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Since hours now she stood there in this cold dungeon. A look through the barred windows told her, that it was morning meanwhile; and it had been in the middle of the night, when this stinky rabble had dragged her out of her bed and brought her to the dungeon, where she was shackled in this more than uncomfortable position with her wrists held by rusty iron shackles wide above her head.

Sophie de Tuillard sighed and took another futile try to find a more comfortable position. She had learnt meanwhile, that fighting the chains only would hurt her wrists even more, and her arms and hands felt numb and like swollen. And of course they were cold, cold as the rest of her body besides of her back that was heated a bit from the fireplace behind her. The wind that came through the windows were icy, and the stones and her feet an it felt like frozen, and of course that nightgown she was still wearing didn’t warm her trembling body in anyway.

Sophie wondered why she was treated like this. Of course it was a dangerous time especially for nobles these days, but she never had done anything against those stinky revolutionaries – at least nothing they could know. Several times she had helped other nobles to escape to England or Germany; nobles who had been more offensive and so had become a target of this stupid revolutionary committee , but she never had revealed herself in such a mission. She had felt safe enough to ignore the warnings and the offer of Lord Carsillon to accompany him to his relatives in the secure England – a big mistake as she began to realize; now she was imprisoned and the guillotine or even worse things were waiting for her.

“Nice, very nice – Mademoiselle de Tuillard, as I assume?” Sophie winced, when she heard the voice and the opening door behind her. She had been too deep in her thoughts to notice his entry, but now she felt the presence, the bad odour of one of those unwashed bastards. She felt his gaze studying her back, and realized with an angry shudder how less this thin nightgown was revealing anything of her from his greedy looks.

With all willpower she restrained to look at him, but stood as she was and just focused her eyes to the wall in front of her and hoped he couldn’t hear her pounding heart that seemed to like to jump out of her chest.

Slowly surrounding her he finally came in her field of view and studied her grinningly.

“What a cute face,” he mocked, but his eyes were attracted by something else about one feet below her head, and Sophie felt the urgent craving to kick this bastard his grin out of his face with kick between his legs.

“Too bad, that the blade of the guillotine will not make much difference between an ugly and such a delicious neck!” He touched her neck and then her face and forced her to look in his face.

“Don’t dare to touch me with your unwashed hands, you stinking bastard!” she snarled angrily and pulled her head back as far away from him as possible.

“The noble lady thinks she is too good for common people, hmm?” He still smiled, but his eyes were pressed maliciously. “Do you think this precious clothes makes you to something better than me? Maybe I should remove it, that we can talk from equal to equal?”

Sophie’s heart stopped beating, when he grabbed her gown near her breasts.

“You don’t dare it, let me go at once, or…!”

“Or?” He laughed mockingly. “I cannot see any reason that i couldn’t do it.” He grabbed her breasts and she could feel the rough hands through the thin cloth of the gown

“Apart from a little touch of honour and decency in the otherwise empty room below your lousy hair?” Beside with anger she spitted in his face.

„You little arrogant bitch!” He pushed her away and stared angrily, the spittle still running over his face. “You just have made the decision to be undressed by this!” He showed her a long leather whip. “I will whip this rag from your body, and when i have done this, you are probably a lot more friendlier to me! And I’m quite sure you then will answer my few questions quite quickly!”

She stared in disbelieve at the bullwhip and desperately clinked on his last words.

“Questions? What questions do you have, i will answer each question! You don’t need to…”

“But i WANT to… and also i don’t believe that you arrogant little bitch are still ready to tell me the truth. It would be a waste of time to ask you now… and a waste of a charming opportunity to see a noble lady dance under the rhythm of my whip!”

He laughed and moved to her back.

“No, no, ask me, i swear i tell you the truth, I…”
SLASH… with a hazing sound the whip divided the air behind her, hit her slender waist and wrapped around it. The tip of the whip hit her back with some force, enough to make the thin cloth teat, and it tore even more, when the whip was pulled back with force. Sophie stood like paralyzed from the unexpected pain. Of course she never had been beaten before, and now she fell her skin swell along the hit line of the whip around her waist.

“Stop, I…”

“SLASH… the second blow was one foot deeper, wrapped around her hip and clutched with furious strength at her buttocks. Sophie howled and her body bowed instinctively and in her scream she heard the content laughter’s of this bastard behind her.

“Your noble ass looks good so far… let me see now little bit from your legs!”

SLASH… the leather wrapped around her thighs shredded the gown, revealing slender legs with an immediately swelling red welt on it. This time she only winced and became cramped. Biting her lips she suppressed the scream, she didn’t want to give this bastard the show that he obviously wanted.

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