Prostitutes [HINES]


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The lives of the lowly street prostitutes were dreary and stressful. Demanding pimps, dangerous clients and poverty-level earnings made for a less than idyllic existence.

Then, somewhere along the way, one of the veteran streetwalkers ventured the idea that ‘Why can’t we have our own girls to service our needs for a change?’ And that idea immediately became popular amongst her fellow prostitutes.

And an alert street hoodlum listened and saw a chance to make some quick money by giving those street-whores what they wanted. Within a few weeks, he held the first of many flesh auctions featuring a bevy of pretty college girls that he and his crew had kidnapped. These girls were naive, fresh and unspoiled – just the ideal kind of slave that a jaded and hardened streetwalker found most attractive as a sexual slave.

Also, there was the practical aspect of this arrangement; these pleasure – giving captives could be valuable as an additional resource. After being thoroughly broken in, a slave girl could be put to work on the street or in a whorehouse to earn money for her Whore-Mistress or sold off to a pimp.

Miss Berta’s large basement was the perfect location for the first Pleasure Party staged to let the just-purchased slave-sluts and their new Whore-Mistress owners be acquainted with each other.

There was so much these novice slaves had to learn about just what a veteran, experienced prostitute needed and demanded to make it all so good between them. At first, most of them resisted eating and licking whore pussy, but Miss Berta’s timely and time-consuming applications of her trusty paddle – done back in a private room in the basement – usually was enough to ease a slave past her reservations or hesitations…..

The whores were so grateful to Miss Berta for her kindly help and guidance that they not only paid her handsomely, but also chipped in together to buy her a slave for her own use

Miss Berta was touched by their gift; such a wonderful group of girls! She accepted and thoroughly used her slave-bitch for a while, then made a nice bit of profit by reselling her to a couple, old friends of hers, who were in need of yet another sweet girl for their fun. This man and wife had such special needs. And it seems that all of their slaves tended to not last very long….

Back at the latest auction, a virgin had been bought at a high price. Her cries and pleadings caused the wetting of many a pussy of the prostitutes who attended the sale there. Her purchaser, a just -retired streetwalker named Gloria, carved her mark on the new girl and then soothed her brow with soft kisses and murmurings of love.

“There, there, my little pet. I understand your crying – but I promise that after a few weeks of being trained, you will such a happy and contented little bitch. It’s gonna be just me and you, baby. Your sweet Gloria is gonna be your owner and your Mistress and will she’s gonna teach you so many new things and you will beg to service her for the rest of your life…”

Being a prostitute often meant sharing everything that you had, and Charlene was no different. Although she was the owner of this cute slave-ho, she didn’t hesitate to share the use of her with her friends.

Betty Lo enjoyed this part of her slave purchase the most; overseeing the breaking-in of a new girl just kidnapped off the street. Pretty, slim, 19. And there was an added treat with this one – the girl’s mother had been bought along with her!

The possibilities were so exciting to consider after she had used and trained the both of them. Perhaps special ‘Mother and daughter’ rape shows or special higher rates for the both of them in one room or maybe forcing them to sex each other in front of audiences….So many choices.

But right now, BettyLo would control this first training fuck. Her boyfriend, kind heart that he was, was happy to help her.

Now, if you don’t want me to give you the whip again, you will listen closely and do exactly what I say.

Slide your panties down – slowly. Slowly! And keep your eyes on his. If you look away, you’ll get punished”

“Yeah, mmmmmm…see how he’s looking back at you? You can see it in his eyes, can’t you? How much he’s going to fuck you? Really fuck you!”

“And your Mother is right behind you and she’s going to watch you taking some big dick. She knows if she looks away, I’ll punish you both all damn night. Your mommy’s gonna watch her little girl get made into a money-makin’ whore….”


Posted 02/03/2004

All characters are 18 years old or older

BettyLo liked how the daughter trembled as she obeyed her orders. Yes, this was going to be good, a real turn-on session, one that she wet herself when remembering. The captive girl was naked now, standing before BettyLo’s boyfriend, Herb, her pale body with it’s shaved pink pussy displayed for his approval. Her eyes were tearing even more as she, as ordered, kept them firmly looking into the hard eyes of the big man who would be raping her in front of her mother.

“Down on your knees, girl. Now look at my man’s cock. Examine it closely because you won’t be seeing too many cocks like Herb’s; he’s got one that’s really super – as you’ll soon find out.

“Now, lick his balls. Slowly! Wet them up! Mmmmmm…yeah, gal… now gently start suckin’ on ’em. Yeah, girl, I can see that you’ve got a real talent. Look how his dick is growin’ even bigger ’cause of what you’re doin’….”

The daughter gasped, her eyes widened as she indeed saw Herbs cock swelling and hardening to a huge proportion, flopping against her face as she continued to slurp and suck on the heavy balls.

“I can see that you can appreciate Herb’s equipment. 11 damn inches of rock-hard meat – and it’s all yours, my cute bitch. After he’s gotten through with you, you won’t have much trouble takin’ cocks from other guys – well, maybe just a few other guys that I might pair you up with….

“Now lick his shaft, baby, lick the entire length of it… worship it… Keep looking into his eyes!”

BettyLo watched intently as the girl worshiped the huge cock and then as she obediently began to suck it, bringing the first groans of lust from Herb. And BettyLo also begin to make her own sounds as Herb threw the girl down on the mattress and began fucking her. It was so good to hear the girl’s quivering and sobbing voice, following BettyLo’s instructions, beg the boyfriend to ‘fuck me hard’… ‘hurt me… make it hurt’, still with her wet eyes locked unto his. And Herb showed his appreciation by ramming her, making her young body shake from his powerful thrusts…

BettyLo’s voice was low with desire as she moved over to the girl’s mother. Mouth taped over. A beautiful woman. Fine body, still…

“Let’s watch them together, you and me. Ohhhh, your little girlie’s becoming a whore real fast, right in front of your eyes. Look how they’re movin’ together on the bed? I assure you that she’ll know all the tricks in a few days. Herb and I will be takin’ turns showing her just what we want her to be and how to do it…

BettyLo hands began to roughly pinch the mother’s nipples and explore her pussy. She was hot now, as she saw how the daughter was now crying uncontrollably as Herb’s balls slapped against her ass. Ol’ Herb would be fucking her non-stop for at least another half-hour before taking a brief rest and then raping her again, this time most probably attacking the girl’s virgin asshole.

“You know, I think that you and your daughter are gonna be real popular. And don’t you worry none – you are gonna be learnin’ just like her. I know you’re more experienced, but you ain’t never had anything like what I have in mind for you!”

And BettyLo’s wet tongue began to lather the mother’s face and ears as she started to slowly force a fist up the mother’s asshole…

Loud muffled screams through the gag.

“Oh, yeah, mommy….Ohhhh….Yeah…!”

But BettyLo and her captives were not the only story involving unfortunate family members. Among the many other kidnapped slaves were two sisters, Susan and Ruthie. 25 year-old Susan and 18 year-old Ruthie, the pampered daughters of a prominent businessman, were extremely close and moral. And Susan had been especially resistant and arrogant, needing to be subdued into slavery only after the most intense punishments.

The two sisters had been purchased by a group of hookers primarily as sex slaves, but Susan had caused so much effort and trouble that the prostitutes decided that they would use her up by putting her to work servicing the low-paying creeps who inhabited the run-down waterfront section of the city. Those homeless, addicts and criminals couldn’t pay much, but there were a lot of them and Susan would earn money by fucking endless numbers of them throughout the night and day.

The bums really jumped at the chance to screw a beautiful blonde like Susan. And her hooker escorts made it clear that she could be used in any way and as roughly as the men wanted. And they did just that. Susan’s distress only make her an even more attractive piece of fuck-meat.

Stick those buttocks well up for my meat, girl! And wriggle this ass of yours!

Her hooker owners speculated that she would only last for a week at that pace that she was being used. After that, they had already decided to sell her off to some people who ran “underground” sex and death shows.

The younger sister, having being informed of Susan’s planned fate, begged for her sister’s life. But what did she have to offer the hooker Mistresses that already owned her and broken her and were quite fond of using her?

Her only hope was to appeal to Big Rhonda, the tough black dyke who seemed to be the ranking bitch of the house and who had exhibited a strong preference for the petite Ruthie’s services in bed.

“Please, Miss Rhonda, don’t let them hurt and kill my sister! Please! I’ll do anything! She’s learned her lesson and she’ll be nice and obedient just like me – just give her another chance! Please, Miss Rhonda! I’ll be your girl – your special girl! Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do. I’ll belong to you forever! I’ll never hesitate or resist you in any way! Please!”

Big Rhonda liked what she heard from this petite cutie. “You promise that you’ll totally belong to me? That you’ll be my loyal little slut? You’ll beg me to punish you? That you’ll think of nothing but making me cum whenever I want it? That you’ll ask to swallow my piss and eat the shit from my asshole? And thank me afterwards? Tell me!”

“Yes,” Ruthie sobbed. “Yes, I will do all those things and more. I promise to think of nothing but making you happy.”

The black dyke-Mistress took her submissive property into her arms, her excitement building rapidly as she pinched Ruthie’s pert tits and shoved her big fingers inside her slave’s tight, shaven pussy.

“Then I’ll make sure that your sister is kept here – that’s if she’s truly learned her lesson and will be a good girl like you. Now gimme that sweet little tongue of yours to seal our marriage with a kiss.”

The loyal younger sister obeyed – as she would obey for the rest of her life – as Big Rhonda’s strong, aggressive tongue intertwined with hers, forcing Ruthie’s mouth wide as it jammed into every corner.

“Mmmmmmm…..”, Big Rhonda grunted as her saliva flowed into, then overflowed from Ruthie’s stretched and hurting mouth. “Girl, you makin’ me so hot! My pussy’s leakin’ down my legs! C’mon, baby, let’s go into my bedroom and consummate! Your Mistress is gonna be needing a lot of your sweet lovin’ from now on…”

Susan had indeed learned her lesson. From then on, she was as good a house and sex slave as her hooker Mistresses could want.

And her younger, loyal sister, to spare Susan’s life, kept her word. She dedicated herself to servicing every whim and need that Big Rhoda would think of…

CТmon slave, lick it clean No wait some more is coming keep your pretty mouth open wide this one is for you!

Of course, most of the kidnapped females who resisted their training and new fate were not so lucky to have a loving sister to save them from the wrath of their new owners. The prostitutes had spent hard-earned money on these spoiled wrenches, and if they were now going to get the pleasuring and submissive companionship that they had expected upon buying them, they would get their money back in some fashion. A slave-bitch couldn’t be returned, so the preferred method was re-selling a slave to people who had more extreme ideas for their usage. After all, these hookers were businesswomen in a way…

But some disappointed whore Mistresses opted to get their pleasure by disposing of a troublesome slave-bitch themselves. Maybe there was the loss of the money spent on a disobedient slave, but such an incidence could also be used for extreme pleasure.

Nothing brought over the guests like a ‘slave disposal’ party. Good times had by all in a long night of using, abusing, torture, and finally, the dispatching of the foolish and unfortunate slave.

Look at your friend, my pretty slave you wonТt like to be in her place, huh? So better do a good job to your mistressТ puss

And there were also alternative solutions – like reselling a bad slave to one of the Pleasure Matrons like Madam Consuelo who lived and operated in the Chinatown area of the city.

A Pleasure Matron made her money catering to a small, horny clientele who liked the services of a more submissive, subservient type of girl instead of the regular paid whore.

Madame Consuelo kept her slave-whores in line by shooting them up with heroin. The formally- troublesome slave’s forced addiction to the drug made them compliant, even eager to service the Madam’s close circle of jaded male and female customers and friends.

Shit the slutТs going to faint again I want you to refund me!

Young Carla was ready now to show this pack of black homegirls that she was what they all wanted her to be. She could no longer bear the hard whipping and abuse that she had endured since the first night she had be snatched from the parking lot of her favorite shopping mall. The prospect of eating pussies and assholes was a blessed relief compared with what she had been subjected to and what she suspected might be her fate if she didn’t please these black streetwalkers…

For those prostitutes who had tired of their slaves, or who had concluded that they could no longer afford to keep them, there was always the option of re-selling them.

Tonight, there was a South American trio who was interested in taking a used slave or two back with them to work in their own fledgling bordello.


Posted January 19th, 2005

Rosita was pleased as she took possession of the last of the last two slaves that had been ordered for the Big Party.

They both were fresh and innocent-looking; just the type that would appeal to the hardened streetwalking bitches and their pimp and thug boyfriends.

“Yeah, this would be one of the best parties of the year!”

“Okay, here ya are, boys. Five hundred bucks for the both of them. Keep in touch – I’ve got a feelin’ that we’ll be lookin’ to get more of these kinda bitches in the near future.”

The Big Party was a special get-together of the city’s veteran street-whores and their friends and allies who kept the business going. Given twice a year, it was the most eagerly-awaited social event in the Prostitute Underground. Usually hosted at a well-guarded abandoned warehouse, there would plenty of drink, drugs and sexual excess.

And Rosita had always been in charge of procuring a supply of freshly-kidnapped slave girls to be used – and used up completely – by those in attendance. Now she would indulge herself tonight with some of these new girls before transporting them to the still- secret location of the Party.

She particularly liked that tall, lanky blond modeling student who had been snatched from her posh uptown apartment. Rosita fingered herself as she watched her brother, Tomas, entertain himself by ramming his fist up the blonde’s virgin asshole. She liked how the blond looked as she cried in agony and how she arched her lovely back. Rosita would let Tomas abuse the white girl for some time – after that, Rosita knew that the blond would be grateful to get the chance to be taught the fine art of eating pussy and ass….

At the underground warehouse, the Party guests were arriving and already enjoying the sights as they marveled at the unique displays of captured slave meat that would be available. Of course, all the slave meat was also for sale; and it was common for a whore of her pimp to immediately pick out one for purchase – either to be used there at the Party or to be tucked away for taking home after the party

“Mmmm… I like you, honey. I think I’m gonna buy you. Oh… don’t cry. I’ll take care of you every night after your 20 hours shift. Those remaining 4 hours will be your busiest but the more rewarding too. No more brutish male pounding in your cunt, only you and me…”

The Party was usually broken up into various rooms or separated areas in which the whores could wander from place to place, taking in the different sights or taking part in the different activities occurring in them.

In one room, for instance, the whores and their guests were treated to the services of a sweet, red-haired captive; a former (and reported missing) teaching assistant named Patricia. Patricia was now in the midst of a learning process, herself – Patricia was learning that an experienced, big whore like Sholonda was easily pleased by having Patricia’s tasty little tongue buried up her anus.

” Uggghh…that’s the way, girlfriend. You’re getting the hang of it now,” groaned Sholanda as she started to move her huge ass in a rhythm.

“Now push some more spit in with that tongue and come in deeper……Ohh, yes, girl….You like Sholanda’s taste, don’t ya? Now suck on it a bit….Yeah …just like that…”

The other guests in the room were squirming and fidgeting with horny excitement. Such a show! Some were already shedding their clothes, waiting their turn with Patricia’s talented ever-learning tongue.

For an event involving close to a hundred people, the Party was amazing low-key in terms of noise. There was no deejay or band – only soft jazz music wafted from the discreet sound system.

The loudest noises were the cries and screams from the slave girls as their bodies provided the pleasure and entertainment for the guests.

After the Party, those slaves who were lucky enough to be bought by a prostitute (the others would be sold off quickly to South American crime gangs) were taken home to begin their service as a whore’s whore and housemaid. The streetwalkers usually lived in substandard surroundings, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t want their floors scrubbed or their toilets licked clean.

“C’mon, little one… start scrubbing faster than that and finish your job. Mammy needs those pouting lips of yours sucking on her clit…”

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