Witches – Akelarre [HINES]


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Yasinia was so pleased. Not only was this batch of just-captured girls every bit as beautiful as any that had been brought into her mansion, but a demon had appeared to her that morning in order to inform her that the Master himself has decided to grace her coven with His presence! Such an honor was rarely given and it would elevate Yasinia to one of the highest positions in the Hierarchy of Black Witches!

“The Master invokes thee not to make any extra provisions or fuss about His stay with you”, the demon messenger had hissed. “He is in a good mood and intends to observe you and your fellow witches having your fun with these slave-bitches that you’ve snatched. Of course, He will probably suggest some favorite things and eventually join in the festivities if He wishes.

“You know the Master”, the demon purred, appearing to be a bit too familiar in his mention of the Dark One. “His great cock is always hardened and He constantly needs to empty those heavy balls of His semen to soften it a little. I’m sure that some of your new slaves will end up screaming from the rapture of His shafting!”

And now the witch Yasinia went to each of the slave holding rooms and personally selected the bitches who would be serving the pleasures of her witch friends and her Special Guests.

The Master surprised everyone with His calm and appealing demeanor and appearance. Rather than His normal eight-foot height, this time He chose a more ‘human’ stature of six feet or so. And His voice, usually very low and booming, was now smooth and pleasant to the ear. Indeed, He was in one of His rare good moods and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying Himself; casually flitting from chamber to chamber, seeing what wonderful and terrible things His witch followers were doing to this quite impressive collection of young slave-bitches. More than once did He step in to kindly offer His experience direction in the dispatching of a sacrificial slave.

This was the time that female witches of the Coven chose and established their lasting relationships with their slavettes. Such choices were not made quickly; those captives who were not destined for sacrifice were confined in the Punishment Cells, where their tender bodies were offered up for the whips and canes of the witches who frequently visited them there.

Over the course of the week, each Witch Mistress would gradually come to prefer a particular slavette. There were so many factors guiding a Mistress’s choice – the way the girl cried or quivered under the lash or the fashion in which she begged for mercy. In any case, each Witch Mistress would have acquired yet another young beauty for herself by the end of the week’s festivities – to take home to keep as a giver of pleasure and ultimately, as a provider of her life forces; which would add many more years of existence to her Mistress.

It was Witch Yasinia’s honor to be asked by the Master to demonstrate the proper way to dispatch a sacrificial victim. An unaccomplished witch could learn well by observing Yasinia’s expert gutting technique that left her slave twitching, jerking and screaming her cries of agony for the pleasure of the Exalted Master before He received her captive soul…

Given the aura and excitement caused by the Master’s presence, it would be easy to overlook the other usual sagas taking place between the witches and their slaves.

One such event was the attendance of the four Mendusa Sisters, whose elder sister was some 830 years old – with the next oldest sibling being 811 years. With a permanent collection of over fifty slavegirls confined at their Bavarian castle estate, the sisters were always able to absorb plenty of life-extending energy from the sexual pleasures and the pain taken from those unfortunate captives.

Tonight, the youngest sister, a young 270 years, had selected a beautiful English slave as her take-home prize. But being a strong believer in family sharing, she would immediately offer her new little bitch to her older sisters for their use and enjoyment.

As much as He had been enjoying the various goings-on at the Coven’s festival, the Master knew that He must soon leave. After all, there was so much to be done. The world was full of available bodies and souls just waiting to be taken. His witches understood His need to go and presented Him with a wonderful going-away gift: The spoiled but innocent 19 year-old virgin daughter of a dishonest preacher; a man who swindled his trusting, lower-income church flock .

The Master was very much pleased with this present and bestowed His blessing on the Coven. This was just the kind of human gift that appealed to His ironic nature and He took His time initiating her before consigning her to His special harem down in the depths.

He was a rough lover – that was His nature, of course. And the preacher’s daughter suffered an entire night of His abuse before, as the sun rose in the morn, the Master finally relented and released the thick red cum from His heavy-hanging balls with one last deep cock-thrust. His evil semen burned inside the preacher’s girl and she screamed deliriously and cried, her tortured body raising against it’s will to meet His slamming cock.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….! Such a sweet and obedient little whore. Your fate will be to My fuckslut for eternity! Now beg Me to use you again and curse your father’s name !”

And she did.

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