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Hong Kong, 2010.

For the last couple of years, police authorities have been investigating the activities of the Green Dragon triad, a criminal syndicate specializing in prostitution and white slavery. Lin Pao, the ruthless leader of the triad, was well known as a very clever man, with good political connections, and so far he had done an excellent job at avoiding any legal charge, even though his sex empire was expanding continually. In a desperate attempt at stopping him, the local police had decided to launch a special operation, under the code name Dragon Trap.

One of the many warehouses used by the triad, in Kowloon.

The brunette reporter had just been unloaded from the van with which she had been abducted a couple of hours earlier. Lin PaoТs network of informants had reported a new journalist who was asking too many questions about the triad. Now, she would have to answer a few questions

IТm sure the Boss will be interested in talking to you But first, weТll have to soften you a little bit, dear said Johnny Gant, the first gun for the Boss. And since you seem so interested in our activities, we will give you a precise idea of how we deal with sluts. Zhang, use the crop on this nosy bitch Make sure you hit her tits, will you? A hundred lashes on each boob will make her squeal like the slut pig she is. I want them covered with welts. Make her lactate blood instead of milk, eh eh

A training facility, in Lin PaoТs huge private estate.

Our customers appreciate a nice real redhead We call them hongse in Chinese But more than the color of your pussy hair, what weТre interested in is your obedience And so far, you havenТt shown much good in that respect

The young student had been abducted on the parking lot of the university, a few weeks ago, and her slave training had started immediately. She had been repeatedly raped in all three holes, by men and animals alike, and her tender skin always bore the marks of the constant whippings.

We are going to make an ass whore of you And to make sure that your pussy remains unused during that training, I am going to sew your slit. Seven holes in each cunt lip, a strong surgical catgut and I seal your slit for good Of course, itТs a painful operation, but IТm sure youТll like it after a while

Lin PaoТs mansion, 6pm (hour of the rooster).

Lin Pao was only interested in women if they could be forced into bizarre shapes. He had selected this beautiful redhead to make one of his favorites. But she had to undergo some body modifications before being of any use to him.

One of Lin PaoТs sick penchants was elongated nipples and clit. He was not content until the girlТs nipples were looking like the udders of a goat, which required regular training. Today, the session involves a simultaneous elongation of both nipples and clit. The metal teeth of the clamps bite viciously in the girlТs love button and erect nipples, and the pressure is unbearable while the mechanical device pulls the flesh in a grotesque way. The girlТs screams, instead of moving Lin Pao to pity, are only serving to delight him.

I know this is painful, my dear, Lin Pao jokes while enjoying the show. But you know what they say: you have to suffer if you want to be beautiful!

Johnny GantТs quarters, inside the compound.

How did you like this crop session, slut? Did it make you hot? Let me check

Johnny Gant is having fun with the reporter. The bitch is quite good: not only did she really squeal like a sow while the crop was crisscrossing her entire body, but it also made her wet. This one was going to be a nice painslut recruit Maybe a star for the next snuff movie

YouТre dripping wet, bitch I bet you can take my whole fist in your cunt, and probably even half of my arm. In fact, IТm going to try right away A well stretched cunt is such a nice sight

Cell number five, in the basement of Lin PaoТs mansion.

The reporter has been tied up on a sort of standing stock, in a spread-eagled position, making her genitalia available for torture. A pair of alligator clamps, made in a particularly resistant alloy, has been set on her nipples. But not before having been dipped in acid! Now, not only do the teeth of the vicious jaws press on the tender flesh, but the acid is slowly and painfully making its way inside the delicate buds, burning the skin and the flesh in unbearable torture The girl had to be gagged tightly, or her horrible screams would have kept everyone awake.

Franky Wang has come to check on the reporter. To his complete surprise he realizes that she is no reporter, but an undercover cop, whom he has already met in the courthouse. She must have been trying to infiltrate the Green Dragon triad.

The Boss is not going to like this piece of news

Inside the slaughterhouse, one of many Lin PaoТs front businesses.

Ok, bitch This is a whole new game now We know youТre nothing but a filthy cop, and you are going to tell us what your department knows about our activities, announces the tormentor who has been charged with the interrogation of the fake reporter. This is going to be a long and pleasant session, for sure. The bitch is nice-looking, and apparently resistant

Would you like to know the program? Let me tell you First, IТm going to work on your tits. A few injections of acid in those udders of yours, and then I will pierce them with fishing-hooks that I will heat. If that is not enough to make you talk, I will use the blow-torch on them, until there is nothing left of your beautiful chest but a formless pile of charred flesh In the unlikely event that you remain silent through this treatment, I will rip your clit out with a pair of pliers and you will eat your own love button HowТs that for a start, cunt?



Johnny GantТs quarters, inside the compound

Johnny had had a long day and needed some rest and recreation. Training these whores for Lin Pao was a demanding task at times. From the basement, he had selected a blonde slave trainee, who had a deliciously tight cunt. Much too tight for most consumers in fact. They had to improve her СaccommodationТ capacity

Listen, bitch! IТm too tired for the heavy stuff tonight. I just want a good fuck, and that is exactly what you will give me. Just make me cum fast, and then I will leave you with the ramming machine that will open your slit so much that youТll easily accommodate a horse

In the basement of Lin PaoТs mansion

The Boss said that you are to be sold as an ass whore. And as an ass whore only. Let me have some fun with your little asshole before we start

The gunman was thrusting his fat cock in the poor girlТs rubbery ring, making sure to go out all the way before each thrust. Her sphincter was on fire from the repeated assaults.

To be certain that only your shit hole will be used, the Boss ordered your cunt to be sewn shut. What do you think about that, slut? How many stitches should I make, to have a good seal: four or six on each cunt lip? Ah ha

A cell in the compound

YouТre pissing me off with your constant whining, bitch. YouТd better learn to take some pain without yelling so much. Or we will have to rip your tongue out! Then you will have to learn how to suck cock with the pathetic stub that you will be left with That would be fun to watch, IТm sure

For the last two hours, the girl had been kept in very tight bondage, her knees resting on the crest of a triangular metal bar. The pain in her joints was breathtaking, and her knees were now bleeding.

YouТll take fifty more slaps. If I hear a single sound, IТll make it two hundred lashes of the bullwhip

The menТs toilet in the compound

The brunette did not do well in her piss whore training. Johnny Gant and his man had her clean all the urinals with her tongue. She puked a couple of times when the smell of stale piss filled her nostrils. Her punishment was to deep throat the biggest dick there, or to have her brains blown out.

Crying desperate tears, the girl took the monstrous cock between her lips, and gulped at it trying to take it all until she choked.

Go ahead, piss cunt. DonТt you want me to clean your filthy mouth with my cum?

Interrogation room

ThereТs no need for you to deny that you are here to spy on us. That poor undercover cop we caught told us everything about you. Not willingly of course But we know how to make sluts talk to us

So far, the blonde agent had been strong enough to resist the whip and to deny any involvement.

Remove her panties LetТs see how she takes a good smoke in the cunt You know what the Surgeon General says: smoking is dangerous for your health Let me demonstrate how true that is, fucking spy!

Private quarters of the Sergeant

IТve been quite lenient with you, so far Things could have been much worse for you. But I never said that anything would be free. I need a good whore to unwind a little, and you seem to fit the bill perfectly.

The Sergeant had brought the bound girl up from her cell, still blindfolded and gagged.

Let me remove your gag, but you might think to keep quiet. HereТs my dick to suck. You can only use your tongue and lips. I give you five minutes to make me cum; if you fail, IТll slice those udders of yours and keep them in a jar with the rest of my personal collection

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