Pimps [HINES]


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Sometimes fate takes an unexpectedly cruel turn. Charlotte’s sudden departure from her relatively normal, safe life to the sordid life of a prostitute began by something so simple as her being rude to the rather menacing-looking black man when he politely ordered a cup of coffee at her assigned table in the restaurant that she worked as a waitress. She just couldn’t help herself; the man dressed and looked like one of those street thugs that she always saw on TV. Charlotte had merely decided to give him less-than-cordial treatment in the hopes that he would get the message and leave quickly. Charlotte had gotten her wish as the black man, clearly stung by her rudeness, quietly got up and left without waiting for his order. But unfortunately for Charlotte, this man was indeed someone who she really didn’t want to be around. His name was Max. More commonly known to law-enforcement and other area criminals as “Mean Max”, bodyguard and feared enforcer-for-hire for the many black underworld factions who had need of his services.

Charlotte’s first shock was as she walked towards her car after finishing her shift for the night. Max’s strong forearm was tight and crushing around her neck, cutting off her air and any scream that she might make. “You better take it easy now, bitch,” Max whispered in her ear. “You start givin’ me trouble and I’m gonna put a bullet in that pretty head of yours.” The hardness of his voice and that of the pistol pressed against her temple quickly gave the impression he meant what he said.

Another black man emerged from the darkness. “This her? This the cunt you tellin’ me about,” the man asked.

“Yeah, this the one. Real arrogant shit, she is. Gotta attitude that needs changin’. What do ya think? Can ya use her?”

“Sure can. I mean, she ain’t no glamour doll, but she pretty enough. Seem like she got a nice body on her. Why don’t ya tear some of dress apart so I can get a better look that them tits.”

Max’s big hand reached around and ripped most of Charlotte’s thin dress away with two effortless swipes. Charlotte’s firm breasts were in full view.

“Well, she sure got a pair on her, I’ll give ya that. Yeah, she’ll do alright, Max. What do ya want for her?”

“I ain’t in this one for the money. You give me twenty-five dollars for my trouble and she yours – that’s after I drag her white ass back in the back alley there and spend some time fuckin’ that pussy raw while she tells me how sorry she is for disrespectin’ me….”

Charlotte wasn’t the only new white meat that was being introduced to the world of black pimps and their hoes. After her hour of being savagely fucked on the hard dirty surface of the alley by Mean Max, she was hustled off and re-sold, this time for one hundred dollars, to Little Marcus, one of the three pimps who ran a whoring operation known as Bella’s House. Charlotte’s fellow inductee was a blond named Milly. Milly’s journey to Bella’s House had began with her accepting an invitation from another white girl whom she had befriended on the bus a few days ago. The new friend has seemed so much more worldly and experienced with her tales of attending wild parties and meeting entertaining men; it was so easy to say ‘yes’ when the new friend had asked if she wanted to come with her.

“Don’t tell anybody about this”, the ‘friend’ had cautioned. “These parties are so exclusive, we don’t want a bunch of hangers-on to crash them, know what I mean?” That made so much sense to Milly at the time.

Charlotte’s buttocks were painfully raw from being the first to get a long, hard belt-whipping from Little Marcus. Now it was Milly turn to feel the leather as Little Marcus brusquely pushed her quivering pale body down across Charlotte’s on the bed.

Let this here be the first lesson for you bitches about how things go on ’round here,” huffed Marcus as he lifted his arm and let the first blow whack solidly against Milly’s upturned ass. Go’head, make as much noise as ya want – no one ’round here is gonna pay no attention. And the louder ya scream, the longer and harder I’m gonna whip ya. Ya better learn fast to take whatever I give ya real quiet. Ya keep on makin’ noise, then I keep on beatin’ ya. And I don’t care if I take all the damn skin off your hide, either….”

Another of the pimps who ran Bella’s House was Far Eye, a man whose frightening appearance sometimes didn’t accurately reflect his nature – sometimes. Far Eye could be quite dangerous if provoked, especially if it was anything to do with that eye of his that permanently looked to the right. Many a reckless thug had died from being so stupid as to not mind his manners when confronted with that strange eye. and many a woman had been beaten senseless or worse for the same offense. So it was no surprise when the crying BettyLou flinched when Far Eye entered the room.

BettyLou 18 year-old cute blond looks and body would earn Bella’s House some good money. As a rule, white girls were considered as somewhat exotic down here in the black ghettos, so the price of fucking one was a bit higher than for the regular black whores who worked there. BettyLou journey to this shabby den of vice had began when she had refused to help obtain drug money for her heroin-addicted mother by being “real nice” to some of the mother’s “friends”.

“You ungrateful little bitch!” her mother had yelled. “Here I am needing a fix to make myself feel decent and you won’t even help me out by spreading your legs for an hour!” Her mother had gotten mad – then had gotten even; putting some knock-out drops in BettyLou’s glass of milk the very next morning. While her unconscious daughter lay on the tattered living room couch, Dear Mom had indeed brokered a deal that got her the drug money that she needed and got rid of this troublesome girl. The Bella’s House operation had bought itself a new talent, a previously unsullied talent. Fresh and untried. And now Far Eye would have the first turn at breaking this young talent in.

“Don’t you let his looks fool ya, girl,” one of the House’s girls cooed to BettyLou. ” He might not be as handsome as some, but he sure know how to lay a woman right! Now I’d wouldn’t fight it if I was you. That’d only get him all steamed up and maybe get ya hurt up a bit. Better you just give all the pussy ya got and make him happy with ya.”

Through tearful eyes, BettyLou noted the big black cock that sprang into view as Far Eye slowly began unzipping his pants.

“Yeah, you is gonna be my little girl tonight,” Far Eye said. ” We gonna take our time so that ya get used how this dick be diggin’ and stretchin’ that cunt. You gonna be screamin’ and beggin’ at first, but I promise that you is gonna be a full-fledged whore by the time we’re done…..”

Far Eye spent the night educating BettyLou pussy with that huge cock of his. BettyLou tried her best to submit to his every demand, but it seemed that he never needed to stop or rest. Just when she thought that she would have a moment to recover, Far Eye would be ready to begin yet another assault; that hard, cum-coated cockhead pressing against one of her holes, then forcing it’s way inside.

“You wants it again, don’t ya, gal? Yah, I knows ya do. You wants your old Far Eye to open ya up again and make ya call his name. C’mon, give me some of that sweet little tongue. girl. Kiss me and get me all worked up again so’s my cock’s is as big as it can get. Mmmmm… that’s nice. real nice. Just like a good little whore…Mmmmmmmmm. Now turn over and stick that asshole up and then ya gonna beg me shove this big thing in deep and hard…”

Not all the white slave-whores were to be broken in so thoughtfully as BettyLou. After all, time was a valuable commodity in itself; the longer it took to train a girl for her duties, the less money was being earned.

With this in mind, most often the training of new whores was quite straightforward and harsh. The House’s basement was the place in which most new girls got their first taste of House education and discipline. A couple weeks of painful bondage and even more painful flogging was usually enough to ensure a deep appreciation of a new girl’s place in the order of things and of what was expected of her. After her stay in the basement, the pain and humiliation from all those customers’ cocks would not seem as bad.

It was Jalonda’s turn to oversee the training of new girls this week. Jalonda didn’t mind; in fact, she rather enjoyed ‘re-educating’ these white girls. It was fun to see these bitches beg for mercy as they suffered through the various trials that had be especially designed to rid them of their will and dignity – especially when one knew that most of them come from backgrounds of relative privilege when compared to Jalonda’s hard ghetto life. She enjoyed directing and implementing their abuse.

It was especially enjoyable when one of them would try in ingratiate herself to Jalonda in a vain attempt to avoid more punishment. This time it was the petite school teacher named Alexis who was seeking to somehow try and not be suspended by ropes throughout the night.

“Please Miss Jalonda, your breasts are so big and firm. They’re so beautiful. I just have to ask, Miss Jalonda – will you please let me suckle them? I’d be so honored if you’d let me.”

Jalonda smiled to herself. She knew that Alexis was hoping that she could pleasure Jalonda enough to that she might take this white pussy up to her bed for the night instead of rope-suspending her along with the other new whores; anything to avoid the constant agony of the cramps that would attack every muscle in their bodies throughout the night. ” Well, since you ask so nicely, if course you can, baby. C’mere and wrap those pretty pink lips around these big ‘ol nipples of mine. You do a good enough job, I’ll let ya suck of my toes and suck my asshole, too. Ohhhhhh, yeah, that’s the way, baby…..you makin’ Jalonda feel good…”

But of course, even after Alexis had sucked Jalonda’s asshole and cleaned out her anus with her tongue – she would still suffer through the night down in the basement with the others.

Willy G., another of the House’s pimps, was somewhat taken aback when he arrived to check up on how things were going; not that he didn’t trust his partners or the black whores, he was just careful. When the door opened, there stood Big Bella. Big Bella was more that Willy G’s girlfriend; she was also the one who had initially provided the start-up money that went to purchase the House, it’s upgrading and it’s furniture. In fact, it was also Bella’s family contacts in the underworld that had helped make sure that Bella’s House had protection from the police and other criminal rivals. But Bella had always preferred to be a silent partner. So why was she here?

“Hey, Bella, what you doin’ here? Thought ya didn’t like to hang around this place,” Willy asked cautiosly. Then he spotted the white girl on the lease being held by Bella. “You comin’ down here to play with some of these white gals or somethin’?”

“Well, yeah, I is here to play while work, I guess you can say. You see, Willy, I decided to take over. Take over runnin’ this house.”

“You crazy, women! This is our place, Far Eye, Little Marcus and me! We ain’t about to let nobody take this from us. Especially no woman!”

” Now Willy, don’t you go makin’ it worse than it has to be, hear? Far Eye’s already decided to go along with what I have in mind.”

” What? I can’t believe it! What about Marcus. I know he’d never agree…”

” Sorry to have to tell ya this, Willy…….Poor Little Marcus is dead.”

“Now don’t you go gettin’ all worried about anything, Willy,” Big Bella said. ” Way it’s gonna be is me and my sistas is gonna be running things here day to day. And you mens is gonna be in charge of making sure we keep gettin’ new white girls. Way, I see it the more of ’em you snatch, the more I can break in and train and then put ’em to work.

“You see, Willy, I’m gonna also start whorin’ these white gals out to our womenfolk, too. Lots of the black sistas ’round here is gonna be willin’ to pay some good bucks to get their pussies and asses licked by a cute little thing. They is gonna love knowin’ that they can have some white girl do nasty things that other people won’t do. We is gonna train the prettiest gals to be real good at everything.” Bella tugged on the lease attached to the white slavegirl’s collar, pulling her close, between her legs.

“Now Willy, you just stand there and see how this little bitch is learnin’ to please a black woman.” To the girl, she said, ” C’mon, baby, get under there and put that cute mouth to work on Bella’s clit. Show the man how you is gonna make Bella all kinds of money…”

Big Bella, the new owner and madam of the inner-city brothel known as ‘Bella’s House’, had directed her male underlings to find -by any means- more white girls to work there. She didn’t want white whores or prostitutes. She wanted regular, innocent-types; those would appeal more to her customers, most of whom were the black and brown men and women who lived down there in the ghetto that Bella served. There was also the added benefit that these new white slave-whores, unlike the regular whores who worked there, would be not be collecting any portion of the monies that they brought in to the House. The only thing that they would get was the privilege of living and not being badly beaten. For Big Bella, this was a most attractive and financially beneficial arrangement.

Quite a bit of effort and care was put into the scouting out and selection of particularly winsome young white ladies for abduction. Big Bella had wanted them between 18 and 21, pretty, with good bodies and she wanted them captured and taken with as little damage to them as possible.

Tanya, an office clerk, had been spotted some five days before they came for her. They came for her just as she was getting ready for bed. From having observed her routine, that Tanya would be alone and it was only a matter of using a ruse to get her to open her cottage door. Her flight into her bedroom only resulted in a broken door. They weren’t about to harm her in any way, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t take a little time with her, see for themselves just how tight Tanya’s pussy and asshole was.

Tanya would spend the last hour in her own bed being introduced to the rigors of three long cocks. This was not to be at all like the kind, considerate love-making that she experienced with her boyfriend. These cocks were rude and brutal and only the threat of her captors’ guns kept her from crying out in pain as her holes were repeatedly explored and fucked raw.

Bella’s regular girls were always curious about the newest white slaves to be brought in and interned down in the spacious cellar complex beneath the whorehouse. And somewhat resentful of these pale beauties who had previously enjoyed – in comparison to their own lives – a relatively normal and unscathed existence. But not for long. There was was also the occasional opportunity to exact some additional pleasure in helping tame an overly reluctant slave-whore-to-be by inflicting a little serious pain on them.

Veronda had been sent down to the basement with orders to show the recently-arrived Annette the penalties to be paid for her continued refusal to accept her new situation. Annette had to be given night’s lesson on being agreeable and Veronda was very agreeable in her teaching duties. Veronda especially liked to use tack-nails to test a girl’s breasts; she so loved watching and hearing them scream every time she slowly pushed the sharp little pieces of metal into the flesh.

Annette did not disappoint Veronda. ” Noooooo! Arghhhhh…!!!!” The white girl’s voice was loud and shrill, but it was music to Veronda’s ears.

Big Bella was a big believer in the power of marketing and word-of-mouth advertising. Her idea of expanding her brothel’s customer base by offering beautiful white slave-whores to service female customers was a good one but could only succeed if she was able to make the existence this novel service known to it’s potential customers. And there was nothing like a free sample to get the juices flowing and the word out.

The group of Latinas from the ‘hood were the first to be invited to try out Big Bella’s girl-girl slave-whores. Skeptical when they first arrived, they soon warmed up to the idea of letting slave Nancy show them just how much pleasin’ a compliant slave-whore could manage to give them within the 90 minutes of free time allotted.

Juanita was the woman who took the the lead, asking, ” Hey, girl, my name’s Juanita. Damn, you are a cute thing. Got a cute-lookin’ mouth, too. Bella says you are gonna tongue-fuck me and my friends in any way we tell ya. That true, gringa gal?”

Nancy shuddered as she answered, ” Yes.”

Juanita’s hard slap turned Nancy’s face. “Bitch! Puta! You say, ‘Yes, Miss Juanita’ when you address me, get it? You need me and my homegirls to kick your ass a little to remaind ya?”

“N-No, Miss Juanita. Please! I’m so sorry, Miss Jaunita. Please forgive me!”

“Ooooooo…..now that’s the proper way to talk, baby. Of course, I’ll forgive ya. But first, get a closer look at my pussy. You like it, don’t ya? Why don’t ya taste it and let the girls see if you can get me feelin’ all good and shit…..”

While Bella House’s Female/female whore service was being launched, it would still be the good ol’ dick-in-pussy business that would continue to bring in the most profit. It was true that the hard and severe ghetto-style fuckin’ would break down the more fragile white slave-whores within a couple of months, but if Big Bella’s boys were able to continue their current rate of kidnappings and abductions of fresh white bodies, there should not be that much of a problem. For those slave-whores who eventually got used up by the unrelenting ghetto slam-fuckin’, Big Bella always had the option of putin’ ’em to work out on the streets. Once they were forcibly addicted to crack, it would be no trouble sendin’ ’em out to fuck ‘n suck those low-life ten-dollar customers who would use them in the back alleys on filthy mattresses or just on the hard, unforgivin’ asphalt.

Bella House’s first ‘Friday Night Special’ was quite a profitable hit with the dudes from the ‘hood. They practically flooded into the place to see the newest supply of exotic white cunts, judge ’em and then pay some of their hard-earned money to fuck ’em. Again, Big Bella excelled at bringin’ attention to all the House had to offer. The most effective was the outside advertising ploy of stationing the dark-haired slave-whore named Charlotte outside the front entrance, exhibiting an example of what was being offered inside. A discount rate for a short-fuck time also attracted even more attention.

Big, lanky Bubba was the first to step up and take advantage of the discount. Bubba’s clothes were dirty, his breath stank and he had already been gulpin’ on his third bottle of cheap whisky, but goddamnit, his motherfuckin’ dick was hard and he wanted to ram those 11 inches some pussy. The white gal looked good and he had an extra twenty dollars on him, so why not? Didn’t bother him no never-mind that they were out in the open. fuckin’ was fuckin’.

Charlotte caught her breath as Bubba started pushin’ that big dick inside her already-sore pussy. She winched from the pain, trying to shift away from this huge black shaft that was being digging into her. But there was no escape to be had as Bubba fully impaled her, then pulled back and slammed himself in up to the hilt.

“Hey, look at Bubba usin’ that big ‘ol thing”, someone in the crowd laughed. “Go on, Bubba, tear that pussy up!”.

Bubba grinned as he began poundin’ that hole. Poundin’ it real good. Charlotte’s moans only served to spur him on, make him fuck her harder. Showin’ her what a man Bubba could be. “Shit, I is lovin’ puttin’ my meat to this bitch. Gotta fuckin’ tight little pussy……!”

The other men started cheering Bubba as he rocked Charlotte’s captive body back agains the wall with his violent fuckin’.

“Bubba! Bubba! Bubba!”

The men weren’t the only ones to get to take advantage of a Bella House’s special introductory offering. Saturday night featured a ‘Ladies’ Night Special’ that brought in quite a few of women from the ‘hood

After all, who could resist the chance to having their cunts and ass obediently eaten by some really pretty and totally accommodating white girls? And just 20 dollars for an hour? In fact, it was such a hit that Big Bella had to schedule Sunday and Monday ‘Ladies’ Night’ just to placate all those homegirls who flocked in.

The female customers ran the gamut from the chunky Latin bartender Castina to the old black lady called Miss Inez who gladly used some of the money that she kept hidden in a kitchen drawer to experience some fun. The gals certainly were havin’ their fun. And they’d certainly be back, this time payin’ a higher rate – but still very reasonable in regards to their somewhat restricted budgets.

Cindy, twenty-one, sweet and petite, had been given extensive training in the arts of pleasurin’ a woman. Big Bella and the whores of the House had certainly made sure that she, along with all the other captives, was given plenty of practice time on the subject. Now it was time for Cindy to perform those duties for paying customers.

“Now, girl, listen here,” Big Bella had instructed Cindy before pushing her into the room in which the women customers waited for more slave-whores to join those already being used. ” I’m gonna only tell ya once – you better lick some serious cunt and asshole when you’re in there, understand? I better not get any complaints from any customers, sayin’ you ain’t been doin’ the job just the way they want it.”

Cindy would immediately have the chance to do the job right as both Miss Inez and Castina grabbed at her as soon as she stumbled into the Orgy Room.

“C’mere, sweetie,” cackled Miss Inez, her opened dress revealing her sagging old tilts and ancient cunt. “Ain’t you a pretty thing! You reminds of a gal I used to own when I was in prison a long time ago. Damn, that bitch could eat some pussy! Hopes you is gonna be as good as her…..”

It’s good to know that certain activities work to bring together people of differing lifestyles and social-economic backgrounds. And even better when doing so turns a neat little profit for business concerns like Bella’s House. The slave-whores pressed into service at the House got to experience an entirely different world. Of course they tended not to enjoy it nearly as much as their customers – but that was the nature of the business.

It would be safe to say that Tanya did not enjoy her new life as a slave-whore at Bella’s House. But at least she could consider herself as gainfully employed, the gains going to Big Bella, the very successful female pimp. She certainly didn’t have to worry about being lonely, as she definitely got to meet new people all the time. And she also could count on a good meal, plenty of dark meat around. A lot of it.

At the moment, Tanya was tasting and swallowing some thick protein issued up by a grateful, paying customer. She tried her best to lick it all up as fast as she could, but the black cock just kept on pulsing and pumping out it’s salty reward for all her hard work. Not to worry, her customer was the sort who would patiently let her the chance to tongue up every last thick, slimy drop.

And he was also the type to voice his appreciation as Tanya used her captive mouth to milk the remaining cum from his throbbing dick.

“Uhhhhhhh……you fuckin’ bitch, you! You sure knows how to suck cock, I’ll tell ya that! You is way better than them street whores. Ohhhhhhhh, my balls are still twitchin’. Still working up some more sperm for ya! Don’t you stop, ya cunt. Just keep on workin’ those lips! When I’m done, I’m gonna wash your throat clean with my piss. You the kind who wants that, I knows you is.

“Here it comes, bitch. Here comes the last load! Take it, you no-good whore, swallow it all! UHHhhhhhhhh….!”

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!