Kattie [HINES]


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It was quite easy for the rural – based Cult to obtain its monthly quota of new female flesh for use in its Satanic rituals of lust, pain and death. It’s many members, in professions ranging from legitimate farming to the illegal drug trade, willingly contributed to the Cult’s slave-buying fund. And there were many sellers of slave flesh in the big cities who were willing to supply the Cult with all the girls that it needed.

It was into the clutches of this evil group that 19 year-old Katie and her 18 year-old sister Bonnie were delivered. Snatched screaming from a downtown street in broad daylight, the two siblings had been swiftly sold, along with a half-dozen other unfortunate young females, and transported many miles to the rural backcountry farm that served as the covert headquarters and gathering place of the Cult.

Upon first entering the Cult’s Gathering Room, it was readily apparent to the arriving slaves as to what kind of people had purchased them and as to what their own fates might be. Their captors all had the look of innocent members of the farming community but their fevered chanting and praises to Satan showed their true identity. And the many moaning, writhing and tortured girls who were attached and chained to the walls and ceilings spoke to the evil that they worshipped.

Bonnie cried out and her body trembled as she took in the scene. Katie, who had always been the stronger, protective sister, tried to give Bonnie some kind of comfort and reassurance, saying, ” Don’t lose faith, sister. Somehow, God will save us. Somehow we’ll get through this and get back home. Pray hard, Bonnie. And you know that our father, where ever he is, is surely praying also for our return.”

Their father was a preacher. And Bonnie and Katie were preacher’s daughters.

In desperation, Katie had implored her captors to release her and Bonnie, telling them that they would otherwise be surely doubly punished for the sin of harming the daughters of a Man of God…

“Satan has blessed us! He has provided us with the daughters of preacher”, marveled one of the Cultists. “Notify our Exalted Sister Fendora at once. She will be so pleased to discover these two treasures that have been delivered unto us!”

And upon her arrival, Fendora was indeed pleased as she took in the sight of Katie’s smooth white body, especially bound and hung on display in the main barn.

“And her sister is as beautiful as this one?” Fendora asked.

“She’s very cute, yes, but not so stunning as this one.”

“Well, the Master has surely blessed us. It would be such a waste to merely sacrifice one with such beauty. Our coven would be well served by a life-time slavegirl – especially one who’s a daughter of a Man of God.”

But Fendora knew that for a captive to be spared from death and become life-time slave to the Cult, she would have to offer herself of her own free will. Her instinct also told her that Katie’s religious upbringing would most likely make her chose death rather than give herself into sexual slavery by those who followed the tenants of Satan. Fendora had been informed of and understood Katie’s protective nature towards her younger sister. If there was any weakness to exploit, that was probably the only opening. Otherwise Fendora would have to content herself with devilising an especially slow and painful sacrifice for these two prizes. Their agonies and screams would be quite an enlivening event for all to enjoy – but then it would be over and done. That would be such a waste. But to have Katie and Bonnie as slaves for the rest of their lives; to be able to design and experience their daily pain, humiliations and degradations…. that would be a joy!

So, how to get Katie to offer herself? Fendora was not one to take an indirect method. As she looked on as another group of captives were about to be sacrificed to the Master, she decided upon her approach.

“After you have dispatched these bitches, give me one of their heads. I have someone to impress…”

Fendora was simple in the choice that she gave Katie.

“Look at this head, my sweet Katie. It’s already lost its color! I’m so disappointed! Here, let me take your sister out with me so that I can see if her lovely face will have retained it’s rosy complexion when I bring her head back to you.”

“No! No! Don’t take her! She’s my only sister! Please!”

“Then you know what we have discussed, dear. You know what you have to do?”

And so to save her sister, Katie renounced her God and asked to be accepted as a slave-for-life to the Coven.

And Fendora, of course, granted her request.

Soon they were in Fendora’s private chamber. “Your sister will live and she will be trained to serve us in many capacities”, Fendora told the girl. ” But you will be given a special training, dear Katie. In time you will no longer recognize yourself or even remember your life before you met us.

Our members are many and they have many different tastes, so you will learn so many things.”

Fendora motioned to the guard who stood in the corner of the chamber.

“This is my trusted assistant, Gerald. Gerald is so much of an expert with that big blade that he carries. If you had not given yourself to us, I was thinking of having him take his time gutting the both of you as all of us watched.

“But now Gerald is going start things off by carving my initials in that lovely little ass of yours. You want that, don’t you? But first, Katie come into my arms and kiss me deeply…”

Fendora’s training regimen for Katie was amazingly simple and direct. It started out with the tried and trusted method of flogging. Fendora had ordered that only a soft-leather strap be used; inflicting plenty of pain and misery, but leaving only bruises and marks that would heal and fade. After all, Fendora didn’t want the girl’s skin to be anything but perfect when she had been finally and properly prepared for her new life. For the slave’s whipping sessions, only the women Cult members were allowed to indulge themselves – the men were too strong and might get carried away and do some damage. But for Katie, the beatings were still as painful as anything that she could have imagined.

Down in the vast underground cavern that ran beneath the innocent facades of the aboveground farm complex, it had been a full week of six hours-per-day application of the strap. Katie’s agony was unrelenting; she had lost all sense of time, her mind was now jumbled and unable to focus. Only the pain was there, the unrelenting pain. Her cries and screams gradually began to subside into faint moans and soft whimpers. Fendora recognized the change. Yes, the first barrier had been broken…..

Now it was time for Katie to be formally introduced to the men. With her body still pulsating and engulfed in the misery of the first week’s abuse, she was now to learn the art of being dutiful and of service. Fendora would make sure that sweet, virgin Katie would start to associate sex with pain. It would take quite some time to achieve this, the Mistress knew. But the end result would be so damn delicious!

“Only her ass”, Fendora had commanded. “Her little pussy belongs to me until I grant others the use of it. Use her as hard as you want, but be careful and don’t injure her. It’s death to any man who ruins her.”

And so it was the man named Ciros who had won the coin-toss for first-rights and who now held Katie’s hips tightly as his cockhead found her shy anus and began slowly force it’s way in……

“Aaaiiii…! Ohhhhhhh….. Godddddd,” Katie muttered through clenched teeth.

“Mmmmmm….So tight…so good….” Ciro groan came from his throat.

Now Katie’s abused body jerked in all-encompassing agony as Ciro’s cock, still ever so slowly, pushed its way past her flimsy anal pucker door and invaded the inner reaches of her protesting rectum.


” Yes, girl, yessssss…..Uhhhhhhhh…”

After a few days and nights of anal abuse, it was now time for Katie to be deprived of one of her most visible and treasured assets – her long beautiful blond hair. Fendora knew that this simple step would be as effective in the breaking-in program as any of the other corporal measures that the girl would endure.

Fendora, ever the one to emphasize and enhance, also turned the removal of Katie’s hair into a more intense experience by proceeding to yank it out with pliers. Then the razor would be used for a smooth shave of the skull.

Katie’s “new look” symbolized her deeper descent into subservience and the coven’s members were increasingly anxious to fully sample the pleasures that her body promised to offer. But Fendora was the Dark Master’s ranking voice of the group, so until she indicated otherwise, her mandate was to be strictly followed. However, each day, Katie was introduced just a bit more to different facets of sex and submission. Her body would be allowed to heal and her markings to fade – before she would be strung up and subjected to yet another week of flogging.

But tonight, Katie would be taught the fine art of jacking a cock to orgasm.

“Mr. Buckman’s cock is so long and thick, Katie-girl. Do you know that he regularly fucks girls to death with that huge thing? He tears their insides up so much that they die under him! You are so fortunate that he has consented to letting you practice massaging his impressive tool with those soft hands of yours. Don’t suck it, just jack it off. He’ll cum for you – Mr. Buckman’s cum is thick and bitter and flows like a fountain. When it does, you will slurp it like ice cream and lick his dick clean of it. You will keep on practicing until you are as expert at it as any inner-city street whore.”

“Speaking of street whores, should we tell her yet of how her sweet sister will do her part for our esteemed Master?”

“Shush! Mistress Fendora is the one to tell her – when she is ready to tell her.”

No, Katie had no idea of the Cult’s plans for her sister. Fendora had agreed to spare Bonnie’s life, but she would make sure that Bonnie would not be a solely a source of pleasure for the members; she would also be a source of income. There was the constant need for the funding for slave-buying and Bonnie’s petite good looks would be put to good use as a moneymaker.

In a far section of the cavern, she had been confined with the regular slaves, but had remained relatively unmolested and un-abused. That did nothing to calm her terror as she witnessed, one after the other, the other slavegirls being whipped, beaten, tortured and even slaughtered right before her eyes. Bonnie had no inkling as to her fate or of any of the Cult’s plans for her. So when a group of coven members came to escort her away, she went into a frenzy of panic, sure that this was the beginning of the end – her end.

“Don’t cry, little one… you’re scaring your friend there! C’mon, smile, say hello to Bonnie. She’ll be in you place when I finish with you…”

Bonnie was mistaken; she was not being taken out to die. Instead she was securely harnessed in another small cavern room in order to give her very first contribution to her Cult masters and Mistresses. Fendora’s devilish design was for Bonnie’s body to be severely weakened before subjected to her very intense upcoming program of brutal sexual training. Fendora knew that having a weakened body also made it far easier to have one’s will and spirit broken and reshaped without the usual heavy doses of punishment. Like her plans for sister Katie, Fendora wanted Bonnie’s body to remain outwardly fresh and unmarked.

Bonnie’s arm was deftly punctured so that her blood flowed out freely into the offered cups of the gathered members who eagerly drank and sipped it down like wine. Eventually, after so much of her blood had been drain from her, the frightened girl’s vigor and strength began to ebb. Her mental awareness was dulling; she was there, but not there….

Katie’s sister was almost ready for her next journey.

And poor Katie would not be there to help her…..

Bonnie was both mentally and physically weakened from the deliberate program designed to make her thoroughly compliant. She gave no resistance or hesitation when she was put into a car and transported – still naked – to her next destination, a long-established whorehouse in the city.

“Look what we have here,” harkened one of the female Madams. “Such a pretty thing!”

So sweet and pretty. And oh, so eager to please. Bonnie immediately demonstrated her willingness to serve her new Masters and Mistresses.

“You’re just the kind of sweet little bitch that our customers want. That’s right, lick on down to my feet. Show me how much you want to be here, how much you want to make us a lot of money. Then I’m going to give you the chance of proving to me that you want me to like you. You want me to like you, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do! I want you to like me!”

“Good girl. If you really mean that, I want you to beg me to start reddening that cute ass of yours with my belt….”

Bonnie and her sister Katie were now far apart in terms of distance, but still so close in terms of their fates.

While Bonnie was groaning in pain from the heavy application of the strap, Katie moans filled the chamber room in which she was being acquainted with the twin – but conflicting – sensations of water and electricity….

“Yeah… I’ll make you squeal for good, my dear… it makes me hot… Hot and ready for you…”

Bonnie’s education began that night; she would learn so many new things. She would realize that she had no choices and that she could only await whatever her new owners and users had planned for her…..

“I want to feel the tip of that little tongue of yours inside the piss-hole… understand, bitch? And keep looking at me!!!”

Likewise, Katie knew that night that she also had no choices anymore. She was beginning to accept that her fate would be decided by others and that she could do nothing but await whatever had been planned for her when the next morning came…..

“Oh my God… why don’t you kill me?”

Yes, Katie had saved her younger sister. Katie was a good girl. A decent girl. And many miles away, Bonnie was being the same.

“Yeah, just like that, girl. Hold that ass up just like that! Brace yourself, I’m gonna ram it in one only stroke… it’ll be a hard one, my pretty…”

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