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“She is a Noble? Her clothes…?”

“A Patrician, indeed. Do you have a problem with that?” Marcus Leptimus smiled ironically. He didn’t expect an answer from the torturer; his dirty, greedy smile was answer enough.

“She is the daughter of Senator Crassius…”

Severinus raised his brow and held the lighted torch at the entrance of the small cell to get a better look at the young woman who stood there with her arms chained to the wall above her head. “Crassius was one of the traitors, who..”

“Yes, yes…” Everyone in Rome knew that Crassius and some other Patricians had denied Emperor Nero their gold, gold that was urgently needed to rebuild Rome after the blaze that had burnt down most parts of the city, not to mention building those ambitious buildings and enormous statues that Nero wanted to show his glory. The Praetorian officer wondered how those Patricians could be so greedy and stupid to disobey the Emperor’s wishes. Was their gold more important to them than their lives?

“Unfortunately Senator Crassius killed himself before he could be arrested, and the Emperor wants every Roman to know that all the traitors that set Rome in flames were Christians.”

“I understand. His daughter shall confess that her father was a Christian.”

“So is the will of the Emperor. And furthermore, she shall confess that each member of her family is or was Christian, too… so that the property of this treacherous family falls completely to the treasury of Rome !”

Severinus licked his lips and looked grinning to the graceful body of the prisoner. “That shouldn’t be difficult. She will be my first Noble… any special orders?”

Marcus shrugged his shoulders. “Treat her like any other prisoner. She only has to survive so that she can tell her confession to the public. And perhaps she shouldn’t be in too bad a state afterward; I’m quite sure that the Emperor wants to have her in the next Circus as a very special attraction.” He uttered a low laugh and looked at the poor girl. “And I’m also quite sure, that I won’t miss that show. So make sure that she is still worth watching when you are done with her.”

“Of course… I don’t think that we will have to break too many bones to make this little girl confess.”

“Then start…the Emperor hates to wait!” With a final look to the girl the Praetorian left the dungeon with the knowledge that she was in the best hands Rome had for this purpose.


Valeria had followed the discussion with growing terror. All too well she understood what they were talking about. She shuddered and the chains that held her arms above her head rattled as she straightened her body. It was now her task to protect the honour of her family. This would be difficult enough, but what of her own honour? She had to laugh bitterly at this thought as she saw the greedy look of the man who now entered her cell, for she knew that she was totally at his mercy and would be unable to protect herself from him in any way.

“Show me your pretty face, little Christian girl.” His rough, callused hand grabbed her cheeks and forced her to look at him.

“I’m not a…” she protested weakly.

“You are for sure!” he laughed cynically. “And very soon, you will believe this as well!”

He let her face go and his hand glided down along her neck and chest to her breast where he took her nipple deliberately between thumb and index finger and squeezed it with enough force that she couldn’t suppress a low groan.

“Very nice…did your father take good care of his beloved little daughter, or will I have the pleasure of being the first one?”

Tears of anger and shame welled up in her eyes. But when his hand glided deep between her legs and under the thin cloth of her skirt she looked away, the tears now from fear.

“Please …please, don’t hurt me!”

To her surprise he indeed did let her go and laughed in an almost friendlily manner. “You may thank your strange God, but I’m horny enough now that I really could consider not hurting you… just confess what Nero wants to hear from you, and we both can have quite an exciting time until you have to go to the Circus!”

“You bastard!” The arrogance in his voice made her so furious she forgot her fear for a moment and she spit in his face. “I cannot prevent you from sating your animal lust but you never will get anything from me… not pleasure and certainly no untrue confession.”

“Arrogant bitch!” His fist shot forward and hit her in the middle of her face. Her head flew backward and hit the wall with a loud crack, and half unconscious she sank down until she hung suspended from her wrists, blood flowing in warm streams from her nose.

“We will see how much pleasure you will give me when we are alone and you are screaming under the torture!” Again his fist shot forward into her stomach, driving all the remaining breathe out of her body together with the remains of her last meal, which spewed out of her mouth mixed with blood.

“Already at work, Severinus. It isn’t very fair of you not to wait for me! It is not every day we get such a beautiful guest here in our apartments!”

“Keep quiet, Lucius. This little bitch got impudent and needed herfirst lesson in humility. Nothing else happened… yet!”

“Then let me have a look at her!” She felt him grip her hair and forcefully pull her up. Her trembling legs felt like water and were unable to support her, so she was held painfully erect by Lucius’s large hand.

“You are quite rude, Severinus. Look…you have already broken this cute little nose. Don’t you know how to deal with such a Lady?” The new one tore a piece of cloth from her dress and used it to roughly clean her face, doing a better job of smearing the blood and dirt than cleaning it. “See for yourself – she looks terrible!”

“Who cares about her face… let’s just fuck this bitch and…”

“No, wait… I met Leptimus on the stairs. He said her confession is urgently needed by the Emperor himself. So let’s first get her confession and then we can use all the time remaining to have some fun with her.”

“You’re right. It will not take long to break this fragile little girl, and furthermore, that will make me even more horny than I am already!”

“Good… and how shall we start? Always these hard decisions!” he laughed. Still only half-conscious she felt her arms released. They pulled her out of her cell and she stared through a veil of tears at the terrible dungeon filled with instruments of torture.

“I think she will look great on the rack and I am sure that after just a few turns of the wheel she will be ready for us.”

She bit her lip; now fully awake, her anger rose up in her at the thought of how sure these bastards were that they would have an easy job breaking her.

“I will teach you, you bastards!” she thought as she was dragged forwards to the wooden device they had called “the rack,” “You will never make me confess, and then you will accompany me to the Circus. This insane fool of an Emperor hates failure as much as traitors…’

Valeria didn’t waste any of the little strength she had left with useless resistance when the two strong men pressed her back against the wood of the rack and fixed her ankles and wrists in the wooden stocks. She just closed her eyes and pressed her fingernails in her sweating palms when Severinus walked to the wheel at her side and started to turn it slowly.

Although she didn’t know what the rack would do to her body she knew it was an engine of torture and she trembled with fear. Immediately she noticed how the stocks started to move apart, pressing painfully on the heels of her hands and the tops of her bare feet and scraping away at the thin skin of her wrists and ankles. It was completely quiet now in the dungeon except for the cranking of the torture device, the low crackling of the fire in the huge brazier and her own fast and desperate breathing. Shuddering, Valeria noticed that her torturers had begun acting as pure professionals with a job to do; there were no bad jokes, no dirty personal remarks – they hadn’t even bothered with the remains of her clothes. For a moment she was relieved that they had seemed to have lost their lustful desires, but she quickly realized that the only intention of the two men now was to hurt her, to break her spirit and bend her to their will with brutal force and pain.

She didn’t have to wait long for the pain. While her breasts rose and fell with her heaving rib cage her body was steadily stretched to the limit of what she would call ‘normal.’ With the next turn of the wheel the stocks that held her wrists and ankles met their first reall resistance. But instead of stopping the sharp edges of the wood moved further, tearing away the skin and the thin layer of flesh before they scraped over here blood covered bones.

The girl on the rack shrieked in pain and her back found enough slack to bend and twist in an agonizing arc. The muscles on her arms became clearly visible below her skin glistening with sweat as she tried with all her might to resist the pull of the rack, but this feeble effort was quickly answered with a another turn of the wheel that stretched her taut body to its limits – and beyond. Even in her agony with the blood pounding in her ears she was aware of the low cracking sounds from her shoulders as they protested painfully against the unnatural stretching, as did her spine as the discs were slowly pulled to distances they never experienced before.

“STOP…oh, by all the Gods, PLEASE STOP!” She screamed and her head bounced forward and back on the wood of the rack with such force that drops of sweat flew though the air. “STOP!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Don’t tear me apart!”

“So you are ready to confess?” The voice came from somewhere far away and sounded somewhat bored. “It does not surprise my torturers,” Valeria realized, “that this slim girl needs only a bit of stretching to make her tell everything,” and again her anger rose, helping her over this first peak of pain.

“NO!” she screamed at them. “There is nothing I have to confess, you… AHHHH!” Again the wheel was turned and now she felt a sharp pain, like needles terrible needles piercing her knees, elbows and shoulders… long needles, that then followed the nerves down her arms and up her legs until they reached her lungs and made her cough up a bloody slime. The muscles in her thighs and shoulders began to twitch in painfully convulsive spasms, and her back arched to an incredible degree, so much so that even her buttocks barely touched the rack below.

“‘STOP!!!” she wanted to scream, but only bitter slime came up from her lungs; she coughed and retched and almost lost consciousness. Suddenly she was filled with a deep panic of dieing, suffocating in this dirty dungeon on her own spittle and blood. But then she remembered the words of this Praetorian officer, that the Emperor wanted her alive, and despite her pain and fear of death she could almost laugh at the thought of how he would punish her torturers when she died before she confessed.

But of course they didn’t let her die. Severinus and Lucius were both experienced enough to see the danger, and quickly gave their outstretched victim enough freedom to spit and cough the slime out of her lungs. They even allowed her a few reviving deep breaths, before once again starting the stocks moving away from each other.

“I don’t think that you are stupid enough to believe you can resist our torture forever, little girl.”

A shadow fell over her face which was dripping with perspiration. She felt some of the wet curls that clung to her forehead pushed rather gently aside. Valeria opened her tear-filled eyes and stared at in the bearded face of… Lucius? She tried to remembered his name. Wasn’t he the one who had seemed somewhat less brutal than the other devil?

“Water…” she whispered; she wasn’t thirsty – her mouth was not dry but filled with blood from her tongue which she had obviously bitten in her agony. But it was the only way should think of to stop her inhuman torture, at least for a moment.

He grinned, and she realized that he understood her pathetic little trick to stall for time, but nevertheless he nodded to the other one, “Give her some water and mix it with some drops wine and some herbs. We need to strengthen her or she will faint too soon.”

She was to soon learn that this act of generosity was not merciful at all, but for the moment Valeria, sobbing quietly, closed her eyes and tried to regain some strength. She tried to move her fingers to fight the continuing spasms in her outstretched shoulders where the muscles still trembled and jerked, but she had almost no control over them. The only thing she could feel in her hands was pain from her badly injured, perhaps broken, wrists.

“Drink, little bitch, I can’t wait to bring this to an end and to start enjoying you in a more proper way!” She felt the liquid on her lips and drank greedily, happy to get rid of the disgusting taste of blood and bitter liquid that filled her mouth.

“You will never have your way with me if you are going to wait until I confess!” The short rest and the herbs in the wine had given Valeria enough strength to look at him with contempt. “I’m not the poor little girl that you think. I’m Valeria Crassius and my family has served Rome since the time of Romulus and Remus. Dirty and worthless bastards such as you could never break one of our family!”

For a moment he looked surprised, than he roared with laughter until tears filled his eyes. “Not bad, little… ehh… Lady Valeria Crassius. Maybe this part of our acquaintance will be a bit more challenging than I thought.”

She bit her lips and glared at him, furious at his obvious amusement.

“Severinus, heat some tongs and irons; maybe our noble Lady will have to learn how it feels to have her skin and flesh burned away to the bone before she realizes that she is not in a position to utter such defiant words!”

‘Hot irons!’ Valeria winced and the fear rose once again and squeezed her heart like an icy hand. It made her shudder, and she could not keep her lips from trembling nor the tears from filling her eyes, but she turned her head away to hide her terror from her torturers.

She twisted her head towards the brazier and began to shudder uncontrollably as she watched the torturer bring over several tongs, pliers and iron branding bars and place them in the live coals; but even as she uttered a low moan of despair the stocks moved again and again her helpless body was stretched, the pain blinding her to anything other than her own suffering. She heard her herself scream like a wounded animal, loud and shrill, as the stretching went mercilessly beyond the point for which her joints were made. Her torturers ignored her shrieks and stretched her even further, beyond the point they had pulled her limbs before. The brutal stretching of her racked body had reached the point where she could do little more than gasp for air. She couldn’t inhale enough to allow her to vent her agony with a scream, and she could only show her pain with a continual flow of tears and tortured groans. They left her like that for a few minutes, the longest minutes of Valeria’s life, before loosening the rack to allow her to breathe more deeply.

“And while we are waiting for the irons to heat to a suitable temperature, I will take care of another minor piece of business.” Valeria felt his hand on her belly, and with a quick jerk he tore away the cloth from where it clung to her sweat-soaked mound. Instinctively she tried to close her legs and turn her newly bared sex away from him, but even this small motion sent another shockwave of pain through her martyred joints.

Something cold and hard touched her skin and in panic she raised her head, trying to look between her shimmering breasts at what he was going to do to her, but her tears almost blinded her and she could only see vague images of a hand and a metal tool. Then Lucius fastened his pliers onto a thatch of her pubic hair and began to pull steadily.

“AHHHHHHH… what are you doing, let me go!” He laughed at her, a low humorless chuckle.

“Are you going to talk, or…?” He pulled harder and Valeria arched upwards as far as she could until her hips reached their limit and she couldn’t relieve the growing pain by raising her belly to follow the pliers.

“NO…NO… don’t do this… I’m innocent…I have nothing to do with those Chris… IIIIIIIIAHHHH!”

Her wild scream echoed off the walls as her hair along with a fingernail-sized piece of flesh was torn from her mound with a brutal jerk.

“That was not the answer I wanted to hear from you.” He moved to her head and let the bloody mass of hair and skin fall into her wide open mouth. She stared at him in disbelieve, but without really seeing anything. “Taste this, and then talk, or I will shave your whole cunt this way!” His hand clamped down hard on her mouth, and Valeria could do nothing but swallow the mess, choking and coughing.

“By all the Gods, how can you be so cruel,” Valeria moaned between low sobs, “You know that I’m innocent. I have done nothing. I…”

“You are one of those idiots who pray to a crucified slave… confess it or I go on!”

Again she felt the pliers grab onto part of her remaining pubic hair and her stomached clenched in terror, but she bit her lip and looked away from him.

“As you wish you stupid bitch!” He twisted her hair with the pliers until the first thatch began to pull loose, waited for her first choked scream, and then tore the rest out with a quick jerk. Again she bounced and writhed to the meager limit her stretched body allowed. It felt as thought her belly had gone up in flames. To this pain was added a new agony from her shoulders, accompanied by a sickening cracking sound, for she had almost broken those joints with her frantic struggles.

“By Jupiter, this little bitch moves her hips like a whore in ecstasy. This is more than a man can take; if I don’t fuck her now I am going to explode!”

Barely conscious, Valeria became aware of a heavy weight on her tortured body; something warm and hairy pressed her aching back to the wood below. Before she even registered the foul stench from the mouth hovering above her nose, her sex was penetrated with brutal force. She uttered a low howl of disgust and shame as she felt his huge, pulsating cock deep inside her most private parts. Spittle dripped on her face, and grunting voluptuously, he raped her with hard, brutal thrusts.

“She has confessed already?”
With eyes swollen from crying she turned her head toward the source of the voice, where the Praetorian must have just entered the torture chamber. Her cheeks glowed with shame to be seen by a Roman officer in this state with the dirty bastard still lying on her after filling her innards with his hot semen.

“AH.. Oh… no… not yet, but certainly she will soon…”

CRACK!… before he could finish the Praetorian had reached him and slapped him hard across his face.

“Didn’t I explain clearly enough the priorities, you idiot? She has to confess first, then she is yours!”

“Ehh… I’m sorry, but I needed a little rest to relieve me. As a man you certainly can understand that such a horny bitch…”

CRACK!…The second backhand was even harder.

“And you think I should tell the Emperor, you twit, that he has to wait until you have satisfied your physical needs? That they are certainly much more important than HIS will? I’m quite sure Nero would look on this matter with the compassion for which he is famous. ”

Despite her desperate situation Valeria managed a short laugh into the suddenly subdued face of her rapist who simply moved quickly away from her.

“You will accompany me to Circus, you animal, and I will laugh at you when you are torn to pieces by the lions, you…. AHHHHHHHH!”

A sudden, incredible pain from her soles darkened her sight and made her convulse in pain.

“Shut up, you whore!” Slowly her sight cleared and she looked up into face of the furious Praetorian who stood at her feet holding a dangerously glowing iron in his right hand. “You only talk to confess, you understand?”

A second time he pressed the iron into her sole and a dark vapor rose up and filled the air with the disgusting smell of burnt flesh. She shrieked in agony until her voice broke apart with the strain.

“Have I to do your job, too, you stupid idiots? Burn this little bitch until she talks… here and here…” He pressed the iron to her thigh, her belly and her armpit and then threw the iron away when it had cooled too much. “And use the glowing tongs there for her breasts. I had thought, you knew how to make a little girl talk. If I don’t get her confession by tomorrow morning I’ll teach you how to do your job but not with her as the subject of the lesson, but on your own bodies. Do you understand NOW, you brainless twits?”

Valeria had lost consciousness; she wasn’t awake when the Praetorian walked quickly from the dungeon and left her to the tender mercies of the two chastised but quite angry torturers.

“This stupid idiot!” Severinus rubbed the reddened cheek and stared furiously to the fainted girl. “How can we get a confession from her, if she is without consciousness!”

“Calm down. You better should take care of your words. I have heard that this Praetorian will soon marry a niece of the Emperor!” He took the lifeless body and took her easily on his shoulder. “And this little whore will wake up quiet soon, if she can feel the edges of this nice seat. Let us fix her and get her confession!”

The icy water brought her back to the cruel reality, and the first thing Valeria noticed was a sharp stabbing pain sent from her most sensible part upwards like needles. She whimpered lowly, and for a short moment she thought the injuries from the brutal rape would cause this pain, but when she raised the swollen lids with difficulty, she stared on the sharp edges of something like saw-teeth between her legs and she realized, that her sex rested on this cruel seat, pressed down by the weight of her own body.

A hoarse scream came out of her mouth and she tensioned her arm muscles to pull herself upwards in order to decrease the pressure, but she was weakened too much, only the iron manacles scrubbed painfully over the raw flesh that the rack has left from the skin of her wrists. She coughed and gasped for pain, opened her eyes fully and found herself shackled cross like to the wall, her arms and legs spread widely.

“No time now to sleep, bitch,” Suddenly Severinus appeared for her eyes all slapped several times hardly into her face, before he grabbed her hair and turn her face towards the braziers, where Lucius gave the red glowing tip of a huge pair of tongs a searching glance.

“This you will feel here very soon…” Severinus squeezed her breast hard enough, that she screamed up loudly “…if you don’t confess now!”

“I…I have…nothing to confess,” Valeria wanted to shout it out, but not more than a barely hearable whisper came out of her mouth. Nevertheless she felt some pride, at least she had endured the first brutal torture, and could they do anything worse to her?

“No, you will never succeed to make me agree those stupid lies, and i will at least have the pleasure, that I will take you with me in the Circus.”

She even succeeded to straighten her body and look at him despiteful, but meanwhile Lucius had become content of the heat of the tongs and pressed it without a further warning in her side, squeezing the soft flesh brutally, until the hellish heat of the iron had burnt away skin and a considerable amount of the flesh below. She howled and bounced up in her bounds, fell hardly back to the cruel seat, whose spikes tore the soft skin of her already bleeding sex, sending such a pain through her body, that she kicked backwards on the walls, until her heels became a bloody mass, and she finally sunk down again in the chain, trembling and shivering, but too exhausted to even move a toe anymore.

Again Severinus grabbed her hair and forced to look at him. “We can repeat this as often as we want, and sooner or later you will even confess, that your father fucked your cute little ass like an animal during one of those strange Christian rites!

“N…Never…”, Valeria hatchet and closed her eyes, when Lucius advanced with a new glowing tongs.

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