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Russian Roulette
by Norgil. All rights reserved.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an extreme story not for the faint hearts. Please do not read further if you don’t like these sort of material. Thanks.


Vladimir Alexander Koniev was a clever man. Clever, and ruthless, a very powerful combination in a land of opportunities, such as the post-Communist Russia. Ten years after the fall of the Communist regime, Koniev was running his own little empire with as strong a hand as the feared Communist leaders of the past. As strong a hand, but a better vision of the outside world

His business empire was a clever combination of legitimate businesses, most of them related to the entertainment industry (night-clubs, movie production, artists management), and underground enterprises, all sex-related (from soft escort-services to hardcore slave trading and snuff movies).

Unlike most of his competitors, Vladimir Koniev strongly believed that small is beautiful, and this belief was one of the many reasons behind his success. He had never tried to be the biggest dog on the block; on the contrary, he had specialized in providing expensive services for wealthy customers, keeping a rather low-profile in order to avoid the attention of the government authorities.

On this Saturday afternoon, Vlad was standing in front of the large windows of his summer residence, some 200 kilometers southeast of Moscow, and staring at the three limousines that stopped in the courtyard. He turned slightly to dump some cigar ash in the ashtray resting on the small table near the window, and stepped towards the center of the room to greet his visitors.


The young girl opened her eyes and looked around her in complete dismay. She did not know where she was. The room looked like a cell: a simple bunk, on which she laid, a steel toilet bowl and a washbasin, and nothing else, but a large door that seemed solid enough. What was she doing here? How did she get here, to start with? She had a hard time remembering what had happened to her.

She closed her eyes again and concentrated. Some images came back to her, a little bit foggy, but slowly clearing up.

She had just returned from the University to her small apartment, in the middle of the afternoon. The men had been waiting for her inside, and she had stood no chance against the three of them. Her apartment had been thoroughly searched, and all her clothes, including the sexiest ones, were arranged on her bed. The men had played with her for a little while. They had ordered her to undress, and then to parade for them in complete nakedness, to strike obscene poses for their pleasure. Since one of them always kept his gun pointing at her, she had had no choice but to comply with the humiliating instructions. Having found her small blue vibrator in the drawer of the bedside table, they had made her masturbate before them, the vibrator playing with her clit while a high-heel shoe was rammed up her tight asshole, and she had to play with herself until climax.

The man with the gun, who seemed to be the leader of the trio, had then selected a bra, a pair of stockings, a nice-looking dress and a pair of shoes that he handed out to her, instructing her to get dressed. She also remembered the other two men holding her firmly while the leader injected some kind of drug into the vein of her right arm, and of being carried out of the building to a waiting van. And then, nothing else until now

She examined herself. She was still dressed as when she had left the apartment; her dress was all crumpled up though, and her stockings had runs in various places. She stood up on quivering legs and went to the door. There was no handle on her side of it, just an electronic keypad. She pushed a few buttons randomly, and of course nothing happened

She leant against the door, and slammed her little fists at it, screaming for attention. By which she only achieved hurting her hands


Vladimir opened his arms in a large greeting gesture, and smiled broadly.

Welcome to my dacha, my friends. It is a pleasure to meet you! His English was near perfect, even though a bit accentuated. He shook hands in turn with each one of the visitors, having a nice word for each one of them. These were customers, and Vladimir knew the value of good service in order to get repeat business.

Each one of them had paid him 15 000 Euros to be here today. 30 000 Euros made in just a couple of hours, with practically no overhead cost And that was just the tip of the iceberg: this amount didnТt include the distribution sales and profit

Vladimir looked at them, burning as many details as he could into his memory. He was good at reading people, and in addition to his computer files, he liked to keep personal files, in the privacy of his own mind.

Jack Leary, the American, had been a football player in his early years. At more than 50, he still showed a muscular stature, with broad shoulders under the expensive dark suit of the successful financier that he had become. Vladimir had already been in business with him once, and Leary had proven to be an inventive customer.

Kurt Meister was a Swiss citizen, a thin man with large spectacles. This one didnТt look dangerous at all; another proof that looks can be deceiving. Vladimir had already seen him at work, and that was rather scary Like Leary, he was a repeat customer, but the two men had never met before.

After rapidly doing the introductions, Vladimir came to the heart of the subject.

You all know the rules, but I shall repeat them one last time, my friends. We have one girl today: she is 23, very nice-looking, great tits, and as far as we know she is very resilient and in good health Apart from any unforeseen weaknesses, she should last long if you men prove just a little careful

The action will take place in studio number 2; some of you have already visited here. All the necessary video equipment is in place, along with the crew to operate it. The whole action will be filmed, as usual, and you will receive a complimentary copy of the film, on DVD. In order to protect your identities, the masks that you have requested are awaiting you in the anteroom of the studio. No name will be pronounced during the session. Try to respect that rule, so that we donТt have to loose time and money on editing the soundtrack in the end This is a difficult constraint imposed by the direct sound format

Vladimir smiled at his guest, who all nodded agreeably.

The session will start with our own expert, Tanya Bogdanova, an ex-KGB interrogation specialist. Then in turn, you will each be given some time with the subject. Now, remember: there are no limits as to what you can do her, except that she must still be alive at the end of your time and able to endure more at the hands of the next one This also stands true for the last participant, ok? The subject must still be breathing at the end of the session She may be critically injured for all I care, but she must be alive!

Are we clear on this, gentlemen?

Vladimir gave a circular glance around the room, and noted a unanimous nod from his customers.

Very well Any questions?

No one had anything to ask.

Then I guess itТs time to draw for the order in which you will use the subject. We will leave that to luck, of course.

Vladimir placed a deck of cards on the table, and spread the cards, face down. Each one of the two men stood up, selected a card and turned it over for all to see The game had begun

LetТs proceed then Have fun with your film star of the day. Her name is Katia, by the way This is the only name allowed to be spoken during the recording!



Katia was pushed into a room that was quite dark. It seemed to be large, and she could not make out the far walls because of the poor lighting. She could sense the presence of several people in front of her, but she could not see them other than dark shapes in the shadows.

Two men had taken her out of her cell and brought her directly into this strange room, without speaking a word to her. After throwing her inside by a side door, they had silently disappeared, leaving her alone, shivering in the dim light, wondering what was going to happen to her.

Stepping out of the shadow, a woman approached her. She was taller than Katia, and was dressed in a perfectly ironed Russian Army uniform. But the most surprising feature of it all was the leather mask that covered the top portion of her face, just under the brim of the military cap.

Katia stepped backwards as the impressive figure came forward. The woman stopped a few feet away from the young and terrified girl. She made a sign with her hand, and suddenly powerful overhead lights came on, bathing Katia and the stern-looking woman in their illumination.

Looking past her, Katia could see a lot of movie equipment all around the room, which had to be a recording studio for movies. Behind the lights, cameras and sound grips, a few men were running the show. But what retained her attention was the small group of men standing in the middle of the room. Each one of them was wearing a mask, entirely hiding his facial features. From where she stood, Katia could make out a hockey mask and a very common ski mask.

KatiaТs mind had barely registered these images when the woman in front of her slapped her in the face, violently and suddenly. Katia fell backwards on the floor, and brought her fingers to her lips: a drop of blood was smearing the fingertip. She was still too surprised to be able to utter a word, when she heard the woman shout to no one in particular:

Start rolling!

The woman towered over her, and explained in a voice that was ice cold.

Listen carefully, bitch! You are here to be tortured Tortured and filmed! The woman made a large gesture towards the equipment filling up the back end of the room.

As you can see, we are well equipped for shooting films. The only thing that we lacked was a star Now, we have it. ThatТs you, my dear!

Still clouded by the sudden strike, KatiaТs mind was desperately trying to cope with the situation. In a feeble voice, she asked:

What do you mean? I donТt understand What do you want of me?

It is very simple. We are going to make a movie of you being tortured, in various ways, by different persons This is going to be extremely painful for you and extremely pleasurable for our viewers not mentioning our participants, of course!

Katia was starting to understand. She gasped:

Please, donТt hurt me Please

You can beg all you want, slut! In fact, the more you beg, the better the movie. You donТt imagine how much people are ready to pay to view a real torture show Not some silly bondage film where the whips donТt leave any mark This here is the real thing The whole nine yards and you are the star! ArenТt you proud?

Katia, still lying on the floor, eyes bulging in horror, could barely breathe. She kept gazing incredulously at the tall woman who was now straddling her and looking down at her. Even through the small eye-slits in the leather mask, Katia could make out the evilness in the stare that fell upon her. She did not notice the cameras being rolled forward towards the place where the two women were standing, filming the scene in a slow forward travel.

Enough small talk Take off your clothes. All of them, and right now!

Tanya Bogdanova punctuated her order with a vicious kick in KatiaТs ribs. She stepped back a little, to leave a clear field of vision for the cameras that concentrated on the young girl. Katia, without really thinking about what she was doing, slowly stood up and let her dress slip down past her and fall into a heap at her feet. She unhooked the clip of her bra and liberated two nice globes, not extremely large but very nicely shaped. It only took her a second to get rid of the stockings that were already ruined, and she stood naked in the crude light of the camera crew, trying to cover her intimate parts with her hands, shivering from fear more than cold in the well-heated studio.

Tanya came to her again, holding a large leather belt in her hand. She expertly fastened the belt around KatiaТs waist, and buckled it in her back, locking the little padlock with a key. She took the girlТs wrists and locked each one in a leather cuff that was attached to the side of the belt, above KatiaТs hips.

Katia stuttered:

What What are you going to do to me?

You will see soon enough, donТt worry about that! Tanya turned her back to Katia and pointed toward the men with the hockey mask and the ski mask.

You two come and hold the bitch still.

The two men came forward and took hold of KatiaТs elbows in their powerful hands and made sure that she would not move too much. Tanya foraged into her uniform jacket pocket and produced a few medical needles in their sterilized plastic containers. She opened one package and removed the needle that she held just in front of KatiaТs eyes.

IТm going to start with a few needles into your nipples. Then, the rest will come as a surprise

TanyaТs left hand cupped KatiaТs left tit and played with the nipple until it stood large and erect. She pinched the nipple with her left fingers and pulled on it in order to elongate it. Katia started to groan, but was cut short by the sharp pain when the needle went through her thick bud. With a precise push, the needle had sliced through the delicate flesh, from side to side. Katia had to suck in her breath: surprise, pain and horror made an overpowering mixture of emotions that she could barely stand.

The other side now! said Tanya, already preparing another needle identical to the first one.

A few seconds later, KatiaТs right nipple was similarly pierced by the needle, and Tanya stepped back to admire her work. Both nipples were pierced in the exact same way, in a perfect symmetry that could only be achieved through sheer practice.

From another pocket, Tanya produced two short lengths of chain, each terminated at one end with a pair of S-shaped hooks. She took her time to fasten the little chains to the needles going through the girlТs nipples: one chain for each tit, one S-shaped hook on each end of the needle protruding on both sides of the tortured nipple.

Tanya tugged viciously the free ends of the chains, causing Katia to yell in pain as both her nipples burnt with the horrible pull on the delicate flesh. Still pulling on the chains, Tanya led her victim forward and slightly to the right, where a little wooden stage was waiting. The cameras and lights followed the movement, always focused on the girl whose face was now a mask of sheer terror.

On the stage, now in plain sight under the bright lights, was a horizontal round and smooth metal bar, standing about waist high on two vertical poles planted in the stage. Tanya moved to the other side of the bar compared to Katia and pulled her against the bar, making her bend forward at the waist while she stepped back still pulling on the two chains and therefore on the tormented nipples. Katia let out a groan and a feeble plea for release while her boobs and nipples were being extended beyond anything she had thought possible.

When KatiaТs chest reached a horizontal position, Tanya fastened the free ends of the chains to a metal ring buried into the wooden stage, a few feet ahead and under KatiaТs chin. KatiaТs boobs were now obscenely extended; making them look like cow udders, and the pain in her nipples caused her to shriek horribly.

Working a little lever on the side of the stage, Tanya raised the horizontal bar a few inches, so that KatiaТs feet were no longer touching the floor. The two masked men then secured her ankles in such a way that her legs were kept straight and wide apart, and her whole body ended up precariously balanced over the horizontal bar. Every move, however small, generated more pain in her nipples which started bleeding, the blood dripping along the chains, catching the light in an interesting way for the camera.

Tanya turned towards the camera crew and made sure that the framing and the lights were perfect. In the underground market for snuff movies, KonievТs productions were famous for their quality, far surpassing their competitors. Upon receiving a silent nod, Tanya grabbed a small bench and set it in front of Katia, right between the bleeding boobs. She also pulled up a wheeled cart, carrying a variety of medical supplies and instruments. All the surgical steel was gleaming in the bright light, and Tanya knew that the visual effect on film would be good: surely a nice close-up shot!

Tanya sat down on the end of the bench closest to Katia, keeping the tray on her right. She gently, almost lovingly, took KatiaТs chin in her hand, and pulled it up slightly, so that she could make eye contact with the tortured girl. Her left finger slowly erased a tear on KatiaТs cheek.

How do you feel, baby? Are you still with us?

Katia could barely speak. In a whisper, she pleaded:

Please DonТt hurt me any more Let me go, please

Well, IТm afraid we canТt do that yet In a while, maybe But we need to shoot a full-length movie, dear, and weТve barely started

Tanya let go KatiaТs face and started sorting through the equipment on the tray. On the top shelf she arranged a small bottle of clear liquid, a few cotton pads, a couple of scalpels. She put on surgical gloves, under the horrified gaze of Katia.

This is not what you expect, Katia. IТm sure youТre going to be surprised. I will leave the scalpels unused for now Just a cotton ball and this little bottle

She picked up the unlabelled bottle and brought it in front of KatiaТs eyes. She unscrewed the lid and asked:

Do you know whatТs in here, dear? Smell this, and tell me if you have any idea

She brought the bottle under KatiaТs nose and left it there for a few seconds. Katia sniffed a couple of times, expecting an alcohol smell, but could detect nothing she recognized.

With an evil smile, Tanya said:

No idea, little girl? ThatТs fine, you will find out soon enough

Tanya nodded towards one cameraman who came forward and set his portable camera very close to KatiaТs left breast, whose terror was ever growing. Tanya was busy carefully pouring some of the liquid on a cotton ball.

Very slowly and very deliberately, she swabbed the nipple with the liquid, from top to bottom, perpendicularly to the needle insertion, and then from side to side, apparently cleaning the whole button. During the whole time, she kept on smiling.

At first nothing happened and Katia, who had feared the worst, wondered what this was about. But a few seconds later her eyes widened and she took a long breath before letting a guttural scream out of her lungs. Her left nipple doubled in size in a matter of minutes and the skin covering it became as tight as a drum-skin.

Katia was now shrieking maniacally. She screamed at the top of her voice, thrashing in her bonds as a banshee, ripping off her pierced nipples even more with the uncontrollable jerking motions. Her naked body was covered with sweat, and glistened under the camera lights.

Katia lost her voice for a little while when the pain climaxed, and she emitted a silent scream right before collapsing suddenly. She rested over the metal bar, like a broken doll, hanging by her elongated and bleeding boobs, crying pitifully, her words hardly audible

Tanya looked at her with a faint smile. She gave her a couple of instants before addressing her.

Not exactly what you expected, was it? Let me tell you what happened, bitch! This was not alcohol in the bottle, but carbon tetrachloride, a strong de-greasing agent. I removed all of the natural oils from your skin over your areola, thus leaving the tissue unprotected from the air. To be more precise, I should say from the oxygen, which in this particular case, burns like acid. Did you like my skin treatment, my dear?

Katia, still limp and breathing heavily, looked at her left nipple. The swelling had not subsided and the skin was still shiny and taught. She caught a movement with the corner of her eye, and saw Tanya picking up a scalpel from the tray. The sharp instrument shone viciously under the bright light.

Very precisely, Tanya applied the blade to the tip of the swollen nipple. She barely pressed on it, and the skin split with an audible pop, immediately covered by the cry of agony that escaped KatiaТs throat a split second before she fainted.

Tanya quickly revived her with ammonia, waiting patiently for the screams to start again. When they did, proving without doubt that Katia had regained consciousness, she touched the ruptured nipple with a fingernail and flipped back a piece of loose skin that still clung to it.

Very expertly, she proceeded to decorticate the oversensitive areola. KatiaТs eyes rolled back in their sockets and the veins in her neck bulged as the dermis beneath the outer layer of skin was slowly but inexorably exposed. The pain became so excruciating that she fainted a second time. Once again, Tanya used the ammonium salts to bring her back, so that she could suffer the full agony of the procedure.

When Tanya was done with the complete excoriation of KatiaТs left nipple, the poor girlТs pleas for mercy were no longer understandable.

That was a good introduction I think IТm going to keep the other nipple for later She stood up and pushed the bench and cart towards the wall, giving a last sadistic glance at her shivering victim.



The man wearing the ski mask approached the stage where Katia was still hanging limply over the metal bar. Unknown to her of course, the man was Kurt Meister, who having drawn the highest card during the draw, had chosen to be the first tormentor after Tanya.

He talked to Tanya:

I need the girl to be set on the gynecological table.

Tanya gave a few instructions, and helpers brought the table forward, while others unfastened the subject from the stage. Katia could barely stand up, still quivering in pain, and two men held her securely by the elbows and took her to the chair. In a pain filled haze, she noticed that several leather straps were hanging down from various parts of the chair, which had been located under a metal frame that reminded her of a swing set.

After removing the belt that kept her wrists pinned to her sides, the two helpers placed her on the chair, immediately cuffed her wrists together behind it and locked them to a hook at the chair.

Meister took the straps and fastened her legs to the stirrups, before pulling her legs wide apart with a wench. Additional straps were attached tight over her hip, beneath her breasts around her shoulders and her forehead. The whole thing took less than three minutes, and she was completely unable to move.

Meister went to the wall and came back with a large metal case, like the ones used to carry photo equipment. He placed the case on the floor next to him, in between KatiaТs legs, and opened it. Katia could not see what was in it, but her mind was racing in utter terror.

In a soft educated voice, the man told her:

It is obvious that you are a fainter. This is not good I want you to enjoy every minute of this show

From the case he removed a syringe and pushed it into KatiaТs thigh, explaining in a scholarly tone:

This will support your circulation and prevent you from fainting too easily. Katia did not even feel the little prick pain from the injection; her senses were still overwhelmed by the horrible pain from her left nipple.

The man fumbled in his case once more, while the crewmen rearranged their cameras and lights around the scene in order to have a clear field of vision of the girl and her tormentor.

Meister stood up, holding a large hose in his right hand. He showed it to her and explained:

This is a vacuum pump. IТm going to place it on your clit, which needs to be enlarged, before I can start working on it.

Katia felt the man fumbling on her clit, and she moaned absentmindedly. The pulling sensation rapidly increased, her moaning grew louder, and she wiggled feebly under the straps.

Maybe five minutes later, Meister turned off the switch on the pump. He looked approvingly between KatiaТs thighs and smiled to her:

Too bad you canТt see your clit ItТs over an inch long now!

Meister took a thick sewing needle from his case, with a strange looking and somewhat inflexible thread hanging down from the eye of it. Katia started trembling in the stirrups when the man brought down the needle between her thighs.

Not even looking at her directly, Meister explained:

You see this thread? It is a thin copper wire.

The sentence was barely finished when Katia screamed horribly, jerking wildly in her bonds and rattling the chair noisily. The piercing pain was excruciating. The cameraman zoomed in on the girlТs clit, now pierced at its very base. The needle went all the way through the knob, followed by the whole length of the copper wire. Meister expertly tied a knot at the end of the thread, thus preventing it from slipping through.

Let me do a full turn around your clit and pierce it again.

The pain was even worse the second time, and without the medicinal support Katia would have fainted again. Unfortunately for her, she kept her senses and remained fully aware of the searing pain tearing through her tender flesh. Meister went on with his precise procedure, piercing the clit a total of six times, until he finally pulled the wire tight, but not tight enough to stop the blood flow. He cut off the rest of the wire, and threw the unused length on the floor.

Katia, her mouth wide open, was silently screaming, her body shivering and gleaming in the light of the camera.

Without a word, Meister unzipped his pants and pushed his hard dick in the girlТs asshole as violently as he could. Katia screamed again, loudly this time, as the man penetrated her back entrance. He pumped her fiercely in and out, ramming his cock as deep as possible in KatiaТs entrails. He rapidly came inside her ass, drew back and zipped up his pants, still completely silent.

From the case, Meister removed a black box, the size of a cigarette packet, which he placed on the edge of the exam table, between KatiaТs thighs. The box was a small current generator with two electrodes, shaped like alligator clips. He clamped one on KatiaТs left inner labia, and the other to the wire that was encircling her clitoris. Katia gasped when the little metal teeth bit on her flesh.

Small is beautiful, as they say Well, in this case, small is powerful. This generator will create electric shocks, in a random fashion in intensity, duration and interval. Some will barely tingle while others will drive you insane. Some will last only one second, others way longer This will keep you entertained while I work elsewhere on your lovely body. IsnТt this nice, dear? Meister smiled viciously at the girl who could barely comprehend the words.

Oh I almost forgot Feel free to piss or shit, Katia, IТll be on the other side of you for a little while

Meister had just finished speaking when the first shock occurred. KatiaТs lower body convulsed and she howled like mad. It felt as if her clit was burnt away. The shock lasted no more than three seconds, but it left her trembling and shivering, anticipating fearfully the next one.

About thirty seconds later, the next shock went through her pussy. It was not as bad as the previous one, but still strong enough that she had to bite hard on her tongue not to scream. This one lasted more than a minute, and tears ran down her cheeks while she endured the torture. The shock had barely stopped when the third one took her completely by surprise. It was even worse than the first one, and this time she cried aloud, fighting in vain against her restraints.

In the meantime, Meister had kept himself busy. He had grabbed a stool and set it next to KatiaТs head. He had patiently waited for her next scream, and when she opened her mouth, he had expertly taken hold of her tongue, that he connected to a clamp attached to the swing set upper bar. The metal bit cruelly into her tongue, and she tried to howl, but that was extremely difficult now that her tongue was clamped out and extended.

With a little winch, he raised the clamp and Katia thought that he was going to rip her tongue out of her mouth. At the same moment, another shock tore through her clit and labia, and she almost ripped her own tongue off with her wild jerking movements of agony. Tears were now constantly running down her cheeks.

From a dark corner of the room, Meister brought a large water fountain on wheels, similar to the ones usually found in public lobbies, except for the clear plastic tube that was coiled around it. He showed the tube to Katia, and then started inserting it into her mouth. With her tongue pegged out as it was, she could do nothing against the choking penetration. She felt the tube entering her throat and for a moment she thought she was going to vomit. But the tube passed the throat and went down into her stomach.

Meister whispered in her ear:

IТm sure youТre very thirsty by now, poor little thing Let me help you!

He opened a valve on the fountain. Water shot into her stomach. The pressure slowly built up in her belly, and her entire abdomen became an ocean of pain. A few minutes later, after she had taken in three liters of liquid, the pressure became unbearable, and Katia was constantly crying. Meister closed the valve.

Katia looked down at her body, that she could barely recognize: her belly was obscenely distended, so much that from her point of view, her pussy had become invisible, masked by the bloated mass of her belly. And the disgusting mass was trembling uncontrollably every time the generator caused a new shock, in spite of the straps that constricted it at hip level.

Meister stood up, and circled the girlТs body towards the open thighs once more.

For you to really look like a big fat slut, we need some more volume in here.

From the case, he took a long black hose and spread some kind of lubricant over its end. He then pushed it into KatiaТs rectum, still sore from the violent penetration she had endured earlier. In a desperate effort to resist the anal invasion, Katia had tired to keep her sphincter tightly closed, but Meister had no real difficulty in forcing it. He slowly pushed the hose into her, foot by foot.

In between the jerks generated by the electric shocks, the feeling was unpleasant and strange, but not really painful.

With his quiet voice, Meister explained:

This is really flexible, and will follow the windings of your bowels. IТm going to push a full meter inside of your entrails.

From the corner of her eye, she saw him connect a hand pump to the hose. Meister began pumping. At first, she felt nothing, but after a minute or so she began to feel a deep pain. The man in the ski mask continued pumping, and KatiaТs belly increased a little more. She screamed a horrible and inarticulate yell.

Meister looked at her, smiling broadly.

Now is time to have some fun with you!

Meister went to the wall and came back with a leather strap. Without a word of warning, he began beating her belly with all his strength. Every strike left an angry looking stripe on the distended skin. Katia yelled constantly, while the cameraman got a few close-up shots of her open mouth and clamped tongue. The combined pain from the strap, the electric shocks and her changed body was more than she had ever experienced.

Meister took his time covering her full lower torso with red welts, and then shifted his attention to her boobs. The pain on the right breast was horrible, but nothing compared to the agony she experienced every time the strap landed on the left, skinned, nipple. Katia howled constantly, and wiggled in her bonds, trying desperately to break free.

Very rapidly, both globes turned deeply red and blue. But Meister did not stop. Instead, he switched to a thin riding crop, and resumed his vicious beating. KatiaТs tormented body was dripping wet from the sweat, and she was breathing with difficulty.

Meister whipped the girl for fifteen more minutes, until he was himself panting from the effort. KatiaТs body was completely covered with welts, and her skin had been broken in many places. Blood was dripping not only from her horribly tortured left nipple, but also from all over her torso and belly. Unable to control herself, she had peed and shit during the whipping, praying for the torture to stop. A silent prayer, that remained unheard by God.

Apparently satisfied with his work, and visibly exhausted by the physical effort, Meister decided to stop and to give way to the next torturer. He approached the girl, bent forward, and in a mocking kiss, ran his tongue along KatiaТs one, still clamped and extended towards the ceiling. He turned off the generator, and removed the two electrodes. Katia did not even feel the difference: her mind at this point was overwhelmed with waves of pain.



Leary, his face covered with the hockey mask, came forward into the lights. With his large shoulders and impressive physique, he looked like a gigantic Jason, from the famous horror movie.

Before reaching the chair and the strapped subject, he went right and came back with a metal and wheeled table, covered with power tools of various sorts. He set the table next to the chair, and backed a bit to let the camera pan over the table, showing the viewers the instruments that were about to be used on the girl.

He stood in between KatiaТs thighs, towering over the panting and sobbing girl, and said:

I guess the time has come for some serious genital torture, dear!

Katia did not react.

Leary took a pair of mirrors and hooked them to the metal frame that encased the chair in such a way that from her position, the girl was now able to see her pussy.

I want you to watch everything I will do to you. Keep your eyes on the mirrors

IТm going to start with your clitoris, which by now, is already quite worn out, he explained with a sadistic grin.

Against her own will, Katia looked at her clit, with the help of the mirrors. It was deeply red and swollen, and looked strange with the copper wire running inside and around it. The masked man slightly touched the tip of the clit, and a flash of pain shot through KatiaТs body. She yelped.

She yelped even more when Leary began working on the wire constricting her clit; he carefully straightened the end of it, maybe a couple of inches. KatiaТs eyes widened in terror when she saw him grab a gas torch on the table. Leary lit the torch and the blue flame hissed softly.

Very slowly, he brought the flame right under the end of the wire, which was now sticking freely in the air. It took a few seconds for the heat to reach her flesh, but then the pain rushed through the most sensitive part of her body.

She howled, but that was all she could do: screaming her lungs out, in a guttural cry, a gurgling sound that pierced the ears of all the spectators present in the room. Via the set of mirrors, she watched her clit getting darker and darker, and a small cloud of smoke rose from it. Katia could not believe her own eyes.

Leary looked at her, smiled and continued. KatiaТs whole body was in fire, but she could only suffer and yell, unable to remove the precious flesh out of the danger zone. It burnt to a dark brown color, and she smelled her own roasted flesh.

Despite her screams, she could still hear her own meat sizzling away. She had no more air to scream and cry; she was loosing it. Meanwhile, the rosebud kept on turning darker and darker, and finally became charcoal black.

Leary put down the torch, and slipped his right hand in a very thick working glove. He reached out for the glowing wire, took the free end of it, and pulled at it.

Katia gasped in shock when she saw her burnt clit coming off.

Leary showed her the coiled wire with the burnt flesh attached to it.

You see, itТs already cauterized!

Turning her eyes back towards the mirrors, Katia looked in disbelief and utter shock at the black wound in her slit, and simply couldnТt believe it. But the horrible pain was there to remind her of the reality of the treatment that had been inflicted to her.

Now that weТre done with your charming clit, letТs start working on your slit itself, commented the hockey mask.

Leary removed the thick glove and donned a pair of regular gloves instead. From the table, he picked up a little tube of super glue. Very carefully, he spread the adhesive on the girlТs outer labia. Working with one pair of lips at a time, he peeled the pliant tissue open, folded it back and held it against her thigh for a minute or so, until the adhesive had bonded. When he had done this to both pairs of lips, the rosy inner surfaces of KatiaТs slit were revealed like the petals of a flower, and the entrance to her vaginal canal was presented to him unobstructed.

Sliding two fingers into the passage, he pressed the wet walls and felt the strong muscle tighten as Katia reacted to the unwelcome intrusion. For a few moments he allowed himself the pleasure of exploring the love nest, receiving enjoyment from the resistance Katia put up in her vain attempt to prevent him from delving further into her.

At last, Leary withdrew his fingers, satisfied that the girl was still conscious enough to understand what was going to happen to her in the coming minutes. Leary was quite impressed with the amount of pain the girl had sustained so far; and he was going to add some more to that, for good measure.

Leary reached down on the lower shelf of the instruments table and his right hand took hold of a dentist drill on the end of an articulated arm. In his left hand, he held a cloth that had been soaking in a small pan.

Bracing his right arm against KatiaТs left thigh, he started the drill. The tiny, surgically engineered bit turned twelve thousand times every second, and carried a little brass-wire brush in its jaws.

The raw ends of the bristles kissed the inner surface of KatiaТs major lip for just an instant, but during that small fraction of a second, they stripped a tiny piece of flesh, the diameter of a pencil and about 3 millimeters deep, from the sensitive tissue. Leary removed the drill and immediately pressed the saturated cloth against the injured area. The strong aroma of the antiseptic caught in his nostrils. Nonetheless, the impact this odor had on his senses was immediately overpowered by the frenzied shriek of pain that assaulted his ears when Katia emitted a horrific sound.

Leary, working patiently and with exact precision, kept Katia screaming constantly for fifteen minutes before she finally lost consciousness. While the girl was out of her painful world, he examined his handiwork. In fifteen minutes, the drill had made its brief contact with KatiaТs skin exactly sixteen times, and both lips bore half a dozen wounds, while the rest of the marks were shared between the two smaller and more sensitive inner lips.

The tiny injuries were not bleeding; a simple pinpoint of blood marked the spots. They were carefully spaced and made a nice diagram on the girlТs pussy lips, and each one of them had drawn an animal scream from Katia. A faint odor of vinegar could still be smelled coming from the acetic acid Leary had used to clean the wounds immediately after inflicting them, thus enhancing the pain.

The man in the hockey mask stood up and brought a vial of ammonium salts under KatiaТs nose in order to bring her back to reality. Upon regaining consciousness, Katia started groaning again, and her whole body trembled under the crude light that bathed her.

Welcome back, dearest, commented Leary, while gently brushing her hair away from her face. The gesture was almost tender, in complete contradiction with what had preceded it, and what was about to follow.

Going back to the tool table, Leary selected a short length of steel wire that he snipped from a coil. Over his forehead he donned a headlamp, held with elastic straps, which made him look like a demented surgeon.

Turning his attention back to KatiaТs genital area, he brought the jagged end of the wire to the entrance of the girlТs urethra. He slowly pushed the wire into the highly sensitive duct, and with a swift motion of his fingertips, he started to rotate the metal rod. He did that for a couple of minutes, at various depths of insertion, to make sure that the whole canal would be scratched from the inside. The girlТs body stiffened and she resumed her heavy breathing through her open mouth. Very soon, she started screaming again.

Leary knew that the pain he was causing would not last very long; as soon as he removed the steel wire, it would stop. That is, until the girl had to piss

The man dropped the wire onto the table. From the lower shelf, he removed a heavy douche bag to which was connected a clear plastic tube. He hooked the bag to the high beam of the swing set frame. He expertly inserted a catheter and reached KatiaТs bladder, before connecting the catheter to the douche bag tube. He opened the safety valve and looked at the liquid draining into the girlТs bladder, smiling broadly. Very rapidly, the bag emptied itself in KatiaТs entrails.

Leary now took hold of the small propane torch that had been used previously to burn KatiaТs clit, and lit it with his lighter. With the torch hissing in his right hand, he stepped sideways, away from KatiaТs genital region and used his free left hand to pull out the catheter.

After a few instants, he saw a thin stream of clear liquid arise from between KatiaТs thighs and arc towards the floor, in a perfect parabola. But even before the first drop of piss reached the ground, the girl squealed horribly. The stream of urine stopped abruptly and, turning his attention to the girlТs face, Leary could see a look of full pain, astonishment and utter disbelief. A few more drops found their way out, and Katia yelled again in pure agony, a high-pitch scream that was painful for all who heard it.

The man waited a while, watching KatiaТs face and the forced concentration devouring her facial features while she was doing her best to keep her sphincters closed in order to stop the pain slicing through her lower abdomen.

When he gauged that KatiaТs mind was entirely focused on avoiding pissing, he suddenly passed the tip of the blue flame across her right nipple in a slow swinging arc. Immediately, the path of the flame appeared on the girlТs skin, leaving a blistering red line splitting the areola in two.

When the scorching pain reached KatiaТs senses, she instantly lost her concentration and cried out loud because of the new agony. Her bladder resumed its emptying process involuntarily, sending the caustic liquid into the urethra. In an incredible effort, she closed her mind to the searing pain in her right tit, and clamped her shut, stopping the evacuation of her bloated bladder. This earned her a second red line on her nipple, parallel to the previous one.

Katia endured the combined torture for almost ten minutes before passing out again, with flecks of froth staining the corners of her mouth. After her fainting, the liquid still contained in her bladder flowed freely. Her right breast was covered with a network of red lines, all passing over the nipple, burnt beyond recognition by now. The blisters were humongous, some of them already open and the flesh under the epidermis already burnt into charcoal.

Leary revived Katia before piercing each blister that had not yet popped open. He squeezed the fluid from inside and then slowly removed the sliver of skin free. Katia had screamed continuously, until the man swabbed the freshly exposed tissue with a saline solution.

Katia was a total mess. The smell around her was starting to be unbearable, a mix of sweat, piss, shit, burnt flesh, blood She was still conscious, but barely. Her tortured body was practically unmoving, even under the torments. She was loosing it at last

Leary went back to the group and talked to Tanya:

I donТt think she can take much more of that If you want to keep her alive, weТd better slow down a bit

From previous experiences, Tanya knew that the man was a pretty good judge of the human resistance to pain. She nodded and went to talk to he chief cameraman for a couple of minutes. When she came back, she said in a cold voice:

YouТre probably right In any case, we have a good film so far. The crew says we have more than sixty minutes of good footage, after cuts and editing. IТm going to finish her off



Tanya stepped toward the chair and the broken and deformed body that lay on it. Fumbling on the underside of the chair, she finally extended a wooden board at shoulder height, on the right side of the contraption. She moved to the head of the chair and unfastened the cuffs that kept KatiaТs hands tied to the chair. The limbs were heavy in her hands, unsupported by any will from Katia.

With some duct tape she fixed her right arm and hand flat over the extension. Tanya sat on a stool located near the end of the extended arm, and brought forward a wheeled cart supporting several instruments.

She took a pair of needle-nose pliers and explained to Katia, who was barely able to understand the words:

First, IТm going to extract those nice nails of yours

Tanya pressed the pliers under the nail of KatiaТs thumb. The pain was indescribable. She closed the pliers and forcefully pulled the nail out. Katia screamed like mad. Tanya threw the nail to the ground at her feet, and did not wait long before attacking the next one.

She twisted it around before extracting it. The third one, she bent back completely before pulling. Katia nearly passed out this time, and Tanya stopped her work for a while, just long enough to make another shot into KatiaТs thigh. She didnТt want the girl to faint again before she was done with her.

KatiaТs fingers were bleeding profusely now, but the woman in the Russian uniform did not care about that. In rapid succession, she pulled out the two remaining nails from the right hand.

Leaving the pliers on the cart, she switched to a pipe wrench. She used it on KatiaТs index finger, and after a few seconds of pressure, all present heard the bones crack loudly. Tanya turned the finger around, to make sure that all the bones had been broken.

Tanya put the wrench on KatiaТs little finger and shattered the bones in a similar way. She was now working rather fast, barely stopping between each torment. Tears were streaming down KatiaТs cheeks continuously, and her voice was coarse from all the screaming.

Tanya used a small carpenter hammer to push nails through the back of KatiaТs hand into the wooden extension. Some nails, she carefully placed in between the hand bones; some she took care to bury directly into the bones, and every time Katia shrieked inhumanly.

The whole process took no more than fifteen minutes, at the end of which Tanya stood up and unclamped KatiaТs tongue. The tongue retracted under its own weight into the girlТs mouth, but she was still unable to move it.

Tanya leaned forward and whispered into KatiaТs right ear.

Listen to me carefully! I am going to give you a choice now. We are done with you for now. We can set you free and dump you somewhere on the outskirts of the city, where somebody may find you in the next day or two Or we can terminate you right away for good, and put you out of your misery I know you cannot talk If you want me to kill you right now, keep your eyes closed for a second It is your choice, Katia.

Tanya stood up while keeping her eyes on KatiaТs face. She could almost see the wheeles turning in the brain of the girl, pounding the alternatives that were offered to her. After maybe three seconds, Katia closed her eyes and kept them shut for a long time

The room was quiet for an eternal moment; quiet for the first time in a long time so it seemed. Only the sound of the whirring cameras broke the silence.

Cut! shouted Tanya.


Two hours later, a van stopped next to the side entrance of a derelict factory, sometimes used by squatters and homeless souls. Two men opened the back doors, and after making sure that no one was in sight, dragged a bloodied corpse to the ground. They pushed it against the wall, and rapidly covered it with litter. Les than one minute after having stopped, the van disappeared behind the corner of the street.

One hour later, a shady old man left the factory and began walking on unsteady legs towards the street corner. Barely able to stand up by himself, he kept his hand on the wall for help. After walking a few meters, his left foot got caught up in something and the man fell to the ground. It took him a few seconds to realize what had happened to him, and still lying down, he started fumbling in the litter to find the object that caused his fall.

He lifted a piece of cardboard and peered into a face. The eyes were completely out of focus, but the eyelids were still trembling

End of story.

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