The Torture Of Sui Lin Chi [CORTEZ]

The Torture Of Sui Lin Chi

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The Torture of Sui Lin Chi
by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by Aries

This is the second part of the story that begins with СIn the Hands of Colonel Lu.

Posted September 29th, 2003

The privileged and promiscuous world of Sui Lin Chi, the beautiful and spoilt wife of an important government minister, collapses when her elderly husband is arrested on charges of corruption and national security. He dies of a supposed Сheart attack so she and her maid, May Tan, are arrested by the militia and handed over to Colonel Lu.

Unfortunately for them, Sui Lin has made powerful and vindictive enemies among the Shanghai elite. Now the Minister is out of the way leaving his beautiful but arrogant young wife alone and unprotected, Colonel Lu has a free hand to apply whatever torture techniques he wishes to the two women. As well as settling old scores, he wants to make Sui Lin reveal the bank details and access codes to the fortune that the Minister salted away in overseas accounts from years of careful bribery and kickbacks.

Colonel Lu already has incriminating surveillance photos of the lesbian relationship between Sui Lin and her maid. So, to increase Sui Lins fear and humiliation, he begins by forcing her to watch as her pretty young servant girl is strapped down naked over a thick post. The girls genitals are whipped raw by Chou, one of Colonel Lus guards. When Sui Lin still remains stubbornly silent, Colonel Lu allows the two guards to rape the already broken maid simultaneously.

Only then, with May Tan still whimpering and shuddering with pain and shame does Colonel Lu turn his sadistic attentions to the beautiful young widow…

СFor such a cultured lady you are remarkably foolish, Colonel Lu said casually as he guided twenty six year Sui Lin Chi towards the torture post that still had the sobbing figure of her maid tied down over its rounded top. СLook at what pain you have given your servant through your obstinacy… He reached across and wrenched the maids head up by the hair. May Tan squealed at this sudden, fresh torment, eyes wide with the shock and exhaustion of her torture and the gnawing terror at what they would do to her next.

Seeing Sui Lin standing shivering and pale with shock beside Colonel Lu, May Tan couldnt prevent a stifled gasp of relief as she realised that she was to be the watcher and that it was now her mistresss turn. СMistress, please…be strong…ple-AAAAAAHH! The broken, gasping words were cut short in another cry of pain as the colonel twisted his fingers deliberately in her matted, black hair.

СBe silent…unless you desire Comrade Chou to give you another whipping!

The two heavily muscled guards, once again dressed in their tattered knee britches and dirty singlets reappeared, stepping out of the shadows so both of the women shivered at the hot excitement in their eyes, their faces devoid of any trace of pity, kindness or compassion. Colonel Lu sat down on a padded stool. It was the one hed used earlier to drink in each scream and grimace of agony on the maids face while Chou slowly and methodically whipped the delicate flesh of her cunt and anus to raw, swollen meat.

СSince the post is already occupied, for you there will be another way, he gestured towards the knee-high table with its top of padded leather. Sui Lin knew it was heavy from watching the men struggle to get it into position. But at first glance it looked so…so…ordinary, just a plain, flat top about three feet by four with a covering of dull brown leather. It was only as she looked closer that she saw the black metal fixings attached at different points on the frame, and the buckled straps hanging loose from some of them. Strong straps fixed at the base of each leg with other ones on the edge of the table top in the middle of each side and the leather top was battered and stained, marked with the evidence on long, hard use. After a few, long moments Colonel Lu coughed gently. Sui Lin jerked and stared at his polished, impassive features as the sound interrupted the horrible thoughts she was having as she stared down at that ominously stained top

СBut first, just as for your foolish servant, a lesson in respect is needed. You will undress… those decadent imperialist garments will be unnecessary from now on. Sui Lin Chi lips tightened into a thin line and she just stood there, her body rigid, making no move to comply with the smirking colonels request. The guards moved closer and there was the Сsnick! of a knife blade as the one called Tang cut the rope binding her wrists behind her. She gasped with relief, flexing her arms and rubbing the red weals encircling each wrist as he padded back to join Chou on the edge of the shadows.

The three men left her alone, watching the woman intently for any sign that she was about to obey the colonels quiet command. The guards grinned wetly in anticipation as Sui Lin kept her head down, deliberately making no attempt to remove the blue silk dress and concentrating on massaging the bruised skin of her wrists and easing her cramped joints. Finally, Colonel Lu nodded to the two men.

Warned by the soft shuffling noise of bare feet Sui Lin finally twisted her head round, her eyes staring in horrified realisation at the slow approach of the two heavily muscled thugs. Colonel Lu smiled gently and let them continue stalking their victim for the moment, amused by the womans growing terror and her obvious loathing of the two guards. Only when they were almost within touching distance of their trembling victim did he raise one finger to stop their advance. СPerhaps you did not hear what I said. You will now remove your clothes, he said quietly, Сor would you rather these eager comrades undertake such a menial task for you?

Sui Lin lifted her chin trying to muster some shreds of her old arrogance as she stared at the two brutes, their slitted eyes hot with excitement and their lips wet with lust as they waited for their masters next command. СId rather die than let those animals touch me…foul, filthy sadistic beasts. And youre worse…you will suffer for this…this…outrage! Colonel Lus lips curved in a half smile at the feeble words and mock anger… whatever Sui Lin Chi might say, she was submitting to his will.

He breathed out gently, a connoisseur relishing the signs of her increasing despair and terror; the constant shivering, the gleam of sweat on her forehead, and the trembling in her elegantly manicured fingers. The trembling made her awkward and fumbling as she tried to obey; fingers struggling to undo the tiny, carved buttons running down the length of the dark blue silk dress.

Silence fell in the hot, stinking closeness of the ancient chamber, broken only by the rapid, fluttering breathing of the two women; the gentle creak of the ropes binding May Tan over the post and the soft, impatient tapping of the colonels fingers. He said nothing but his unblinking gaze made Sui Lin even clumsier as she struggled to free the tiny buttons one by one. Finally, the last one yielded and she straightened up, head bowed in shame as the heavy blue silk fell away, pooling round her feet with a slithering whisper of sound.

BDSMartworkArTSL01.jpg (100844 bytes)

Her flesh gleamed in the lights; perfect skin with a soft golden tan, her body glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration; her lips and cheeks still coated with her young maids juices as a result of her efforts to bring her to a climax not once, but three times, in that vain attempt to prevent Chous obscene whipping of her labia. Colonel Lu smiled more broadly in appreciation as the blue dress slid to the floor. Somehow, at this point in an interrogation, with just the bra and panties remaining, a woman always seems even more naked that when she is stripped completely, he thought to himself, how curious.

Sui Lins breasts were larger and firmer than those of most Chinese women, their fullness barely contained by a flimsy lace bra that did more to emphasise than conceal. The same was true of the brief triangle of white silk between her legs The sheer material of her tiny panties was now so wet and translucent so the darker shadow of her pubic hair could be seen through them and the material was pasted against the prominent bulge of her labia so closely that the indentation of her slit was clearly visible.

Sui Lin Chis useless moment of bravado seeped away as the three men continued to stare at the soft, lightly tanned perfection of her body with cruel, arrogant smirks. Her shivering increased as seconds passed and she stood there, her body exposed to their mocking gaze. Growing realisation of just how revealing her flimsy underwear must be made her flush scarlet with shame; her hands darting to cover her body in the classic gesture; left arm lifted across her breasts, the right hand cupped over her genitals in a vain attempt at concealment. She dropped her eyes, trying to ignore the heat and colour of her embarrassment and humiliation rising up her chest and shoulders in a crimson wash of colour.

СHow touching…you may assist our guest, Tang, Colonel Lu said quietly. The man shuffled forwards, the thin blade glinting in the lights as he moved behind the frightened woman. Sui Lins head jerked up and round as she felt the faint tug on the strap of her bra then the razor edge sliced through the elasticized band. She managed a stifled gasp, almost a cry of despair, as the lacy cups fell away from the upper curves of her breasts and the now useless straps slipped down her arms. She clamped her left arm even harder hard across her chest trying to hide the prominent dark circles of nipples from the leering stares of the guards holding the ruins of her bra pressed against her body.

She jerked violently again, tottering on her impractical high heels and almost losing her balance as Tang crouched and yanked the white silk panties free from her cupping fingers and down below her knees in one single movement before slicing through the sides of the sodden scrap of fabric with two swift cuts and throwing the remains onto the floor beside her. Stiletto heels clattered precariously on the stone floor as she tried to balance and keep her legs close together, her body hunched over protectively as her last garment was stripped away.

Tang stood up, looked across at the Colonel for his nod of approval and jabbed the needle point of his knife into Sui Lins side making her arch up and back in reflex at the sudden pain. СHands behind head, the knife jabbed again and a thin ribbon of red trickled down her flank, Сnow!

Colonel Lu watched impassively as the trembling young woman, once so proud and haughty, bucked twice under the hot kiss of the blade before doing as she was ordered. The knife jabbed again and slowly and reluctantly Sui Lin Chi, the disdainful, arrogant wife of the late Minister of Internal Affairs, lifted her arms and clasped her fingers behind her head. The knife point probed and twisted into the delicate flesh under her ribcage. СPrisoner will stand with elbows back and head up, now!

Tangs voice was a coarse, crude threat backed by the sudden fiery pains of the blade slicing and scraping at her flesh. With another stifled gasp Sui Lin Chi straightened up and braced her elbows back so the firm, high globes of her breasts lifted and jutted proudly. Despite her desperate efforts to think of other things, anything at all, the dark pink peaks of her nipples roused and stiffened as she stood there. The three men grinned at each other as they saw the tips of her breast hardening into blunt spikes while tears of terror and humiliation trickled down Sui Lins cheeks.

СThe feet, Tang, Colonel Lu murmured.

BDSMartworkArTSL02.jpg (98296 bytes)


Tangs knife point probed into the cleft of Sui Lins buttocks. СPrisoner will stand with feet apart or… The knife blade twisted gently bringing another anguished gasp as Sui Lin Chis unstable high heels scrabbled and clicked on the stone as she stood astride. The long muscles of each leg showed in sudden tension as the point of Tangs knife pricked the delicate puckered flesh of her anus and Sui Lin lifted herself desperately on tiptoe to avoid the narrow blade.

He kept her at full stretch for over a minute before the colonel nodded; satisfied the lesson had been learned. The blade slid free and Sui Lin stood presenting herself in obscene display before Colonel Lus cruel, pitiless stare; arched back, buttocks clenched, the beautiful length of her legs and thighs stretched and emphasised by her teetering high heeled sandals, the position of her arms lifting and enhancing the prominent curves and firm, hard peaks of her breasts whilst at the fork of her body the trimmed line of black hair on her mound arrowed down to highlight the full, pouting lips of her cunt.

СThe arms

Sui Lin screamed as the two guards grabbed her wrists, twisting and forcing her arms up behind her back, elbows bent, wrists doubled to her shoulders and hands together. Without further orders they tied her wrists and then bound her upper arms, carefully wrapping and pulling the ropes tighter and tighter so her shoulders were arched back and her breasts jutted even more prominently. She squealed again as one of them grabbed her hair, gathering it into a crude pony tail before binding it with another length of thin cord.

СNaaa…aarrrghh! Maaah please, aaaaah!

Sui Lins pleas were now directed to the timber beams overhead as Tang looped the tail of the cord from her hair down between her bound wrists and pulled it tight. Her head was wrenched backwards, neck held stretched in an agonising curve by the downward pull of her own wrists and arms. Her shoes clicked and clattered as she teetered unsteadily, unable to see anything but the ceiling and denied the use of her arms for balance.

СNow for the lesson, Colonel Lu rose and stood beside the quivering woman. СLook at me. He waited, leaning over slightly to peer down into her pain-filled features until her eyes swivelled to concentrate on his face so close to her own. СIts time for you to entertain us…Chou is going to cane you…and as he does, you will dance for us; so we may appreciate your skill and beauty.

BDSMartworkArTSL03.jpg (94323 bytes)

СN-never…I wont… never…

СNever? Oh, but you will, I assure you…in a very few moments. Colonel Lu held up two lengths of fishing line and went on almost conversationally. СDid you know that Tang here is a keen fisherman, an expert at playing the largest fish? As you will find out… As he spoke, Tang padded forward with a ten foot long bamboo fishing pole, Сand these are for y…


His words were drowned by the womans piercing scream of terror as she caught sight of the blued steel fishhooks dancing and bobbing on the end of each line. But screaming was all she could do because Tang and Chou had grabbed her bound arms in a tight, brutal grip to hold her body quite still. Colonel Lu caressed Sui Lins out-thrust left nipple with his fingertips. СAh, I see you understand… His fingers rolled the stub to and fro, letting her bodys own response rouse and stiffen the sensitive tissue. СSo hard, so delightfully sensitive, he murmured. After half a minute or so, satisfied with the womans obvious arousal and holding the tip of her nipple stretched out, he touched the needle point of the fishhook to the underside of her swollen teat. Deliberately, he placed the hook near the base of her nipple tip…after all, it would be unfortunate to tear it so early in the session…… he thought.


Sui Lin bucked against the hands holding her still; screaming insanely to the rafters as Colonel Lu slowly pushed the curved point through the fleshy base of her nipple. The scream ululated as he let it go and tugged the line, stretching the dark pink tip out like a stubby finger and letting a single thin trail of blood trickle down the under curve of her breast.

He waited until her spasms had died away then removed the hook, waited a few seconds, and then slowly worked back through the meat of her nipple once again. СJust to show you that my special hooks have had the barbs filed down… you should thank me for showing you such consideration… the colonel chuckled as the woman heaved and squirmed in the grip of the guards. He didnt mention that he had many kinds of hooks; some with burrs, some with barbs and others with specially roughened shanks for a more lingering effect. The only reason he was using plain, unbarbed hooks was because he wanted to keep her aureoles and nipples in good condition for some extra attention later on.

СAnd now for the other side too of course… Again the gentle stimulation and inevitable response as her other nipple was stroked and caressed into a hard, stiff peak. Sui Lin strained her head against her bonds, the tendons in her neck showing like pale cords beneath her skin as she tried to see what was happening, but to no avail. It was only the touch of the colonels soft fingers and the sudden stabbing pain of the needle point that gave her a second to clench her teeth against the coming agony as Colonel Lu delicately positioned the second hook.

СYaaaarrrrgggghh! N-n-n-naaaagh! Aaaaah, Aaaaaah!

Whilst she squealed, Tang busied himself attaching the other end of each line to the tip of the bamboo rod. Colonel Lu held out his hand and Chou, whod used the whip with such dreadful skill on May Tans genitals, padded forward, bowing respectfully as he handed the colonel a slim, three foot long bamboo cane. СChou is going to cane you Ц most severely. He lifted the polished pale yellow shaft and stroked it against Sui Lins flank. Despite the stabbing agony in her nipples the young woman flinched and twitched as the cane slowly caressed the long curve down from her armpit to the soft swell of her hip. The Colonel nodded in satisfaction as he noted the stubborn tightness of her lips. Still proud, still pretending she is stronger with that stupid, arrogant superiority…breaking this one would bring particular pleasure. The colonel was a man who always enjoyed a challenge in his work.

The bamboo rod dipped and lifted between her long elegant legs. Her high heels clicked as she wobbled, indrawn breath hissing and her back arching back even more in the strain of clenching the big muscles of her thighs and buttocks. Her body shivered with fear and strain as the colonel tapped the thin cane against the plump outer lips of her cunt.


A single, forced noise in the silence as the cane dipped then flicked up to snap against the pouting labia with a tiny, crisp sound.



The sound more muffled this time, a sudden indrawn breath as the cane caught the exact line of her slit, forcing her up on tiptoe in a vain effort to lessen the tormenting impact. The woman shuddered, desperately fighting the urge to move, to turn away from the stinging nip of the cane.


The colonels wrist flexed again, the smooth yellow rod snapping viciously against the inner edges of those engorged lips so her self control broke; her body twisting and one leg lifting so the curve of her thigh shielded the fork of her body as she jerked and half turned away.

СP-p-p-please…noooo… n-n-n-nuh…NAARRGGH!

Sui Lin suddenly gabbled in terror as she caught sight of Tang lifting the bamboo fishing rod out of the corner of her eye. The gabble dissolved into a squeal of pain as the rod flexed and bent; Sui Lins breasts lifted and stretched in blunt cones as the lines snapped taught and the vicious steel hooks clawed the flesh of each nipple into a thin finger of agony. Sui Lin arched backwards, teetering and scrabbling on tiptoe as she tried to relieve some of the terrible tension in her breasts.

Her knees lifted in turn as she swayed and tottered, her eyes fixed on the two lines fixed to the tip of the horribly flexible pole. She gagged and dribbled with each tiny movement as Tang kept the lines taut, tormenting her by increasing and decreasing the tension in the hooks; working her breasts up and down and keeping the agony at screaming pitch.

СAh, I seem to have lost our guests attention for a moment, Chou. Perhaps you should begin the lesson anyway, Colonel Lu murmured holding out the cane as he watched the womans frantic efforts to find her balance.

Chou bowed, eyes glittering with excitement and pleasure, as he took the whippy cane from the colonel. He waited until Sui Lin turned slightly then swung his arm in a flat, controlled arc; the thin cane zipping through the air to slice across the top of her thighs right in the crease where her bottom cheeks swelled out.


СY-y-y-yaaaaaaarrrrgh…aaah…aaaarrggh NAARRGGHH!!

Sui Lin catapulted forwards as the blazing agony grew and grew. And was jerked to a halt with an even louder scream as Tang lifted the fishing pole and the hooks stretched her abused teats high in the air. She twisted, fighting for balance…and Chou whipped the cane round to sear a second, raised weal across her skin; this time across the soft curve of her lower belly between her naval and the hollow of her hips.

BDSMartworkArTSL04.jpg (88589 bytes)

СThwuck! СThwuck! СThwuck! СThwuck! СThwuck! СThwuck!

With each vicious stroke, Sui Lin Chi, society hostess and ministers wife, danced and screamed like a mad woman for the entertainment of Colonel Lu. Tang led her to and fro, round and round in clattering, unsteady circles using the flexible fishing rod to keep her breasts stretched up into long cones of agony. There was no relief, no cessation from the agony of the fishhooks twisting and wrenching at the tender meat of her nipples. Even when she deliberately jerked forwards, trying to break the lines or pull the hooks free, Tang was too experienced, too wily in his skills to allow her such an escape. Playing her like some obscene game fish he kept her hooked and her agony at a peak.

Chou stood to one side, watching and waiting as his fellow torturer brought the screaming figure round in another high-stepping turn so he could lay more searing stripes of agony across her belly and bottom, gradually lacing her lower body in a pattern of raised red weals that formed a burning corset of pain.

СEnough Colonel Lu murmured finally some fifty strokes and half an hour later. Chou dropped the cane and seized the woman from behind while Tang skillfully removed the hooks from her nipples. СUntie her… Chou undid the carefully placed knots then brought a fresh series of screams from Sui Lin as he dragged her cramped and numb arms down to her sides. He let her go and the once proud Sui Lin Chi collapsed on the stone slabs in a twitching, moaning heap.

СGet rid of that, Colonel Lu nodded at the still whimpering figure of May Tan bent over the torture post, Сand then return to me.

Colonel Lu waited while they untied the maid and dragged her away into the shadows. Sui Lins breathing slowly returned to near normal and she sat up, gasping as the cold stones touched the raw weals on her bottom. She did not look at him, but remained curled over, her hands cupped over her breasts trying to soothe the throbbing agony in her nipples even just a little.

The guards returned. Sui Lin looked up at the sound of their padding footsteps, terrified at the knowledge that her real torture had yet to begin. Colonel Lu coughed gently, waiting for Sui Lin to look at him.

He pointed to the table. СSit down there… Obedient to his orders now, Sui Lin scrabbled to her feet and staggered across to the table. СNo, not that way, in the middle, he said sharply. Sui Lin turned as he spoke and sat down slowly and gingerly, knees together, hissing between clenched teeth as her sore bottom kissed the battered leather top. СFor your sake I hope you are still as fit and supple as you claim, Colonel Lu said unpleasantly as he flicked his fingers at the two guards.

BDSMartworkArTSL05.jpg (88967 bytes)


Her cries were stifled by her own body as the two guards seized an ankle each and forced her back and lifting her legs high. Her shoulders smacked against the leather top but they moved round the edges of the table, forcing Sui to bend at the hips as they stretched her legs further and further over her head until they were able to touch her toes against the table beside her ears. Holding her doubled over, the men pulled her arms up between her legs; her shoulders against her inner thighs. She squealed again as they forced her arms out to each side, pressing down even more until they could tighten the cuffs attached to the tables edge around each wrist.

BDSMartworkArTSL06.jpg (86343 bytes)

Sui Lin was spread out and helpless, held fixed by her own arms across her legs, her body curled back so her genitals and the brown rosette of her anus were splayed open. Colonel Lu grabbed a handful of her thick, black hair and lifted her head so she was staring at the gaping lips and soft inners fold of her own cunt. СYou will be able to see everything…unfortunately for you. He looked at the exposed figure strapped don on the table for a few more moments. СTang, bring the special table over here.

СAaah, p-please I c-cant breathe…aaaaah!

СYou breathing is of little concern…besides, you will have other things to think about in a few moments. The colonels fingers traced along the raised weals left by the caning, listening to Sui Lins shuddering breaths as he tormented the tender abused flesh. He let the shudders subside and then delicately traced one finger along the rim of Sui Lins outer labia, fingernail scraping the moist, sensitive flesh so she bucked and heaved at each touch. She bucked even harder as one finger stoked the crinkled rosette of her anus. Colonel Lu nodded approvingly as he watched the tight little opening flexing and pouting at each tickling contact.

Tang placed a small table next to the Colonel. Arranged on crisp white cloth spread over the top were the colonels special instruments; a collection of polished metal probes, tweezers, mounted needles, a small wire brush, a long corkscrew and a red lacquered tray holding a number of bamboo splits about the length of a chopstick. СThank you, Tang. I wont need you again. He grinned happily. СYou and Chou may continue working on the maid for a few hours…Im sure you will be able to finds ways for her to amuse you…

He waved his hand in dismissal and the guards padded out leaving the colonel alone with Sui Lin. Waiting until he was sure they were alone he got to his feet and unbuttoned his tunic.

Colonel Lu undressed neatly and without fuss; laying his clothes tidily over the post that had held May Tan. Although in his fifties his body was lean and spare, the muscles still toned and well defined. He stretched and turned back to the table. His erection revealed his excitement, his penis rearing back towards his flat abdomen from the wiry black hair at his groin. He knelt on the table, letting her see his nakedness and arousal. He stroked the shaft, rolling the foreskin back so the glans showed polished and gleaming with the wetness already leaking from the slit. Knowing her eyes were on him, he continued the gentle masturbation with his right hand as he licked his left forefinger, held the wet finger aloft for her to see, and then placed the tip against the rosette of her anus.

Feeling the ring flex beneath him he smiled and then slowly wormed his finger into her body, twisting and pressing against the grip of her muscles and…


Her scream was more helpless outrage at the invasion than any real pain as his finger sank past the knuckle until his hand was pressed deep into the cleft of her buttocks. Her breath whistled through her nose as she clamped her lips together, trying not to give any obvious reaction as he slowly twisted and turned his finger inside her rectum.

At last he pulled free and she gasped again. СLet us see if you are a skilled here as with your mouth… the colonel said and knelt on the table top, using one hand to position the head of his penis against her anus.

СNuh-nuh-p-p-please…huuuh, nah, N-naaaaah, Oh p-please d-dont ah-aaah…aaaah! Oh Nooooooooo!

Indifferent to her pleas and wails of protest, Colonel Lu worked his cock deeper and deeper into the womans rectum until he was fully inside her. He paused, adjusted his position, and then began to sodomise her. It was all for his own pleasure; long slow strokes that brought fresh grunts and cries with each impalement. Held open by her own arms Sui Lin was unable to resist or respond in any way. All she could do was flex her fingers and toes and thresh her head from side to side. Even breathing was a torment as Colonel Lu leaned harder into the outspread cradle of her thighs with each fresh thrust.

At last his movements quickened and Sui Lin felt the warm spurting discharge deep inside her rectum. He sat back, pulling free then letting the final dribbling strings of semen glaze the dark, swollen ring of her anus.

She moved slightly, her lower legs flexing and wriggling uselessly as he moved off her and she tried to get a little more air into her starved and compressed lungs. To one side she could hear the soft noises as Colonel Lu got dressed once more. She couldnt see him; her horizons were bounded by the vee of her thighs and the gaping moist oval of her genitals. As she strained against the Сfrog tie that held her down she saw the now-swollen ring of her anus flexing and tensing like a pouting, second mouth with each contraction of her muscles.

СNow we can concentrate on more important matters, the colonels soft voice broke in on Sui Lins private agonies. He smiled down at her, a smile devoid of amusement…or any trace of pity. СTell me about the bank accounts, he said patiently, waiting for the hate filled eyes to blink once before Sui Lin Chi deliberately moved her head from side to side…saying nothing. СThen I must encourage you a little further…

She bucked as his finger once again pressed against her anus. СHere first, I think. The bamboo sliver was almost eight inches long, polished to a gleaming yellow shine that deepened to dark brown for the last two inches down to the fire hardened tip


A single echoing scream ripped through the thick air of the torture chamber as the colonel inserted the point of the bamboo sliver into the rim of Sui Lins exposed anus. Holding the thicker end very delicately between finger and thumb, he waited for the first spasm to subside and then gently probed deeper, twirling the shaft so the point worked against the nerve endings, each movement bringing a fresh scream and another futile bucking spasm.

After five minutes careful work and with the bamboo sliver imbedded almost an inch into the delicate nerve tissue of her anus and rectum he sat back. The womans screams died away to, replaced by a series of harsh sobbing gasps as she heaved and bucked against her own hands; desperate to do anything for the luxury of being able to move, close her legs…anything at all to stop the scalding agony in her bottom.

СSo stubborn…lets try another shall we…


The second sliver pierced her anus right at the front where the soft line of her perineum ended. If anything Sui Lins screams were even more extreme this time, suddenly growing in volume and intensity as the probing point found the nerve centre and hot waves of molten agony took her to the brink of screaming madness.

Colonel Lu jerked away as a thin stream of urine arced out from the demented woman and dripped onto the stones below. Fastidiously, he wiped her buttocks and then reached for the shaft of the second sliver once more.

Only a little more attention was needed, then, she began to talk. With each gentle, twisting touch on the embedded needles the gabble of words became even more desperate. Colonel Lu smiled in satisfaction at this first success and picked up an ordinary wooden ruler such as a child might use in school. He waited until the babble of words slowed a little. Time to ensure the womans compliance was genuine

He tapped the jutting shaft of one of the bamboo slivers with the end of the ruler.


The woman curved forwards, her forehead almost touching the lips of her cunt as she curled up in a single jolting spasm of agony.

СThe account numbers, he said quietly, Сall of them.


Colonel Lu put the ruler down so he could write each set of account details in a little black notebook as it spilled out of her mouth. Such things were not for menials such as Tang and Chou, they wouldnt understand. Besides, Colonel Lu had no intention of sharing with anyone else…at his age the prudent man made arrangements to ensure a long and wealthy retirement.

He removed the bamboo slivers and let her rest, the fingers of his left hand playing with her cunt lips as he smiled down at her tear stained face. СThank you.

СI told you…p-pleeese…let me go…p-p-please…D-d-done wha…y-y-you wanted… Her voice was hoarse, ragged with screaming and desolate with the knowledge of failure.

Colonel Lu studied the sweat-soaked features of the woman doubled over on the torture table. СNow I wonder if youve been completely honest… His index finger twirled in the opening to her vagina. СNo overseas deposits…and yet I know the Minister made a number of trips abroad. His keen eyes noted the sudden flicker of fear in her eyes. СOh dear, how very, very foolish…there is something else…isnt there?

No…NO…please, Ive told you everything…NOOOOO! You MUST believe me…!

СNo, theres no must at all… Now, where this time… here? The nail scraped across the opening of her urethra bringing another surging spasm and a gasp of noise. СOr would you like me to start with this…? Forefinger and thumb rolled the little bulb of her clitoris to and fro; a gentle, lovers caress that was a cruel parody of the torture to come…

СNooooooo, pleeeese! T-tol you…everything…NAAAAAHH! she whimpered. The words became a sobbing wail as she stared down her own body, eyes wide with terror as Colonel Lu pried the inner lips apart and touched the point of the long metal corkscrew to the entrance to her urethra.

СThen let me aid your memory, he said softly, pressed down and slowly twisted his wrist. He smiled as the point spiraled into the tiny, sensitive opening and her mouth opened into a stretched O of pure agony.

It wouldnt take long this time…but Colonel Lu was in no hurry. After all, the prisoner was not going anywhere and he hadnt even started to play with her clitoris yet…

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