Made To Talk [CORTEZ]

Made To Talk

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Made to Talk
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

Once again, Colonel Marcos and his assistant Lieutenant Anna Perez are busy persuading the unfortunate victims of the regime to co-operate with their investigations.

The General studied the small knife, turning the blade so the edge gleamed and winked in the golden glow of the lanterns. СBring her here He smiled and handed the knife to Colonel Marcos, the Military Governments Chief of Security. СLet us see what our pretty young assassin looks like

The blade sliced through the thin, sweat soaked silk of the girls high-necked blouse with just a whisper of sound. Two more cuts and the fragments fluttered to the polished tiles. A sharper Сsnick and the lacy bra cups fell away too so the smooth high cones of the girls breasts were revealed. Her coppery skin gleamed with a fine sheen of perspiration, a wetness created by heat and her own rising terror.

Manuela Juarez, a twenty-year-old medical student at the University, lifted her head, long black hair clinging to her hot, damp face and shoulders as Colonel Marcos touched the tender undercurve with the blade. The handcuffs holding her wrists behind her back chinked softly as she squirmed helplessly. She drew a long shuddering breath as she felt the cold edge moving up until it scraped across the ring of darker brown skin encircling her nipple. The General smiled as he saw the tip stiffen at the kiss of the steel edge.

СWe have known all about your feeble protests for months you and all the others. You are Miss Manuela Juarez, or perhaps I should use your own code name Songbird, I believe it is? As the General talked so the Colonel used the knife with delicate skill. The edge scraped to and fro maddening, teasing touches that brought her nipples to full arousal and made her squirm in the iron grip of the palace guards.

СI d-do n-not know w-what you m-mean her voice choked, stuttering with terror, tailed away as the security chief touched the waistband of her long skirt with the little knife. Another soft Сsnick and it fell away to join the scraps of silk on the floor. СI am a m-medical s-student studying a aaah, please

The last two words came out as a sudden gasping whisper as the grinning Colonel reversed the blade before pressing it up into the vee of her white thong panties. She rose on her toes as the pressure from the blade continued, pressing the cloth into her slit, outlining the full bulge of her labia on either side and pulling the fabric so taut that the black curls of her trimmed bush showed through the thin cotton.

Despite her terror, both Colonel Marcos and the General noticed how the tight, white cotton pouch quickly became almost transparent, soaking up her juices as the blade pushed the material into the most intimate folds of her body.

СNo doubt you have heard all the dreadful stories about what my security people do top those who oppose me? The Generals grin was not pleasant, a cruel enjoyment of knowing what his experts would be doing to her excitingly firm young body in a little while. СYou now have the chance discover the truth for yourself. Unfortunately, affairs of state prevent me enjoying your discomfort but the Colonel and his people are most skilled. They will have you singing most enthusiastically I assure you. He held Manuela Juarezs terrified gaze for a few more moments. СBe particularly vigorous with this one Marcos not just the information but also a punishment lesson too

The General continued speaking quietly and almost gently. СSuch a pretty face and figure should inspire you to be particularly creative, Colonel I suggest you begin by stimulating her as she watches the questioning of the other girl. He smiled at the shivering, near-naked figure, watching her sudden shock at his words. СYes, my dear, that other girl, the one on the motor scooter who was waiting for you Did you think my men would not check outside the building for your accomplices?

СBut Carla had nothing to do wi. The girl stopped, horrified at her own words.

СAh and I wonder how you know her name is Carla? The General studied her anguished face and nodded briskly to the Colonel. He half turned away and then spun on his heel to face her once more. СIm afraid you foolishness has consigned you to a season in Hell, my dear such a pity! His hand flicked in dismissal. СTake her downstairs

The girls panic-stricken cries were muffled and reduced to a series of choking grunts and gasps as one of the guards pulled a black cloth bag down over her head, jerking the drawstring tight round her neck. They twisted her round, fingers digging deep into the flesh of her upper arms, and then they dragged her away.

Colonel Marcos kicked the slashed remnants of her clothes with the toe of one highly polished black shoe, watching as his men forced the near naked figure down the long corridor at a trot. He smiled appreciatively at the way her bottom, framed by the white string of her thong panties, jiggled delightfully as she stumbled and staggered in the mens grip The smile was lopsided, pulled by the long healed scar running diagonally down his cheek, but it didnt reach his hooded eyes. Colonel Marcos breathed a little more heavily as the anticipation and the excitement grew. this promised to be a most entertaining session.

Five minutes and two flights of stairs later, still trying to breath in the hot, fetid darkness under her cloth hood, Manuela Juarez was delivered to her torturers. She heard movement and what sounded like a groan of pain. Someone fiddled between the cuffs then her arms were dragged up behind her back.

The relentless pull continued, wrenching her arms away from her body so she was forced to bow forward as the steel cuffs bit painfully into the flesh of her wrists. Manuela moaned as she lifted bare feet scrabbling against the rough surface until

СSpread our little songbird for me there was the soft clatter of something, Сno, no just the toes I think use the cords. Rough male hands seized her left foot and something was wound round her big toe.

СHaaaaah! She shouted into the smelly black cloth as the cord was jerked tight, so tight she could feel the blood pounding against the knot. She didnt cry out the second time, managing to brace herself against the sudden burning pain as the guard used his strength to tie the thin nylon cord. For a few moments she stupidly imagined that it was all over because the guards let her go and she was left standing alone bent forwards in that painful stoop by the rope holding her wrist up behind her back.


СNnnnnaaaaah! W-what are you d-doing Arrrgh!


The riding crop blazed a thick weal across the back of her right thigh, high up under the crease of her bottom. Manuela flinched, lifting her leg in a vain attempt to shield herself from the next cut. It was only with the second stroke that she understood the horrible game they were playing with her. Each time she lifted her leg someone pulled hard on the cord round her right toe forcing her to place her foot further and further to the side.

After six stinging cuts her leg was stretched wide. СOther side now, little birdie the colonels voice was mocking as Manuela twisted and turned inside the hood, searching uselessly for anything that might warn her of the next stroke.

СSwack! Swack! Swack!

СNuh, nuh I c-cant, no please aaaaah please Ill f-fall over nnnnaaaaaahhhh!

Manuela wailed in pain and fear as her left leg received the same treatment, forcing her to straddle wider and wider as her feet were pulled apart. Every movement lowered her body, her arms rising higher and pulled unmercifully against the joints by the pressure. She skinned her feet raw on the concrete as she tried to relieve the strain by scrabbling for any foothold at all.

Manuela didnt know this was familiar sport for the colonel and his men surrounding the struggling girl, they used the leather switch to bring her up on jiggling tiptoe, legs pulled wide in an agonising straddle and her upper body curled over by the tension of the cruel strappado on her arms. Tormenting fingers added to her manic dance by tweaking and pinching her nipples as the full globes of her breasts bounced and swayed uncontrollably below her body.

СEnough, enough for now secure the cords then take that off Colonel Marcos voice silenced the joking buzz of conversation. Manuela Juarez jerked and coughed as her head was bent down and thick fingers scrabbled at the back of her neck. She drew a shuddering breath as the drawstring loosened and she could breath properly at last. The fingers gripped the edge of the thick fabric and

The bag was ripped away and the girl bobbled in agony, balancing like a dancer en pointe, eyes screwed shut against the white blaze of many spotlights. She shook her head, whipping the long wet strands of black hair against her flushed cheeks.

СEnrique, you and Jose get back to your posts Ill call when we want to change them over

The Colonel chuckled from the darkness as the two guards left. Then, he was at Manuelas side and his hand, fingers stained with nicotine, gripped her jaw to force her head up, making her arch back to look straight into the hot, white glare of the powerful lamps. His voice whispering close to her ear sounded relaxed and cheerful. СWelcome to my domain Miss Juarez I believe you already know this young lady His hand turned her head so she was able to see the figure strapped to the torture frame, naked, shining with perspiration and displayed in pitiless detail under the hot, white lights

Her flatmate and best friend, Carla Dominguez was held in an agonising curve of gleaming brown flesh just in front of her. At first, Manuela couldnt understand what she was seeing then, as her eyes adjusted to the glare, she understood the awful truth. Carla had been made to kneel astride two parallel wooden bars, each one supported on a pair of thick posts anchored to the floor. Straps behind each knee and round each ankle clamped her shins against the rough stained wood.

Although Carla had beautiful, long legs, the bars were set so far apart that the straps held her in a wide straddle But it was the way theyd secured the rest of her body that made Manuela shudder with fear. Not content with the leg straps theyd bent her smooth, muscular body backwards, forcing her back on her haunches so the full lips of her cunt thrust outwards, slightly parted so the pink inner labia and the little nub of her clitoris were obscenely offered and exposed in the wide vee of her thighs. Thick straps, buckled so tightly that the flesh at the top of each thigh bulged out on either side of the black leather strips, held her down with her heels digging into the toned, firm muscles of her buttocks.

To complete her torment theyd lashed Carlas wrists behind her and then used another rope to pull her arms down and forward though her legs to a ringbolt set in the floor just in front of the torture bars. The nineteen year olds head hung free, her face hidden from Manuelas sight by the sweat-slick curve of her body. All she could see from her position was her friends long black hair trailing in wet, tangled strands across the grey concrete.

Manuela was also able to see dozens of thin, red weals lacing the gleaming brown skin of her friends belly and continuing up and over the jutting out thrust globes of her breasts. Carlas thick nipples were sticking up like pegs, the sensitive skin looking shiny because the tips were so taut and horribly swollen from some earlier torture. Looking a bit more carefully Manuela caught her breath in anguish

Oh God, she thought, what had they done to her, poor, poor Carla for each jutting peak was not just bruised and sore; it was circled with little beads of blood as though something spiked had gripped it recently.

СShes being a little stubborn but thats to be expected Youre just in time to watch us move on to those other sensitive places. The Colonel used his leather swagger stick to tap the pinioned girls labia, smiling at Manuela as Carla arched and twitched at the blow. СThe most pleasure but the most intense pain too see how eager she is, how ready Ah, Lieutenant Perez!

Manuela panted softly in rising panic as a young woman in a white medical coat walked into the lighted circle. Her black hair was cut very short, her face fine-boned with full lips enhanced by deep red lipstick. Long, carefully manicured nails were also painted, almost like bloody claws, thought Manuela as she saw the hot excitement in the young womans eyes. She knew immediately it had been the Lieutenant who was responsible for Carlas swollen, tortured nipples not she was about to start again She was obviously fit with the defined muscle tone of someone in peak condition. СThis is our other guest, Lieutenant the General would like her to watch what happens to the her friend before

СOf course, Colonel, the woman smiled gently, running her tongue over her lips so the redness gleamed in the lights. She looked across at the dangling girl as she crouched by her victims head. СTell me Carla, do you want to say anything to the colonel before?

There was a muffled straining noise, slobbering sounds of pain and protest. Even though she couldnt see, Manuela suddenly realised that Carla was gagged in some way those awful sounds were the only ones she could make! The Lieutenant straightened up, her right hand teasing down the taut bronze curve of Carlas belly until she could tease the folded inner lips with the tip of one slender finger.

She waited until the slobbering noises died away, looking up to ensure that Manuelas eyes were fixed on her friends cunt, and then pushed her finger into the girls vagina. The pinioned body arched up even more strongly, the muscles in Carlas thighs and abdomen showing in taut, quivering relief as her tormentor crooked her finger inside her, scraping the delicate membranes with her sharp fingernail. A single babbling cry of agony was forced through the constricting gag. СOh, Im sorry, Carla did you want to tell me something? The Lieutenants voice was teasing, tormenting her victim as she writhed against the straps. СNo? Perhaps we should use the little crabs again?

The curved, naked figure of her friend shivered and strained frantically as Anna Perez walked to the other end of the bars and crouched down, there was a flash of something red in her hand as she lifted her victims head. Carla gave a single bubbling wail, her body strained and jerked against the straps and there was the sound of water trickling onto the concrete floor. СAh, your friend understands what the Lieutenant is about to do to her, watch carefully she will not hold out much longer not the little crabs this time. Just that ordinary corkscrew, very simple but in the lieutenants hands

Anna Perez walked back into the vee of the girls splayed thighs. One hand caressed the smooth, brown up thrust belly, tickling her so Carlas muscles rippled and flickered in response. In her other hand, she held an ordinary corkscrew, black plastic handle and a stainless steel screw about six inches long with a needle-pointed tip.

СVery effective for opening stubborn mouths Watch your friend, Manuela The colonels voice was soft and cruel with excitement. СThe Lieutenant will make her come first her own excitement will increase the sensitivity but there is nothing she can do The Lieutenant will force her to climax whatever she does

Anna Perez licked her finger and gently rubbed the little peak showing so boldly at the top of Carlas cleft. From the front of the bars there was a swishing noise as Carla threshed her long black hair against the floor and a series of bubbling protests as the Lieutenants finger nail flicked to and fro across the exposed bulb of the girls clitoris in unbearable stimulation.


Manuela tried turning away as Carla arched up in a single violent spasm, her cry of agony reduced to a muffled bubbling by the gag. The colonel simply held her jaw again, pointing her at the awful scene before her.

The noises from Carla were becoming frantic; wet gobbling sounds of excitement as Anna Perez slowly and carefully masturbated the pinioned girl. СLets get rid of these now. Manuela felt the colonels fingers on the waistband of her panties, easing them down over her hips, removing that last vestige of protection from her body. One finger stroked the naked lips of her cunt, lips already moist with shameful excitement at the slow deliberate torture of her friend.

СContinue Lieutenant, take her all the way Anna Perez smiled at her boss and leaned over the up thrust labia, her pointed tongue flicking and teasing the hot little nub her fingers had already aroused so expertly. She looked dreamy eyed with excitement as the gobbling noises reached a new frenzy and the girls body heaved and bucked in spasms of pleasure.

СAah, p-please, dont touch me t-there please Manuelas words were a mixture of pleading and desperation as she felt the colonels finger teasing the fleshy hood guarding her own clitoris. She felt herself flushing with humiliation and shame as her body responded to the delicate caress, hips pushing forward to try and increase the pressure of that single expertly probing finger.

Colonel Marcos smiled warmly at his assistant, sharing the sexual pleasure of their efforts. Anna Perez responded, using her left hand between the outspread buttocks, working her forefinger into the girls anus in time with her tongue lashing, enjoying the increasingly frequent spasms from her victim as the dangling figure on the edge of the lights surged and twisted in ecstasy as the colonels finger moved and circled the nub of Manuela Juarezs clitoris with maddening skill.

СIgh vare, Igh vere, Mfff, mfff eeeeg, mfff, IGH VEERRRRE!

The wet gobbling cries were unmistakable as the twin assaults brought Carla to her climax. The sight of her beautiful figure, arched back whilst jerking and thrusting madly inn the throes of her orgasm, was too much for Manuela and she was unable to stop her own uncontrollable shudders of pleasure as the colonels finger whipped her to a frenzy as well.

СOh God! Oh Carla yes, yes, huh, huh, huh, go on, p-p-pplon on Yes! YES! YESSSSSS!

Dancing and jerking on the points of her feet, Manuela Juarez bucked her hips madly lost in the throes of her own orgasm that she ignored the stabbing pains in her arms as the rope wrenched them back in their sockets. Held forwards as she was the full, high-riding globes of her breasts bounced and flailed wildly, sometimes smacking together with a wet slapping noise that sprayed droplets of sweat across the floor.

She was dimly aware that the tormenting finger was now stroking her cunt lips, not just one finger but five as the colonels hand cupped the hot, wet slit. СNow it is my turn, the voice whispered in her ear and the colonel moved behind her, stepping into the wide straddle of her legs. The caressing hand disappeared and she heard a whisper of cloth, the soft shirr of a zip and then the hard, smooth crest of the colonels penis sliding into the sweat-slick groove of her bottom. СI prefer this way, so much tighter so much more stimulating

СOh God! Please, please not that way, p-please I dont wan.. Naaaah, pleeeesssee!

The colonels hand slid across her hip, once more cupping her cunt lips, then that knowing finger wormed up into the slimy wetness between them to touch her so-tender clitoris again.

СAaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Noooooo!

The touch made Manuela jerk back. She squealed as she felt the sharp, stretching pain in her anus and then a duller, throbbing ache as the colonels glans opened her anal ring. Before she could even attempt to pull away she felt the material of the colonels trousers against her buttocks and a sudden, agonising pressure on her arms as he deliberately thrust his hips forwards. Another cry and involuntary bucking spasm was forced from her as the wide helmet finally popped through her anal ring allowing his shaft to slide into the warmth of her back passage.

For long moments he held her quite still. His hands cupped her breasts, rolling each nipple to hardness as he leaned into her, savouring the tight, muscular warmth that held his manhood like a moist glove. СWatch your friend again see what awaits you on the bars The voice was still soft but now held a note of cruel excitement as Manuela moaned at the touch of his fingers and the dull throbbing pain of her impalement. The colonel arched forwards again and she felt his shaft sliding deeper. Horrified, she also realised that behind the pain there was another tingle, the itch of her own arousal. She gabbled in protest even as her hips flexed backwards, forcing her body even further onto the long shaft of the colonels penis.

Lieutenant Anna Perez had watched Colonel Marcos forcing the other girl to a climax from the corner of her eye. When he moved behind the strutted girl and Anna heard her cries and futile protests as he eased himself into her anus, she knew that was her signal to begin Carlas second torture session. She lifted one leg and straddled the girls pinioned, out thrust right knee. She sighed contentedly as she felt the taut, shiny curve of the girls thigh against the wet silk of her panties. She pressed down, parting her knees, riding the pinioned limb like some obscene saddle.

Delicately she used just the thumb and forefinger of her left hand to part the sticky, swollen lips. She inhaled the sharp copper tang the girls orgasm and touched the needle point of the corkscrew against the opening of Carlas urethra. СJust a few turns and youll tell me everything darling Her wrist rotated slowly and there was another gobbling cry from behind the gag. Very slowly Anna Perez rocked her hips, riding her own rising pleasure as she masturbated against the girls thigh.

Another slow rotation and this time the scream was so loud that Manuela jerked against the colonels slow deliberate fucking, catching her breath as she saw her friends body rise up impossibly against the straps. Every muscle and sinew showed in rigid relief as Carla was thrown into spasm by the blazing agony of the pointed metal spiral being screwed slowing up into the tiny sensitive tube.

СHile thlork! Pleeg PLEEG! HILE THLORK! PLEEG!

СWhat was that? The lieutenants voice was almost casual, Сyou want to talk of course you do but, Im afraid you left it a bit late. You see, Im enjoying this and I know youre going to be even more willing to tell the colonel what he wants to know when my little toy gets all the way up inside Her words brought a long shuddering wail from Carla a wail that became another echoing shriek as Anna Perez twisted her right wrist again

Manuela was beginning to gasp and pant toward her second climax, spurred on by the sight of her friends torture. Like a rider crouched over a horses neck before a jump Anna leaned close to the girls cunt; rocking harder and faster pressing one the up thrust mound with her left hand as her right twisted and turned again and again, each slow movement accompanied by fresh animal screams of outrage and frantic jerking spasms from the arched body of the girl.

СAh, ah yes, go on, tell me you like it songbitch. Tellme; tellme, oh yes yes TELL MEEEEE!

СHuh, huh, HUH! C-c-c-c-cuuummmiinnngggg, Yes! Yes! Ah, aaah Im cumminggg, IM CUMMMINNNGGGG!

The jerking frenzy and gabbled cries from the colonel and Manuela spurred Anna over the edge too. She arched back, leaving the black handle jutting from the girls cunt, and held her thigh with both hands as she worked her hips frantically, vibrating like a mad thing as she climaxed in a series of juddering, bucking spasms.

Manuela hung in her bonds, body glistening with sweat and her ribs heaving as she tried to control her racing breathing. Carlas body remained curved backwards, her belly rising and falling as she tried to ride the stabbing pain of the metal spiral within her body. Lieutenant Perez opened her eyes and deliberately moved her hips in a slow, languorous movement. She bent forwards and delicately licked the sticky coating of fluids from the swollen outer lips of the girls cunt.

Colonel Marcos, carefully dressed and composed, crouched by Carlas head. СTime to talk to me, Carla The chink of buckles then a single sobbing breath as he tossed the ball gall onto a table in the shadows. There was a mutter of sound and he leaned closer. СIt hurts yes, yes I know it does Lieutenant!

Grinning obscenely Anna Perez gripped the black handle, took a deep breath and slowly pulled the corkscrew free. Ungagged, Carlas scream of total agony was deafening. Manuela thought shed broken her back because she arched up so violently. The scream died to a series of sobbing moans and whooping breaths as the colonel stroked the girls wet hair.

СTell me everything

The words came out in a mad gabble, names, places, even family details, a desperate flood of information as she tried to stop any repeat of the torture she had just suffered. Manuela heard her own name mentioned at least twice as Carla babbled on. Finally, the words gave way to more sobs as she gave in to the pain and shame of her ordeal.

СThank you Carla, my dear, most helpful, most detailed. He straightened up and looked at Manuelas dangling figure. СIts very nearly time for you to try the bars for yourself, Manuela Dont think Ive forgotten what the General ordered But first he smiled satanically down at the pinioned figure on the torture bars. СNow you have had a little time to recover, Carla I really think we should check all those names again just to make sure.

There was total silence in the hot, acrid chamber. A silence broken by a single footfall as Anna Perez moved between the girls splayed thighs. Her fingers parted the swollen labia very gently and she smiled at the colonel as she touched the metal spike against the raw, bloodstained opening of the girls urethra once again. СReady for me Carla?

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