Colonial Prison [HINES]


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Wardeness Tennison always took it unto herself to personally inspect each new prisoner arriving at Lumbosa women’s prison. Now her interest was doubled because these latest arrivals would be the first white women ever to serve in Lumbosa. And “serve”, they would. Convicted to life sentences for their open support for African rights and independence in the colony, the dozen or so previously privileged subjects of the empire would now suffer for their beliefs.

The court had made sure that they would not be serving their time among the jailed African activists – instead they would be put into the dreaded Lumbosa prison, where the common female criminals were kept.

And the Wardeness would make sure that these traitors would experience everything that Lumbosa had to offer them. But first she would see what these prisoners had to offer.

Ah, she enjoyed how each one cringed and trembled as she brusquely tore off their clothes before they were passed on into the prison.

How each one could not hide their tears as Wardeness Tennison whispered in her ear. Whispered about what was to come…

The overall power in the colony was the administrator, Sir Hilary. Sir Hilary might have been a strictly proper and pompous gentleman in public but in his almost nightly visits to the prison, his private brutal and jaded side dominated his actions there.

And with these newly-sentenced and disgraced white troublemakers, he could indulge himself under the cloak of the authority of his position…

Sir Hilary decided to amuse himself by personally overseeing Patricia’s initiation into the social order of Lumbosa Prison. And the frightened white girl did not disappoint him, either. Afraid of the prospect suffering more of Sir Hilary’s whiplet, Patricia applied her eager mouth and tongue to her assigned task of satisfying each black woman that he directed her to…

But Patricia was not only popular with the female inmates…. One of the black guards, Corporal Butumu, won fuck rights to her in a card game and now it was her nightly duty to service him there in his small private room. Corporal Butumu was a very virile and very horny young man, ravishing his personal piece of white pussy for hours every night…

Miss kerry, one of the prison assistants, rather enjoyed being a voyeur. Now it was going to be so exciting to put this petite 18 year-old white traitor in a section with some of the more dominant black inmates and watch the action that followed…

Corporal Intumo checked the written orders-for-the-day in regards to the white prisoner in Cell No.30.

Firstly, a good half-hour of severe whipping – “do NOT break skin”; then an hour of “sexual attitude adjustment”.

Afterwards, Intumo was instructed to accompany the prisoner over to the female guards’ living quarters, where she would provide amusement and service until night. Then she would be put into a cell with two or three of the more hardened black ladies…



The guards’ quarters were always busy with sexual activity; after all, the supply of prisoner pussy was plentiful. And now the guards were especially busy availing themselves of the services that these new white captives had to offer.

It was customary for the female guards to determine the cell or block assignments of new inmates at Lumbosa. After all, there were many factors to consider: the prisoner’s crime, the physical and mental attributes of the prisoner, etc.

These new, soft and naive white girls would face severe adjustment problems here. There was now way that the guards would be able to protect them from the lust of the more hardened and experienced African bitches that practically ruled within the dark and humid interior of Lumbosa. So it was up to the female guards to help the English girls by spending a bit of time with them, showing each one exactly what she could expect when released into the general population – and also showing each white girl how to earn the good graces of her African guard…

But nothing could totally prepare the white girl for her actual introduction into her new cellblock home. The black women immediately set about making the new arrivals understand and accept their place; to know what they were expected to do and how they were expected to act. These English girls would be easy to mould into the most obedient and useful sexual servants…..

In Cell No. 207, the young English girl named Mary was being prepared for her role as the designated servant and pussy-eater. It only took a few minutes for her black Mistresses to see that sweet Mary had no tolerance for pain or abuse and would be broken quickly and easily. She would be punished harshly at first, just for the fun of it and then initiated into the world of black pussies and assholes…

“Yes, white bitch, look closely at Bokeki’s pussy. See how excited you make her? Look how wet she is! You see how Bokeki’s clit is swollen from the thought of your tongue? Black clits are like black cocks – big and juicy and needing lots of attention!

Don’t make her wait, girl – she wants to teach you so many things! Put your mouth to work and learn how please. When you get good at it, you will not only be treated nicely, but you will also have the honor of being our cell’s earner. There will be plenty of the black gals around here wanting your services and we will trade you for nice sheets, food and tobacco.”

In Cell No. 56, Regina was being schooled in the lesbian arts. Mibeki and Tarwanda, both convicted of murder, were older and more experienced than a lot of the other inmates. And their priorities were strictly based on the pleasure that this now-obedient white bitch could give them.

Patiently, and with voices that hardly ever were raised and with words that were endearing, these two cell Mistresses taught their sweet Regina how to please.

And this first group of white female activists and anti-colonial agitators would not be the last to serve and service in Lumbosa Women’s Prison. The Colonial Administration was determined to crush any white sentiment for the cause of Black Liberation.

So now, down in a secluded room in Lumbosa, more names were being added to a list of troublesome white women who would be rounded up, destined to join these other at Lumbosa.

It did not matter that poor Catherine would say anything that her interrogators wanted her to say; it only mattered that she would sign the paper bearing the false charges against the listed names. Catherine only wanted the pain to stop. The thin burning sticks, repeatedly applied to her anus had finally turned her into a screaming, quivering mess.

“There, there, my dear. You’ve done quite nicely. I think that I can now convince Corporal Nupulu here to forego his handy little sticks if you can replace his fun with some other type of activity. You know, that asshole of yours should be quite tingly from all the, ah, “heat” that he’s put to it. Must have made you somewhat horny, what?”

“Now a whore like you must really like a good bit of the ol’ “Greek”, eh? So how about you asking – begging – the Corporal to turn you over and have a good hard go at that warmed-up pucker of yours with that big black cock of his? I’m sure he might be willing to consider that. And I can call in a few of the other guards to keep you thrilled for the night. So – what’s it to be? More flames or some good African cocks for that hot rump of yours?”



Prisoners No.178892 and No. 178939 had surprised the authorities with their initial defiance and pride. Even after three days and nights of rape, the both of them still had to be restrained in order to be fucked. Although some of the staff really enjoyed their show of wilfulness, such behaviour, of course, could not be tolerated for long – other inmates might be inspired by their example and begin to make trouble.

Of course the staff had little difficulty in bringing No. 178892 and No. 178939 to their senses. In fact, it only took 40 hours of hard punishment to break them totally. Afterwards everyone marvelled at just how compliant and obedient these two white ladies turned out to be…

Prisoner No. 178939 always greeted her guards in the morning, thankfully offering her mouth and throat for their use in case any of them had an urgent need for quick relief

Wardeness Tennison preferred her girls to have their pussies smooth and sleek. ” I like to be able to see those sweet slits rather than having them all covered over with bush,” she was fond of saying.

Now it was Prisoner Allison’s turn to establish a close relationship with the Wardeness. And Mistress Tennison saw that Allison did sport somewhat of a dense blond mat of pussy-hair, which just wouldn’t do at all.

“Now, Dear, your Mistress will have to give that little cunt a more proper appearance before it gets used! So it seems like I’ll just have to spend some of my precious time ‘ thinning the lawn’, so to speak, you naughty girl!”

The Wardeness wouldn’t think of chancing nicks or cuts on such a desirous pussy by way of shaving it. Rather she thought that it was always more efficient, more safe – and much more fun – to pluck out those boorish pussy-hairs. Granted, it involved a lot more time, but for the Wardeness, it was somewhat pleasurable to do…

To the African inmates, these new white prisoners might have been more privileged, but they had missed out on so many of the more earthy pleasures of life. But they would be brought up to date in a hurry…

Prison life was not always so much fun and sometimes not fair. Prisoner Charlene, for instance, was rudely dragged from her cell and taken down to one of the Punishment Rooms and subjected to the most cruel treatments. Charlene suffered not for anything that she had done wrong – her suffering was inflicted solely for a bored guard’s pleasure.

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