, forcing her to come and come again whilst the leather corset kept any relief or movement so cruelly confined. It was only after long, torturing minutes, when the young French girl went limp with exhaustion, that the woman pulled her hands free. She kissed the young FrenchwomanТs cunt lips for one final time before walking back to join her lover in the shade and leaving Monique swinging gently between the two ropes.

The Emir watched the dangling figure for a few moments before summoning the towering figure of the Captain of the Guard forwards. The heavily muscled Nubian salaamed deeply. СMasterЕ?Т

СYou may take her, NahibЕ turn her so she rides on your manhoodЕ I wish to see her face as you beginЕТ The heavily muscled Commander of the Guard grinned at the EmirТs words and stripped off his loose linen trousers, posing for a moment so his master could admire his magnificent physique, especially the size and length of his purplish-black penis. The thick, ridged shaft jutted out like a fleshy tusk, curved up so the wide domed head bobbed and danced with every movement.

Nahib peered at the semiconscious figure and stroked his fingers round the curving shaft, flexing his muscles so the Emir could see his readiness to meet his masterТs command. Grabbing a handful of her lank blonde hair in one hand and one protruding foot in the other, the massively built Nubian turned the semi-conscious figure over, spinning her round on the two hooks clipped to the rings riveted into the leather belt.

Groaning and grunting with the sharp pain of those fingers wrenching at her scalp Monique Desalle slowly came back to full consciousness to find she was held as though kneeling in mid air, still gripped by the awful pressure of the corset but finally able to draw shallow breaths without the awful pounding pressure of being head down. The Guard CommanderТs fingers tightened and her head was slowly forced back until she was staring straight at the heaped silken cushions and the toad-like, grinning bulk of the Emir.

СYou see how considerate I am, Miss Desalle, allowing my guests to take their pleasure first. But now you must repay that kindnessЕ Show her that you are indeed a man NahibЕ let our honoured guest,Т the words were soft but dripping with cruel enjoyment, Сsee the spear of flesh she will ride for my delight before she mounts the saddle.Т Nahib need no further command. He moved round until Monique was staring at the flaring helmet of his penis, dark purple and already gleaming with the seepage of his excitement.

His big hands closed on the shorter, finer hair behind her ears holding her head in position so he could press the meat of his cock head against her lipsЕ lips already wet and sticky from MenaТs juices. Her eyes strained upward trying to see further than the solid muscles of the guard commanderТs belly and the thick wiry triangle of hair at his groin. The hands moved in her hair, twisting so hard that she felt her scalp lifting; the rubbery dome of his glans pressed insistently against her teeth. Through the sharp, stabbing pain the EmirТs voice was faint but clear. СOpen your mouthЕ accept him or I will have your cunt skinned as you hang thereЕТ Monique shivered, knowing the threat was quite real. She swallowed and opened her mouth.

Still panting rapidly she gagged and dribbled helplessly as the pungent, thick meat filled her mouth and she tasted the salty slime of his seepage. Nahib used her hair like handles to move her head up and down, working his cock into her throat and grinning at the wonderful stimulation of her busy tongue and lips. The movements were slow, deliberately drawn out to increase her discomfortЕ and also to ensure his master had the best possible view of the thick, black shaft being caressed and mouthed by the full pink lips of this foolish infidel.

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He stood posed like a polished ebony statue for long minutes, only his hands moving as they rocked the young FrenchwomanТs head up and down. СEnough, Nahib, enoughЕТ The Emir called, tiring of watching his servantТs pleasure, Сtake her nowЕ show her I am master here.Т Nahib pulled the gleaming black tusk of his erection free and signalled one of the guards to hold the girl in position for him. He moved round her strapped and bound body, standing close to MoniqueТs jutting buttocks and rested his big hands on the brass buckles holding the corset closed. The slippery head of his penis nudged into the offered cleft, just sliding along the taut sensitive flesh between her anus and vagina. He looked at the Emir, waiting for his masterТs whimЕ

СTake her as you would a boy, NahibЕ we must leave something for the iron man as well. Slowly, thoughЕ let her face show me how an infidel cries to be taken by the spear of a true believer.Т

Nahib nodded, grinning broadly at the command. He jerked his head for the guard to stand away and then pushed the bundle that was the tightly bound girl forward a little; the ropes creaked and the metal hooks clicked against the rings as she moved. He shuffled on the stones, probing gently until he felt the domed head pressing into MoniqueТs DesalleТs anus. He edged even further forwards, pushing her out as though she were on a swing letting her own weight press back on his wide, slippery glans.

СAh no, mercy HighnessЕ stop him he will split me, please, oh, oh I canТt h-hold it p-please. Stop, stopЕ! Nnnnnaaaarrrrgghhh!Т

The Emir grinned happily as he watched the growing panic on Monique DesalleТs face. The way she twitched as NahibТs manhood touched her just where she was still so ultra sensitive from RiaТs ministrations; then the frantic disbelief as the young Frenchwoman reacted to the pain of the plum sized glans stretching her anus wider and wider.

The Emir loved these momentsЕ the victimТs staring, bulging eyes; the gaping mouth and those gabbled useless protesting noises; NahibТs patient waiting stance, strutted like a gleaming black statue as the girlТs muscles slowly weakened and that final, animal squeal as guardТs massive penis popped through the anal ring and she felt him filling her rectum for the first time.

A cruel expert at this kind of entertainment, Nahib relaxed his hips, pulling back until held within her body only the tightness of her anal ring gripping him by the wide flange of his glans. He waited, revelling in the pulsing twitches of her muscles around that sensitive rim as she fought to adjust to the massive invader. Then, as Monique relaxed for just a moment, he thrust forwards again, the thick oily shaft sliding deep into her bottom and bringing a second piercing cry from her throat so the Emir clapped and giggled with pleasure at his skill.

Now he settled into a long, slow driving rhythm, swinging the girlТs body to and fro so she was forced back onto his long, thick penis then forwards again to feel his thickness sliding out until just the domed head kept her impaled. At first the squeals were those of pain and terrorЕ then the first notes of unwilling arousal crept in, panting desperate sounds that signalled her growing lust as the veins and ridges along the length of his cock fretted and aroused her excitement once again.

СOh no, please noЕ I donТt, oh please stop him, ah please, hah, hah, aaaaaah!Т

СMake the maid ride harder! Make her cry to as her mistress is pleasured like the bitch she isЕТ

Warned by the petulant note in their masterТs voice Mena and Ria scrambled to obey. Each seized one of the thin rattan canes theyТd used earlier and hurried over to when MoniqueТs tormented maidservant was still rising and falling with awful deliberate care on the toothed bar of the mare.

СIt is time to ride fasterЕ let us see you gallop for his Highness,Т Ria said, wiping the girlТs tear-stained face. СTime to taste the whip across those pretty globes.Т NulaТs hair whipped across her face as she shook her head madly, but whatever she was going to say was lost in a sudden scream and jerking spasm of pain as Mena brought her cane zipping through the air to brand a single fiery line across the girlТs out thrust buttocks.

Ria stepped back to give herself room to swing her arm and replied with an even harder stroke that caught the swelling undercurve of NulaТs breasts just one the edge of her dark brown aureoles, the pain making her jerk her upright so violently that one foot slipped off its stake and she was left sitting with all her weight on the bronze rail.


СThwick! Thwuck! Thwick! Thwuck! Thwick! Thwuck! Thwick! Thwuck!Т

That scream of agony dragged MoniqueТs eyes away from the Emir. She bit her lips as she watched the two grinning women wielding the canes and heard NulaТs desperate cries of pain over the regular sound of those thin, flexible rods smacking into naked flesh. Shame washed through her as she realised the EmirТs evil plan was workingЕ despite her own torments the sight of her maidТs torture was arousing her, turning the pain of NahibТs long slow fucking into a hot, guilty pleasure. She dropped her head, letting her long blonde hair cascade down to cover her growing excitement.

The Emir giggled with excitement and mopped his sweat- beaded forehead with a length of green silk, sitting forwards and sipping at a cool glass of fresh lemon juice as he revelled in the scene before him. To one side his women, their copper bronze skins gleaming with oil and perspiration, heavy breasts bouncing and jiggling so wonderfully, flogged the girl strapped astride the mare. He licked his lips as he saw the first sheen of blood on her breasts; blood from where the network of thin agonising weals had repeatedly scored the delicate peaks of her breasts, almost skinning her nipples raw.

But the real delight was just in front of his eyesЕthe tightly bound body of the young Frenchwoman, her face convulsed and contorted with the pleasure-pain of his massively built servantТs deliberately slow impalement of her anus. Like her maid she was crying too, gasping wordlessly as she climbed towards her own orgasm once again, feeling the torment of the cruel leather corset holding her cramped in agony; denying any chance of riding the pleasure peaks as she wanted.

Even as he gazed at her scarlet, shiny face, lips and chin still sticky with saliva and MenaТs thick mucus, NahibТs movements became harder and faster, jerking the young woman back so far that each time she could feel the harsh wiry hair of his groin tickling the cleft of her bottom. In turn, his lust was also being stoked by the sight of the writhing brown body astride the mare, the wonderful screams of pain and the constant bucking movements as the canes lashed her breasts and bottom cheeks without mercy.


NahibТs cry echoed round the walled courtyard as he forced his cock even deeper, jerking rapidly and arching back in triumph as he ejaculated in long spurts. He pulled free of MoniqueТs cunt as he came, the wet gleaming shaft still jerking so the last sticky white gobs spattered over the girlТs taut buttocks to show his master the evidence of his virility.

Those final jolting thrusts had pitched Monique Desalle over the edge as well. Already roused by the womenТs clever masturbation, NahibТs long, slow invasion of her rectum had worked her to another unwilling climax and she too cried and whimpered in the spasms of her orgasm. Her head flailed wildly as the jerking spasms overcame her, her breath racing in shallow frantic gasps as the corset held her immovableЕ just the threshing of her head and the desperate curling and uncurling of her toes revealing the agony of yet another enforced orgasm cruelly confined by her agonising bondage.

The sound of soft clapping brought all activity in the courtyard to a halt.

СLeave the servant on the mareЕ let her witness her mistressТs fate and then…Т The Emir looked at the girlТs bleeding, pain-wracked figure still rising and falling on the toothed rail and smiled at his Guard Commander in cruel anticipation. СYou can place her carefully on the stake, Nahib, once her legs are sufficiently weakened by her exerciseЕТ

His hot, cruel gaze returned to the dangling figure before him. СPrepare the infidel woman for the saddleЕ I have promised she shall mount my iron man and it would be impolite to break such a promise to a guest ЕТ the pudgy, ring encrusted hands clapped once more and the guards hurried to obey. The EmirТs woman exchanged glances and Ria stroked her loverТs flank, fingers curling down and under the curve of MenaТs left buttock to tease the warmth and wetness between her bottom cheeks as they padded across the hot flagstones to prepare the saddle.

The device was the EmirТs favourite torture implement. The saddle itself was metal, cunningly curved and shaped to seat a victim with their thighs apart and the core of their body pressing into the central ridge. The hollow iron phallus jutting vertically from the saddleТs crest was decorated with cunningly twisted ridges and where it joined the saddle there was an openingЕ

An opening that was directly over the metal ring positioned between the legs of the torture saddle, a ring shaped to hold the bowl of glowing charcoal that waited on the stone plinth beside the torture saddle.

Whilst the guards placed Monique on the ground and carefully freed her from the corsetТs grip, Mena was coating the shaft and exaggerated bulbous head of the saddleТs phallus with palm oil, making the hollow shaft and jutting ridges gleam and glisten in the sunlight. Ria waited by her masterТs side watching unmoved as the young Frenchwoman groaned and cried, writhing on the ground as she tried to overcome the biting cramps and shooting agony from muscles suddenly unbound after such cruel captivity. In her hands was the broad waist belt theyТd used on Nula, a belt with the wrist cuffs attachedЕ the EmirТs sadistic refinement of torture that left a victimТs hands free but so tantalisingly out of reach of being able to stop the agony.

Finally, the guards dragged Monique Desalle to her feet and pushed her forwards to confront the Emir once more. They held her arms apart so Ria could fasten the belt, cinching the buckles tight in the small of MoniqueТs back before tightening the cuffs around each wrist and pinning her hands against her hips.

Monique raised her head, still moving slowly and painfully from her ordeal, pursed her lips and stared at the bloated figure before her. Lack of water and exhaustion made her voice hoarse but the EmirТs eyes narrowed as she spoke and his tongue licked over his full lips. СPlease, no more I beg of youЕ mercy please my LordЕТ She would have fallen to her knees but for the guards holding her arms. СNot the saddle, pleaseЕ have mercy.Т

СYour fate is already written and your place awaitsЕ However,Т MoniqueТs head lifted at the hint of hope, СI will allow you the dignity of mounting on your own.Т He smiled in sadistic pleasure. СOtherwise my guards will carry out my judgement. You have a few moments to decideЕТ MoniqueТs face crumpled, tears trickling down her cheeks as the last vestige of hope vanished and the eager, grinning faces closed around her.

From somewhere she gathered her remaining courage and took the few faltering steps to where the two women waited. Mena had placed a wooden stool on either side of the saddle and Monique was about to step up onto them when Ria stopped her, grinning and holding up a polished wooden bar. СA momentЕ just to make sure you are displayed as his highness would wish.Т The guards grabbed her upper arms, forcing her elbows back until Ria could slide the bar across her back and through the gaps between arms and body, pinning her elbows back so the wrist cuffs were pulled tight and her breasts were thrust forwards. Giggling to each other at the nineteen year oldТs involuntary display and just as they had done that morning, the women gripped a nipple apieceЕ squeezing just hard enough to ensure MoniqueТs obedience as they turned her into position. СUp you go,Т Ria murmured as they both pulled upwards, stretching the tender pink tips as their shivering victim scrabbled to get up onto the stools.

СNo, no d-donТt IЕ aaaaah!Т Monique cried out again as the women twisted their fingers, their unspoken orders making her straddle the gleaming metal tusk. The fingers twisted again, cruel, pinching pain that pulled her downwards until the plum sized bulb touched the wet, engorged lips of her labia.

СNuh, nuh, nooooooo, no please you canТt do this to meЕ you CAAAAAANТT!

The hopeless cry echoed back from the walls and the Emir giggled with excitement as the women dragged their victim downward by her nipples, her knees bending in submission as the bulb sank into her vagina. The nine-inch metal shaft slowly impaled the sobbing nineteen year old and the Emir wriggled with pleasure as he watched her cunt lips stretching round the oiled invader. Every movement brought new gasps and grimaces of pain as Monique Desalle sank down onto her torture saddle.

There was a clatter as the women kicked the stools away and more gasps and cries as Monique felt the metal cock head pressing deep inside her body, nuzzling against the mouth of her cervix. The cunning ridges on the sun-warmed metal scraped and fretted the delicate internal membranes of her body, whilst the wide hollow shaft held her agonisingly stretched and open.

At long last her tormentors released their grip on her breasts and she twisted on from side to side, her high, firm breasts bouncing and jiggling as she tried to relieve the throbbing agony of returning circulation. Each pink teat was jutting out like a little peg, the flesh taut and shiny, swollen from the pinching fingers and the weals of the earlier caning. With the women out of the way the guards cinched the flexible metal straps tight over each thigh. Pulling them tight but ensuring that she had just a little room to lift her bottom from the saddle. Finally, MoniqueТs slim ankles were lifted high behind her, the guards binding them fast to the back of the iron saddle so her weight was forced forwards, the sensitive folds of her cunt pressing even more firmly onto the iron phallus.

СThis is the penalty of failure, Miss DesalleЕ now you will taste my displeasure. Ria, let her feel the heat she is to bear.Т The tall Arab woman picked up the tongs and lifted the small bowl of burning charcoal. Carefully she blew the fine grey ash away so the coals showed dull red in the sunlight and the air shimmered and flickered above the surface. She brought the bowl round until it was near MoniqueТs belly, close enough for the column of heat to caress the tender undersides of the young FrenchwomanТs breasts. She held it in position for a few moments, watching intently as Monique reared back trying to avoid the searing heat.

СOh God noЕ ah, aaah, aaaaaah please, it burns, pleaseЕ PLEEESSSEEE!Т


Everyone moved back into the shade, all eyes fixed on the naked sweat-soaked figures mounted astride the iron saddle. The EmirТs chief torturer placed the little bowl under the saddle, gave her victimТs outthrust breasts a final stroke, and padded across the stones to join her lover at the EmirТs feet.

In the silence the hum of insects and the racing pant of Monique DesalleТs breathing were the only sounds. Even her maid, still riding the bronze teeth of the mare, was silent as every one watched the young Frenchwoman. They could see her fingers working madly, stretching and curling towards her groin but to no avail. Her fingertips could just touch the crease of her thighs and the swell of her mound but no moreЕ she could do nothing to relieve the coming agony.

BAcortez05.jpg (150141 bytes)

The Emir chuckled at that first, horrified gasp from the impaled rider. Monique bit her lip, trying to ignore the growing warmth deep inside her body, holding back longer and longer and longer beforeЕ

Arrrrggggh! Its burning me, noooooo, oh God, no, aaaaah aaaaaaahЕ Iiiiiiiiiaaaaahhhh! PleaseЕpleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseeeeee!Т

As the wild screams and pleas echoed round the courtyard Monique Desalle threw herself from side to side, jerking up and down on the heated metal shaft, her upper body writhing and twisting in a demented dance of agony as the coals heated the hollow phallus so it scorched and seared the most tender flesh of her body in an unending blaze of agony.

СRemove the bowlЕ let her rest for a momentЕ to recover before she makes love to the iron man once moreЕТ The EmirТs mercy was an illusion. He knew only too well that the pause would bring no relief, just a constant burning agony as the metal cooled so slowly. Not only that but he wanted to enjoy the FrenchwomanТs growing panic as she waited for him to order the coals to be replaced beneath the saddle once again.

His servants busied themselves with offering sweetmeats and cool juices as the Emir studied the twitching, groaning figure on the saddle. One hand stroked RiaТs cheek as she nestled at his feet.

СUse the rod too this timeЕ she should experience every delight before the endЕТ Ria smiled at her masterТs words. She walked slowly back to the saddle and cupped the young womanТs breasts, thumbs just grazing the swollen nipples.

СAre you ready for the coals againЕ no, no shhhhhЕТ she soothed as Monique started to plead with her. СIt is no useЕ you must endure it all.Т MoniqueТs bulging eyes followed every movement as her torturer used the tongs to pick up the bowl once more so she could blow on the coals to make them glow more brightly before putting the bowl back on the stone plinth beside the saddle. СYou will taste the rod too this timeЕТ Ria held out a copper rod for her to see. Gently curved at the end it was barely finger thickness, tapering down to a fine tip that swelled into a small bulb. The other end fastened into a polished wooden handle that Ria was holding. СFirst to warm itЕТ

MoniqueТs eyes bulged even more as she saw the woman used the rod to stir the coals. She was already twitching, somehow knowing what dreadful thing was going to be done to her as Ria withdrew the rod and wiped it free of ash on a damp cloth. The cloth hissed softly at the contact.

Ria watched MoniqueТs growing agonyЕ waiting as the terror mounted. СFront or backЕ?Т She asked. All she heard was a wild, manic screaming in reply. A nod from the Emir and she moved in front of the mounted woman. СLet us start here then.Т

Steadily and carefully she slid the rod between the parted lips of MoniqueТs cunt delicately grazing the young FrenchwomanТs clitoris with the heated tip. She stroked her own soaking slit with the other hand as her victim arched back and an animal squeal of total agony ripped through the air…

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