Assylum Diablo [HINES]


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December 28th, 2004

All characters are 18 years old or older

The panicked 18 year-old shook and trembled in fear and confusion…

“Please, let me go! What have I done? Why am I here?”

“Ah, my sweet little one, so many questions! Well, I’ll be nice and tell you why you and your friends were plucked from your comfortable lives and brought here.”

“You are here at the Asylum Diablo simply because we wanted you here! And it will be your fate to serve in this place in any way that that this institution wants you to serve! You will never see your homes again. You will never again talk to your friends. In time you won’t even be able to remember them.”

“Mmmmmmm…, Yes, that’s it – cry, lovely girl. I do so much like to see the tears of those who realize their fates. And so does Nurse Morta, here. Now Nurse Morta will escort you up to the Examination Room, where everything will begin for you. Don’t worry, love, I like your cutesy looks – so I promise you that I will visit you tonight and get to know you better.”

“I know that you will get to like me, too. In fact, I promise that, before long, you will need me. And I’ll be there with you and you’ll be screaming my name at the top of your voice…”

In the hallway that fronted the Examination Room, ranking Nurses Kruet and Sagg exercised their privilege of Choice and snatched one pretty captive from the line of new arrivals and walked her over to a nearby corner where Nurse Kruet could begin to practice her needlework.

Of course, the unfortunate captive’s screams further terrified the rest of the waiting females – which was the point of it all.

Terror was an emotion that was central to the existence of the Asylum Diablo; it’s food and sustenance. As all the these new girls would learn….

“Ooooooo…Your cries are so sweet to my ears. You make your dear Nurse so wet!”

“Hold her now, Nurse Sagg, because I am going to see how many holes I can make in this girl’s lovely face.”


“Nooooooooooo…! Ahhhhhhh……!”

“That wasn’t so bad, was it? Here, let’s try this spot under your cheekbone. Lots of meat there…”

“Oh God! Oohhh, Goddddddd…Aaaeeeeee!”

“….Now if I move it around a little…. scrape that cheekbone….!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…! ”

That’s it, pretty girl! Make me happy! Scream…. Scream for your beloved Nurse Kruet!”


The Institution’s resident doctor, Dr. Menle, was careful as to give each new inmate the most thorough of physical examinations. His large fist missed nothing. According to Dr. Menle’s procedures, each female inmate/patient would need a once-a-week examination in order to stay on top of things…

The Order of Raptured Nuns were the ones who were in overall charge of the asylum. It was they who decided upon the best ways to deal with the many symptoms of defiance and non-conformity that tended to surface in the new inmates. They were understanding of the inmates’ problems stemming from the sudden abductions and relocations – but they had a duty to keep order and control within the institution. And that usually was easily achieved by the firm application of the nuns’ experienced whips and paddle.

“This one will shows great promise. I think that she only needs a few hard sessions to make her suitable for training and relocation to upper suites. So let’s have at her for a couple of hours and then see how she handles it.”

“I agree that there’s something about her….But let’s play it safe and punish her throughout the night. Then if she is how we want her to be, we can take her to our quarters and see if she has the right kind of attitude. And if she is acceptable and meets our expectations, perhaps we should consider introducing her to the Mother Superior. She is in need of a young pretty like this one …”

“Mmm, a nice thought. She would love to share her bed with a girl who could truly appreciate and serve her.”

It had taken the new girl quite some time to heal ; the marks were barely visible when she was escorted into the Mother Superior’s chambers. The Mother Superior had been told so many good thinks about this new captive, but she would have to see for herself if this was the kind of girl that she had been missing for so long.

She had been disappointed so many times…….

But at the first swing of her whip, she knew.


“I love you, Mother Superior!”


“I’ll be your devoted servant, Mother Superior!”


“I love you!’



“Love you! Please don’t…! Please!’

“Yes, darling! Yes, my little whore! That’s the way, dear girl – cry your loudest! Tell me how much you love me! Tell me how much you need me! Scream as much as you need to! It will help you to withstand all that your loving Mother will be giving you throughout this night.

“Yes, child. Love me. Love me!”



Dr. Menle had discovered that leaving a new female inmate in a straight jacket for overnight use in the Mens’ Section served to release tensions and also induce a calming effect on some of the normally difficult and deranged male patients.

The ready availability of the girls’ warm pussies, assholes and mouths made a welcome respite for those mentally challenged inmates whose day-to-day existence there was boring and hellish.

And there was also the fact that Dr. Menle loved to watch.

Was it his imagination or was it true that the more insane the man was, the more virile he seemed to be?

He would have to experiment with this question. There was no shortage of females for use…

Poor Penelope screams would do her no good – in fact, her frightened sounds only served to heighten the excitement level of the advancing group of insane male occupants of the dark, dank Cell No. 42 into which she had been shoved into.

“Girl….pretty…fuck her…fuck…”

“Yes, fuck her. Then kill her….Heh, heh..”

Cell No. 56 was one of the larger cells in the Asylum, just the right size to accommodate the small crowd that gathered to attend a surprise birthday celebration for Nurse Deary. At the age of 85, nurse Deary was the oldest staff member of the institution. She loved her work – especially those duties which called for intimate contact with the prettiest girls who had been captured and interned there. Nurse Deary was such a joy to observe as she administered out pain to her charges while cooing and reassuring them in that pleasant, motherly manner that she had perfected over the many years.

Now Nurse Deary entertained her fellow staffers by showing her appreciation and rapt approval of their birthday present to her. The gift was of a beautiful 19 year-old French slave who had been delivered to the Asylum only a few days before. Nurse Deary cackled mightily as the slavegirl’s supple body quivered and jerked in painful distress as the Nurse’s fist worked it’s way even deeper into that overstretched anus.

This French girl was Deary’s present to do with as she pleased. The old woman jammed her fist further now, past her elbow. So warm and tight; the spasms coming faster now……The girl’s screams filling the room and thrilling the audience….

“That’s such a wonderful song you sing, child! Sing more for me…”

Cell No. 117 was small; well suited for the closeness of what took place there. The activity here was of a more intimate, one-to-one nature. Separated and isolated after being broken in, Tara was now being sexually trained for her duties as Pleasure Slave for the more important financial donors and visiting dignitaries who were always being feted at the Asylum.

Mister Gastineo, as a senior counselor, had been assigned the task of making sure that Tara be taught how to entertain her ‘guests’ in the right way. Tara soon learned that her studs would likely begin things with a light, preliminary beating before settling into a night of rough, crude fucking. Mister Gastineo liked to ram a slave’s tight pussy, then pause for a few minutes of hard slapping of her face before going back to riding her until the finish. Tara’s face stung and her vision was blurry from Gastineo’s brutal slaps and she could only moan feebly as he ended this first half-hour of fucking by slamming his thick cock all the way to the balls and filling her submissive cunt with his sperm-load….


Mister Gastineo enjoyed how Tara sobbed hopelessly as he lay heavily on top of her, his dick still leaking cum inside her.

“Now I’ll show you how I get my cock hard real fast so that we can start fucking again,” he said..

His first slap caught her by surprise. Then the blows came faster……

The action in Cell No.12 was impersonal and more academic in nature. It was here that randomly chosen slave inmates were brought to serve as living test subjects for the newer Asylum interns who needed to practice their

cutting and slicing skills.

In cell No. 507, the cutting was done expertly by thoroughly experienced hands. Here, Nurse Gonzales liked to enjoy her off-duty hours by indulging herself in the art of disembowelment, a tradition long established within the Gonzales family. A big, towering woman, Nurse Gonzales possessed a deft touch that allowed her to slice a slave’s belly open with a single, neat cut. And the Nurse was not like so many others who tended to then ruin things by crudely ripping out the slave’s organs. No, Nurse Gonzales knew that it was much more rewarding to burrow her hand inside the slave and slowly – lovingly – grab and squeeze the different organs while watching the facial agonies of the victim. So intimate, so soothing. So exciting to see the life drain from her victim’s bulging eyes……

And it was at this moment that Nurse Gonzales needed the pleasing tongue of another slave – a tongue jammed deeply and thrashing inside Gonzales’ pulsing asshole – to bring her to a most delicious, overwhelming orgasm.

Cell No. 01 was a private cell reserved strictly for the use of Mister and Missus Van Grenely, two major and longtime financial underwriters to the Asylum Diablo. And cutting was also a theme that played a major part in the Van Grenelys’ leisure-time activities when they made their weekly visits.

While both of them liked the pleasures that came from raping a new slave inmate, they had developed a definite taste for the perverse thrill that came from observing the added hopelessness and loss of will that always resulted when their chosen slave was forced to undergo amputation of her legs.

It was so much a pleasure to use a pretty slave who no longer had any will or spirit…

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