Breaking Elena [CORTEZ]

Breaking Elena

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Breaking Elena
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

Elena Farez knew that she was in serious trouble. The secret police broke down the door just as she was putting the last of the papers onto the fire and she didnt have time to get out of the flat. What made it worse was that, apart from a routine slapping and roughing up, theyd not touched her at all a very bad sign. Cuffed at the wrists shed been thrown into the usual black Mercedes and driven away.

Now, as she waited in the stinking little cell, she thought back to that first interview with the one called Marcos, Colonel Marcos. Very calm, thin faced with a cold, reptilian stare. Elena shivered as she remembered the soft voice in that plain, bare office and the endless questions. Where was her husband? Did she know hed left the country? What was she burning? Who attended the meetings? When did she become an enemy of the regime?

For all her defiance she had been terrified by the Colonels hints and threats. Then the woman had come in, the one in the white, medical coat the colonel had called Lieutenant Perez, the one whod touched her body just a gentle caress but Elena Farez had sensed the hot, eagerness in her touch, had smelt the tang of her arousal as she pressed close to her, making her shiver even more under the Colonels unblinking gaze.

Now she waited, knowing she must stay silent and what that silence must lead to for shed heard the stories of what happened to those who resisted. She knew that the Colonel and his lieutenant would enjoy her resistance relishing the opportunity to use their diabolical skills to draw every secret from her writhing body.

Sunk in her own despair she missed the footsteps in the corridor and the sound of the door being opened. The bikini-clad figure of Gina Morales, her young friend and neighbor from the student flat next door, was thrown inside. She tried to comfort the shivering nineteen-year-old student but barely had a chance to day anything before the guards were back, dragging her to her feet and out of the cell.

The one she heard called Carlos fingered her body and whispered crude obscenities in her ear as the two of them frog marched her downstairs and along a dimly-lit concrete corridor. She had no chance at all, however much she struggled and squirmed, and all to soon they halted at a heavy, unmarked wooden door. Carlos knocked and the door swung open.

Elena coughed as the heavy, sticky heat caught her throat. The sides of the underground chamber were shrouded in darkness. Darkness made more intense by the white, aching glare of the spotlights that formed a pool of brilliant light in the middle of the tiled floor. Colonel Marcos stood in the doorway. Despite the close, humid atmosphere inside, his white shirt was still crisp and his black trousers still looked as though freshly pressed. He gestured for the guards to bring her forward into the pool light formed by the hot blinding lamps.

Elena knew there were other uniformed officers present, shadowy figures hidden in the darkness beyond the lights. The Colonel confirmed it as he looked outwards. СGentlemen this is Elena Farez. Mrs Farez has beenunwilling to help us with our enquiries so far. Now we must apply a little pressure to help her change her mind. To begin He turned to her. СElena, we would like you sitting on that bench there

Elena looked down as the Colonel moved to one side. Standing in the middle of the circle of light, the bench was only about two feet off the floor, its short top padded with stained tan leather. At the end nearest her, the two thick wooden legs jutted up almost two feet into the air above the top of the bench. She gasped and strained in the grip of the guards as she saw the straps, the wide heavy ones on the frame and the thinner ones at the base of each leg. Most horrible of all were the two thin straps with brass buckles that crowned the two vertical posts.

СNo, no you cant, I mean I wont

СOh yes you will the Colonel showed his teeth, startlingly white against the swarthy complexion of his face СYou will. But, before you sit down you have another little task Its time for you to remove all those unnecessary garments my guests are waiting to see you properly You will begin now!

The sudden whiplash command jolted Elena upright and, as the guards released their grip, she instinctively started to obey, her fingers fumbling with the small pearl buttons of her blouse. Under the menace of the three men her skirt soon followed. There was a kind of low breath of appreciation from the darkness as she bent to unclip and roll her ruined stockings down her long, elegant legs. Awkwardly, she eased her garter belt down over her hips before standing up defiantly amid the litter of her clothes, every detail of her trim body displayed in the pitiless white glare of the spotlights. Now clad only in a low cut lacy bra and brief, high-sided matching panties Elena Farez crooked one knee, her arms across her full breasts in an automatic gesture of concealment.

There was a long moments silence then Colonel Marcos spoke very quietly, almost as though chiding a child. СYou really must listed more carefully, Mrs FarezI said everything or do you wish Carlos and Jorges to remove those somewhat inadequate garments by force? The Colonel signalled to the two guards and Elena jumped in shock as their rough hands touched her bare arms.

СNo, no dont t-touch me, dont make me, go away!

СThen do as I have said take everything off. at once, please.

Colonel Marcos smiled again as the twenty-six year old housewife uncrossed her arms to release the bra clip and let the lacy cups fall away from the heavy globes of her breasts. As they swung free he could see as she straightened up that, despite their fullness, her breasts still thrust forwards proudly without a hint of sag. The Colonel could also see the obvious stiffness and prominence of each thick nipple as, despite all her protests, Elena Farezs body responded to the display she was being forced to endure.

The panties followed with a quick downward gesture and a flick of one leg. The murmur of appreciation grew louder as the watchers saw the smooth bulge of her mound and the naked pouting lips of Elenas cunt revealed for the first time. The final disrobing was almost a challenge but Elena was given no chance to defy the Colonel further. The guards grabbed her arms, spun her round and forced her to sit on the end of the bench between the uprights of the rear legs.

СOn your back, bitch! Carlos said in a low voice as his hand pushed against her shoulder. It was only as her back touched the leather that she realised the leather top was much too short for her body. At that moment the other guard, the one called Jorges, hooked his fingers under her knees. He dragged her backwards until her bottom was completely off the end of the bench and she was forced to brace her self with knees apart and feet flat on the floor. Despite the adjustment, her head still hung unsupported over the other end.

She gasped in shock as Carlos slapped the two broad straps across her body, one over her lower belly and the other across the very top of her chest above her breasts. She gasped as he took time cinching the buckles cruelly tight with both hands. Then there were further sharp biting pains as her arms were strapped to each of the front legs, arching her back and forcing her breasts to jut sharply upwards. Two more straps, one above each elbow, pinned each arm against the wood quite immovably.

Panting frantically, but now quite unable to do anything to stop them, Elena craned her head forwards, watching the guards seize a foot apiece, forcing her legs back and apart until they could strap each knee to the outside of one the thick, vertical posts of the bench. Carlos casually slapped the naked, splayed lips of her cunt, laughing as Elena surged and writhed in her bonds, her toes curling and twisting in mid air. СAll secure, Colonel, he reported, before moving away to join Jorges in the shadows.

Although her feet and lower legs were unbound, doubled up as she was Elena was quite unable to protect the splayed core of her body in any way. From the shadows, the watchers could see the full length of each olive skinned thigh, the widespread buttocks with the dreadfully exposed cleft between them and the soft, split purse of the young womans cunt offered upwards by her awful restraint.

СW-what are you doing to me? Elena gasped, wriggling and gabbling as she watched the guards moving out of the way.

СIn answer to your question, we are doing nothing to you, Mrs Farez, nothing just yet simply arranged you a little so that all the right places are available for our attentions…

The colonel faced the hidden audience. He let them study the slim attractive figure now strapped to the torture bench for a few moments and then cleared his throat. СGentlemen, this ladys husband was a minor official in the Foreign Ministry who was foolish enough to get involved with political matters let us say.

The Colonel smiled broadly, showing perfect, white teeth. СUnfortunately for the attractive Mrs Farez here, he decided to take a spur of the moment holiday just as we wished to talk to him and, since we found Elena busily burning papers when we called on her. Well let us just say that I am convinced that she can be equally informative instead…

He bent down, letting his manicured nails trail over the soft lips of the tethered womans cunt, watching interestedly as she heaved against the straps, her feet twisting and jerking madly in thin air. When the movement stopped, the Colonel leaned over again and this time, very slowly pushed his forefinger into Elenas exposed anus. He savoured the resulting screech of outraged agony, smiling as her efforts to stop the slow penetration only resulted in a frantic twitching and further mad flapping movements of her feet. Despite that pitiful scream of pain and anguish Colonel Marcos twisted his wrist, driving hi forefinger up to the hilt in her rectum.

He looked into the shadows СYes, quite ready as you will observe gentlemen free to communicate but quite unable to prevent us stimulating the most sensitive points of her body. My assistant, Lieutenant Perez, whom you have already met, is an expert in these matters. She has that intimate knowledge that allows her to stimulate our female guests so much more fully that the crude violence of usual interrogations. Youll find shes quite inventive too…

He wriggled his finger for a few moments, bringing fresh squeals from the woman. Pulling his hand away abruptly, he pulled up a low stool and settled himself just beside Elenas head. СSo, Mrs Farez, let us begin do remember to tell me when you wish to provide the information I want The cane I think to start with, Lieutenant… Elena strained to see beyond the lights. Then she cried out as the woman whod touched her earlier walked into view, a thin yellow object held down by her side in one hand. She was still wearing the short white doctors coat with the sleeves rolled up and black sports shoes. Although the buttons were demurely fastened, Elena somehow sensed that the Lieutenant was wearing very little beneath the starched cotton.

Without any warning, the woman swung her arm and something hit Elenas up curved buttocks with a heavy, wet Сthwock. There was a moments silence and then a wild scream split the air. The watchers drew a collective breath, Elena convulsed madly and a thick, white weal appeared across the olive skin of her bottom cheeks and inner thighs, a weal that slowly turned into a hot, red bar across her skin. As the woman took aim again, everyone could now see that she was holding a shiny yellow cane, the kind with thick joints every few inches down its length.

The cane sang through the air once more and a second stripe was laid next to the first. Another scream echoed in the cellar. СElena, thats just so you know what its like, the Colonel said softly, leaning over the womans dangling head. СNow, why do you think youve been tied like this?

He paused, waiting for the snuffling sobs and panting breaths to ease. СWell its because you have a choice either you tell me everything, or Im going to ask Anna, Lieutenant Perez, to move round a little so she can use that toy of hers between your legs. No, no, dont try all those silly noises. Just tell me what I want to know Who were your husbands contacts? What were their names and where did the meetings take place? Simple really.

СOh please, please dont, it hurts so much, please I dont know what you want. He never told me. I tell you I DONT KNOW! The last words were screamed out in a panic as Elena saw the Colonel shaking his head.

СOh dear, lieutenant one more stroke across, just to jog that memory now please. The wet Сthwock of the cane echoed in the torture chamber again as the Colonel flicked his fingers.


A third weal appeared next to the others as the woman swung the cane again in response to the Colonels order. СBy the way, as youve already felt, thats a fine piece of Malacca cane she is wielding. The weight and all those delicious raised joints really help the effect, dont you think?

Anna Perez, flushed and breathing thickly with her own excitement, took three small steps, moving round until she was standing looking directly down at the splayed furrow of Elenas upturned body. The beaten woman shivered uncontrollably, twitching and moaning as she felt the yellow rod resting in the soft crease between her buttocks. The watchers could see the spastic clenching of her bottom cheeks and the uncontrolled trembling of her body; the feet twisting and turning in mid air as her torturer moved the cane slowly to and fro, allowing the ridges to scrape along the open cleft of Elenas cunt. The Colonel nodded gently to Anna, she smiled and lifted the thickly ridged cane above her head.


There was a wetter, flatter sound from the cane whipping down into the cleft of the womans body, followed by an instant of total silence. Then, Elena Farezs inhuman scream echoed round the stone walls of the chamber. Every muscle of the pinioned womans body convulsed as she surged uncontrollably against the heavy, stained straps that held her open to the canes blazing agony. She had barely managed to draw breath before the second stroke fell


СSo noisy and weve hardly startedShes catching you on the lips at the moment, just wait until she gets one right up inside the Colonel said softly, leaning forward to whisper in Elenas ear.

СThwaack! Thwaack! Thwaack! . Thwuup!

Amid the high squealing cries, the sound of the last stroke was different, somehow almost muffled. Elena shrieked louder and convulsed as though an electric shock had surged through her.

СAhhhh, thats it, Lieutenant, right in the groove. I think that one nipped her clit as well… The Colonels voice was thick with lust, as Elenas cries became a succession of inhuman squeals as she twisted against her bonds like a madwoman.

He held up one finger and Anna Perez let the cane rest, leaning forwards to study the puffy, wet redness of Elenas tortured and swollen labia.

СSo now you understand how it will be, Elena. Oh dont think this is all. Once we have enjoyed a session with the cane we can try so many other enjoyable toys. Enjoyable for us that is Im afraid that you will find our games a little less comfortable, shall we say. Then, when those lips have had a chance to rest and swell fully Anna will cane you again. The Colonel paused, his hands cradling Elenas pain-wracked face as he looked into her eyes. СIt will be even more exquisitely painful then, believe me So, what is it to be? Another taste of Annas skill or do you have something to tell me?

Everyone in the chamber watched as the Colonel leaned over Elena Martinezs sweat-beaded body. Then, without warning, she pursed her lips and spat in his face. СGo to hell, Colonel she whispered, her voice hoarse and broken by her earlier screams.

For a moment the Colonel stayed motionless then he lifted one hand to wipe the moisture from his cheeks. The other gently stroked Elenas cheek, СNot clever, oh no, not clever at all. I wonder what it is that makes you so proud in such a situation. Allow me to correct you, Mrs Farez. Just for that and for what you are so obviously hiding from me it is you who is about to visit hell Lieutenant, give her twenty more as a lesson in manners See if you can get them right up into her like that last one. Make her understand what pain is really like

The chamber filled with the piercing animal screams of agony as Anna began to use the heavy Malacca cane in a searing, regular rhythm. The dull, wet Сthwuup of each stroke, and the following electric convulsions of Elenas body, revealing only too clearly that the cane was biting right up between her labia to cut agonisingly across her inner lips and the wildly sensitive bulb of her clitoris.

After fifteen strokes the noises were no longer recognisable as human. Smears of blood appeared around each of the ankle cuffs. Then, as the eighteenth stroke landed, Elenas cries died into a series of gasps and she fainted completely, muscles twitching and her head lolling down so that her black hair trailed on the rough, red tiles of the floor.

Anna whipped the two final strokes down almost casually across the weeping, flayed lips of her victims sex, watching as she twitched and bucked in response. СShall I bring her round, sir?

СYes, wake her up but then leave her alone С Anna Perez brought Elena back to consciousness by tipping a glass of iced water onto the womans upturned face. The shock and pain of the water going up her nose brought her round, spluttering and crying as the throbbing pain in her weeping, swollen labia lanced through her body once more.

СNooooooo, ah, ah, no, p-please, no, Colonel no please not between my legs nooooooo The babble of words echoed in the low vaulted room. Out of the darkness one of the other watchers chuckled, enjoying the frantic, straining movements of the elegant tanned woman strapped so immovably to the low torture bench.

СSo, my dear Elena all you have to do to stop it is to tell me those names and places

СT-t-t-told you I dont know just doing what he asked burn the papers in the red file oh, oh, no more thats what he said ask him p-p-p-pleeeease! Hes the one you want not me, Oh God, the pain, p-please stop, pleeeease The words died away into choking sobs, then. СAaaah! No, n-no please, no not t-t-t-there

Elena Farezs sudden protest was because the Colonels hand had traced down her sweat soaked skin and was delicately teasing the puckered, dark circle of her left aureole. Elena craned her head forward, her eyes wide with horror as he tweaked and stroked the thick nipple, stroking the jutting stub with a gentle milking action so that it rose and stiffened in automatic response to the soft caress.

СBut yes, of course there, my dear. However, first we must adjust your position a little. He raised his voice, СCarlos, Jorges time for a change put her on the block this time. Kneeling I think, with the arms behind

The two guards unbuckled the straps allowing Elena to roll onto the floor in a ball, her hands clamped between her thighs trying to ease the pain in her bruised and swollen labia. They carried the bench into the darkness. A small, solid, wooden platform, about eighteen inches high, was left in the middle of the lighted circle. Only about three-foot square, it had black, steel ringbolts set into each corner of the planked top. The surface was heavily scratched and stained, and the platform was bolted securely into the grey concrete floor.

Elena, who was trying unsuccessfully to soothe her tortured cunt, started violently as her wrists were seized once more. Before she could struggle, her arms were again behind her back, held fast with an unbreakable white nylon tie. Almost tenderly, as though anticipating the torments she would soon be inflicting on the womans slim body, Anna Perez stroked one of Elenas breasts very gently, flicking her finger over the tumescent nipple before signalling for the guards to turn the naked woman and urge her gently towards the platform.

Instinctively, Elena lifted her foot and placed it on the top. Colonel Marcos chuckled. СNo, no my dear Mrs Farez, we dont want you standing up. Kneeling, if you please! Elena lowered her foot and Anna carefully helped her mount the little stage. The Lieutenant used the opportunity to let her hands probe between the womans buttocks and into the deep cleft of her cunt. Elena Farez screamed and writhed in the grip of Carlos and Jorges as Anna used her nails to scratch and scrape the wet, raw lips of her beaten labia.

Once kneeling on the wooden top, Elena was made to shuffle forward until her knees were right on the front edge of the platform.

СNow those knees my dear, the Colonels soft voice from the darkness once again, Сwide apart, if you please. Elena shivered as she realised what she was being asked to do. Suddenly she jerked, almost over balancing, screaming wildly as another scorching line of pain scored across her buttocks.

Unseen by her, Anna had picked up the yellow cane and used it to give her one more cutting stroke across the weeping red bars of her first Сlesson. СJust a reminder to start with, Colonel Marcos said quietly. СNow, your knees apart so that they touch those rings at the sides of your little stage!

Elena obeyed, shuffling astride until she was stretched in an obscene splay over the stained wooden top. At a nod from Anna Perez the two guards each wrapped a long leather strap carefully round one of the young womans legs, just at the crease of her knee. Taking the ends, they threaded them through the steel ringbolts at the platforms corners. Working together, and pulling hard on the leather thongs they made sure Elenas knees were clamped against the metal ringbolts, locking her down to the platform with her thighs spread wide open.

Satisfied the ties were secure, the two guards moved back into the shadows. Elena gasped, moaning softly in the back of her throat, as she felt the tendons and muscles of her thighs being stretched to their limits.

Colonel Marcos smiled at the strutted figure before him. With her legs so widely parted, Elena had automatically reared up backwards to hold her balance. In an unconscious, erotic display, her breasts were lifted towards the ceiling, whilst the red swollen lips of her cunt were shamelessly open and thrust forward by the tension of her body.

СTime for the arms, I think… Stepping up onto the platform, Anna Perez passed a wide strap round Mrs Farezs arms above her elbows. Slowly and deliberately, enjoying the little gasps and cries of pain from Elena as she worked, she tightened the buckles in turn, forcing the young womans arms together so that her shoulders were braced back and her breasts jutted out even more strongly.

Satisfied, she reached up towards the ceiling, pulled down the end of a strong nylon rope and knotted it to the stainless steel ring set into the tightly buckled elbow cuffs.

СCarlos, take her up,

The rope began to tighten as the muscular guard hauled it taut. To the Colonel and the other watchers it seemed that Elena Farez was bowing towards them, her upper body forced down and forwards as the rope lifted her arms up and away behind her. Elenas breathing raced as she was bent helplessly into a strong curve, arms back; breasts swinging free and unprotected and the smooth curve of her buttocks pushed out and slightly parted. Judging the tension from long experience, Carlos stopped pulling as Elenas gasping cries told him that the womans arms had reached their limit.

The Colonel lifted Elenas jaw with one hand, Сlast chance to tell me what I wish to know He studied the defiance in the brown eyes of the woman bowed before him. СSilly, so silly Lieutenant I think it is time you paid some attention to Mrs Farezs chest. The hot needles to start with

Elena heard metallic noises to one side followed by the rasp of a match being struck. The colonel released his grip and she wrenched her head round frantically in an effort to see what the Lieutenant was doing. Anna Perez had just lit a little oil lamp resting on a table shed placed to one side of the platform. The tiny orange and blue flame glowed clear and steady in the hot, still air of the chamber. In a metal tray there were a number of Elena screamed eyes bulging with horror at sight of the long, shiny needles, each one with a wooden handle.

Lieutenant Perez selected one of the needles and carefully propped it against the lamp so the blue cone of the hottest part of the flame surrounded the point. She watched the discolouration moving down the shaft, waiting until the tip was beginning to glow in the heat before reaching under Elenas body to cup the fullness of her dangling right breast. The fingers scraped and teased, rousing the crinkled peak until it stiffened and swelled despite Elenas efforts to ignore the tormenting stimulation.

СLets have it really hard now Anna Perez whispered. She licked her forefinger and thumb and then rolled and caressed the delicate tip until it jutted like a spike of flesh, gleaming with moisture. СAh, thats better Her hand moved and Elena felt brief warmth as the needle was moved towards her breast. СCome on, look downsee where this ones going

The lieutenant giggled as she saw Elenas head bow so that she was staring down the length of her body, watching the Lieutenant holding her breast so carefully as she touched the heated needle to the very peak of her nip.


Anna Perez kept her hands in position as the woman surged in a wild spasm of agony. She waited for the first manic scream to die and then twirled the handle slowly to and fro, easing the needle deeper and deeper into the delicate tissues, working the hot tip into the nerve rich peak of her breast so that Elena moaned and and grunted in her agony.

СUh huh huh huh h-haaaaaaargh!

To the watchers in the darkness it seemed as though the young Lieutenant was gently caressing the womans swinging breast. Yet, each gentle twist of the needle brought fresh, agonised expressions, more harsh grunting sounds and muscle spasms that wrenched the sweat soaked figure into a fresh curve of agony on her little platform.

There was a pause, broken only by Elenas snuffling sobs as Anna Perez moved round the other side of the womans pinioned body. The now-cold needle propped against the stove, carefully positioned to let the softly hissing flame bring the tip to torture heat once more.

The Lieutenants fingers teased the curves of Elenas other breast, dangling so openly from her cruelly tied body. Anna Perez licked her fingers then gently massaged the tip to bring the full length of her victims nipple to rigid arousal. СThats itС forefinger and thumb rolled and milked the tender stub. СNow you know what happens next, dont you.

СHuh, huh, nuh, the gasps were frantic but the slow milking movements continued. СNo, nooo, no you wont please, Why dont you ask my husband! Its not fair. Colonel, tell her to stop, p-please

Anna Perez smiled, deep in the throes of her own arousal, as she touched the thin heated spike to the very tip of Elenas other nipple waited for the first, wild frenzy to subside, then slowly, oh-so-slowly, pushed the silvery six inch needle down the length of the nipple and deep into the meat of the gabbling womans breast.

СAh, ah, ah, g-g-g-g-g-aahhhhhh!

She was just beginning to work the needle in and out, moving the point delicately and bringing fresh wails of agony with each tiny movement, when Colonel Marcos jerked Elena Farezs head back by the hair.

СLess noise and more information, Mrs Farez, or I fear things will get considerably more difficult

СAh, ah, I d-d-dont know anything, please, I dont really, s-s-s-s-t-t-ttop her, p-please Iiiiiiihh, please!

СLieutenant, I dont think Mrs Farez is really co-operating. Perhaps if we tried elsewhere?

Anna Perez twisted the long shiny needle free and stood up, nodding in agreement. Colonel Marcos walked back to the comfort of his chair, snapping his fingers at the guards as he did so.

Immediately Carlos untied the wrist rope keeping Elenas upper body bowed forwards. She surged back helplessly, gasping uncontrollably so her breath rasped and whistled in the rawness of her throat as she tried to ride the deep throbbing agony in her breasts and the spasms of cramp in her arms and shoulders.

They gave her a couple of minutes for her chest to stop heaving, letting the watchers in the darkness enjoy the way her swollen teats bounced and joggled at every movement. What she couldnt see was Carlos re-threading the rope through a ringbolt in the floor directly behind her little stage.

Lieutenant Perez moved behind her, wound one hand in Elenas wet hair and pulled the sobbing woman backwards so she was kneeling back hard on her heels. СLets try stretching you the other way, bitch! Carlos dragged the rope enthusiastically through the ringbolt. Elena squealed in shock as her arms were suddenly yanked back and downwards. Seconds later that single squeal had become a series of gabbled pleas as her torso was curved into an agonising backwards arch.

Carlos, knowing from so many previous sessions what the Colonel wanted, ignored the desperate, whimpering noises and just kept pulling until Elena body was almost horizontal and her hands were scrabbling on the rough concrete floor itself. Colonel Marcos studied the taut curve of Mrs Farezs body such a delightful position. The knees so widely parted, the legs doubled back, those heels pressing into her buttocks and that smooth elegant backwards curve running from thigh to shoulder. Its only those large breasts that break the line he thought, smiling quietly to himself in the gloom. Strange that, despite the heated needles, her nipples are still so stiff probably just the swelling, but…

Lieutenant Anna Perez moved until she was in front of the little platform, looking directly at the open folds of Elenas cunt. She rested her hands on the tense, hot skin of each thigh, smiled in wolfish anticipation and slowly leaned forwards until she could lap, very gently, along the engorged lips of the young womans labia.

СNuh, nuh, n-nnnnngggggg, ah, ah no, Aaaahhh!

СJust a little taste, Miss Farez, surely your husband excited you like this sometimes Colonel Marcos voice was horrible, mocking her as the clever tongue flickered and tormented the inner lips deliberately avoiding the engorged stub of her clitoris so she bucked and groaned with need and frustration. СThats enough, Lieutenant you can see if Mrs Farez will respond more quickly this time

Elena stared round wildly, trying to see what Lieutenant was doing. The soft click of two more needles being positioned in the hottest part of the lamps flame was confirmation of her worst fears

СNo, no you cant, not the needles again, no, not me, not there noooooo! Oh God, Colonel, Ive told you, I dont know what he was doing, he never told me you cant do this, you cant

СOn the contrary my dear Mrs Farez, I can and will. Dont worry; Lieutenant Perez is an expert at this lets start with those delightful outer lips shall we


The noise exploded from Elenas mouth as she felt the intense burning agony of the first needle sliding slowly into the thick flesh of her outer labia. She bucked again; another animal squeal wrenched from her as Anna slowly and carefully worked the second needle down the length of the other fleshy lip, scorching the nerve rich tissues with each twisting movement.

Moments later the leather ties creaked and strained again as pain shrieked through her cunt once more. This time the lieutenant used a new, hotter needle to probe the wildly sensitive inner folds, calmly pushing it slowly into the soft flesh before twisting and turning the point deep inside.

Elena Farez shuddered and heaved like a mad woman, fingers scrabbling against the rough concrete, as the slow, deliberate torture went on and on. Finally, Anna Perez put the needles down, and resumed licking and tonguing the wet, swollen split of her victims cunt. Each torturing caress forcing the screaming woman to another peak of pleasure pain as her body reacted to the lieutenants clever tongue fucking.

СStill being brave Lieutenant, I think you should let out guest try the pipe-cleaner The tonguing stopped immediately and Elena was able to take a few, heaving breaths as she fought to control the spasms of pain wracking her body.

СSee, this ones not hot at all, all those little hairs sticking out are nylon and and the tips been rounded too Anna Perezs voice was thick with arousal as she held the thing in front of Elenas face. СWeve got a vibrator with the same bristles that you can try later on. but guess where this long, thin ones going? She scraped the thin twisted wire with its fine, stiff bristles over Elenas nipples. Elena grunted and bit her lip at the scratching contact. Her legs shivered as she strained to close her thighs, even a little bit, shed understood with a sick certainty what the fiendish Lieutenant intended to do with the long bristled wire.

СNot inside me, no, no you cant you cant Please, youre a woman; you cant do this to me, please mmmmfffff!

The bristled wire teased the swollen tip of Elenas clitoris, forcing her to buck violently, before tickling the wet groove leading to her vagina. СGood guess ready? Elenas Farez wailed in anguish as the rounded tip found the tiny entrance to her urethra and probed inside. Quite deliberately, the bristles didnt start right at the tip but a few millimetres down from the rounded end. Elena felt that first, delicate intrusion, tensed and then relaxed a little as the wires smooth head stroked against the delicate inner membranes of her pee slit.

Anna watched for the tiny signs, waiting to catch her victim off guard so she could begin the torture. Seeing that tiny relaxation she twisted the handle, pressing inwards so the first bristles began raking and scratching the inside of the little tube.

СNo, no, no, noooooo!

Now she let the womans own wild bucking movements work against her, using each spasm to rotate the wire, pushing it deeper and deeper so that the bristles flayed the sensitive membranes with every tiny movement. Once the wire was fully inserted she paused, letting the animal screams subside as she waited for the colonel.

СMrs Farez, the little toy that the lieutenant has inserted so painfully is called a reamer. The lieutenant is quite expert in using it on obstinate subjects. If you decide to go on being obstinate I will ask her to show you its full effect. You will lose consciousness from the pain. Then, when you come round she will push it into you once more and start all over again. He paused looking at the tear-filled eyes of the woman arched back before him. The he looked to the taut СV of her thighs where Anna hand was gripping the handle of the reamer. СPerhaps you require a demonstration

Anna Perez smiled wickedly; the woman had no idea at all about what was going to happen. In a few seconds time she would be in such agony that everything in the torture session so far would fade into insignificance. Carefully she gripped the wooden handle then, without warning, she started moving the wire to and fro very rapidly, her other hand pressing down on Elenas mound to hold her still for those few extra seconds.

Everyone saw her hand moving in and out between the strutted thighs of the arched and pinioned woman on the platform. For a long instant it seemed as though her action was having no effect at all. Suddenly, every muscle in the tethered womans body locked iron hard, her tendons like taut cables threatening to burst though the gleaming, polished skin. Her mouth strained wide in a rictus grin of pure agony and she screamed


The wild, inhuman sound rang and echoed in the hot darkness of the chamber. Elena Farez had finally broken as the membranes of her urethra were stripped and flayed away by the pitiless nylon spikes reaming viciously up and down deep inside her body.

СT-t-t-t-tell y-y-you e-e-verythin-n-n-ng the words were barely audible as the Colonel leaned over the spasming woman. СP-p-p-please, s-stop, p-please.

Colonel Marcos smiled contentedly. He allowed himself a small smirk of satisfaction, another success to his credit, really most pleasing especially with the general and his guests watching the session. He looked at the sweat-soaked, blotchy figure strapped down to the torture platform. СThank you Mrs Farez the lieutenant will untie you and then you can tell me all I need to know about your husbands activities.

As he turned away the Colonel smiled privately once more Elena Farez seemed unaware that she faced at least two more agonising tortures. First, in a moment when the Lieutenant slowly extracted the wire from the raw tube of her urethra and second well, she would discover the second the very next time she was unwise enough to want to have a pee

He turned to the watchers in the darkness. СThe details may take a little time so, if you would care to relax for half an hour or so, we can then begin talking to another young lady who may be able to provide some additional information

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