Vanished [HINES]


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Myra Johanson, Salesclerk: Last Seen, April, Sweden. Destination: Hong Kong.

It had been almost two months since Myra had been kidnapped as she left work at the late-closing sexshop. She didn’t particularly like working there but she really needed the job and the customers were easy to get along with – except that creepy old gentleman, Mr. Voss, who made it a point to drop in every day to “browse” the explicit magazines that lined the walls. He never bought anything – but who buys magazines nowadays?

It seemed that he was more interested in looking at Myra’s shapely young form that anything else in the shop. Myra felt uncomfortable, knowing that he was constantly examining her from head to toe. Staring and smiling, as though considering some private joke.

“Don’t worry,” Myra’s store manager assured her blandly. ” Old Voss has been coming around here for years. He’s weird, but harmless.”

But he wasn’t entirely harmless – as Myra learned when she exited the shop that night to confronted by a strange-faced Mr. Voss carrying that dangerous-looking pistol.

“You will come with me and you will make no noise! If you try to run away, I will shoot you.”

“What do you want?”

“Only to fuck you, dear. I have a place all ready for you. You are my fourth girl; don’t worry, I will take good care of you.”

As Myra found out, by ‘taking good care’, Mr. Voss meant almost two months of days and nights of abuse and punishment. So much pleasure for Mr. Voss, so virile for any old man. So much pain and humiliation for Myra.

Then that day when he came in to bind Myra firmly to the wooden post. “Okay, girl, you have given me a lot of good fucking – but now I want to find a new girl. So now I have some friends who will look you over to see if you’re good enough to buy. Miss Bennice and Miss Chen are good customers and they should approve of you for the price….”

“Hmmmm…., I see that you’ve broken this girl in pretty good, Mr. Voss. She’s got the right attitude to serve in one of our establishments. Our customers in Hong Kong really like fair-haired Western girls, but they insist that they be obedient like this one. We’ll buy her. When do you think you might have another slave for us…?”


Karen and Ginger, Sisters: Last Seen, November, New York . Destination: Turned Into Street Whores, New York.

Karen’s mouth had trouble fitting around LeRoy’s Huge dick at first, but she stretched her lips more when LeRoy growled, ” You want some more of my belt on your ass, bitch? If not, you better take it deep in that throat of yours!”

Over on the floor in the corner, her younger 18 year-old sister Ginger was starting to whimper as big Tomas’ cock began forcing it’s way inside her young pussy yet again. ” Yahhhhhh, girl, I’m gonna take me some mores of that! You gots some real tight pussy on ya, baby. And I goin’ to fuck you ’til you can’t take it any more! Ummmmmm…. You feelin’ my big thang splittin’ you apart? It hurtin’ ya? Well, It sure feel good to me!

Giner tried to struggle, but Tomas’ weight was too much and his dick was now impaling her and beginning to slam her up to the balls. This was her third rape-fuck by Tomas and she was already suffering as his huge meat was banging against the rear of her uterus.

As Ginger tried to cover her face in shame and humiliation, Tomas shifted her legs up over his shoulders so he now was able batter her hole at his will. “You mine now, girl. You mine! Your sister over there ain’t gonna be able to see ya after tonight ’cause you gonna be Tomas’ little whore from now on! Ain’t gonna put ya on da street like ma other whores. All yo’ holes gonna be full of my cock day and night!

While her sister was crying while being raped, Karen’s forced blowjob was beginning to bring LeRoy’s monster dick closer and closer to the edge of a big cum-eruption. She could feel it swelling and the taste of salty semen leaking out into her mouth. Then LeRoy hand pushed her head down as his hip bucked.

“Bitchhhhhhh! You doin’ it! You doin’ good – just like yo’ pretty sista blowed me the first time after I slapped her to get her goin’! Must run in da family! Here it comes……. Ahhhhhh….!”


Mrs. Valerie Vandersnoot, Slumlord’s Wife: Last Seen, March, Chicago. Destination (alleged): Big Mama’s Whorhouse # 3, Atlanta, Georgia.

Valerie sought to keep her balance as Big Roy continued to slam his huge dick against her backsides. She sobbed, but sobbed quietly. They had warned her against making any more loud noises and she knew that doing so would bring more of the relentless belt-whippings that she had endured when they first snatched her out of her car and dragged her into the abandoned apartment building.

Valerie bit her lip in order to keep her silence; Big Roy’s big meat was the sixth one to have fucked her so far and it was hitting hard against everything inside her hole. A spasm of pain came with every deep thrust that Big Roy put to her and she was so raw, so tender!

Where was her husband? What did these animals do to him? What had begun as a casual tour of the Vandersnoot slum properties had turned into a nightmare! Valerie was still a good-looking woman, but know she felt so ugly, so low-down…..

“Keep bending over, you pasty bitch!” Big Roy laughed. “Keep that position! That way, you can enjoy everything more, enjoy what Big Roy’s got to give ya!”

“Uhhhhhh….” Valerie moaned as Big Roy’s cock began hitting a particularly raw spot inside her. “Ohhhh…. Godddddd…”

“Hurry up, B.R.!” The other black hoodlum complained as he kept an armed watch over the two of them. ” You been fuckin’ dis bitch for almost a half-hour, man! I wants my turns on dat pussy before all dem other dudes get her and wants to jump on her! Hurry up, man!”

“Fuck you, Go-go! I’m gonna be puttin’ ma rod to dis white whore until my balls are good and ready! You and all them can just wait ’til I is done!” Big Roy was not one to be hurried and Go-Go and the rest of the gang knew better than try. He started to increase the pace of his fucking now. Really piston-driving his dick and tormenting Valerie’s pussy.

“You cryin’, real estate lady? Big Roy’s dick too big for ya? Too strong for ya? You better thank me – ’cause I gettin’ you ready for what’s comin’, baby. You gots a lotta black dicks that gonna be fuckin’ ya tonight. Then you probaby gonna be spending the rest of your days makin’ us money in some whorehouse! Yeah, them days of bein’ a rich bitch is over! You gonna be just another druggie white whore who fucks black dicks!”

Janice Clements, University Student: Last Seen, October, London. Destination: Central America.

“Please let me go,” Janice had begged the two hooded men who had abducted her from her student dorm room that cool autumn night.

She had been studying alone, no one else on the floor. As always, the abductors had good advance intelligence; Janice beautiful looks, prim but shapely, full-breasted body fit the would-be buyer’s requirements. It had taken a few days to take a good photo of her and show it to the buyer and get his final approval. The operation had been carried out without a problem; after all, these men knew their business. The strange-smelling rag that suddenly smothered her face from behind was the last thing Janice remembered……

But Janice would always remember the time when she came to and saw that big, swarthy man standing over her as she lay on that mattress. The room had walls of concrete. The man was naked. Janice was even more startled when she saw the size of his erection.

“Ah, been waiting for the chloroform to wear off. You can scream if you want, scream as loud as you can. Go ahead. No one will hear you. This place is where I do all my breaking in of the new girls before I send them off. You can call me Manuel,” the man said with a decided Latin accent. “But in a few weeks, you’ll be calling me ‘Master’ before we’re done with each other….”

Janice did scream. She fought. She begged and cried. But Manuel knew how to apply pain; he was an expert at it. He also knew to punish-rape a proper English girl. He had broken so many tougher girls with that huge cock of his. After a while, Janice was just a whimpering, compliant piece of pussy-meat who now obediently spread her legs and humped her hips as best she could to please him. And called him ‘Master’.

Janice was ready for the cargo plane that was scheduled to land on that private airstrip in Central America. And to Senora’s ‘Cabla Sex House No. 2 ‘.

Janice was special. The only the clients who were willing to pay twice the normal rate would be able to climb the stairs that led up to where Janice would be available to them and their eager cocks. Yes, a white beauty like Janice would last for almost year before she was used up and either put down with the regular whores or perhaps bought to serve as a wife to some village farm laborer who would use her womb to make babies…

But for now, Janice’s duty was to show her devotion to the house madam, the Senora. The Senora would, in turn, show Janice exactly what would be required of her…

“Oh, my dear English girl, you know your place,” giggled the Senora. “It looks like you and I are going to get along just fine, si? Come, get into bed with me. You must be so frightened and unsure and my pussy is so wet. You will feel better after you eat my cunt. Then maybe I might let you spend some time with the other girls….”


Rebecca Tortel, Socialite: Last Seen, April, Los Angeles. Destination: Detroit Ghetto.

Abdul was impatient. He yelled at Rebecca, “C’mon, baby, gets yo’ ass over here! I done let yo’ sleep for over an hour! Enough! I wanna fuck, girl. Look at this damn cock, see how it’s all hard an’ all?”

“But my arms are still tied behind my back, sir! It’s hard for me to get off the bed. It’s so hard to stand!” She tried to get off the bed; she feared he might hurt her again if she made him angry. But bound like she was, Rebecca tumbled, naked, to the filthy wooden floor.

“Clumsy white bitch,” Abdul sneered. “Well, the floor is where you belongs anyway, right? Right, bitch?”

“Yessir,” Rebecca sobbed as Abdul turned her over on her back.

He was massaging that hard and ready shaft of his. “Yeah, fuckin’ you on the floor, that’s gonna be good. Spread them legs, honey. Spread ’em wide for this dick,” he ordered as he got on top of her.

“Aaaghh…,” Rebecca groaned in pain as the huge cock forced it’s way deep in her abused pussy. Her cunt was fucked raw. He fucked her so much, so often….

“That’s right, bitch, give it to me. Give it up, bitch!” Abdul began to take her like he always did; rough and hard. Pretty soon he was was assaulting that white pussy with his rhythm. Fap, fap, fap, fap….

“Bitch! No-class bitch! Not so high and mighty now, are ya, cunt?” Fap, fap, fap,fap…….

So began another day of shame and humiliation for Rebecca Tortel, the daughter of a high-society billionaire and a well-publicized society girl.

But now instead of ritzy restaurants and fancy hotels, Rebecca’s life consisted of a locked and boarded room in a derelict building deep in the Detroit ghetto. Instead of attentive waiters and valets, there was now Abdul’s demanding eleven-inch black dick.

Abdul had been scouting good places to burglarize in the more posh Los Angeles areas when he had decided upon the Turtle Mansion. Lots of potential valuables, enough to pawn off and live on for some time. But to his surprise, there was this fine-lookin’ gal asleep in that big bed upstairs….. plans change.

Well, fucking the white gal on the floor was nice, but Abdul was determined to take every bit of pride out of her – put her on an even level with the everyday ghetto sistas in the ‘hood….

“Oh, no! Not that! Noo…,” Rebecca protested as Abdul started to poke a finger up her anus.

“Shut up, girl. You gonna learn how to take a dick up that little ass of yours just like the regular bitches around here. Don’t make me have to whip ya again! Ya know, we’ll just sit in that chair so I can take my time teachin’ ya….”

“Uggghhhhhhh…. Aaaaaaeeeee….!” Rebecca’ s cries was shrill and she gritted her teeth in agony as Abdul forced her to move her ass up and down on his monster cock.

“So good, baby! So goooood! You ain’t no debutante no more, bitch! You gonna learn to like my cock up your ass just like a whore on the street!”


Nitya Kanikynko, Aspiring Model: Last Seen, May, Bushuku Village. Destination: Moscow.

The police had put a general alert out for 19 year-old Nitya but so far, no reports of her whereabouts. Not a high priority, understand. Her parents were dead and her only living relative was an uncle in Moscow, almost 500 miles away. People said that she was determined to be a model and that she had bragged about moving to Moscow and staying with Uncle Boris, her late aunt’s husband, so that she could take her time looking for that big break. No, the villagers shook their heads, you’re too short. You’re pretty enough but they want their models really tall and skinny. But Nitya wouldn’t listen to that. she had saved up her money and boarded the bus to Moscow.

Only Uncle Boris claimed that Nitya never arrived. How strange, he said. Probably she just met someone on the bus and decided to go off with them, you know how young girls are….

But Nitya was closer than the police knew. In fact, she was chained to a wall of Uncle Boris’ cellar. Built to withstand the bombings of WWll, it was more like a bunker; one hundred feet underground – and Boris had designed a special cell where he could visit his perky-looking female ‘guest’ as often as he wanted. No one knew of the cellar room and no sounds could escape it’s thick walls.

Boris was a big man. In every way. Some friends joked that his late wife, Nitya’s aunt, died from Boris’ fucking. Supposedly, Mrs. Boris had whispered to her female friends about how difficult it was to take Boris’ huge cock and how he fucked so hard and strong that it was difficult for her to walk afterwards. It was said that even the most veteran prostitutes turned Boris away…

But for Nitya, down in that cellar room, chained to the wall and being fucked yet again by Uncle Boris, there was no doubt…..

“Hhhhhhheeeee…..Please, Uncle! Pleaseeeeeeeee! Uhhhhhh….”

“Mmmm…, Nitya…. So tight……. My little fuck-toy…….. You like your Uncle Boris’ cock, da? Such a big cock I have…..”

flap, flap, fap, flap, flap

“Uhhhhhhh…! It hurts! I can’t take it! It’s so big…..!”

“Da, it’s so big……. You will learn to take it……. You’re my woman now……. Your pussy belongs to me……. I take what I want…..”

fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap

“Ohhhhhhhhhh……Uhhhhhhhhhh……ohhhhhhhhhhhhh……I can’t-t-t-t-t……..huhhhhhh…..”

” Da…..Da….Give in….Daaaa…..Give Boris your pussy….. Gonna fuck you hard all night…. all day…… every day…. every night… Never gonna stop fucking you….”

fap, fap, fap fap, fap fap, fap

Harriet Is Welcomed to Her New Home:

Harriet Lawson cringed and cried as Nada Sukumu and her brother Akiro groped and pinched her while examining her every body parts. Meanwhile the seller, Miss Rey, looked on. It was hot and clammy here inside the dried-mud hut which the Sukumu had decided to keep their newly – purchased slave, far away from the cool, crisp climate of Northern England that Harriet had spent her life; a life in which 19 year-old Harriet had been very happy and content.

All of Harriet’s plans had now been changed. The Sukumus had seen to that.

Among the elite ruling clans who ran the small African country of Tarmaninogo, the Sukumus wanted to be able to feel that they had something that would set them apart from the others of their ilk. Nothing better to brag about than having their very own little white English house and sex slave to make things interesting around the home….

“Look at this white slave very closely, now,” cautioned the slave broker, Miss Rey. My reputation is that all my customers are satisfied with their purchases. “She’s trained and broken. If you’re not completely satisfied, please feel free to say so and I’ll take her back and find someone else.”

“No, Miss Rey, this one fits our needs most exactly,” chuckled Akiro. “She looks just right. What do you say, sister?”

“She looks fine, brother. I say we made a good buy. Let’s gonna put the white bitch into good use right now…”


The Biker’s Prize:

Shadyman had spotted Anita Gordon while cruising down a country road on his monster of a motorcycle one warm afternoon. Anita had just gotten off work at the small country store at which she clerked part-time during the summer vacation from college.

The store wasn’t far from her family’s farm, just a half-mile’s stroll up the quiet road. Safe to walk. Nothing bad happened in this rural community. Until Shadyman.

He had decided that Anita was just the kind of gal he wanted – tall, slim, young and blond; a change from the harden, low-life (like himself) motorcycle mamas that he and his fellow bikers usually hung around with.

Shadyman didn’t snatch Anita right away. He was the cautious type, not one to make mistakes by doing things without thorough planning. When Anita disappeared two weeks later, it was without a trace. No one saw or heard anything. There were no leads or suspects.

Only Anita Gordon knew what was happening to her – and it was happening pretty often because Shadyman was one horny fellow. A doping, hard-drinking fellow who liked nothing better than coming back after a hard day of arranging dope deals and keeping his bikers in line and ravaging Anita’s sore pussy or having her perform some nice girl-girl with one of his regular biker chicks.

Anita would never see her family again. She had a new family now….

“Oh, shit, bitch – here it cums,” the biker leader barked out as he started to pump another load of his sperm deep inside Anita’s pussy.

“Quit cryin’ and just feel thankful that I’m fuckin’ ya instead of beatin’ on ya again! Arrrgggghhhh…. Damn, you really keep my cum comin’! Pretty soon you’re gonna be puttin’ out some babies for me!”


The Tourist Who Disappeared:

Diana Hispana was a Spanish university graduate student who liked nothing better than spending her summers traveling as a tourist in the quaint ( to her ) Latin American countries.

As a highly educated member of an upper-class family, she found the villages that dotted the more less-traveled and un-touristy areas of Latin America to be both a source of valuable artifacts and a source of amusement.

Those ignorant villagers so eager to sell her old family artifacts made of or that had elements of gold that Diana usually sneaked back home illegally to display in her family’s already-huge collections or to sell to other collectors for large profits. Yes, Diana laughed at just how gullible those stupid villagers were.

Except this year, it was Diana who had been gullible. Gullible enough to believe the rural policewoman who had whispered to her that she knew of a cave deep in the rainforest that contained a hoard of valuable gold and silver artifacts from an ancient tribe.

She would lead Diana to the location on condition that Diana would share half the ill-gotten gains after smuggling the treasure out of the country. Of course, Diana quickly agreed, thinking this backcountry police woman to be as stupid as the rest of peasants that she had met.

Okay, Estella the policewoman told her, sneak out of your hotel at midnight and tell no one about any of this….

There was no treasure. Only a couple of Estella’s male police friends who had been waiting.

Diana was going to provide them with a lot of pleasure before they sold her broken-in ass to one of the criminal gangs that dominated the sex trade in that part of Latin America.

“How’s it goin’, boys? You think this foreign bitch is gonna be able to handle being a whore if we sell her? She’s been spoiled and pampered before now.”

“Don’t you worry, Estella. Me and Ramon is stretchin’ all her holes with or cocks. Gettin’ her used to how we fuck down here. After we’re done with her, she’ll be more than ready to work any whorehouse in the country!”

The Mysterious Disappearance of the American Newsgirl:

“She’s all yours, girls,” came the voice of the guard thru the viewing slot of the cell. ” You ladies have been needing something to make life more exciting for you. Even lowly criminals like yourselves deserve the chance to enjoy a little white foreign pussy to your hearts’ desire. This American reporter’s name is Rene – but you can give her any name you want. She came to this country to stain the great reputation of our esteemed ruler and now she must pay for the rest of her life. We’ve had our fun with her, now it’s your turn to do with her as you will.”

“Ah, she’s so cute!” laughed the big African prisoner who went by the name of Candera. “Come here, white girl, let me have a real good look at the goods you have to offer me and my friends! Don’t be afraid, I may be in here for murder but I know how to treat a sweetie like you…”

“And so do I,” added the older black inmate Dotuki as she rudely shoved her fingers inside a dispirited Rene’s already sore pussy.

“Hmmm… Such a nice little cunt she has! Just right for my fist and forearm!

Rene voice was fearful and shaking, ” No! Please! Please!”

“No need to struggle,” Dotuki snickered. ” We African gals know how to treat a spoiled American cunt. Pretty soon, we’ll have you begging us for more! Open up so that I can push more of my hand in you and feel how deep your pussy is….”

“Yes, you’re gonna be a perfect piece of pussy for us to use,” Candera told the white prisoner as she started to pull her back to the dark interior of the cell. “You’ll find us African ladies to be very good at teaching white troublemaking bitches like you how to show respect . Too bad your news reporting won’t be able to tell about how you’re gonna be spending the rest of your life eating black pussy…”


What Happened to the Missing Western aid Worker:

“Oh, God! Please stop! Please!” Nicole’s voice was loud inside the dingy shack where she was being abused once again by Ajeed, the man she had thought to be so trustworthy. “Please let me go! I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”

“Shut up, you foreign cunt,” Ajeed ordered as he continued to hold Nicole by her blonde hair as he fucked her hard with his big cock. He was just beginning to take his pleasure in another one of his long, drawn-out rape sessions. Ajeed had plenty of stamina and it would be over a half-hour of relentless pounding of the Western girl’s holes before he would even begin to tire. The same strength that make him so successful as a baggage-carrying guide for foreign aid workers like Nicole also served to make him a almost tireless rape-stud.

“Ughhh… So good…. Keep that white ass up or I’ll whip you again! Do you want me to whip you?”

“N-Nooo…. No…”

“Then be quiet …. and move your ass around like you know I like it…. Yesss, like that…. Yesssssss…. I knew you were nothing but a whore. All Western women are whores, no matter what they say or do!”

Nicole neck strained with the way her head was pulled back, keeping her in the proper position on all fours. The proper position to take the deep pounding from Ajeed’s cock.

“You belong to me, now,” Ajeed told the Western woman as he continued to slam his dick into her from behind; the way all white women should be taken, he thought. “You think you’re better than us but from now on you will be known only as Ajeed’s foreign whore.

If you please me, I will keep you and let you bear my children until I tire of you. If you don’t please me, I will sell you off after a few days….

“No need to cry, girl! Just keep that ass of your up so you can show me how much you want me to keep fucking you..!”


The Russian Would-be Model Begins Her Journey:

Mikela one one of the hundreds of aspiring models who had answered the false ad seeking attractive young models. Her answers on the resume that she had sent in made her perfect for what the so-called ‘modeling company’ had in mind; 19 years old with only an old grandmother as a family member, willing to travel on a moment’s notice, unfamiliar with the outside world… Perfect for induction into the Balkan-based white slavery trade that victimized pretty Eastern European girls and made them into money-making sex-slaves exported to the sex dens and bordellos of Western Europe and the States.

It had been a month of training and rape and now Mikela found herself the property of an Albanian slave auctioneer who was enjoying the chance to sample her holes for a few nights before putting her up for sale. Mikela was one of the more attractive slaves that Runulskan had purchased in the last few years; he had no doubt that she would be re-sold for triple the price paid for her.

Such a pretty, tight ass. Yes, still tight……”

“Hmmmm….That’s it, that’s a nice girl. Lay just like that while I stick my cock in that little pucker of yours…. Like this…”


“Stay still! Don’t make me mad, don’t make me have to waste my time having to beat you……Hmmmm, you’re pretty snug but you’re goin to be able to take in the head of my dick without too much of a problem….See..?”

Mikela groaned in pain as Runulskan steadily pushed his meat into her asshole…..

“Don’t worry, slave. You’ll learn how to take all of this big cock of mine in your ass. It hurts, does it not? You’ll learn to like it, I’m sure I’ll be able to make you tell me you like before I’m done with you. Here…. let me give you a couple more inches to help you appreciate how I’m being so nice. Hmmmmmmm….. tell me how much you enjoy my cock in your ass…. Tell me how you want me to start fucking your ass harder and harder….Here, why don’t I shove it in all the way so you can feel my balls against your butt. You want that, don’t you? Ahhhhhhhh…. so tight! Just the way I like it…..”

Ralph the Slumlord’s Two Daughters:

“Daddy! Daddy-y-y-y!” Annette screamed as the big black thug named Demone continued splitting her open with his huge cock. ” Daddy-y-y-y! Help me! Ohhhh, God! Make him stop….!”

But Annette’s dad couldn’t do anything to help either her or her sister Nancy who was being forcefully stripped of her own clothes by another of Demone’s men.

Nancy could only cry helplessly as the gangster tore away the last bits of her blouse saying, “Damn, this is a real nice piece of meat here! Lucky we ain’t in no hurry, ’cause I wanna take my time fuckin’ this pussy!”

This was the price that Ralph the slumlord was finally paying after years of making good money off the backs of the helpless tenets of his many run-down and rat-infested ghetto apartments.

His paid-for friends up at City Hall wouldn’t be able to save him now. In fact, they would never be able to find out whatever happened to Ralph and his two pretty college-enrolled daughters. Ralph would be buried deep in a vacant lot and both Annette and Nancy would spend the rest of their lives servicing countless ghetto cocks in dirty back alleyways and on inner-city street corners…

Annette’s mouth opened wide with another scream as Demone rammed his cock in the the hilt.

“Ahhhhhhhhh……. Argghhhhhh…” Demone groaned as his balls began pumping loads of jizzism deep within Annette’s belly. “Mmmmmm, baby! I’m gonna fill you up with my cum! Ahhhhhh….!”

“Noooooooo! Daddy-y-y-y! Helppppppp…!”


Fucked Into Submission:

Dolores shuddered as she felt LeRoy’s cock began to swell in her cunt. She knew that he was getting ready to shoot another load of his thick baby-making semen deep inside her fertile pussy. She could never go back to her family, even if she somehow managed to escape this one-room ghetto prison that she had been held in since she was kidnapped tow weeks ago. Her mother and father considered blacks to be inferior; what would they think if they discovered that Dolores had birthed a black baby?! And that was what LeRoy had promised to do – to keep flooding her womb with his strong cum and make her produce his babies year after year….

LeRoy dug his strong fingers into Dolores’ flesh as he increased his fuck-rhythm, his big dick punishing her raw pussy. ” Yeah,” LeRoy muttered sternly. “Yeahhhhhhh…..”

“Uhhhhhh…” Dolores moaned involuntarily. She had tried to not show any reaction to his pounding- but LeRoy’s cock was so big, so hard…His fucking was so masterly…. she had tried to twist away from his battering, but his dick filled every corner of her insides.

“Ohhhhhhh….” His cock hurt her as he continued to fuck her. Would he ever tire of fucking her?

“My woman, you my woman….”

“No-o-o…..I’m n-not…Uhhhhh…N-nooo…Uh, uh, uhhhhhhh….”

Dolores’ body betrayed her. How could she find herself feeling some hint of pleasure from being abused so brutally by LeRoy’s rock-hard cock?

“Ohhhhhh, baby….Here it cums…..I’m cummmmin’,” LeRoy grunted in her ear as he pulled her tight.


Getting Them Ready For the Streets:

Sholonda was the ghetto gangs’ main trainer of the white girls who had been bought from various sources and who were destined to serve out the rest of their lives as prostitutes on the streets. Sholonda had a knack of whipping any hope or pride out of these fresh-faced, pampered white girls who were handed over to her. And she liked her work, liked it a lot.

These white girls needed to be totally re-made, to be totally stripped of their self-respect and to made to think of their past lives as vague, distant memories. Yes, usually averaging two months of night-and-day attention to each slave, Sholonda took more time at her training, but the results were well worth the time – and when she finally handed over a girl to her Masters, that girl would never resist following any order and wouldn’t try to escape even if left unguarded. Sholonda was very good at her work .

Of course, the money was good – but Sholonda also enjoyed the other perks that came with her job. Every slavegirl-in-training found herself yearning to spend her allotted time with Mistress Sholonda, in her big bed. Licking Sholonda’s huge black clit and sucking on her puckered black asshole, showing their devotion; trying to prove their love for her. Sometimes she would honor one of them by pissing down their throats after enjoying one of her orgasms.

Right now, Sholonda had decided to concentrate her attention on the tall, pale ex-cheerleader, Christine. It had been a month now for Christine and she was almost ready. All it would take now would perhaps one or two intense days and nights of Sholonda’s most heavy-armed punishment to send Christine over the final edge, from which she would never return…..

“Yes, baby, yes…. Scream for Mama….. It’s okay if you scream – because I’m gonna whip you until you faint. Then I’m gonna wake you up and whip you ’til you faint again! I know you want that. I know that you need it. You’re not gonna try to pull away from my little whippin’ stick, are you, baby? You’re gonna stand right there and take it, ain’t ya? Yeahhhh, just like that…such a sweet girl…!”

The Midnight Visitor:

Maurice made his money scouting and obtaining new white flesh to sell to the always-interested ghetto sex trade operators. He spend weeks deciding on which beautiful girl to snatch and eventually sell. By the time he made his move, Maurice would know in minute detail the girl’s travel routes, her work habits, where she shopped and how often she slept. He also took great care to log the same information about her family; no need to take any chances or to make any mistakes. When Maurice took a gal, there were no clues as to what had happened to her or who had taken her.

Maurice knew that 18 year-old Tanya would bring him at least five thousand bucks at sale. After following her around for a week or so, he concluded that the best way to abduct her was from her own bedroom. From his observations and a little additional research, Maurice knew that Tanya lived with her divorced father, a man who drank heavily almost every night when he returned from work. A drunk man usually didn’t wake easily, even if there was some noises coming from the other bedroom located at the other end of the house….

Maurice liked the idea of taking his time when taking a girl from her own bedroom, he got off on being able to spend some time fucking his victim before binding and gagging her and taking her from the home.

And Tanya looked so good….

“Now, before I take ya outta here, I think me and you is gonna spend a few hours fuckin’ right here in your bed,” Maurice told Tanya as he showed her his big hunting knife. ” Yo’ daddy’s sleepin’ real hard in his room. But if he does wake up, I’m gonna have to do some bad things to the both of ya, understand?”

“P-Please, please don’t hurt me! Please…!”

Maurice began shifting Tanya in the bed, getting her ready for his big cock. “Don’t worry. The only thing that’s gonna be hurtin’ ya is this big dick of mine…”


Showing Homage to Their Ghetto Mama:

Sarah and Debora were two sisters who had been kidnapped from their college dorm some days ago. Sweet, good-looking white girls like them would bring in a lot more money for Mama Maybelle’s inner-city whorehouse. Mama had paid out so good money to get these two and she wasn’t the type to have a lot of patience when it came to getting a return on her investments.

” The both of you is gonna do what you is told or I’m gonna take the belt to you again and this time it will be real bad for ya , I promise! I don’t wanna hear no more cryin’ and complainin’ ’bout your families or how bad you is feelin’. From now on, you is nothing but my whores. Just ’cause you is white gals don’t mean you get any better treatment than my regular girls who been workin’ here a long, long time!”

The other black and brown whore were having a good time looking in on the sight of Mama and the two white slavegirls. They giggled, knowing that Mama soon would be testing both of them by ordering each to start licking her old black pussy. Some of them wagered that Mama would have to subject them to another one of her heavy-handed session with the wide leather belt strap that she liked to use for discipline before the two sisters would finally begin to realize that this was indeed a serious situation. Then Debora and Sarah would spend the night eating Mama’s experienced old cunt and ass before the whores would get their turns with these newcomers. Yes, these two white girls would be spending a lot of time getting to know how things worked down in the ghetto….

“Mmmmm….That’s right, just keep on suckin’ on my titties,” Mama Maybelle sternly told Sarah and Debora.

“You two is sisters…I ain’t never had two sisters lickin’ my holes before,” Mama added as she began fingering her old clit as the two slavegirls continued to thrill her body more and more as they suckled her big nipples. ” One of you is gonna be eating my pussy real good while the other one is sucking all nice on my asshole. I’ll teach ya both how to do it just right….”

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