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Day 1 – Orientation

The new girls were all ordered to strip. Only one girl, Annette, refused. She was immediately dragged off struggling and cursing. She was pushed to the ground and gagged. Then one of the guards wrapped one thick impossibly strong hand in Annette’s long luxuriant blond hair and continued dragging her away.

The other girls, not wanting to share her fate, began to take off their clothes.

“All of it bitches,” commanded a rough looking man in paramilitary garb, “everything comes off!”

After they were naked their hands were tied behind their backs and thick leather gags went into their mouths.

They were led outside and forced to stand at attention.

“You are all either spies, drug smugglers or political dissidents,” the man told the naked women, “you have been sent here to be punished for your crimes. You will obey any order, no matter how vile or disgusting. Here you are meat and can be disposed of in any way I see fit. I am the Warden and I hold your lives in my hands! See how the disobedient are dealt with.”

Warden gestured to the top of a tower at the center of camp. Annette, naked and bound, stood there on the rooftop with a man on either side. A tight noose had been tied around each of her large breasts and another around her neck. The Warden signaled by waving his arm and the woman was pushed off the roof. The ropes around her tits grew taut and the woman bounced back up.

“Usually bungee jumpers tie the rope around their ankles,” said the warden to the women who stood in front of him, “but your disobedient friend here has so kindly volunteered to serve as an example to the rest of you. Keep watching.”

The rope around her neck was attached to a wench. The guards began to turn the handle. Soon her neck began to stretch as the weight was taken off her breasts and transferred to the rope around her throat.

Kicking and pissing onto the courtyard below, she was drawn back up. Then the wench lever was tripped and she fell again bouncing up and down as her tits again supported her weight. Her garbled screams were heard all over the prison yard as the process was repeated over and over.

The Warden stepped up to a tall girl. Her name was Jill. She was from the states and had been accused of trying to smuggle drugs across the border inside her vagina and rectum. A painful cavity search at the airport had revealed the illegal contraband.

“You, smuggler cunt,” Warden said to Jill as he took out his long thick cock, “on your knees!”

He took off her gag. Jill looked up at Annette who was now being pulled back up by the noose around her neck so that she could be dropped again. She knelt quickly before the Warden and opened wide to take the hard prick into her mouth. Although revolted by the taste and texture of Warden’s slimy pre-cum, Jill kept on sucking careful not to scrape the huge member with her teeth.

“There, you see bitches,” Warden said to the other naked girls, “one girl hangs by her neck and tits for your entertainment because she thought to refute my authority, while another has the honor of sucking my cock. You will each have many chances to earn trust or earn punishment like your stupid friend. Watch her young body kick and buck. See her shit as her crap dumper empties itself. After another hour or so of continued punishment, the guards will all take her to the barracks where she will be fucked until she can’t stand. Afterwards she goes to the stables where my stallions await.”

Jill bobbed up and down carefully on Warden’s cock. She would lick the sweat from his balls, she would lick his ass, she would clean toilets with her tongue if need be. She vowed to herself that she would do anything at all to avoid Annette’s fate. Soon she proved herself to the Warden by swallowing all of his slimy, salty semen…


Imported Pussy – Desert Whore

Perched on the edge of the seat with her ass and cunt at waist level, May Ling awaited the next group of horny soldiers to go off duty.

“Not many whores in this part of the world”, Amanda said as she stood guard over the pretty 18 year old girl, “so to keep the men happy, we got to ship a few in once in awhile. Keeps a few of the ladies happy too; ladies like me. You’re just one of the many slutty cunts that the Military Prison sends us.”

Amanda caressed May Ling’s well presented ass. The girl whimpered as tears rolled down her cheeks. Most of the men that “came” and went just wanted a warm hole to fuck, but Amanda wanted that and more.

May Ling’s ass and pussy dripped heavily from the last group of soldiers who had stood in line to fuck her. Amanda presses the barrel of her rifle against May Ling’s asshole and pushed.

“Cum makes a wonderful lubricant, don’t you agree?”

“NNNNGH…GHHMMMMFFFF!!” May ling shrieked loudly as the rifle’s metal site was pressed into her anal walls.

“Poor little bitch,” Amanda said with a sadistic smile, “does that hurt too much? Well let’s try this instead. Some of the men with bigger dicks, have complained that your ass is just too tight. I think I’ll try to loosen you up a little.”

Amanda set her rifle to one side and rolled up her sleeves. She lathered spent cum all over one hand until it shined and dripped.

“Here it comes, bitch”, she said as she licked an errant drop of semen from her finger tip, “time for a full scale anal assault.”

Making a tight fist, Amanda pressed against May Ling’s ass. She screwed it from side to side pushing with all her considerable strength. May Ling’s struggles redoubled as she shrieked around her gag once again. Amanda could have made entry much easier by pointing her hand and easing it in a finger at a time, but she was a particularly sadist lesbian and wanted to hurt May Ling. With one hand pushing against her captive’s ass and another down her own camouflaged pants, Amanda relished each twitching twisting movement of her struggling victim. The site on the rifle had been sharp and painful but this was much worse. May Ling was certain that she was splitting open as Amanda’s fist finally slipped past the protesting sphincter. “There we are bitch!!!”

“NGHAAAANNNGH”. May Ling’s mad screams echoed across the desert only to be lost in the dry arid winds that blew across the hot sand.

As the next group of soldiers jogged up to fuck the pretty May Ling, they were greeted with the sight of Amanda’s arm pistoning elbow deep into the heaving writhing girl.

They watched the tortuous ordeal as they stripped out of their uniforms and formed a line.

Amanda’s arm slowly withdrew with a slick sucking sound. “She’s all warmed up for another round boys,” Amanda smiled, “Fuck her hard and make her scream. I still need to cum…”


Prisonera Politica 1 – Neela’s Confession

Neela knew she was in trouble when the panel truck pulled up beside her and stopped with screeching tires. The thick stifling hood was over her head before she was even pulled into the truck. Her business skirt was torn and ripped as hands reached out to tie and bind her.

To her credit, Neela put up a good struggle. But these men were well practiced in the art of abduction. They found the rebel documents in her briefcase. Her life was worthless now. She even knew where they were taking her. Neela felt a hand on her breast and a sultry woman’s voice close to her ear. “You’re in quite a fix, slut. You sold out your country to the rebels. I hope you enjoyed your freedom while it lasted because you belong to us now. I’m sure you still have a lot of information to give us. And believe me, we’ll get it all. You will tell us everything and more!”

A sharp slap across her face, a vicious twist of her left breast and Neela was left weeping and afraid in one corner of the speeding van.

Eventually the truck stopped and she was pulled out. The pain and humiliation began immediately. Her clothes were torn away revealing a perfect body. She was tied to a pole near a tall electric fence.

Neela saw the owner of the female voice she’d heard during her transport here. She was a very tall woman; at least six and a half feet tall with cruel nordic blond features. Her beauty and confident stride made men and women afraid of her even though they wanted to be possessed by her. She sat down in a chair about 6 feet away under a beach umbrella, crossed her long shapely legs and coolly regarded her prisoner.

“My name is Greta, you will call me Mistress. I am the chief inquisitor. Thank you for that pretty briefcase full of secrets. Even as we speak, the rebel locations detailed in your papers are being raided. Those we’ve captured are either being interrogated or hung. Which for you Neela? Will I stretch your slender neck as you swing from a rope or will you talk? Either way is fine. I love to watch my whores hang slowly; eyes bulging in terror, faces turning red then blue as they twitch and struggle to breath. I revive them only to begin the process anew. Save yourself so much pain. If you do well I may let you lick my cunt until I cum all over your slutty face. Ask the other girls, it’s an honor to taste my quim; it means you will live a little longer. So, who is your main contact? Is your slut of a sister involved? When and where is the next arms raid scheduled? Answer me, cunt-face!”

Neela looked away pretending to ignore Greta’s steel gray glare.

“I’d rather hoped you’d resist”, Greta remarked with a wry smile. Two large soldiers stood nearby listening, “It seems, Neela, that you need encouragement. Ernesto and Manuel shall see that you get it.”

Neela felt her ass cheeks spread open by rough hands and a thick lubricant smeared liberally around her rear entry. She wiggled her ass from side to side trying to avoid the tip of the cold steel dildo that pressed against her ass. It was thick and long at it’s head but tapered off as it went into her ass so that she would be unable to push it out. Neela felt completely stuffed, but more was yet to come. Greta, now up and out of her seat stood in front of Neela with two large steel clamps. Wires trailed off their ends.

“You know where these are going don’t you dear?” Greta said smiling. Neela knew quite well that the clamps were for her nipples. Greta leaned down and licked each of Neela’s firm breast flesh enough to get them wet. The sharp metal clamps were applied. Drops of crimson formed and fell to the ground.

“MMMFFF”, Neela grunted as the teeth from the clamps bit into and penetrated the the tender flesh of her tits. The wires were twisted together. Manuel, wearing thick rubber gloves, rubbed the naked ends of the copper wires against the electric fence.

“GGGGHH…GGGUUUNNGHHHH…” Neela shook and danced against the metal pole as the electricity arced through her naked body. She fainted dead away after only 15 seconds. When she awoke she found the dildo and nipple clamps were still in place, but another horribly insidious process was being added to the torment of her interrogation. Greta knelt beside Neela, she was shoving the blunt end of a special copper wire into Neela’s urethra. She twirled it back and forth pushing it in further inside her prisoner with each twist. It was very hot that day, but Neela shivered like a chihuahua in a snowstorm. Finally, after inserting a full ten inches of the wire into Neela’s piss-hole, Greta whispered into the girl’s ear; “Well sweet rebel girl, ready to talk?”

Neela turned her head away once more. Maybe she would be lucky and the next shock would kill her. But in her heart, Neela knew they would not let her die; at least not yet. Bitter tears coursed down her cheeks.

The wires brushed the electric fence over and over again. “UUNNGH…GAAAGHH…UUNGHAA…”

Four minutes of this and Neela was ready to implicate everyone she knew. Forty-five minutes later, Neela’s sister was tied naked and spread-eagle in the courtyard. Her screams echoed in Neela’s ears as she was alternately whipped then fucked then shocked; a black night-stick was wedged in her ass. But Neela, now broken and servile, was too busy to care. Her face was buried between the legs of the nordic dominatrix Greta. Neela, her face slick and wet, swallowed the thick squirting cum of the cruel woman. Greta gritted her teeth and smiled as she ground her hips into Neela’s face. “Very good Neela, I may keep you as a personal pet. The only cock you’ll ever feel again will be thick, spiked and strapped around my waist.”


Prisonera Politica 2 – Air-Mailed Rebel Whore

Shania had arrived at the Military Interrogation camp in a very unique manner. She’d been stripped naked and hung from the landing strut of an assault helicopter. The pilot had radioed ahead and a special reception committee was quickly formed.

The helicopter flew back and forth above the landing strip with Shania only a few feet from the ground. “NNNNGH…NNNNGHAAAAMMMMFFF…”

There were at least twenty men and women who whipped her as she flew past again and again. One woman used a thick electric extension cord for a whip. She took careful aim and managed to strike Shania right between the legs. The terrified girl shrieked loudly as cheers erupted from the crowd.

The helicopter eventually landed and the beautiful girl was cut loose. A chain was attached to the ropes that encircled her breasts. She was led running barefoot across the hot tarmac of the landing strip to a steel X-frame near the electric fence. She saw a girl on her knees, Her face buried between the thighs of a tall blond woman. She saw another girl lying bound and naked on the ground. A man was on top of her plunging his cock into her defenseless pussy. When the man was finished with her cunt, he stood over the girl and spewed his cum onto her upturned face. Another man was pushing a brown-stained nightclub down her throat. The girl looked dazed, barely conscious.

As Shania was being fastened onto the steel frame, she happened to recognize the two women. The one spread out on the ground was Twyla Serona. The other girl who now knelt beside the tall blond was Neela Serona. Someone had talked!

Shania knew she was in real trouble. She watched as a huge double-headed metal dildo was shoved roughly into Twyla’s cum filled cunt and ass. Wire leading from it’s base was held against the electric fence.

“NNNGHAAAAAAAAAUUUGH” Twyla’s screams were horrifying and barely human. Her back arched uncontrollably as every muscle in her finely toned body twisted and contracted wildly. She heard laughter.

After a few seconds the metal dildos were pulled out as another man plunged his thick cock into her tormented body. Soon he mounted her chest and pressed his cock between her thick full breasts. He fucked her tits like a cunt until his thick jets of sperm covered her already glazed face once again.

Shania watched as Neela, her face wet and dripping, was collared and leashed. The big blond walked slowly over to where Shania hung from the X-frame. She was leading Neela like a dog.

“First we broke little Neela here,” the blond inquisitor said to Shania, “she turned in her own sister. Then we broke Twyla, her sister, and she told us about you. Little by little we are rooting out the rebels. It is with great pleasure for my soldiers that so many beautiful women are involved. I even have your men to abuse.”

Greta motioned to a prison cell across the courtyard where at least twenty men stood staring through the bars as their women were interrogated and abused before their very eyes. Shania recognized a few of them. She saw Rajia, a lieutenant, and Sanchez, a sharpshooter.

“But now that we have you pretty Shania”, Greta continued, “we shall get to the very root of this mild gutless rebellion that uses women to fight and to suffer at my hand!”

Greta pushed Neela into the crux of the X-frame where Shania’s whipped cunt still throbbed from the earlier beating she’d recieved while hanging from the helicopter’s landing sleds.

“Pleasure your friend Neela. Show her how you’ve learned to love the taste of another woman’s twat…”

Neela crawled forward without hesitation and locked her mouth firmly onto Shania’s wide-spread cunt. She pushed her tongue deep inside Shania then back out and against her clitoris. Shania fought the feeling as much as she could. She thought of the rebellion and of home in the mountains. But nothing helped. Soon all she could think of was the persistent tongue and lips that lathered and lapped at her cunt.

As her loins began to heat and a forced orgasm drew nigh, Greta approached again with a huge vicious bull-whip that twirled and popped expertly in the air.

“A little pleasure and pain I think for you Shania, and we shall see who you turn in for us to interrogate…”

Neela kept up with her tender cunt lapping as the first blow of the whip landed across Shania’s chest.

“NU-NOOOOOAAAAUUUUGH!!” Her small tits flailed provocatively from side to side as an angry red welt appeared across them both. She came five minutes later in spite of the whip that tore her once lovely tits into bloody tatters. They would heal eventually, the Doctors from the nearby Institute would see to that. Shania would serve in the soldier’s brothel for the rest of her life. Instead of a glorious revolution she would only know pain, torment, cocks, cunts and cum…

Captured Spy – Trained Slut

Brenda finally spread her legs. The Sergeant smile grimly. Only hours before, this proud beautiful woman had unwisely passed important stolen papers off to a courier. The man she’d met had known all the passwords; all the gestures. But as Brenda turned to go she saw the men with guns drawn. Someone had ratted her out.

There would be no trial, no jury, no lawyer. She was a spy, a prisoner of war. The penalty for spying and espionage in this country was death. Her fate now rested in the hands of the Imperial Guard.

Naked and beaten, Brenda had finally broken and turned on her contacts who, by now, were already languishing in the same dungeon prison where Brenda endured the further unwanted attentions of the brutish Sergeant.

“They’ve given you to me as a reward for my excellent service,” the Sergeant told her, “I am to dispose of you in any way I wish. I might skewer you on a spit and roast you over an open fire. Maybe hang you in view of all the people we’ve captured from the testimony in your confession. Perhaps I will beat you slowly to death breaking every bone in your worthless body. I could even sell you to slavers in the middle-east. White women of your beauty are very popular there. But for now I think I will keep you. I have a bed to fill and you have a few holes to fill. Keep me happy and you keep your life. Understand, slut?”

So Brenda, proud no longer, naked and bound in the dank dungeon of the Imperial Guard, spread her legs.

“Yes Master, I understand, please allow this humble cum-hole to please her master in any way he wishes.” Brenda feared this cruel man who had broken her; she believed and feared his threats even more.

“Good answer bitch. Now let’s see see if you really mean it”

The Sergeant spit in his hand and spread it onto his rock hard cock. He stepped between Brenda’s spread legs and pressed himself into cleft between her firm ass cheeks.

“UUNNGH…!!!” Brenda whimpered once then grunted as the Sergeant’s cock slid into her ass. He pumped her hard. Part of his pleasure was causing her pain. She yelped and sobbed but dared not beg or plead. As the Sargeant continued to spear her with his prick, pre-cum lubricated his cock and allowed him to slam her harder. She felt him pounding deeply into her bowels. His balls slapped wetly against the lips of her pussy.

“Ungh…Ungh…Ungh…AAHHHH!” The Sergeant finally came hard emptying himself into her bowels.

“Squeeze my cock” he yelled at her as he slapped her ass, “Squeeze the cum out of my cock, slut!”

Brenda squeezed her ruined sphincter around his cock as best as she could hoping that her painful efforts would be sufficient to please the cruel man she only knew as Master.

Soon he pulled out of her; his cum leaked slowly out of her ass and ran in a slimy trail down her inner thigh where it pooled on the stone floor beside her foot.

“Not bad whore,” the sergeant told her, “now you got just one chore left to perform before I chain you up to my bed for the night.”

He untied Brenda and forced her to her knees. With shame and horror she faced the brown-stained cock that had just been up her ass.

“My dogs are always hungry for fresh meat, slut. Make up your dim-witted mind quickly or I’ll do it for you.”

Brenda bent forward on her hands and knees and swallowed the entire length of her Master’s cock. The taste and smell of her bowels nearly made her vomit but she managed to control her bile. She licked and lathered his cock until it was shiny and pink again. But she’d done her job a bit too well; her master’s massive prick was growing hard again.

“Looks like bed-time will have to wait awhile, Brenda. You’ve gone and given me another hard-on and you’ve got a nice hairless twat that needs a good stuffing. Just stay there on your knees like a bitch in heat and I’ll fuck you like the dog you are…”



Janelle was from the west. She was taken as she slept. The gas she breathed kept her out during her trip to the middle east. When she awoke, she was naked, shaved and tied on public display. People walked past her. Some would stop and pose next to her while a friend took their picture. But Janelle was more than just eye candy, she was here to inspire the soldiers to fight. The soldier with the most confirmed kills each week was given the prize. This week Janelle was the prize. Last week it had been Tiffany, next week a girl named Liz would take Janelle’s place.

They were all from north America or Europe, they were all beautiful; they were all to become pleasure slaves.

Janelle could not understand the language her captors spoke. She pleaded in English but never got a response. She was placed on display each day from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Sometimes she stood, other times she was laid out and spread. Janelle as yet had not been touched. She had spent her time either on shameful display or locked away in a tiny cell in the prison on base.

Finally, when Friday came, Janelle who’d been on display for six days, was about to meet her new master.

Mubalhan had 32 confirmed enemy kills. Three officers awarded Mubalhan with a medal and the white slave, Janelle.

Her new owner wasted no time. He’d been lusting after this girl for the entire week. Now he owned her and there were no limits placed on how he might use her. He tied her hands and elbows painfully tight behind her back and wrapped a leather collar around her graceful neck. Then added another piece of rawhide for a leash.

He made her run in front of his jeep as he escorted her to a nearby hangar. Her breasts bounced in rhythm to her clumsy strides. They rose and fell, flopping enticingly. She was well developed, healthy and very pleasing to the eye.

Once inside the hangar Mubalhan escorted her to the center of the huge building. There in the middle of the floor, an O-ring had been placed in the concrete. He threaded Janelle’s leather leash through this and pulled. Janelle was pulled down until her throat was resting against the metal O-ring. She was still on her knees and very much aware of her ass sticking up in the air.

Mubalhan tied the leash in place and walked around to survey his prize. He’d not seen her from this angle yet. Head down, ass up. Very appealing. She breathed heavily; adrenalin pumping with dread anticipation.

Mubalhan removed his belt and began to beat Janelle with the buckle end.

“STOP…PLEASE…AAAIIIEEE…UUUUNGH”. Janelle had been spanked twice with a belt as a child but never with the buckle. Each time Janelle shouted or screamed, the belt came down harder and faster. Soon her ass was red with heavy buckle shaped welts. Janelle sobbed and moaned; her tears dripped onto the greasy gray paint of the hangar floor.

The worse part of all, was that Janelle didn’t even understand why she was here. She didn’t know about the contest. Except for the humiliation of being displayed naked and jailed, she had been treated well. So why the sudden change. Who was this man and why did he hate her and want to hurt her so badly?

Her lack of information, however, was no concern to Mubalhan. She was just a pretty piece of warm meat where he could take out his frustrations and spend his seed. Janelle was just a toy.

Mubalhan dropped his trousers and poured lube into the crack of Janelle’s ass. He rubbed it around making sure to pay particular attention to her holes. Then with a suddenness that shocked Janelle, he plunged his huge hard cock into her tight virgin cunt. He speared past her maidenhead and in toward her womb. Painfully deflowered and fucked, Janelle struggled hard trying to buck him off, but he held on tight pounding into her with sadistic abandon. Soon she felt, for the first time, the warm feeling of semen pumping deep into her body.

Mubalhan had cum fast in the body of his slave/whore to clear his head. He knew that the second time would take much longer. Besides, he had to prepare her for life as his personal slave and meat-puppet.

Janelle had not noticed the coal brazier with the glowing hot irons. Mubalhan grasped the iron without Janelle having the slightest hint of what was about to happen and pressed it hard against one firm ass cheek.

“NNNGHAAAAAAIIIEEEEEEH…!!!!!” Her screams of pain were heard all the way across the airfield. Then another thinner iron was pulled from the fire. Janelle tried to see but her neck was still tied to the floor and so her field of vision was limited. “What’s this crazy fucker doing???” She thought desperately.

The thin smoking iron snaked in between her legs and with careful aim, pressed against Janelle’s clitoris.

“GHAAAAAAA… NNGHAAAAAANNNGH…!!” Her shrieks of horror and exquisite pain exceeded even those of her branding. Her labia was taken away next. Soon the piercings would begin. Janelle would be the perfect pleasure slave. Altered and trained and to fit Mubalhan’s most perverted desires.

Later, Liz, the new girl was on display and he wanted a playmate for Janelle. He walked past her smiling on his way back to the battlefield to take a good close look at the latest white woman on display.

“I own you soon, little white whore,” he said in broken English, “you will be a good slave too!”


Maid to Order

Sardib, a rich and powerful warlord, owned a very special sort of Military Prison. He leafed through the pictures in a very special catalogue. After he made his selection, he paid through secure channels and was asked to wait 3 to 6 weeks for delivery.

The catalogue was full of photos and information about young college students and professional girls and women of exceptional beauty and intelligence. An order would be placed and then the subject female would be “acquired”. Take the photo’s, gather the information, find a buyer, acquire the slave after payment was made, deliver her to her new master. Very efficient; very profitable.

Nicole was Sardib’s choice. Smart as she was, Nicole never suspected that she was being watched.

All of Nicole’s routines, habits and possible destinations were well documented. So, after the order was placed she was taken quietly after dining at one of her favorite restaurants in the countryside.

Nicole awoke to find herself in a packing crate. Being a valuable commodity, she was in good shape. Nicole and the other “special orders” were fed, forced to exercise, then placed into large fishing nets which were dipped into the frigid ocean waters. This was how the girls were bathed.

Then, it was back in her dark box for another 20 hours to wait for the process to start again the next day.

Finally her voyage was over and the packing crate was opened. Nicole was collared, leashed and led into the dungeon that would be her new home. With her wrists and elbows tied together behind her back, Nicole could do little more than hurry to keep up with the nude black woman who led her into the dark caverns. Once inside, after her eyes had adjusted, Nicole was introduced to a house of horrors. Girls were tied in various forms of bondage. Different colored lights illuminated their suffering in nightmare hues of red, blue and green. One woman, hung by her ankles, was being shocked by a generator attached by wires to her nipples and tongue. Another girl, grunting loudly, was bound onto a fucking machine that pounded rapidly into her ass and vagina. Another girl was hung from the ceiling in a suspended hogtie with a whip pushed into her ass. Five other women were chained to the stone wall; spread wide and fearfully waiting their turn.

Against one dark wall sat a man in a recliner watching the display of feminine agony and humiliation. He idly stroked his hard cock. Nicole was led before the man and forced roughly to her knees.

“These women are all from your country,” the man told Nicole, “they are all very intelligent and very beautiful. I like to watch them struggle and hear them scream, but I also enjoy personal attention to enhance my viewing pleasure. Your profile shows that you are quite good at the art of fellatio.”

The man held the paper in front of Nicole. There, before her unbelieving eyes, she saw twenty full color pictures of herself with David and Andrew, her most current boyfriends. In the pictures she was busy gobbling cock and swallowing cum. Some of these pictures were six months old; others were new. She also saw pictures of herself on campus, at the grocery store, getting the mail and more. Nicole now realized that she’d been watched, stalked, kidnapped and sold.

“I see that you understand the gravity of your predicament. You are thousands of miles away from your home and kneeling before a man who has gone to great expense and intense research to locate the most beautiful and intelligent women to entertain his idle time.”

Nicole saw a thick stream of pre-cum slide down the man’s huge prick. He used it to lube his strokes.

“While they shriek and struggle,” he gestured to the world-class beauty of the women bound before him, “I wish to have a slave slowly and competently draw the cum from my balls with her mouth and tongue. These other women either refused or were not very good at the task. I see, however, that you are quite good at it.”

He looked down at his cock and then back to Nicole, “You have a simple choice; hang next to the girl with the whip in her ass, or swallow the cock you see before you. And if you bite; well, look around you…”

He meant business, Nicole was no fool. Getting out of here was foremost in her mind but that could wait, survival was more important right now. Nicole, hands still tied, leaned in and took the dripping penis fully into her mouth and slowly began to bob up and down. It was sticky with pussy juice.

“Ahhh, Yess…very good Nicole. You are everything that I’d hoped you would be. I fucked Monique just before you arrived. I hope you enjoy the taste. She was on her period. Now take your time. We have all day. M’bana,” he said to the black woman who’d led Nicole in by the leash, “please take that nasty whip out of young Brittany’s ass and use in on her. She looks far too comfortable.”

“Unnngh,” Brittany grunted as the whip handle was pulled from her ass. “GHAAAAA….UUUUUNGH” her screams were louder and more desperate as the whip began to arc and descend on her soft young flesh. She wiggled and writhed in the ropes that held her suspended as M’bana whipped her viciously. Nicole was in for a long day, it would take hours for her new aster to cum but she was far better off on her knees gagging and sucking cock than hanging from the ceiling with Brittany…


Elanor Bundled Up ~ Bound for the Front Line

Elanor lay on the camouflage blanket. Except for the ropes and a collar, she was completely naked. She was doubled up, knees drawn up against her chest to save space for the other girls that would share her fate. The bed of the transport truck would hold fifteen women if they were bound tightly enough.

The hard fighting nomads on the front lines would appreciate the sweet young bodies of these captured western girls. They would provide a much needed respite from the constant hardships of war.

These were the wives and daughters of the enemy stolen and shipped from the country of their foe. These women were punished harshly and almost constantly being fucked by at least one soldier whenever there was a slight cessation in the near constant battles.

Elanor was very beautiful and had seen more than her fair share of cock and even a cunt or two while behind the lines. Now she was headed for the front where she would be forced to service up to six men at a time. Typically the fresh meat would have a cock in each hand, one in her ass, another in her cunt, one in her mouth and one more pressed between her firm ample breasts. They would leave her glazed and oozing cum from every orifice before another six men stepped up to work her over again.

After Rugdbah had tied and packed Elanor he stepped over her and began to jack off over her defenseless naked body.

“Just one last sample of the cock that ripped into your virginity for the first time. One last shagfull for the road western slut!”

He spewed thick spurts of semen onto the side of her face. It rolled slowly onto her nose and tightly closed lips. After he’d finished emptying his balls on the unfortunate slave, he emptied his bladder, pissing on her from ass to head. Her hair was sopping wet with the foul urine of her captor.

“It’s a twelve hour ride in the hot sun to where you’re going, bitch. You’ll stink like a pig’s ass before you get there,” Rugdbah said laughing as he finished pissing on the weeping girl, “say hello to the boys at the front line for me whenever you don’t have a fat cock stuffed in your mouth.”

Elanor – Life in the Caves

She’d been her for one week now. Every hole was sore and soaked with a near constant supply of sperm. When the men could no longer make her scream by fucking her, they decided to make sport of her in another way.

They tied her in a wide spread-eagle on the cave wall. Whenever a nomad soldier was captured or killed, the commander would give take the whip to her quivering flesh. Soon she was covered with dozens of angry red welts. There had been a fresh shipment of young girls ranging in age from 18 to 25 that day so Elanor was no longer used as a fuck slave. The only company she could expect now was the burning end of a cigarette, a hard fist to the stomach or face, a boot kick to her cunt, or the slashing caress of the whip.

Shahira was one of the few women who fought alongside her nomad master. One night to entertain the men, she had slowly shoved a fat wine bottle up Elanor’s ass resulting in horrific howls of pain from the tormented white girl. The men who watched, clapped, laughed and cheered as the nomad woman smiled and bowed. The women were often far more cruel than the men.

“More,” shouted a man from the audience, “entertain us Shahira, with your hatred for this western dog!”

A whip was thrown and landed at Shahira’s feet.

Shahira started slowly by pinching each of Elanor’s pert nipples; squeezing them between her fingernails hard enough to make them bleed.

“MMMFFF…MMMGGH…!!!” Elanor squeeled as she twisted in a vain effort to avoid Shahira’s evil attentions.

But the cruel nomad girl had only just begun. Next she reached down between Elanor’s legs and softly began to stroke her shaven exposed pussy. Elanor had not cum once during all the insane fucking that she’d endured over the last week here in the cave. But now that her well-used cunt was being touched by another woman, it was somehow even more humiliating. Shahira slowly removed her robes with her free hand while stroking Elanor’s damp vagina. Little by little, the spread-eagle American woman began to respond to the nimble fingers of the dark skinned nomad girl.

Naked now, Shahira knelt in front of Elanor and, with tongue and lips, found Elanor’s clit. Already it stood up full and proud in spite of Elanor’s shame. Shahira began to lick and suck furiously bringing her captive closer and closer to orgasm. Soon Elanor, ashamed and humiliated, shut her eyes and pushed her hips out toward the expert tongue of the dark Shahira.

“UUNGH…UUNGH…OHHH…”Elanor began to grunt as the reached the peak of pleasure and began to cum in Shahira’s mouth. But then, as Elanor’s body betrayed her completely, the unthinkable happened; Shahira surrounded the engorged clitoris with her incisors and bit down hard.

GHAAAAAAGH… AAAAHHIIIEEEEE!” everyone in the caves heard her ear-splitting shrieks. The new slave girls who were being fucked and tormented, heard Elanor’s inhuman howls and shivered in fear.

Shahira stood and looked Elanor in the eye. Through the haze of exquisite burning pain, Elanor saw the bloody morsel of flesh in Shahira’s mouth. She rolled it around on her tongue a few times then swallowed.

“Mmmm, white slut taste good,” Shahira smiled, “maybe eat more of you later…”

Still naked, the beautiful dark skinned torturer, turned and bowed once more to the men who clapped and cheered at the performance of pain.

Now Shahira bent to pick up the ten foot braided cattle whip that lay at her feet and began to swing. In moments Elanor was barely recognizable. One breast had been split open, an ear hung in tatters, her bloody cunt was a study in pain. Welt marks covered the once perfect flesh of the screaming woman.

Later on, the almost unrecognizable Elanor was led into the other cave where the new girls were being fucked. Shahira pulled the stumbling Elanor along by a handful of hair.

“Look here white bitches,” Shahira said to the new slaves, “see what happens when we tire of you. Here you fuck to stay alive. Get lazy and you see what happens.”Shahira threw Elanor to the ground and sat heavily on her face breaking her slender nose.

“Eat my pussy bitch or I tie you outside and watch while the hyenas feast on your flesh!”

Elanor lasted three more days before she was sent to one of the desert brothels. She was tied and put in a box in the front room with just her head sticking out. All her teeth had been pulled. The cocks that she sucked slid over her smooth gums like a squeezing pussy. It was her only job. Cum, her only food

Whenever Shahira dropped in in with other western slaves to sell, she’d always visit the broken, beaten and boxed Elanor to have her smelly cum-filled cunt sucked clean. “See how popular you are bitch? Aren’t you glad I liberated you from that dull life in the west. Here you have many friends…Now suck me whore!”


Fuck-Pet for Dinner

Pretty Caroline was only 18 years old when she decided to study abroad. The middle east had always fascinated her so she chose a college in Darfung. One night, after everyone had gone to sleep, the peaceful quiet of the dorm was shattered by gunfire, screams and crashing doors.

Over a mega-phone Caroline heard these words: “All western students come into the hallways. We will not hurt you. We simply need to ask you questions.” The message was repeated. Caroline remembered the gunfire however, so she slid under the bed to hide. Soon she heard screams and other girls pleading.

“No, please…Let go of me,” Caroline heard her friend Beth beg, “where are you taking me… please… please don’t… UNNGH!” Then the sound of a body hitting the ground.

“Tie the bitch quickly!” voice said, “search for the others… they must be hiding. Round them all up. Be fast.”

Her dorm room crashed open and the closet doors were torn from their hinges searching for the American teenagers. That’s where they found Micah. They pushed the struggling girl to the floor and gagged her. Her hands and feet were drawn up behind her back and roped together in a hogtie. Then the bunk-beds were pulled over and Caroline was exposed. She always slept naked, the men smiled when they saw her beautiful young nude body. Caroline, Micah, Beth and twelve other female American students were thrown into the back of a military transport truck and quickly spirited away into the desert night.

Now, a year later, Caroline waited in the dark. She was 19 years old now. She’d spent the last year in one one network of caves or another, a victim to the most unspeakable acts of sadistic torment from men and women alike. No perversion was off limits. Piercings, brandings, and ritualistic mutilations were common foreplay to sex. She’d lost her clitoris and labia long ago. She and her friends were treated with less respect than cattle as one militant then another enjoyed their young bodies.

Tonight however, would mark a new chapter in depravity and horror. She could hear the men arguing in the other room: “She’s worth more alive, a good hostage”…”I say we keep her and fuck the white bitch. She’s one of my favorites”…”Sell her ass. The slave trader says he’ll pay good money”…

Then a commanding voice spoke, it was General Marfind. He had always caused Caroline the most pain when he raped her: “Silence. I have decided her fate. Our men are hungry since our supply lines have been cut. These women are animals anyway. We will have the red-haired dog for dinner! Start the fires!!”

Caroline couldn’t believe it. “Have me for dinner?” she thought, “They’re going to eat me?!”

Three men came into the room and grabbed the struggling girl, “Please,” she begged, “Please don’t kill me… I’m good… I make you cum… I swallow everything… I do anything… everything you say… PLEEEASE!”

They gagged her quickly and placed her in iron stocks with her hands manacled next to her ankles.

She was pulled outside where a large fire raged. A long spit stood off to one side waiting for the coals to die down. “MMMFFFFF… NNNNGGHFFF” the gagged Caroline protested as they dragged her to the fire-pit.

“Bring the other slaves to watch. I want them all to see what we’re having for dinner. After tonight they will be better than ever at sucking cum from our balls! They will gladly eat camel shit rather than share her fate.”

Soon the fire was smoldering embers and all the other slaves were naked and on their knees watching the horrible spectacle unfold. Caroline saw Micah and started to weep. Her once beautiful room-mate bore the marks of a full year of captivity and abuse at the hands of these vicious people.

Then Caroline was carried to the fire-pit. The iron spit was placed against her ass. She struggled in a pitiful attempt to break free. They meant to impale the terrified girl and roast her over the coals.

Then, just as the sharp iron point of the metal rod was being pushed into her, Caroline heard the rapid fire of machine guns.

She was dropped on her side, the iron spit fell to the earth. She was saved, it must be her country coming to rescue her. The mujadin scattered.Many, to Caroline’s pleasure, fell from the bullets that filled the air.

Not a single slave had been struck, they had all been tied in a kneeling position and couldn’t rise. Caroline expected to see white men of European descent coming to untie her and take her home. But her hopes were quickly dashed. The robes and turbans of a different rebel faction soon stood victorious. General Darfind rode the iron rod that night screaming like a woman as he was spitted and left to roast.

The victors were no better. They fell on the girls fucking them savagely. Afterwards the girls were chained neck to neck and marched off into the desert. Caroline had been spared from one fate only to be sold into a sheik’s harem in a large city many miles away. More piercings, a new brand and further genital mutilation marked her as a fuck-pet. She would not be eaten, but in the years to come she began to wonder if it would have been better to have died on the spit and have done with it. Her treatment at the hands of the Sheik and his wives only further broke her will to live. Here Caroline was hobbled and made to crawl everywhere she went. She would never walk again. After all, a slave should kneel when sucking her master’s cock…


Breaking the War Whore

Three enemy soldiers had won the lottery to use the new slave. Mary, bound and gagged, shrieked like a wild animal as the first man’s cock blasted past her sphincter and spread her rectum. The horrid dry-fuck penetrated her deeply as his cock burrowed into her bowels. He wanted to hurt her, not just fuck her. They wanted her to feel the pain of a fresh slave’s first day in captivity. They wanted to break her down.

A second man began to jerk off over her face as the third man began to whip her exposed breasts.

“GLURGL…MMMFFF…” Mary screamed around the gag as the whip tore across the delicate flesh of her tits.

Fresh tears formed in her eyes as she looked up at the man who masturbated. He grunted loudly and began to ejaculate. She was just in time to see thick spurts of cum pour all over her face. The warm salty sperm stung both eyes. She blinked madly trying to expel the stinging semen. Her tears could not alleviate the pain.

Soon the man with the whip bent down and began to shove the handle into her spread cunt. He wedged the ten inch wooden grip into her twisting body then pulled a tin from his pocket. To Mary’s horror she saw that it was full of long needles. The other rebel soldiers who stood waiting for a turn with the American teen all applauded and hooted loudly as first one needle then another went into her nipples and breasts. Fully twenty needles had been pushed into each quivering tit. Mary’s screams were constant now.

Then he moved on to new territory. One long needle went through her nose; in one side and out the other. He did this three times from he lower nostrils up to the bridge of her nose.

Out of needles, the man decided to take the pussy that beckoned to his dripping cock. He slammed her open cunt hard with one knee just to see her writhe in pain. Then he pushed into her.

Tight, so tight. Mary was a virgin for another three seconds as the man forced open her struggling body.

After the three men had spilled their seed, another three took their places, then another three. Mary twisted and grunted in pain as each man brought another unique form of torment to use on her innocent body.

Finally the last three men decided to trust her to use her mouth. They removed her gag.

“If you bite this cock, western dog, we will cut out your green eyes and make you eat them. Understand?”

Mary nodded miserably. She would suck all the prodding pricks dry if it would stop the pain.

There was just one wrinkle that she hadn’t anticipated. Mary had pictured herself up on her knees sucking one brown cock after another until they had all cum. She would even swallow their ejaculate thus debasing herself more fully to make them happy. Then maybe they would leave her alone and let her rest for awhile. They might even take the needles out of her bloody swollen tits. But Mary wasn’t the first girl to undergo harsh treatment at the hands of these rebel soldiers. They’d just barely begun to use her.

She quickly found herself hanging upside down and swinging from her widely spread ankles. She saw the cocks approach from her inverted view of the world. Her mouth was at perfect crotch level as the first prick slipped between her open lips. She was blinded by the man’s body and never had the slightest inkling that the second man who stood behind her wide spread legs, held a thick leather riding crop. The third man knelt beside her cock-stuffed face holding a knife one inch from her left eye.

“Remember slave,” he told Mary, “one bite and you are blind. Careful with your teeth!”

That was when the crop slapped wetly across her exposed cunt.

“GGRRRGLLLMMMFFFFF…!!!”, panic surged as Mary screamed around the large cock that battered against the back of her throat. Through the haze of pain that rocketed from her crotch into her brain, Mary remembered not to bite. She wept bitter tears as she screamed around the man-meat that filled her mouth. Mary continued to writhe and buck in a vain attempt to avoid the relentless crop. But she never bit down.

Warm cum soon covered her face as each man ejaculated onto their new slave. Then the first three men came at her again. The man with the needles was back with another full box.

She howled wildly as the new needles speared her cum-smeared cunt lips, clit and asshole…


Worse than Hell

Jennifer stood before a desk in the city hall of a small town in Latin America.

The mustached man before her, Sergeant Garcia, sat with his feet up on the desk leering at the pretty American teenager.

“So, you are asking for a permit to assemble. A political rally in front of the president’s mansion, eh?”

“That’s right,” she replied, “women have the same rights as men and we’re going to make sure that the world knows how they’re treated here. I have three different news channels coming to cover the event. So, please just do your job, give me my permits and stop staring at my tits.”

“Maybe you show me your tits first, gringa,” replied the man with a slight smile, “then we talk about these permits. Looks like you got a nice pair. What do you say?”

Jennifer had grown up in the United States and didn’t quite know how things worked south of the border.

“Fuck you, you sick bastard,” replied the foolish teen, “you can kiss my ass if you think I’ll ever let you see one inch of my body. Just give me my permits and I’ll be on my way!”

Sergeant Garcia sat up and pushed a button on his desk. “That’s no way to talk to a man down here, puta,” Garcia said, “you gonna find out about that real soon. Now I gonna see more than your tits!”

Jennifer felt the first tingle of fear trickle down her spine when the door burst open and two military police appeared. “Wha’s up jefe?” said one man, “you got problems?” Both of the soldiers were looking appreciatively at Jennifer. “I got no problem,” Garcia said, “but this little gringita sure does. Take the bitch downstairs and fix her up nice and pretty. Then go tell Adelita we got a live one. She gonna put on a good show for the regular customers.”

Jennifer started to struggle when the two soldiers grabbed her but she never stood a chance. Garcia stepped around the desk with a gag, a hypodermic needle and a thick hood. “Sleep for now cunt, you will need your rest.” The needle went into Jennifer’s neck. As she began to go limp, the gag went in and the hood went on. Another female political prisoner disappeared without a trace.

Jennifer awoke a few hours later in the dark. Groggy but aware, she slowly began to remember the interview with Sergeant Garcia; the soldiers, the needle. Adrenalin shot through her veins and shook her awake.

“MMMFFF…MMMNNFF” Jennifer tried to speak. “Can’t move my hands, can’t speak, can’t see, I can feel the air on my skin, they’ve taken my clothes” she thought to herself, “Oh Fuck, I’ve been kidnapped.”

“I see our little friend is awake” said a woman’s voice, “let’s welcome her to the party.” Adelita Peron was the woman who now controlled Jennifer’s fate. She was a very beautiful yet sadistic woman of about 35. She could torment men but she preferred women. And she was quite ready to get started on pretty Jennifer.

Jennifer’s hood came off. A single light hung above her and shone down in her eyes. She could hear other people in the dark room. They surrounded her. There were at least fifty, maybe more. They were all watching her. Adelita started by squatting down next to the nude girl and slapping her hard across the face.

“You American cunts need to learn your place. And this is where you’ll find it!”Adelita leaned in and sat heavily on Jennifer’s face. “MMFF… GGHUURGGLLMMMFFF,” Jennifer grunted and tried to struggle away but Adelita was too strong. Her nose was trapped between Adelita’s thighs. Jennifer could smell her cunt and her ass. Her stomach rolled. Adelita rode Jennifer’s face until it shined wetly with dripping cunt juice.

“Who’s gonna be first to tap this little bitch?” Adelita called out. Many voices responded and a line began to form. Jennifer, who generally liked sex, on her own terms, had no control here. She soon found herself swimming in cum. She was turned over onto her face as a man with belt in hand, forced his cock into her pussy from behind. He whipped her hard while he rode her. Jennifer screamed and tried to beg for mercy. This just seemed to drive the crowd into a frenzy. The man who fucked Jennifer grabbed the rope harness that held her and rammed himself into her as far and as hard as he could.

“UNGH… UNGG… GGGHUUGG…!!!” Jennifer grunted hard as the man fucked her and whipped her with the belt.

Adelita got back into the game with an electric cattle prod. She shocked Jennifer’s naked ass over and over to make her heave and buck. The crowd clapped and shouted. The prod hit Jennifer on the face and neck now and then her firm tits were targeted. Jennifer was a live wire twisting and flailing uselessly as she tried to get to her feet and make a run for it. She never had a chance.

“Crowd in people” Adelita shouted, “I have a private session planned for her later after her tight cunt and ass have squeezed all the cum out of your filthy cocks. So get in here and get started!”

Hands grabbed Jennifer everywhere. Her hair was pulled, her tits were a mass of pain as they were twisted and squeezed. One man even used them for punching bags. The people were spurred on by her pitiful shrieks and screams. Her ass and cunt were soon dripping with sperm. Her face was also a target for those who wanted to mar her looks with slime. It took over two hours for the crowd to finish with Jennifer. She lay there in a pool of cum breathing hard covered with sweat, when one last man strode up and stood next to Adelita.

“Hello Gringa bitch. Remember me?” It was Garcia from the city hall. “I got the permit you wanted. I gonna permit you to suck my cock. I’ll even permit you to swallow my cum for a few days before you go to the military brothel. Your big mouth got you in trouble, and your big mouth gonna make me rich. Start sucking cunt!”


The Road to Auction

Private Susan Hiromoto was beyond tired; she was exhausted. Every bare-footed step was almost impossible. She stumbled along barely able to stay on her feet. She was filthy and thirsty. Her breasts throbbed painfully from their stringent and constant bondage. She’d been tied to 70 tons of rolling death, forced to keep up or be dragged. When the company finally stopped, she knew what would happen to her. The men would take her again, brutally, with no concern other than their own pleasure. These desert warriors who had captured and enslaved Susan, had no honor. These men saw her as a commodity for the future and a fuck-pet for the here and now…

“No more walking, bitch… Time for fun! Got sore legs? Start wetting that tight cunt of yours if you don’t want a sore cunt too!”

It made no difference. Sue was glad to have stopped walking even if it meant being fucked and tormented by the seventy-five men in the company.

First they made dinner. The scraps they threw to her landed in the dirt. Susan, like a dog, bent and picked up the food with her mouth. The men wanted her healthy and presentable when they got to the next town. There, they could trade the captured Private for supplies and petrol. But until they arrived, Susan Hiromoto would unwillingly provide the entertainment.

After dinner, they came at her leisurely, two and three at a time. They were in no rush, they were ahead of schedule and there was no sign of the enemy. Beaten, bruised and broken, Susan took any cock that approached into her mouth and sucked until hot seed rushed down her throat. Others bent her over and took her ass or pussy. She had been tight; almost a virgin when this journey of pain began. She’d only let one man make love to her. It had happened the week before she’d been deployed. But now, after three days with these filthy unwashed animals, her holes were well worn.

She could taste her own cunt on some of the cock-meat that now took pleasure in her mouth. They’d fucked her pussy at the last stop and never washed. This was bad enough, but others had fucked her ass. These brown stained peckers now stuffed her mouth full with their terrible taste and foul stench.

Most of the men just wanted a warm moist place to rut. For these Susan was almost grateful. They would cum quickly and wander off to sleep. But there were the others who took great pleasure in beating Susan.

They couldn’t bruise her too much for it would affect her value. But they knew how to hurt her without showing the damage. This almost invariably involved shoving impossibly large object into her body.

One of these hateful cruel men crawled out of the tank to play with Susan. At the last stop he’d pushed his fist into her puffy lipped cunt all the way to his elbow, pumping hard while she screamed and cried.

But now his fevered brain had come up with something even worse. He carried one of the missiles that the tank kept as long range ammunition.

Susan knew immediately what he meant to do. She tried to rise to her feet, maybe to run, but certainly to resist. No use. Her legs were too weak. She fell to one side and the man was on her in a second.

He set the missile upright and, after tying Susan’s knees to her chest, began to push her down onto the tip of the huge metal missile.

“NO…PLEASE NOOAAAAAUUUUUUGHH!” Her fresh screams gathered the attention of the other men.

They crowded around to witness her torment. Her cunt was spreading open like a woman giving birth in reverse. If not for the copious amounts of cum that acted as a lubricant and the endless line of cocks that had loosened her fuck-hole up so well, the missile would certainly have split her open. He grabbed Susan’s hair and her shoulders and continued to push her down until she was fully impaled on the long brass bullet. Wild-eyed and shrieking, Susan could only endure the horrendous intrusion. The man forced himself into her open mouth. Susan knew that her only hope was to placate him. With the missile still inside her, drooling heavily and nearly mad from the pain, she sucked his cock until he came in her mouth. She obediently swallowed. After he’d finished splashing his seed down her throat, he pushed her over and slowly pulled the missile from her cunt. He’d pressed a full fifteen inches into her body. A trickle of blood mingled with the cum that drained from her pussy. She would never bear children.

When they set off again, Susan was unable to walk. They tied her to the Tank’s barrel. She hung there bruised both inside and out. The next day near dusk, in the burning desert distance, Susan saw the glimmering lights of the town. The men stopped to wash her up before presenting her for auction. What new horrors waited for Susan in this desert village at the hands of these people she knew not. She was beyond hope; beyond caring.

“Don’t worry too much western whore,” said one of the men who roughly washed her tits, “there will be plenty of cock for you to suck there. Maybe you will get lucky and get to eat some pussy too…”

Even after all the horror Susan had endured, after all the abuse, she was still pretty. She was sold to a brothel where she works next to a toothless white woman named Elanor, who gives head from a box…


Failed Coup D’etat

Alicia screamed as another strike from the plastic rod seared across her soft flesh.

They’d gotten her to talk almost immediately. She’d given them all the information she had. All the names of the political dissidents, their addresses, where they worked, everything. When they threatened Alicia with more pain, she even came up with the names of people who had nothing at all to do with the failed coup d’etat.

“Now a few smacks across those wonderful firm teats of yours.”

The heavy plastic rod split the air with an audible whoosh and swatted fully across both of Alicia’s nipples.

She threw her head back and howled; her suspended body twisting from side to side. Her tits bounced and quivered provocatively driving the interrogator mad with lust.

“P-Please,” Alicia begged, “I’ve told you everything I know. There’s nothing else…nothing…Please stop hurting me. Let me fuck you…take me…use my ass, my cunt, my mouth. Just please don’t hurt me anymore!”

The man pretended to consider her request. “You promise not to try to get away? Do you swear that you will suck my prick and swallow my seed? Well, do you?”

“Yes, oh yes. I promise. I’ll do whatever you want. I’m very good, I’ll make you cum hard…”

“Ha, ha, ha. You stupid slut,” Alicia’s interrogator laughed, “You are already doing everything I want you to do. Your beautiful naked body heaves and bucks with each blow. You shriek and scream with wild abandon. You are doing all I want. And there’s so much more. I haven’t even begun to hurt you. There’s Interrogation Room 2 with it’s impossibly huge dildos and clamps. They are all attached to a nice generator. When I turn it on, you’ll really come to know pain. Your screams will intensify a thousand-fold. Oh, and let’s not forget the two electric dildos that go up your cunt and ass when I am done with you each night. I will turn them on full blast and leave you to cum helplessly over and over all night long. Oops, I almost forgot; there’s a nice little reception planned for you and the other women you so kindly informed on earlier this evening. The men will be executed right away of course, but there are many uses for you and the other bitches you gave us. They will be presented after dinner tomorrow evening and used for sport. Some will be turned loose on the compound grounds and allowed a head start. Then we will mount the Hunting Party. We’re on an island here, they will have no place to go. Others will be used as living art; stretched and twisted into forms of such exquisite agony…And yet others will simply be laid out and spread open for our guests to fuck and torment at will.

So when, you dumb cunt, I decide to fuck you, I will do so without your permission. It will hurt, and you will scream. You gave up all your rights when you plotted against the government. Now you’re just a bag of warm meat to use in any way I see fit. Your punishment will last for years. You will never leave here alive.”

“NOOO…PLEASE…NOOOOO…” Alicia continued to beg and plead but the pain only got worse.

Interrogation Room 2, with it’s racks, clamps, steel dildos, and generator, proved to be everything the man had promised.

“GHAAAAAAAIIEEEEE” Alicia screamed louder than ever when the electricity coursed through her most intimate female flesh. Her inhuman shrieks were heard by the other woman who were, even now, being brought in for questioning. It proved to be a most effective method of extracting the desired information. But eventually, they all wound up with Alicia; screaming and begging for mercy that would never come…

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