Holiday In Mantok 1 [CORTEZ]

Holiday In Mantok 1

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Holiday in Mantok: Part One – Airport Search
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

Nineteen year old Linda Martin slumped back in her seat as the airport bus raced away from the hotel at the usual insane speed of Mantok traffic. God, what an incredible fucking break,’ she thought. She smiled at the memories of the last three days, fucking break was exactly right. She squirmed in the seat getting a very disapproving look from the frumpy middle-aged woman tourist wedged in next to her.

The woman’s disapproval was something Linda was quite used to. She knew exactly what she was thinking, ‘student… no morals… drugs… sex…’ Linda sat back and grinned at her own reflection in the coach window. The image of a slim, pretty nineteen year old with a great tan, very short, black hair and a silver nose stud grinned back. The pink cut-off tee shirt left her mid-riff bare, so she had no doubt the woman had already seen the other stud in her navel. Time for some fun…

The sniffs of disapproval became snorts of disgust as Linda deliberately arched back in her seat, making her breasts stretch the already taut fabric of her T shirt even more. She could feel her excitement growing and knew without looking down that her nipples were hard… tenting the thin cotton to show the stuffy bitch next to her quite clearly that she was young and firm enough to do without a bra, thank you very much.

After months of the student lifestyle, her baggy denim shorts were bleached almost colourless by sun and washing and her canvas shoes had definitely seen better days. My legs are looking great though, thought Linda, especially with the tan. She tucked one foot under her bottom and there was a further, longer huffing of outrage as her shorts rode up her thighs almost into the crease… Linda giggled to herself, pity the rest of her gear was in the battered backpack stowed with the luggage. Mrs. Sniffy would have a fit if she saw the collection of tiny thongs that made up her knicker collection… and those two minute bikinis weren’t much better… especially that white one that went transparent when it got wet!

The terminal of Mantok International Airport was like a hundred others, all concrete, glass and tiled floors. Grabbing her backpack and hurrying across to check-in, Linda suddenly felt all last night’s fears and terrors returning as she saw the soldiers, the Sultan’s internal security troops… and the police… and those anonymous men in dark slacks, white open-necked shirts and sunglasses who just watched…

The last few days had been fun; wild sex with Selim… not forgetting her finger-fucking fun with the chambermaid, Anna, but last night had been different. Selim had suddenly stopped being the rich playboy she’d met on the plane from Bangkok. To be honest, he’d frightened her as he talked about the dangers of being alone and unprotected in Mantok; telling her stories about the Sultan’s secret police and how they dealt with any signs of opposition to the regime.

He almost seemed to enjoy telling her about the methods they used to torture and interrogate prisoners, especially pretty young women. He described the sessions in detail; the beatings… usually on the feet or the cunt, then the use of electricity… clips on the nipples and the clitoris… and electrodes designed to go right up inside… the torturers so skilled in controlling the current so you never lost consciousness as the agony increased.

She remembered how Selim’s cock had grown harder and harder as he told her how a young woman would be forced to strip naked before being strapped down for the torture to begin. Then he’d sprawled back on the bed, shoulders propped up on the pillows with his long brown penis rearing back against his belly in a thick curving arc. She’d held him as he talked, fingers stroking the silky shaft then leaning forwards to flick her tongue around the rim of his glans. The horrible stories of torture had made her wet too and she’d taken him deeper and deeper in her mouth, tonguing him with long slow strokes that made him groan and arch up off the bed.

Finally, she could wait no longer. She’d straddled his body as he watched; lowering herself very slowly until she squatted astride his hips with just the helmet of his cock nestled between the lips of her cunt. He’d told her how some of them used bamboo slivers on the most tender parts of a woman’s body and she’d shuddered as he scraped his nails across her nipples; moving very gently and easing the slippery dome in and out… tormenting and tantalising them both until the sensations grew too intense.

Describing how a wooden sliver would be twisted slowly up inside a woman’s urethra, each tiny movement of a torturer’s fingers bringing even more muscle-wrenching spasms of agony from the shrieking victim, his fingers had finally touched her cunt… , flickering across her clitoris.

That was when she had to sink all the way down, sheathing the full nine inches deep inside her vagina. Then, as Selim twirled one finger unbearably against her clit and used his other hand to roll and press the peaks of her dangling breasts, she ridden him like a jockey, rising and falling on the thick, oily spear, her movements getting steadily harder and faster until she was screaming with the pleasure of his cock and that wonderful, extra stimulation from his fingers.

All those stories flooded back as she hurried across the nearly empty departure hall. Thank God she’d planned to leave today anyway… but after last night’s dreadful tales and his repeated warning about her safety, waking up to find Selim gone had left Linda in a terrified panic

Then there was that note on the pillow… Linda – sorry, had to leave suddenly on business. Bill’s paid. Remember what I said. Get out of Mantok today as you planned. Don’t delay – burn this note. Selim. She’d done that of course, but the words still echoed in her brain as she hurried across the marble floor of the terminal.

‘A moment, if you please…’ one of the watchers with two armed policemen close behind, stepped in front of her as she picked her bag off the scanner. ‘Papers please.’

Linda fumbled for her passport, boarding card and tickets. He took them.

The man’s eyes were invisible behind the dark glasses. ‘You have been in Mantok for… how long please?’

‘Three days, I came from Bangkok on Monday.’

‘And you stayed where?’ The black lenses raked down her barely concealed body taking in the battered bag and worn shorts and shoes.

‘T-the M-Mantok P-Palace. Why, why do you want to know?’ Others were looking at her now, swift glances followed by that sudden turning away and hurried step out of sight; don’t stare, don’t attract attention, keep moving… Linda Martin shivered; Selim’s horrible stories of last night suddenly all too real as she shivered with fear at the men with their guns and uniforms.

‘Just a routine check, you will come with me please…’

They hustled her quickly and efficiently through an anonymous grey steel door labelled Security. On the other side the public show stopped; beige walls, grey plastic tiles and metal doors with keypads.

One door was wide open… she caught a glimpse of two more white-shirted men behind a desk. Then she looked again, and wished she hadn’t… they were watching a woman standing in front of the desk with her legs astride, hands on her head. Early thirties and with a good figure… soft brown skin, trim waist and large, firm breasts with long, dark nipples. Linda could see all that at a glance… because the woman was naked; tears were trickling down her face but the men just went on looking at her.

The three men laughed as they saw her shocked expression… then they pushed her further along the corridor.

The man in the white shirt waited outside while the two policemen shoved her into another room, almost the same as the one she’d looked into moments before. A bare, uncomfortable grey and beige box with one door, no windows and only the most basic furniture. Three blue plastic chairs with tubular steel legs; a metal desk with a black top and a grey, three drawer filing cabinet with a telephone on top of it. A large, garishly coloured portrait photo of the Sultan of Mantok hung on the wall behind the desk.

The contents of her backpack were spread across the desktop. The ripped remains of the pack itself lay crumpled in the corner. Fear gave way to blazing embarrassment as she looked at the brief scraps of silk and lace underwear displayed for anyone to see. Then she saw the ivory plastic cylinder of her vibrator, half hidden by a pair of red panties. Oh God no, the scarlet flush spread up Linda’s neck, her cheeks glowing at the shame, I’d forgotten that was in there…

‘Stand there… wait for the Captain.’

Linda Martin did as she’d been told. She trembled constantly, the shivering getting worse with every footstep, then…

‘Miss Martin, Miss Linda Martin?’

She nodded, too frightened to speak. The man in the white shirt threw a beige folder onto the filing cabinet by the phone, sat down and rifled his fingers through the mess of clothing and oddments.

‘I am Captain Raman, Internal Security. This is yours, yes?’ Another wordless nod, ‘and this…?’ More nods… then he held up a small, flat padded envelope.

‘No, no that’s not mine… I’ve never seen it before…’ He opened the flap and slid out a computer disc. ‘That’s silly; I haven’t even got a computer, why would I want a disc…?’

‘Exactly,’ he purred, ‘that what I intend to find out. Cheng get this to headquarters immediately.’ One of the two policemen took the envelope and disc and Linda heard the door click behind her. ‘So, first we must check you are hiding nothing else. Take off your shirt.’

‘I but, I… please I haven’t… I mean I’m not wearing anything under… please.’

The man’s smile was brief and quite pitiless. ‘Take it off… or Rupal here will strip you by force… you have a choice…’

Linda twisted, staring horrified at the grinning policeman behind her, then common sense won… after all, she went topless on the beach didn’t she…? The captain allowed himself another little smirk as the nineteen year old student reluctantly pulled the T shirt over her head. The smirk widened into a grin at the sight of those firm, high breasts each tipped with a pert jutting nipple. Very nice… even if he had seen them before; but it proved that the hotel surveillance tapes really were of excellent quality… and in full colour, naturally.

‘The shorts too…’

Captain Raman was please to see the beginnings of obedience, the way she started to undo the waist button before the inevitable protest and flare of anger.

‘No, no I won’t. How dare you… no, not in front of you grinning animals!’

‘Oh yes you will… or rather, Rupal will remove them for you… and besides, there’s this…’

Linda’s eyes bulged in shock as she watched the Captain place a thin, yellowish cane across her clothes. He picked it up and bent it into a semicircle. ‘This is my persuader… it’s what I use on naughty girls who keep saying no…’ He let the end go and the whippy rod snapped straight with a whirring ‘ziiitttt!’ ‘So now I will tell you once more… remove your shorts.’

Trying to hold back tears of fright and anger, Linda somehow fumbled the buttons undone and let the shorts fall to the floor, automatically stepping out of them as she did so. Now there was only a tiny black thong to hide her genitals from these horrible men.

‘Better… lean forwards and put your hands on the desk… no, apart… and keep your arms straight.’ The young English girl closed her eyes as she obeyed, knowing the position meant her breasts were swinging gently and fully exposed to the captain’s gaze. She shivered as she felt the warm, fabric-covered bulge of a man’s cock pressing against her bottom.

‘Keep your hands there…’ Linda Martin bit her lip, her knuckles whitening on the desk as the policeman reached round and probed under her arms before the hands moved lower and cupped her breasts, squeezing and fingering the nipples… deliberately playing with her, making her hard so they could see the signs of her arousal.

‘All right Rupal, she’s not hiding anything there!’ The hands moved down, fingers probing inside the taut elastic pouch, scratching and poking right inside…

‘Aaaah! Nuh-nuh, please… ah-aaaah!’

‘Nothing at the front, Captain… but she’s wet, look…’ Linda squeezed her eyes shut… her cheeking burning scarlet as she caught the familiar scent of her own excitement and saw the gleaming stickiness on the policeman’s fingers.

‘Bend down Miss Martin… right down, chin on the desk… there’s one more place to check…’ The squeaking snap of a rubber glove warned her about what was coming. She bit her lip again, trying desperately not to clench as she felt the cheeks of her bottom being prised apart. A latex-sheathed fingertip touched her anus and there were chuckles from the two men as she jerked forward with a grunt of outrage.

The finger tip played with her for a few moments, teasing round her puckered hole then…


‘Well well, all the way in with one push… perhaps you prefer taking a man that way… we’ll see later, won’t we…’ Gasping and swearing under her breath at the pain and humiliating discomfort of the man’s thick finger wriggling and thrusting into her rectum, Linda unwisely paid no attention to Captain Raman’s final comment. The hooking finger made her squirm and jerk for almost a minute before the captain nodded and the man pulled it slowly out. Linda jerked upright, arms wrapped across her breasts once more; flexing and clenching her buttocks to relieve the soreness inside her anus.

Captain Raman ignored the whimpering nineteen year old and continued shuffling though her things. ‘This… what is this…?’ He held up the pointed ivory-coloured cylinder, fiddling with the base until a sharp, whining buzz filled the room. ‘Ah yes… I’ve heard of these… you use it for what… exactly?’

He held the vibrator up, watching the red flush appear on the girl’s cheeks. Oh how he loved these games… Playing with her, he switched it off and held it close to his nose; he breathed in the acrid tang of a woman’s cunt.

The sound and smell of the girl’s vibrator reminded him of another scene he’d watched on the tape earlier; this girl, naked and gleaming with perspiration, kneeling on the floor of the bathroom in front of one of the hotel maids. The maid, still dressed to the waist but naked below, standing with her legs straddled wide apart, hands back behind her and gripping the chrome towel rail for support.

The maid’s head thrown back, body arched forwards and her mouth wide open in a scream of pleasure. The girl, intent on her work, holding the lips of the maid’s cunt delicately apart with the fingers of one hand while the other hand moves very gently; working the pointed tip of the ivory vibrator round and across the erect pink bulb of the maid’s clitoris; driving her mad as she makes her come… again and again.

‘It… It… it’s for relaxing, for p-pleasure… in p-private… ,’ the stumbling words dried up and the red flush swept up her chest and neck again Linda stared at the floor.

‘Show me…’ Linda lifted her head, staring at the grinning figure behind the desk in horror. Automatically taking the proffered vibrator she looked at it stupidly. ‘Let me see how you relax, as you call it…’

Linda threw it down. ‘You know damn well what it is. This is sick. I’ve done what you want. Give me my clothes and let me go… NOW!’

‘I warned you. Rupal, a chair please…’ metal feet scraped as the policeman dragged one of the blue plastic chairs into the middle of the room. ‘Miss Martin, I told you what happened to silly girls who said ‘no’ to me.’ Captain Raman got to his feet and picked up the horrible whippy rod. ‘Stand against the back of that chair… DO IT!’

Terrified by the raw anger in his yelled command Linda Martin obeyed, stumbling in her haste. ‘No, please don’t hit me… I’ll do what you want, please…’

‘Too late, Miss Martin, much too late, given your behaviour here, I’m sure you’ve been in this position before at school… go on, bend over… right over with hands flat on the seat if you please.’

The cane whirred viciously through air behind her as the shivering nineteen year old slowly did as she was told. Tears splashed onto the seat and her hands slipped on the slick blue plastic as she tried to press her palms down flat. Behind her the two men enjoyed the sight of those tanned legs stretching taut; the smooth curves of her pert little bottom tightening and parting delightfully as she bent over.

No need to make her strip off that thong yet, the captain thought, watching the way the thin, black g-string cut up between her buttocks, she’s as good as naked now… He grinned and cut the cane through the air again, excited by the way the girl’s bottom clenched at the whirring ‘ziiiip!’ of the thin, flexible rod.

Do I really feel like the exercise…? Captain Raman wiggled the cane a few times then handed it to Rupal, … no this one will be more fun to watch… especially when I make her cum with that vibrator… He walked round in front of the girl and settled himself on the other plastic chair a few feet away. ‘Listen Miss Martin, Rupal is going to give you ten strokes, five for rudeness and five for disobedience… you will hold that position. If you get up, he will stop and then start again from the beginning… disobey twice and it’s twenty… do you understand?


‘Yes what?’

‘Yes, Sir…’ The words no more than a whisper, almost inaudible as Linda Martin held the pose, shuffling her feet to trying and ease the discomfort of the hard, plastic edge cutting into her belly… waiting and waiting for…



The young English girl screamed and catapulted erect, arching backwards with her hands scrabbling at her bottom cheeks as the heat and pain of the stroke lanced through her body. Her breasts bounced and jiggled madly as she did a frantic dance on the spot. The two men simply watched and grinned.

‘Take the position again Miss Martin. That display was most foolish, now Rupal will have to start again…’

‘I… I… p-please… it hurts too much… please…’

‘That makes it fifteen… will you take the position… or do you want twenty?’

The sobs and tears came faster as Linda submitted to his will and bent over the chair once more.

‘Thwick!’ ‘Thwick!’ ‘Thwick!’ ‘Thwick!’ ‘Thwick!’ ‘Thwick!’

‘Naaarrgh… bastards… .fucking bastards… aaah… noooo… no, ah-aaaggh… ARRRRGGGH!’

Captain Raman smiled and stroked the tight curved bulge in his trousers. His cock jerked against its confinement as the sight of the English girl going mad in front of him under Rupal’s skilful, tormenting caning. Her hands thumped a tattoo of pain on the chair seat, the rhythm echoed by her stamping feet and wildly threshing head. Then, with ten of the fifteen strokes given, she suddenly arched up to look directly at him, eyes staring and her mouth spread in a straining ‘O’ of agony.

He grinned back, nodding approval at Corporal Rupal who was standing behind her just tapping the cane very lightly against the of her bottom cheeks. ‘Yes, it hurts even more when he cuts the strokes right in underneath like that doesn’t it…’ Rupal whipped his arm round again as he spoke. This time her eyes bulged even more, her mouth opening and closing soundlessly for a few moments after the flatter, wetter ‘swuck’ of the impact. She managed a single indrawn gasp of disbelief followed immediately by a louder, even more demented shriek. ‘Ah… and that one caught the lips as well I hear… you should thank me for letting you keep your panties on, Miss Martin…’

As the fifteenth stroke landed she arched up from the chair like a rocket, snivelling and sobbing while dancing round in a circle rubbing frantically at the fiery weals lacing her bottom.

‘Miss Martin…’ Captain Raman kept his voice low. ‘Miss Martin, stop those stupid antics and come here.’ He picked up the little ivory cylinder. ‘Stand here, in front of me…’ She obeyed, but as she got nearer he stretched his legs out… Enjoying her sudden confusion the sadistic captain waited as she tried to decide what to do. He only spoke again once she started to move to the side. ‘No, right in front of me please…’ Her shoulders slumped in defeat; she knew exactly what the Captain wanted… , what she was being forced to do. She moved her feet apart to stand astride his ankles, her hands still busy behind her dealing with the blazing pain in her bottom.

‘Closer please.’ Linda shuffled nearer. ‘A little more,’ he murmured, grinning as the girl inched up until she was standing astride his thighs, her widely-straddled legs almost touching the edges of the chair. She stared out over her tormentor’s head, horribly aware that he was looking straight at the taut black pouch of her tiny thong. Her belly prickled, gooseflesh showing across the smooth, tanned skin as she felt his breath against her bare skin.

The hornet buzz of her own vibrator jerked her gaze downwards. ‘Now, Miss Martin, since you tell me I know all about these things… let’s see if you’re right shall we?’ She gasped, sucking her belly into a deep curve as he ran the tip along her flesh just above the waistband of her thong. ‘Stand still!’

She flinched and obeyed, hands twitching at her sides. ‘You saw the woman as we came in… , the one in the other room,’ it was a statement not a question. Linda nodded, ‘well then put your arms up like hers…’ She hesitated then screamed in shock as Rupal slashed the cane across the reddening weals in a single vicious stroke. ‘Do it… or do you want Rupal to give you another ten?’

Linda lifted her arms, locking her fingers behind her head. She braced her elbows back, without being told, and felt her traitorous nipples rousing and stiffening as she thrust her breasts out towards the grinning figure in the chair below her.

‘Well, well Rupal… it seems Miss Martin likes the taste of your cane despite the noise she made.’ The buzzing was suddenly louder and Linda cried out as she felt the tip circling her left aureole. ‘Is this what you meat by private pleasure… or just relaxation?’ The voice was horrible; mocking her as the captain traced the blunt point over the jutting sensitive stub of her n-n-n-nipp… .

‘Aaaah… p-please d-don’t… please s-stop please… aah-haaaah!’

The captain moved the buzzing rod to her right breast, watching how her breathing became deeper and faster as the pinky-brown tips got harder and harder.

Suddenly, he switched it off and leaned back, letting the girl catch her breath… just waiting for a moment so she was held on the edge and ready for… His fingers touched the taut black panties, stroking the moist, silky pouch so she moaned again. He sniffed the coppery tang of her wetness on his fingers, and then rubbed the moist tips against the ball of his thumb. ‘So wet already… I think it’s time you took them off don’t you… yes, you can use your hands.’

Linda Martin tried to stare back into Captain Raman’s eyes… but just saw tiny images of her own body reflected in the black sunglasses. Shamefully, she realised that the pain of the caning was turning into another kind of heat. To her horror she found that she wanted to take her panties off, wanted to show him how wet and excited she was.

Oh God she wanted to come so badly!

She stepped back and peeled the clinging, wet g-string away from her groin, easing the clinging black fabric down until she could flick them away. Almost brazenly she straddled the Captain’s outstretched thighs and locked her fingers behind her head once more. She breathed in and arched her body back, stretching her elbows out and posing so she was obscenely exposed to his hot gaze.

His fingers twirled among the curled hairs; teasing and tickling through the neatly trimmed strip on her mound to stroke the full lips of her cunt, one fingertip tracing lazily round the rim of her slit and making her shudder uncontrollably; her nipples trembling as she shook with rising excitement.

‘Tell me about the maid, Linda… the one you fucked in the bathroom…?’ The ivory cylinder buzzed as he turned it on again. ‘Like this wasn’t it… ,’ he leaned forwards, the finger and thumb of his left hand spreading her labia delicately apart, exposing the wet, pink folds. At the top of her slit the little bulb of her clitoris showed clearly, glistening, taut and erect.

‘Anna… what… I mean how… how did you know? Did you see us? Please?’ Linda craned her head down, watching the Captains hands… desperate to know… desperate for the touch she wanted so badly.

‘The man you call Selim was being watched… the surveillance tapes from the hotel are excellent… most stimulating… now, as I remember you did this to her… didn’t you?’ The blunt point lifted and pressed inside her slit, circling the nub and making the teenager mew with pleasure. Captain Raman felt pressure on his thighs as she gripped him, those big thigh muscles tensing and flexing as she rocked her hips at the long, slow pleasuring.

‘Y-y-y-yes-s-s-s… nuh… nuuuuuuh! Ah yes… th-th-there… aaaaaah… there… there!

‘Hold her Rupal… the little bitch’s coming already,’ Captain Raman muttered as Linda’s hips began bucking hard enough to dislodge his fingers. He kept the vibrator inside and pressed against her clit as he tried to pry the slippery lips apart once more. Rupal hurried to help, wrapped his arms round the English girl, forcing her to bend forwards towards the chair and his captain, holding her in position as she cried and babbled in the throes of her orgasm.

‘Aaaah yes… there… there… yes… I’m cumming… I’m cumming… Oh God… oh yes… I’m there… ..yes… YES! T-T-THERE… I’M T-T-T-T-THERE!’

Pinned in place by the corporal’s arms and with her thighs kept wide apart by the captain’s legs, there was little that Linda Martin could do to prevent Captain Raman continuing to work the vibrator against her clitoris. He peeled the lips of her cunt back once more and jiggled the point very gently under the fleshy hood of her clit; searching out the most intensely sensitive spot. Neither of the men took any notice at all as her screams turned to increasingly frantic pleas for respite from the unbearable stimulation of that devilishly vibrating tip.

Finally, the captain arm tired and he slid the little ivory out of the girl’s spastically twitching cunt and pressed the off switch. Rupal pulled the still jerking figure back until she was clear of the captain outstretched legs.

‘A little better, Miss Martin… now it’s time you provided Rupal and me with the same pleasure.’ He nodded to the grinning corporal, ‘back over the chair I think first.’ Rupal swung Linda’s still shivering and shuddering body round and half-carried her to the chair.

‘Come along, Miss Martin, you should know the position by now…’ he murmured, chiding her as Rupal pushed her on the shoulder and she folded forwards over the chair back. Breath whistled through her open mouth as she gasped and panted, high on a heady mixture of excitement, arousal and growing fear.

‘P-please… don’t cane me again, please…’ Then she saw what they were doing. ‘Oh God no… No please… I’m too sore please don’t… I don’t want you to fuck me… I can’t… I can’t… please, I’ll scream!’ The stupidity of her final threat just made the two men laugh aloud as they stripped off their clothes.

She stared frantically from one to the other. Corporal Rupal was solid, dark and heavily built; his body thick with bulging slabs of muscle. Rupal’s cock was short and thick pushing straight out from a thicket of coarse wiry curls. The tight, bulging sac of his testicles was tucked high against the underside of the shaft.

His penis was uncut but the dark folds of skin had rolled back so she could see the wide purple dome of his cockhead already gleaming with the oily leakage from the slit. Seeing that the girl was watching him, Rupal deliberately circled the shaft with thumb and forefinger, rolling back the skin even more so the wide, flared head reared out, the shiny surface taut and engorged as he stroked himself and grinned at his victim.

Looking away only forced her to look at the captain instead. Anak Raman was light skinned, a taller, slimmer figure that his thick-set corporal with wide shoulders, flat, ribbed stomach and hard, tight buttocks. His smooth, hairless torso showed the crisp, muscular definition of someone in peak condition. In other circumstances Linda would have been happy to play around with such an attractive man.

That sudden arousal increased as she saw the size and length of his cock. Watching the girl’s caning and then making her climax with the vibrator had brought him to full, aching arousal… nine inches of hard, circumcised penis curving up like a brown horn from the triangle of black hair at the base of his belly. Linda’s eyes widened in a mixture of fear and growing excitement as she watched his erect cock bobbing to and fro as he walked over to her.

‘From the tapes I’ve seen you seem to enjoy being fucked at both ends Miss Martin… so now you can show us how accurate they are.’ He moved behind her and she gasped as the head of his cock pressed into the cleft of her parted buttocks. ‘Ah, yes, so wet Miss Martin… no use protesting you don’t want this… your cunt tells me a different story…’

He pressed harder and the girl’s hand’s whitened on the sides of the chair seat as she felt her vagina stretching wide to accept him.

‘Aa aah.. s-slowly… p-please… aaah… aaaaah! Oh… ooooh yuh… yuh… nuh… naaaaah!’

The chair skittered a few feet across the floor as Linda jerked and wriggled. She cried out at the sudden shock of sensation when the wide flange of his cock head popped through the ring and into the warmth of her vagina. Still quivering and so sensitive from her own orgasm she gasped and cried aloud at the tormenting mixture of sensations as he slid the full length of his thick shaft slowly inside her.

He rocked his hips gently, hands gripping her flanks, enjoying the hot, wet grip of her cunt walls round his shaft as he moved within her.

‘I always try to think of my men first, Miss Martin… so let me see how you show your gratitude to Corporal Rupal for that invaluable lesson in manners.’ He jerked his hips to emphasis his words. ‘Go on, suck him off… but be careful or…’ The threat was left unspoken but the slow, driving rhythm continued as Rupal gripped her head, thumbs pressing against her temples in unspoken warning.

He bent her head back and waited for her look up. He held her face clamped in position and arched his hips forwards, stroking the shiny head of his cock across her mouth. Her lips caressed the tip as the captain continued to fuck her with those long, deliberate strokes that were making her so hot again!

Rupal relaxed his grip a fraction, letting her head come forwards. Nineteen year old Linda Martin’s lips parted and a unknown policemen’s thick, stubby cock filled her mouth, pressing inwards against the back of her throat. Rupal groaned with pleasure as he felt her tongue moving; swirling and licking round the head of his penis. He drew back a little, giving her tongue room so she could work round under the rim of the glans; he groaned and bucked as she found the little vee underneath the head. Then it was too much and he rocked forward, fucking her face and her tongue rippled and wriggled the sensitive underside of his shaft.

For a few minutes, the two men moved together, pushing forward at the same time so Linda’s back arched between their bodies and her sounds became a series of sloppy, gobbling grunts. Then easing backwards, each enjoying the slippery, sliding friction of her mouth and cunt until the two gleaming shafts were exposed and only the bulbous glans were still lodged between the girl’s two different pairs of lips. Then the long, delightful thrust forwards once more and the girl’s own cries of panting, gasping excitement were once again reduced to slobbering inarticulate noises.

While Captain Raman was a patient man, someone who enjoyed taking his time to savour the pleasures of his work, Corporal Rupal simply wanted to cum as quickly as possible. The captain smiled as Rupal’s hips worked faster and faster and the girl’s wet snuffling noises became louder and louder as he gripped her head and rammed his cock in and out of her mouth regardless of her need to breathe.

Linda’s own excitement was also reaching another peak as the two men fucked her. What she wanted desperately was for that fucking captain to move quicker, to increase the speed of those long, tormenting strokes so she could come too! Then, Rupal’s cock jerked and twitched and he pressed even deeper into her mouth… More bucking thrusts; a sudden quivering tension and the coarse, wiry hairs at his groin scratched against her lips and nose. She worked her lips and tongue as fast as she could across the hot, twitching shaft then there was that feeling of hot, sticky fluid hitting the back of her throat as Rupal groaned and jerked in the spasms of coming.

Two or three further hard thrusts and he was already softening as she licked and sucked the last traces of thick, milky cream from his cock. Captain Raman kept the long, slow driving rhythm going, forcing her to respond as her flanks heaved with the effort of breathing normally once again.

‘Aaah, hah… hah… .aaah, Oh fuck yo… go on, faster, damn you, fuck me harder, harder… go on, go on…!

Now she was able to speak clearly again the small room was filled with the sound of Linda Martin’s racing breaths and her screams of frustration. Captain Raman smiled as Rupal pulled on his trousers and shirt before flopping down in the chair. A talented young woman obviously, he pressed deeper and felt her internal muscles working against the shaft of his cock. His fingers stroked the upturned curves of her bottom cheeks and her muscles clenched round him like a warm velvet vice when she jerked at his touched the raw weals of her caning.

‘Ah, yes, that’s right… squeeze hard… yes, yes,’ he growled as the spasms caressed his cock, and a cruel half smile flickered across his usually impassive features. He curved his fingers, drew back so just the head of his cock nestled at the opening to her vagina, and then deliberately dragged his nails along the raised weals striping each bottom cheek. As he did so he drove his hips forwards and rammed the full length of his penis into her body, driving so deep that he felt his glans butting against the mouth of the girl’s cervix.

Spurred by the sudden, blazing shock, Linda Martin reared back, mouth wide and her muscles convulsing as the pain ripped through her buttocks.

‘Aaaaarrrgh! You bastard! Naaaaah, stopp… naaarrgh, no… Oh God… .aaaah… .aaaarrggh. Naaaaaaaaaggghhh!’

Traces of red smeared across her bottom as his nails opened up some of the places where weals had criss-crossed and raised little blood-blisters. He frantic screams did what her pleas had failed to do… and Captain Raman fucked her harder and harder in response to her cries of pain. Not just the captain; despite her scrams and protests… The nineteen year old was also thrusting back against her tormentor. Once again the sudden pain was turning to another kind of irresistible heat… a heat that was spreading through her cunt as reached the brink of coming for the second time in less that an hour.

But the captain was there first. He slammed against her bottom with a series of bucking jolts that scraped the chair across the tiled floor ‘Oh yes, go on, go on… scream all you want. Aaa-ah! Hah, haaaaah. Yaaaaah!’ He strained back for a few long moments, ignoring the girl’s frantic twitching as he spurted deep inside her cunt. Wiping the film of sweat away from his forehead with one hand he pulled free and walked over to take a packet of imported cigarettes from his trouser pocket.

‘A good fuck, eh Rupal?’ He offered the grinning corporal a cigarette, lit it and his own. He breathed a thin stream of blue smoke towards the ceiling and put on his clothes whilst watching the panting English girl still bent almost double and humping herself against the chair back in frustration. ‘Well, she seems to have learned her…’

Whatever he had planned to say was interrupted by the harsh burr of the telephone.

‘Raman… ,’ he jerked upright, cigarette forgotten between his fingers. ‘Yes, General. Yes she is here. No… Nothing, just routine checks.’ He listened for a moment longer then covered the mouthpiece with one hand. ‘Corporal, get the bitch dressed… no you fool… just the shirt and shorts… she won’t need anything else where she’s going… then cuff her.’ He pulled his hand away as the receiver crackled angrily. ‘Yes sir, oh yes I understand completely. What about the maid… Anna something… yes… arrested ten minutes ago. Right Sir, we’re on our way.’ He listened again and smiled. ‘Oh yes, Sir… we’ll use maximum pressure.’

Linda Martin’s world had fallen apart. She was still in shock from the pain of the caning and her rape by the two men. Then, without a word to her the corporal had thrown her tee shirt and shorts at her and made it plain she was to get dressed. But, when she’d reached for a clean pair of panties from the jumble on the table he smacked her hand away. Glad of any clothing at all she had put her things on only to be grabbed, spun round and bent forwards across the contents of her backpack. There was a wild moment when she thought he was going to rape her again but he just wrenched her arms together behind her back. There was a sudden biting pain in her wrists and a sharp ‘ziiikk!’ as he yanked the thin nylon cuff tight.


Linda yelled as Captain Raman wrenched her head back, dragging he to her feet by brute force. He stared at her, black glasses showing her nothing but her own tear-stained features, his mouth set in a thin, cruel line. ‘I’m afraid you won’t be leaving Mantok just yet, Miss Martin. It seems that the computer disc you deny owning contains some highly sensitive information.’ He shook her head, ‘and your friend, this so-called playboy Selim was shot during a failed assassination attempt less than an hour ago.’

He let her hair go and smiled unpleasantly at her. ‘You may have heard how persuasive we can be in discovering the truth in these matters.’ The smile twitched as he watched the English girl’s face going pale with shock and fear. ‘Very soon you will be able judge for yourself.’ But first, a short journey. We have a place for such questioning… a little more secluded and properly equipped for our needs.

He jerked his head towards the door and the corporal pushed her across the floor. ‘There’s a friend waiting there for you already… Anna the chambermaid, remember… the one you played those games with using your little toy… You are both going to tell all about Selim and that disc… eventually…’

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