Clinic Of Dr. Sigelius [MR. KANE’S]


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Blanch, a good-hearted young country girl is slowly coming round. She does not realize yet that she is in a dark basement, almost naked, tied to a chair. She does not know that someone has carefully shaved her most intimate parts, and placed hungry leeches on her pubis to suck her blood.

A door gives a sinister creak. Someone is coming down the steps…

She turns her head in surprise and stares at her benefactor, the venerable old man who gave her shelter the previous night when she knocked on his door, half-dead from the cold and damp, to ask if he had any work for her. She had been speaking to people in the district, she said. They had told her the Doctor sometimes needed domestic staff.

Blanch cannot speak. She cannot feel her body. The powerful drug in her soup is still having an effect. But that does not stop Abraham Sigelius from administering another dose. He places a mouth forceps on the girl, and then fits a gag with a funnel.

The repugnant liquid runs straight down her throat. The girl squirms and writhes in terror. She cannot understand why the old man is doing this to her. Armed with a surgeon’s knife, the Doctor cuts the remaining clothes off the girl’s breasts. Her lovely, generous breasts wobble briefly and then fall into place before the Doctor’s eyes. He is aroused immediately, but controls himself. He has to conduct his scientific experiment first. He needs the girl’s blood…

He disconnects the tube so that the drug will not contaminate the blood and begins making cruel incisions in her swelling breasts. He is muttering strange cabalistic formulas. The girl twists and turns under the knife, but can do nothing to prevent the cruel torture.

Finally, when he is satisfied that he has made enough cuts, he places the first leech very carefully on the girl’s nipple. A stifled groan makes its way up the tube leech bites into the wound and it starts sucking.

The Doctor orders Blanch to look down at her breasts, and it is then, for the first time, that she realizes the full horror of her situation. Her vagina is covered in plump leeches that look ready to burst. Slowly, relentlessly, they are sucking her blood…

“Don’t worry, the leeches on your cunt are bloated. Their friends, however, are still hungry…”

In his slow, methodical, scientific way, the sinister Doctor Sigelius takes all the remaining leeches from the glass container, and places them on cuts on the girl’s vagina and breasts. The leeches suck greedily and gorge themselves on her blood, which they are later made to expel into a phial. He then puts them back again for a second helping.

The aged Doctor picks up the phial and shuffles out of the room, muttering to himself:

“Good blood, pure and fresh,
Blood for the son of Sogot.
Good blood, maiden’s blood,
Blood for the son of Sogot.”

During the night, the slow, relentless leeches drew Blanch’s blood. The much-feared doctor changed them from time to time. Blanch lay unconscious, unaware of the slow loss of her life-blood. Finally the doctor placed the last leeches on her, and went to bed exhausted.

Blanch wakes up with a start. Abraham Sigelius has woken up with his own problem: an aching hard-on. He removes the lid of the funnel and pulls her mouth open. He has decided to satisfy his baser instincts in the girl’s mouth. Blanch hardly knows what is happening her as her mouth is forced open by the Doctor’s huge member.

The infamous Doctor Sigelius mutters a strange liturgy, offering his semen to Sogot. His member, thrust deep in Blanch’s mouth, is covered in sores and open boils, the result of constant unbridled lust. Sigelius is nervous. He knows that his god is watching, lurking unseen in some part of the laboratory, waiting to devour him whole if he does not carry out the the sacred rituals precisely.

Finally, Sigelius shoots the repugnant semen into the girl’s throat. Her stomach reaches, and she brings up some of the semen. Doctor Sigelius leaves, satisfied. He will not be back for some time.
When he reappears some hours later, he is fully dressed. He drags the girl over to a tank and opens the lid. A strange vapor oozes out of it. Sigelius thrusts his hand in and draws out what looks like a mutated tapeworm. The repulsive parasite twists and turns, leaving its slime on the doctor’s arm, while its hundreds of eyes flicker in all directions.

“Get ready, slut. Prepare to meet a messenger from Sogot… Ha, Ha, Ha!!!”
He places the vile worm on a tray, in a jelly-like mud.

Doctor Sigelius takes the leeches off Blanch’s breasts and pubis. He prepares her for the parasite’s “visit”.
“You will suffer more now,” he says, “and your pain will be pleasing to the messenger. It will help him fertilize you.”
He binds Blanch’s breasts tightly and begins to chant his prayers to Sogot. The chant is necessary for the god’s spirit to become flesh in the parasite and make fertilization possible.

Sigelius introduces his forceps into Blanch’s open vagina. At the same time he catches her clitoris cruelly in some pincers. A stifled groan comes from her throat and she dribbles the filthy semen.
Meanwhile, the foul beast waits in the tank, flicking its tail…

Blanch’s groans ring around the surgery walls, together with a high-pitched squeal from the excited beast. The forceps stretch Blanch’s vagina to the maximum, leaving her womb free to receive the slimy visitor.
A sudden gust of cold air forms a small tornado in a corner of the surgery, and moves towards the parasite, which stands erect in its tank like a cobra. Abraham Sigelius knows that his prayers have been answered…

The moment has come. Sigelius places the tray on the floor and carefully lifts the beast, presenting it to Blanch’s defenseless vaginal cavity. She stares in terror as the parasite sniffs her orifice and slides straight in. Her stifled screams mingle with Sigelius’s chants. He is praying to Sogot…

Doctor Sigelius enters a trance and pushes the parasite fully up into Blanch’s vagina. Her stomach writhes at the intruder’s presence. Sigelius is confident that the brutal experiment will be successful. He will know in a few weeks’ time. The beast will stay inside Blanch as long as necessary. Blanch cannot stand the pain. She loses consciousness.

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