Peeling – Peach [CORTEZ]

Peeling - Peach

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Peeling the Peach
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

This is the second of the СMantok tales. It follows the torments of Lady Kerima and her maid Meera when they, like the French girl Madeline Defour (whose story was told in СTorture in Mantok), fall into the hands of the Sultans Chief Torturer, Lord Telak

The soldiers laughed and joked as they forced Lady Kerima and her young maid, Meera into the Sultans torture chamber. Wearing the simple black cotton bodices and long skirts theyd put on to disguise themselves in a futile attempt to escape from the palace, they looked round, shocked by their sudden capture and trembling at the thought of what was to come.

Lady Kerima tried to play the grand courtier by holding herself erect, eyes flashing with anger and defiance; beside her, eighteen-year-old Meera seethed and spat with anger, wriggling continually in the soldiers fierce grip. Both women had their arms behind their backs, thin silk cords binding their wrists securely whilst a second tie above the elbows pulled their shoulder blades cruelly together. The restraints forced each of them to arch backwards, lifting the lower edge of their bodices so the soft under curve of their breasts showed clearly.

Apart from tying their arms so carefully, the soldiers had not touched either of them at all. Lady Kerima knew of the evil reputation of the Sultans soldiers for mistreating female captives. Such restraint meant only one thing that very special orders must have been given about their arrest and treatment.

Lady Kerima shivered for she knew that this was Lord Telaks doing. As the Sultans favourite and her sworn enemy, he would not have missed such a chance. She had been betrayed most effectively and now both of them faced the agony of merciless, slow torture at the hands of Telak and his minions.

Smooth, calm and immaculately clad in white sarong and soft, silk over-jacket, Lord Telak walked slowly into the middle of the bright, white torture chamber. He studied the two women, bodies still largely hidden by their peasant garb, for a few, lingering moments then made a gesture of approval to the squad commander. СExcellent, excellent, Ranjif and in prime condition most efficient my men will deal with them now. Be assured, his Highness shall hear of your zeal

Three of Telaks trusted interrogators, almost naked apart from brief, white loincloths, padded forwards to hold the two women. Their slim, powerful bodies were lightly oiled so their muscles showed clearly, flexing and working as the sunlight glinted and glistened on their smooth olive skins The young captain smiled at their cruel eager faces as he gave a last mocking glance at the women. СIm sure you are about to enjoy his Lordships hospitality most fully unfortunately duty calls me away or I would remain with a brisk order he turned away and led his men from the chamber.

Telak waited until the squad had left. СStrip them both but leave their arms for now. My Lady Kerima and I have things to discuss.

СMeera! Say nothing, ignore them they are animals in the service of a devil Kerima whispered as the young maid gave a startled scream. Meera had felt the kiss of steel as the glittering blade hissed through the thin cotton, slicing her bodice away to leave her naked to the waist. Not bothering with the knife, the guards simply dragged the girls long skirt down and off with one swift jerk before the razor-liken blade flashed again, cutting away the brief black triangle that had covered her smoothly plucked mound.

Instinctively, she crossed her thighs; hunching forwards in a useless attempt to conceal the sharp, black-tipped cones of her breasts and the split bulge of her cunt from the hot, eager stares of the guards and Lord Telaks unblinking gaze.

The little knife shredded Lady Kerimas garments with the same hissing ease. Her thirty five year old body was still firm and elegant, her breasts heavier and fuller than her maids, but the black tipped curves still riding high above a slim waist and gently rounded hips. The soft, split bulge of her cunt was very prominent and she too crossed her thighs, suddenly aware of how, like her maid, the tip of her over-large clitoris peeped between the outer lips of her labia even at rest.

СAnd now he paused, studying the defiant gaze of Lady Kerima. СYou will tell me who else was involved with your traitorous husband and his friends.

Lady Kerima shook her head as Lord Telak ran one finger down the moist brown skin between Meeras pointed breasts СI know nothing of state affairs, my Lord and neither does Meera she is simply my maidservant. We have nothing to tell you or these tame thugs of yours. The arrogance crept back into her voice the distain of a Lady talking to a menial СYou will be broken for this! How dare common soldiers lay hands on members of the Generals family? His Highness will have the flesh from your bodies for such an insult Especially you my Lord! The last words were hissed with sarcastic venom at the calm, motionless figure in front of her.

СNow that is exactly what the foreign girl the one you enjoyed pleasuring so much what was her name ah yesMiss Defour, said yesterday unfortunately for all of you, his Highness sees things differently. He wishes me to apply the most vigorous techniques to ensure he has all the facts about your traitorous activities So, do you have anything to tell me before we begin?

The gob of spittle spattered on the tiles near Telaks feet.

СYour ladyship lacks manners something of a foolish gesture, and one you will regret most bitterly before we talk further He snapped orders at the guards, a red glint of barely contained anger evident in his voice. СHang this one up whilst we play with the servant a little he paused, studying Meeras trembling young figure. СYes, put her on the Question Table spread her well He reached out and stroked the sharp black tip of one breast so that it rose and hardened, jutting upwards like a small finger.

He watched the maids reaction with evident satisfaction. СNow, Meera since you enjoy serving your mistress so intimately let us see if the stories about your capacity for pleasure are true My assistant, May Tan is eager to test you. He paused and smiled it was not a pleasant smile. СLak and Soong will also show you their skills a little later something I fear you will find much less enjoyable. Who knows, maybe your cries of anguish may even serve to aid your mistresss memory for names.

The Sultans favourite torturer flicked his fingers. Immediately, two of the guards forced Meera over to the low table-like platform near the grim blade of the СMare. Soongs knife flashed in the sunlight and Meera collapsed with a sob, clutching her bruised arms as the cords fell away and she felt the first agonies of the blood surging back into her arms and fingers.

Meera stared up at the device Lord Telak had called the СQuestion Table. Standing only knee-high off the floor it did look like a small table, one about three feet square. The only odd feature, apart from the heavy, brassbound timbers of the frame, were the two round bars bolted along opposite ends so they protruded some six inches on either side. The young girl started trembling violently as she saw the stained leather cuffs attached to either end of each protruding pole.

СI wont wont wont no! Uuuufffff!

Meeras whining refusal was cut off in mid flow as the older of the two guards, Lak, hit her casually in the stomach so she doubled forwards. Grinning broadly the two of them picked the gasping eighteen-year-old girl and tossed her, face down, onto the stained top. Her head thumped against the thick planks as they twisted her hands expertly away from her aching midriff, stretching her arms wide to force her wrists through the leather loops at either end of one of the bars before buckling the straps tight.

They stood back as she flopped round helplessly, watching in amusement as her breasts squashed and scraped on the rough timber until she had recovered sufficiently to struggle awkwardly onto all fours.

СHelp me, please, please mistress theyre hurting me, stop them please

Unfortunately, Lady Kerima was in no position to help anyone.

Chang, the third guard, had obeyed his masters orders to Сhang up Lady Kerima, by knotting one of the ceiling ropes through her wrist tie. As Lak and Soong manhandled Meera into position, he hauled the rope tighter and tighter, forcing the naked and furious aristocrat forward into an agonising curve as she was lifted, scrabbling and panting frantically, up onto tiptoe.

Only when she was almost off the floor did he tie the rope off, leaving the once-elegant court lady to twist and wriggle in a vain attempt to ease the pain whilst keeping her precarious balance.

СB-be c-calm Meera, we have f-friends outside still these scum cannot kill us for they risk their own lives if they do Her voice was forced and gasping as Kerima tried to ease the blazing pain in her arms and shoulders. Struggled for any purchase on the smooth tiles, the firm cones of her breasts jiggled and bounced wildly as they swung unfettered beneath her bowed torso.

Lord Telak gripped the soft meat of one dangling breast, callously using it as a handle to twist and turn her body. СWhoever said anything about killing? That is a task for a common executioner any idiot can wield a sword or sharpen a stake. He chuckled nastily, Сyour demise is the very last thing I would wish, my Lady. In this chamber you will be led most carefully from one peak of agony to the next, as we fondle the most sensitive places of your body.

He changed his grip as he spoke, just holding the long stub of her nipple pinched between forefinger and thumb but pressing hard so she hissed with the sudden, stabbing pain. He waited for her to calm down then twisted his fingers, deliberately swinging her body back and forwards by the tender peak of her breast. СWith suitable pauses to allow you to regain your strength of course Think of what might await you as watch as we teach your favourite pleasure slave to sing some new songs

From the shadows, Lord Telaks young assistant, May Tan walked to the Question Table, a bundle of scarlet cords in one hand. She seized a handful of Meeras short black hair in the other and wrenched the girls head sideways. СBring your knees forward right forward spread them to touch each elbow.С When the girl grunted and resisted she leaned closer, Сobey now or Soong will break the little finger on each hand She licked the whorl of Meeras ear СOr perhaps a touch of hot iron will help? She forced Meeras head further round so the eighteen year old could see the heat haze shimmering over the charcoal grill in the corner of the chamber.

СNo, no, let me do it, please owwww! P-please Im doing it, Im doing it, please Meera scrabbled frantically, trying to press her elbows out to touch her thighs as she shuffled forwards. May Tan and the guards grinned as the girls anus and the soft, plump pouch of her cunt were obscenely displayed by her crouched and straddled stance.

СIs that right? Please dont burn me, Ohoh ah t-tight, toooo t-t-tight thats hurting meeeee

With her head still held sideways Meera had no way to struggle, all she could do was cry out whilst Soong and Lak bound her expertly straps to hold the knees wide apart against the edges of the torture table then the silk cords lashing the young girls elbows into the flesh just above her knees tightened and secured with careful skill. Then, just to open the soft valley of her cunt even more fully, each ankle was pulled outwards before being strapped to the jutting post at the other end of the Question Table.

May Tan released her grip on Meeras hair as she moved to caress the out-thrust swell of the girls bottom very gently, her fingers just feathering along the soft crease. Meeras head arched up, her back dipping in response to the intimate tickling touch on the wrinkled rosette of her anus.

The prominent pouch of the girls cunt bulged between her straddled thighs. Despite her terror, everyone could see the glistening hint of wetness on the plump labia, the exciting slash of darker pink from her inner lips and the way the smooth, pink stub of her clitoris was now standing proud and erect, jutting from the soft folds in obvious arousal.

May Tan slid the fingers of her right hand between her own thighs, soaking them with the hot, wet juice of her arousal. After a few moments she gasped, drew her fingers out then stroked the length of the girls cunt with the wet, glistening tips. СShow us your pleasure Meera let my Lord Telak see how you cry as you come. Her fingers probed and slithered into the soft split so the girl surged madly trying to close her body to the young womans touch.

СOh my Lady, please, what shall I do, she will make me come I know

СDont be foolish, her ladyship cannot help now let me feel this little man of yours May Tans oily fingers tickled the jutting nub of the girls clitoris and Meera heaved and wailed in a spasm of delight.


Lady Kerima closed her eyes and let her head fall forwards as she heard that familiar cry of ecstasy and arousal from her maid.

For long minutes only the noises of the girls panting excitement and the soft wet sounds of May Tans fingers working in the wet folds of Meeras body broke the silence. Lady Kerima could see how expertly May Tan was fondling her maid, stroking and milking that hot, wet pleasure stub just as Kerima herself had done so often before, bringing her on remorselessly so the girl shivered and moaned continuously.

СShe is near my Lord, shall I? As May Tan asked the question she gently cupped one black-tipped breast, stroking the hard, sharp peak in time with her slow relentless masturbation of the girls clitoris.

СWhy not such a delightful sight for us all and then a little reminder from Soong and Lak the thinner bamboos I think to begin with

The girls cries became a mindless pleasure chant as May Tan continued flicking her nail rapidly across the glossy wet nub of Meeras jutting clitoris whilst thumb and forefinger of her other hand stroked and twisted the long, rigid nipple harder and harder. Quite deliberately, the subtle bondage holding the maid spread open so obscenely still allowed Meera to move and writhe on the torture table. Her back flexed and arched as she bowed and lifted her head at the ecstasy of feeling. May Tan leaned forwards, carefully not to interrupt the busy flickering of her fingers, and licked the soft, moist flesh behind the girls ear.

That extra jolt of sensation tipped Meera over the edge and she squealed in pleasure, bucking and surging in spasms as May Tan milked her of her first orgasm. СThere my darling, yes, yes She increased the pressure and speed of her forefinger against the girls clitoris, forcing her to continue writhing and coming without respite. Within a few minutes Meeras spasms suddenly became even more violent as May Tan forced her to a second peak, her squeals becoming frantic pleas for rest as she writhed against the cords and straps.

СS-s-s-stop, stop, please stop, huh, huh, Yuh! Yuh, YAAAAH! N-n-n-n-no, oh no, oh no. ah, ah, aaaaah!

May Tan relented, cupping the girls face and tracing her sodden fingers across Meeras lips so the eighteen year old could taste the familiar, coppery tang of her own juices coating her tormentors fingers. What Meera did not see was Lak and Soong quietly fetching the long whippy bamboo canes then taking their positions on either side of her splayed and out-thrust buttocks.

СShhh shhhhh, my darling May Tans voice was cruelly soft and teasing, deliberately lulling the girl into a false relaxation. СNow Soong and Lak must provide the punishment to follow your pleasure Her hands pressed the girls shoulders down as she reacted to the words. Then, Soong swung his arm.

СIiiiiiiiih! M-mistress, help me! Please see what they are doing



The girls eyes widened and she thrust forwards against her bonds as the stroke sliced across the meat of her bottom to leave a thin, raised weal.


The frantic appeals to Kerima gave way to another breathless scream as, from the other side, Lak flexed his own powerful muscles to cut the second blazing stripe into her flesh just below the first.

СThwip thwick thwip thwick thwip thwick thwip thwick

The awful rhythmic sound of the caning echoed round the bright, white chamber. Tied as she was Lady Kerima was unable to look away from the slow deliberate torture of her maid. By the tenth stroke the girl was squealing and crying continuously, surging to and fro in her bonds as the two whippy rods laced the full out-thrust curves of her buttocks with a network of agonising weals.

Twenty strokes thirty strokes at forty strokes the two guards, breathing heavily and beaded with the sweat of their efforts, relaxed and let the writhing, crying maid feel the hot, scalding pain building up in the mesh of raised weals crisscrossing the smooth brown curves of her bottom cheeks.

May Tan still crouched by Meeras head, her hands busily fondling the girls dangling nipples. Again the soft voice whispered in the young girls ear, falsely soothing as she told the sobbing maid of the agony to come. СNow we have to punish your little man for getting so excited Her voice lifted a little, deliberately clearer so that Soong understood where she wanted the cane to be applied next.

Among the guards, Soong was the acknowledged expert with the bamboo. He smiled with sadistic pleasure as he stepped up onto the tabletop, feet either side of the girls head and facing the soft wet cleft of her buttocks. This particular technique was a favourite, a chance to show his skill as he applied the thin stinging rod to the girls inner lips and the wildly sensitive nub of her clitoris.

May Tan moved her hands out of the way СBreathe, my little whore, breathe deeply so you can tell Lord Telak how the punishment feels Ready, my Lord, she said quietly studying how Meeras cunt was now jutting openly, the full, wet lips and the little fleshy finger of her clitoris standing out invitingly between the inverted V of her thighs.

Soong paused, relishing the moment of helpless panic as the girl realised what he was about to do, licking his lips as he gently slid the slim, whippy rod to and fro over the girls full labia, measuring the tip of the cane quite carefully against the little engorged stub. Beneath him the smooth brown body twitched and shivered, the dull red of her beaten buttocks shuddering as Meera wailed and sniveled in desperation.

Telak gripped Lady Kerima by the jaw, swinging her so that she was staring directly at her maids dreadfully exposed position. СListen and watch, my Lady Soong is now going to cane your maids pleasure lips. Twenty strokes only, he paused, Сto start with But the pain will take her to the brink of madness and she will tell us very loudly that she cannot take any more.

The Sultans Torture Master gazed at his captive. СThe beauty of it is that, despite the words, she knows she will have to until we decide it is time for her to rest Then it will be your turn she will be able to hear as you, in turn, plead with me to stop the pain. He smiled, turning her face so she looked into his dark, merciless eyes. For you will plead plead most movingly indeed. For you it will be something special something more agonisingly intimate to repay you for your foolishness earlier and to prepare you to ride the Mare. A technique that May Tan callspeeling the peach.

СYour Lordship is ill-inf-f-f-formed Kerima stuttered as his thumb dug cruelly into a nerve centre. СM-My family do not give in to t-t-threats and pp-pressure

СYou will be assured you will. Lord Telak shook her head gently. СWhy, if your pain allows you can watch as Lak and Soong take their reward from your maid and then he turned her to look where the slim wedge of the СMare jutted waist high from its little platform. СBut first to finish the maids lesson,

Lord Telak nodded to Soong who tapped the cane gently against the girls cunt and then lifted it high before bringing the thin, flexible rod down with cruel accuracy.

The cane whistled down in a slicing arc. There was little noise just a sharp, wet Сthuck! as it cut between the fleshy lips, catching the tip of the girls clitoris with agonising force. Lady Kerima saw Meeras back bow upwards as she jerked forwards, her head over the edge of the torture table and her eyes and mouth wide with breathless agony.


The guards arm swung again and yet again with a horrible, precise rhythm. The steady Сthwuck of the cane occasionally interrupted by a sharper note as Soong deliberately laid a thin weal along Meeras outer lips rather than the central fissure of her cunt, building the fire and making the tissues swell so the inner labia were even more dreadfully exposed. Within five strokes the girl was writhing and screaming dementedly, her cries merging into a gabble of squeals and wordless noises as she bucked and jolted madly.

Hot with the excitement of watching the girls torture, Lak and May Tan now joined in, stopping the girls futile clenching spasms by pulling her bottom cheeks apart so that Soong could slice the rod directly against the wrinkled circle of her anus. Even above her manic squeals, everyone could hear the creaking groans from the leather straps as Meera fought uselessly to protect her body from the repeated torture of the cane as it flayed the most sensitive flesh of her cunt quite unbearably.

СThwuck thwuck thrrrwock!

Soongs chest heaved and glistened as his muscles worked and flexed in the sunlight. The girls squeals now had a piercing, animal quality; wet red bands marking each place on wrists, arms and ankles where she had abraded the skin away in her torment. The final three strokes added the last blazing kisses to the red bulging purse of the eighteen year olds cunt and the hot swollen ring of her anus. Soong stretched in satisfaction and stepped down from the table

The barely conscious girl slumped forwards, her breath racing and gasping at the throbbing, screaming agony between her legs. Muscles and sinews racked by the constant spasms of pain, she was unable to support herself at all and her head dangled limply over the edge of the torture table held in place by the straps that kept her so cruelly open.

СFor you it will be worse much worse. He looked at the lolling figure, Сno stamina it seems. But since I am mercifulshe can rest until we have you on the mare. Now, are you ready my lady? See we have a chair ready for you Lord Telak gripped Kerimas breast to swing her round so she could study the object Lak and Chang had placed on the tiles next to the Mare.

It was the size and shape of a wide, low stool, but for some reason they seemed to have placed it upside down. The heavy wooden top was flat on the floor with the thick legs sticking up from each corner. On each side the front and back legs were joined at the top by strong rounded bars of polished wood.

Lord Telak gestured to where the strange upside down stool was positioned. СPut her ladyship astride the bars. He watched as she was released from the rope and dragged into position. Lady Kerima didnt struggle as Soong and Chang forced her to stand astride the bars with her hands still tied it was only inviting further pain to resist.

СSit down, Telak ordered and the guards pressed her shoulders until she was crouched in a wide squat astride the bars. Now she did struggle as she realised how the stool might be used. Too late she finally understood that the Сstool wasnt upside down at all, but was some kind of diabolical frame designed to hold a victim open for yet more torture.

The three guards immobilised her by pulling her feet off the floor and lashing each of her ankles to a rear leg, high up where the sidebars joined the supports. Then there were red silken cords soft but strong as steel wrapped round and round to bind Lady Kerimas calves hard against her outstretched thighs Next, thick leather straps, soft and dark with age and nameless stains, pulled carefully taut to clamp her doubled legs immovably wide apart against the polished bars.

There was one short moment of freedom as her arms were untied, but the guards were too quick and her hands too cramped to do anything. The moment passed as each wrist was quickly retied separately and securely, anchored to the same straps that bound her ankles to the frame.

Held as though kneeling, the final strap was carefully tightened round her elbows, forcing her arms together so she was held upright, the full, heavy cones of her breasts jutting out proudly, the black tips shivering as Lady Kerima waited for the agony to begin.

Strapped astride the bars, the shapely, thirty-five year old woman was quite helpless, the soft folds of her cunt and the puckered rosette of her anus painfully splayed open for her interrogators attentions whilst her arched back lifted and offered the black-tipped cones of her still-firm breasts towards her torturers.

СAnimals! Whatever you do I shall not tell you anything anything at all!

The bravado faltered as she twisted her head and saw the brass object in May Tans hands. Craning her head forwards she whimpered in horror as May Tan put the little stove down on the baseboard immediately below the split bulge of her cunt. It was only when the girl placed a small pot on the burner… a pot with long handle and a single narrow spout jutting up from the lid that she understood the horror of what they were going to do to her. Her breath raced in shallow panting gasps as the young woman knelt before her, using a small wax taper to light the wick of the little burner.

СPerhaps you understand a little more now, first, the preparationit usually takes four or five minutes for the water to boil Lord Telaks voice was soft with the horror of his words. СRemember I told you that you would plead for me to stop? The Sultans Torturer paused, enjoying the expression of panic on his captives face. СOnce you are prepared May Tan will show you her skill as she peels that delicate split peach you hold so closely between your thighs. Telak smiled, enjoying the reaction from the terrified aristocrat.

СAnd then he pointed sideways to the slim, tapered wedge jutting up from its platform a few feet away, Сwhy then you must ride my Mare. Another cruel smile creased Lord Telaks features. СBut you can prevent all this. Just give me the names of the others involved in the plot. Give me the names and May Tan will move the lamp away, otherwise Lady Kerima craned her head forwards, eyes wide in terror watching May Tan adjusting the little brass kettle until that slim, jutting spout was directly beneath the full moist lips of her labia.

СIve told you, I was not involved and I dont know anyone w-w-w-who. Ah! Ah please no, not there, please.

May Tans hand cupped Lady Kerimas exposed cunt, her fingers teasing inside the soft flesh of her slit, masturbating her gently so her labia swelled and parted, exposing the delicate inner lips and the sensitive bud of her clitoris ready for the coming torture.

May Tan suddenly jerked her hand away as she felt the first hot puff of vapour emerging from the slim spout. Together with her Master she studied the familiar frantic twisting, writhing movements, hearing the sudden quick panting and the creak of leather as Lady Kerima felt the first tendrils of heat catching the very edge of her labia. Just like all the others the panting became a harsh rhythmic grunting as she tried to cope with the slow remorseless build up of heat as the water neared the boil.

СAh, ah, no, please, please take it away. No names, I dont know any names I told you I Aaaaah, n-n-nooo eeeh eeh iiiih yaaaaaaarrrgh!

The screams suddenly took on a new, frantic note as the watchers heard a soft rushing, bubbling noise as the water finally boiled. Fine wisps of vapour coiled and swirled over the womans splayed thighs. Soong and Chang leaned their weight hurriedly on the base of the torture frame to stop the writhing woman rocking the whole device clear of the ground in her mad, surging efforts to escape the agony of the narrow, scalding jet that was bathing her cunt lips with liquid fire.

СArrrrrrgggghhhh! No, no, no nooooooo!

The continuous squealing sounds were almost inhuman as Lady Kerima threshed to and fro, free to move her head and shoulders but unable to do anything to stop the scalding jet playing against her sex lips. May Tan used a cloth to hold the kettle by its long handle as she skilfully and gently moved the spout backwards and forwards so that the whole length of Lady Kerimas outer labia and the oh-so-tender bud of her clitoris were brought to a puffed, weeping agony. The once-arrogant aristocrats cries became a series of choking squeals as each new pain lanced through her tethered body. A minute passed then Telak flicked his fingers May Tan quickly moved the little stove clear of the torture bars.

СAAAAAAAHHHH! Ah, ah, God, no, no more please, no!

Lady Kerima paid no heed. Eyes screwed shut and every muscle strutted like wire against the straps, the babbling pleading noises of her torment continued as she rode the blazing pain in her cunt. Then, at long last she became aware that the kettles agonising kiss had ceased. Her head slumped forwards, each breath rasping in her throat as she tried to cope with the burning, throbbing pain between her thighs. May Tans delicate, devilish skill had ensured that whilst the soft, wet lips were swollen and angry, laced with droplets of water from the torturing jet, the damage was only superficial. After all, her ladyship had so much more to endure

May Tan, flushed and breathing slowly and heavily with her own excitement ran her fingertips along the split of Kerimas nether lips. She smiled dreamily and pressed her own thighs together even harder as her victim bucked spastically against her straps.

СAHHH! No, no, please dont touch me, NOOoooooo!

The bars rocked again as Lady Kerima arched back at the thrilling agony of the girls caress as her fingers teased the swollen, scalded tissues for a second time.

СNow you will truly plead, my Lady just as I said you would. But see, see what comes next Lady Kerimas eyes widened in horror as she saw the little brush-like object Lord Telak was holding. The ivory handle was ornately carved and worked but it was the head that brought the anguished moans from the pinioned woman. No bigger than a mans thumb, the flat, oval was set with sharp spines; needle spines of brass that were all curved slightly backwards in the direction of the handle.

Lord Telak turned the spiked torture tool to and fro so that lady Kerima had every chance to see and understand what they were about to do to her. СAs I said to insult me was really most unwise most unwise indeed. This little toy will remind you of the need for manners. Now May Tan will use it to peel your Ladyships peach just a little bit to begin with

СYou cant do this, my Lord, you ca iiiiiiiihhh!

Her words became a single piercing scream as May Tan dragged the spikes very delicately along the length of Kerimas labia, flaying away the scalded top layer of skin and raking the raw exposed flesh with a slow, agonising caress.

СStop! Have mercy Lord, mercy, mercy, mercy please Stop her doing that, she mustnt, no, no I cant bear it I can Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaah!

Lady Kerima shuddered then arched backwards violently, face turned towards the high, vaulted ceiling as she squealed in torment at May Tans slow, deliberate second stroke with the flaying brush.

СBut youll just have to wont you, my lady?С Lord Telaks voice was filled with quiet, cruel amusement as he watched the Sultans one-time favourite bucking and squealing at each touch of the brass spines stripping the blistered skin away from her cunt. He watched and listened as the slow, expert flaying continued and Lady Kerimas pleas became steadily more intense and desperate amid her piercing screams.

He held up one finger and his assistant paused, waiting for her Masters next order. СMay Tan, a grin of complicity passed between them СSince her ladyship is about to ride the mare perhaps one or two caresses of a more intimate nature would add to her enjoyment shall we say?

СYes, yes, of course, my Lord May Tan grinned wickedly and brought a fresh squeal of anguish from the pinioned woman as she carefully parted the scalded and raw lips with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. СSomething new, my lady, yes? She waited for the babbling sounds to stop then, holding the little brush more firmly; she stroked the brass spines slowly and carefully along the tender, moist inner folds of her victims cunt.

СOh, Ohhh, ooooh, oh no, noooooooooooo!

Again she waited for the piercing squeals and the wild, bucking frenzy to subside a little. СMy Lady is repeating herself, I fear. Let me tease your little manjust a bit like this.

СAaaaaaaarrrgggh n-n-nuh, nuh, Aaaaaiiiiiiih!

The womans body jolted even more violently and fresh trickles of sweat ran down her heaving flanks and dripped of the wildly bouncing tips of her breasts as her torturer scratched the spines across her clitoris.

May Tan smiled at her victims demented spasms. СWhat, still no words my lady? Let me try again May Tan adjusted her slippery fingers so the thick polished bulb jutted even more fully from its fleshy sheath. Leaning close and letting her hot breath play on Lady Kerimas exposed cunt, she scraped the torturing spikes repeatedly across the very tip. Each movement was a tiny, delicate caress but enough that the dark engorged nub jerked and twitched and a few tiny beads of blood showed against the taut shiny surface.

СIiiiiiihhhhh! No, stop! STOP! Pleeeease the names let me tell you the names pleeeease

May Tan paused as Lord Telak smiled and shook his head gently СAh yes, those names. All in good time, my Lady, first we must have you saddled and mounted on my Mare as I promised. See, it awaits its next rider even now!

Lady Kerima looked up slowly, her face hollowed by pain and exhaustion and glistening the sweat of her recent agony. Her eyes filled with tears as she studied the slim wooden wedge of the infamous СMare. Elegant, simple and agonisingly painful, the stories about the Sultans favourite torture device had been whispered around the palace for years. Now the once arrogant courtier and Sultans favourite was about to experience the reality for herself.

From the side it looked like a highly polished wooden rectangle, some three feet high and almost two hand spans wide. But from Lady Kerimas position astride the torture bars she could see one end of the Mare and the way those sides tapered in from a base that was nearly two feet across to the wickedly narrow top edge. An edge that was carefully notched into a row of blunt serrated teeth designed to add to the excruciating torment for each unwilling rider.

May Tan broke Lady Kerimas fixed gaze as she picked up the leather restraint belt theyd used on Madeline Defour earlier. Soft, black leather with the double buckle and rings of heavy brass set into each side. May Tan stroked the wet tips of Lady Kerimas breasts in an intimate caress before positioning it just above her hips with delicate care.

She took her time tightening the buckles turn-by-turn, cinching Lady Kerimas waist until the belt gripped her like a painfully tight corset. With the help of the two guards she then used more of the soft, red silk cords to retie lady Kerimas wrists hard against the brass rings on either side of the belt.

СPlease, please my Lord no more, please no more! Let me tell you I will tell you It is Prince Ranip and, and Lord Majiv theyre the ones you want They ordered Lord Kerima to attac Aaaaah!

Lady Kerimas words ended in a cry of pain as Soong pulled her elbows backwards, the movement making the firm cones of her breasts thrust up and out in wanton display. Still wet with the sweat of her torture and tormented by the throbbing, scalding pain from her flayed labia, she hissed and twisted like a mad thing in their hands as Lak forced the thick bamboo pole across her back and under the crook of each elbow. Preparations complete he stepped away letting the clever bondage work with the natural tension of her own body to hold her strutted, exposed and helpless for the next stage of her torture.

Obeying the soft commands of their Master, Soong and Chang knelt to untie Lady Kerimas ankles and remove the thick straps holding her against the bars being careful not to disturb the scarlet cords binding her calves so tightly against her thighs. Then, as though holding a delicate parcel, they each cupped a knee and holding the ends of the bamboo pole lifted the trembling woman between them and carried her towards the Mare.

Like everyone else in the palace she had gossiped and joked about unfortunate prisoners Сriding the mare Faced with the awful reality, the one-time grand lady of the court panted and shivered in fear. Her eyes widened in dread and she started making little whimpering noises as she felt the smooth sides nuzzling between her thighs as they lifted her astride the polished wooden pyramid.

Lady Kerima squealed and bucked again as May Tan touched the raw, wet flesh of her cunt, parting the swollen lips as the guards lowered their victim by tiny fractions onto the serrated edge. Unlike Madeline Defour yesterday, Lady Kerima was already in agony and being forced to ride the mare was a double torture as the wooden teeth bit into flesh already raw and flayed by May Tans devilish work

Silence for a moment then a long shuddering, hissing gasp as Lady Kerima felt the increasing pressure on her tormented inner lips and the wildly tender bulb of her clitoris. There was a wet Сsmack as she slammed her legs together against the wooden sides, grunting with the effort of trying to hold her weight. Lord Telak smiled at the familiar antics of the woman before him.

Like every rider when first placed on the torture mare, Lady Kerima was rigid with the strain, muscles quivering as she tried to hold herself up even for a few more seconds fighting the relentless pressure of her own weight forcing her down onto the wooden blade.

How long would it be this time, he wondered? Relishing the way her figure was posed so tautly on the mare and how delightfully her nipples were trembling and joggling with the effort she was making. Very impressive, but she should be tiring about now

СNooooooo, please my Lord Ill tell you everything, everything you want. Pleeeeessssssee!

The long rising wail of agony echoed in the bright, white chamber. Lady Kerimas hellish ride had begun.

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