Leila’s Interrogation [CORTEZ]

Leila's Interrogation

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Leila’s Interrogation
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

The girl shook her head, her short, dark hair flicking to and fro across her face so that strands stuck uncomfortably to her sweating skin. She didnt try and move them away because she couldnt; the white nylon tie on her wrists ensured that her arms remained securely behind her back.

The interrogator watched her. He smiled as he saw the way she bit her lip, flicking glances round the room, trying to peer into the darkness beyond the blazing spot lamps. His smile broadened as he noticed how she avoided looking at the oddly angled wooden bars next to her.

СWelcome, Leila, weve been expecting you. The girl started violently as his soft, quiet voice reached her from the darkness. СI suppose your friends have told you stories about what we do to young girls here especially those who get involved in spying. The unseen voice paused, СIm afraid to say that most of them are quite true as you are about to find out

The girl shook her head frantically, bare feet scuffling on the painted concrete floor, her tears leaving wet streaks down her red cotton dress. СI d-d-d-didnt do anyt-t-t-thing. Please, please dont hurt me, please

СIts too late to be sorry now. Its time for you to meet Halima, my assistant a soft pause then a sinister chuckle from the darkness, Сshe provides that feminine touch to our work. Leila whirled round as an Arab woman dressed in close fitting white tee shirt and short, black skirt walked out of the darkness. She smiled as she stroked Leilas shoulder, fingertips just tracing the soft swell of the girls breast beneath the red dress. Leila shuddered as she saw the hot, eager cruelty in the womans eyes.

СWhat are you going to do to me? I promise I will be good, next time, I promise, please, please! Leila was almost gabbling as she strained forwards, leaning towards the voice from the darkness. The woman held her arms, pulling her back gently to stand, biting at her lower lip, in the centre of the room.

СAh, promises, promises well, you are about to find out that I always keep my promises. I said you would find out what we do to spies, and so you shall. He let the silence and the awful expectation grow. СHalima, the wrist tie if you please. Our young friend is going to need her hands. Swiftly, the woman cut the nylon strap. Leila gasped in relief, as she was able to bring her arms forwards, rubbing her wrists and wincing at the sudden throb of returning circulation.

СNow, Leila, in a moment we will want you up on those bars behind you. Leila twisted to look at the two stained, wooden bars facing the lights. Mounted on thick posts and forming a flat open СV, at the front the two posts were set almost a metre apart. From there the bars angled in sharply to the two rear posts, set so close there was barely a hand span between them. Each bar was only about eighteen inches long, and the young student trembled uncontrollably as she took in the ominous dark staining of the wood, the soft, leather straps, and the way the thick uprights were bolted to the floor with iron brackets. The Arab woman smiled at the horrified expression on the girls face and gently turned her round, deliberately forcing her to face into the blinding lights once more.

The Interrogators soft, calm voice continued. СBut first its time for you to get undressed completely, if you please. Leila clutched at her body, holding the fabric of her red cotton dress closely as she shook her head.

СNo, please, dont make me, Ive promised Ill do whatever you want.

СI know you will, came a sinister chuckle from behind the lights. And what I want you to do now, is for you to follow my orders, my dear and get undressed. Now, will you remove your clothes all by yourself, or must I order the guards to do it for you? Leila looked round desperately, but knew she had no choice. Slowly, she undid her belt and then the long line of buttons down the front of her dress. Finally, she slipped the garment off her shoulders and stood, clutching it against her naked breasts.

Silence fell for a few moments; the Interrogator and Halima both enjoying the sight of the nineteen-year-old girls shapely, tanned body now revealed to them. Leilas large breasts were firm enough to allow her to dispense with the support of a bra and her only remaining clothing was a minute, white thong cupping the plump mound of her sex, the waistband riding high across smooth curve of her hips.

In the glare of the lights, the Interrogator was able to see that there was a faint patch of darker shadow on the taut white silk. Whatever she might be saying, Leilas own body was betraying her with the moisture of unwilling arousal.

СI said everything, my dear we need you to be completely naked, came the soft, insistent voice from the shadows. Leila started wildly as the woman reached across, taking the dress from her unresisting hands.

СNow! came the order, like the soft lash of a whip. Leila brought her hands reluctantly across, hooking her fingers under the thin waistband and peeling the damp silken triangle away from her sex and down her slim legs until she could step out of the minute scrap of cloth. Like many women in hot countries, she had shaved her body hair completely and the hidden watchers could see the firm bulge of her mound and the full lips of her cunt as she stepped away from the tiny scrap of fabric. СThank you now, Halima, if you please

Leila, who was trying unsuccessfully to shield her body from the Interrogators gaze, started violently as her wrists were seized once more. Before she could struggle, her arms were again behind her back, held fast in the womans iron grip. Almost tenderly, as though anticipating the torments she would soon be inflicting on her slim body, she reached round with one hand and stroked Leilas right breast very gently, flicking her finger over the hardening nipple before pushing the girl sideways until she was standing in the angle between the wooden bars.

СGet up on your knees with your feet off the end of the bars. the woman commanded, helping the girl to scramble awkwardly into position. Leila gasped as her thighs were strained apart as she knelt, straddled along the stained woodwork. She cried out at the unexpected pain and shock as Halima pulled the straps viciously tight behind each knee and then felt the harsh grip of the other two straps biting hard against her ankles.

СKneel back came the command. Halima reinforced the order by twisting Leilas right nipple making her squeal with the sudden pain. As soon as she sank back onto her calves, Halima put a long strap over the top of her left thigh, passing it round and under the bar before buckling it and pulling it tight. Another strap anchored Leilas right thigh with Halima adjusting both straps until Leila was held securely, fixed and splayed astride on the bars, her thighs doubled back against her calves and quite unable to move her legs, or shield the open splay of her sex in any way.

СNow your hands, my pretty one Halima said quietly, her fingers brushing the hair away from Leilas sweaty forehead. СReach back and touch your ankles Leila shuddered and her breathing quickened as she realised just how helpless she was. Too late to think of resisting the soft wrist cuffs were in places in seconds and then, without warning, Halima pulled each of the girls arms back and down, the girls wrists brushing against her pinioned ankles as the Arab woman clipped each cuff to a metal ring set into the side of the thick post.

СOh no, no, please, ah, ah nooooooo, ah, ah

Leila panted harder, crying in desperation as her body was forced to arch backwards in an agonising, taut curve. Now the plump purse of her sex, as well as the firm cones of her breasts were thrust obscenely outwards, almost as though the young girl was spreading herself deliberately for the attentions of her torturers.

Halima ran her fingers over the splayed body, enjoying the way the girl craned her head forwards, fighting against the straps to watch as her long fingers teased her most sensitive flesh. СSave your strength, Leila. Youll need all your energy to scream for us in a moment. One finger traced along the moist slit of her sex, tickling the bulging lips before circling the soft opening of the young girls body. СBut first

Halimas finger, glistening with the moisture of Leilas unwilling arousal, probed into the soft warmth of her vagina. СCan you feel that so nice isnt it?’ The hand moved, the finger twirling and dipping deeper and deeper. СAnd if I press up here oh, you felt that. How about if I just let my fingernail scrape against this place. there!

СAH! Ah! Ah yes! Oh please, no, no dont please dont m-make me movAAAAHHH!

The girls hips bucked a few inches, making the straps creak as she tried to avoid the sudden overwhelming stimulation of the Arab womans devilishly expert touch. Halima slid her finger out, running it across Leilas lips, letting her taste the coppery tang of her own wetness as she looked towards the lights.

СShes ready, sir do you want to begin?

The man who walked into the lights was about fifty, slim and bronzed with a deeply lined face and black eyes. Dressed simply in a plain khaki shirt and trousers, he looked more like an ordinary officer army than the countrys Chief of Security. Reputed never to raise his voice, he was feared and loathed by all who opposed the regime. Those who fell into his hands soon discovered that he was a master at applying unrelenting agony.

СGood evening, Leila, I am Major Mehmet Katabi, the guards say you have already heard of me. He looked at the strutted girl and gently caressed the line of her jaw. СNow, before you say anything, anything at all I am going to ask Halima to give you a little demonstration, just so you understand how things really are…

He held up a small plastic box. СKnow what these are? He watched the frantic headshakes СNo? Theyre wooden cocktail sticks. Decadent western fripperies, I fear, but they have their uses His voice, light and casual, was a chilling contrast to the words themselves. СUsually we spend a little time pushing them up under your nails hands, feet, it really doesnt matter. The pain is just as exquisite with either He paused, fingers gently caressing the young students damp cheek as he talked. СI may do that later if you decide to be really silly. However, since Halima has displayed you so carefully, Ill let her show you another way these little toys can be used

Halima took the box, making sure that the pinioned girl could see her taking out one of the thin pointed skewers before she sat down on a small stool between her outstretched thighs. СAre you ready for me, Leila? She said quietly as she reached for the girls groin.

The girl gasped, her breath racing as she felt Halima delicately fondling her labia. The women leaned forwards, very carefully parting the moist lips with the fingers of one hand before placing the sharp tip of the little skewer into the opening of the girls urethra. She waited, enjoying the way the girls body heaved and trembled against the straps. She looked up the glistening length of Leilas body, gazing into the girls terrified eyes and deliberately licked her lips. Then, twisting the stick to and fro, she pushed it up, very slowly, into the tiny tube.


The scream was a single inhuman squeal. The tendons and sinews on Leilas body stood out like wires beneath her tanned skin as she arched back in agony. Halima paused and waited

СN-n-n-oo, n-no oh God, no Oh God, God, oh Go. Iiieeeeeee!

Leilas stuttering pleas were drowned by another scream as Halima twisted and turned the little skewer further into the young students urethra. Major Katabi smoothed the girls sweat drenched forehead, his voice thick with pleasure and excitement. СNow perhaps you understand just what we can do to you. Dont think that we will stop because you scream and cry for mercy I am not merciful. All I want is the answer. Now Halima, just once more. For the moment anyway His chief torturer rolled and pushed the little white skewer between her fingers once again and another frantic scream was ripped from the young girls throat.

СSo, Leila what did you tell the American about your work at the Centre?

Leila twisted her pain-wracked face to look into the Majors pitiless black eyes. СOh God, oh, no, no nothing. I only met him at the clu AAAARRRRGGGHHH!

Her gasping words were cut short as Halima ripped another anguished wail from her by pushing the tiny wooden skewer even further up into the ultra sensitive tissues of her urethra. The Major turned her face back towards him. СLeila, Leila I know where you met him the question waswhat did your tell him?

This time, the slow twisting impalement brought a series of inhuman squeals as Halima cleverly worked the wooden spike in and out. The Major watched as the girl flexed and surged against the straps holding her open to the womans expert attentions. He smiled to himself; oh, how he enjoyed the delicious contrasts that each torture session brought. The calmness, the gentle words, then the tiny movements and slow, expert application of each technique and, against that, the frenzy of wild cries and desperate struggles from each victim as they were carefully led to the next level of agony by Halima and himself.

Satisfied, he nodded to his expert assistant and she pulled the reddened splinter free, bringing another anguished gasp from the girl as she did so. Major Katabi watched as the helpless student went limp on her haunches, head lolling as she tried to control her rasping breathing. СLeila Leila, listen. All I want is for you to tell me what you told him

СOh, oh please, youve got to believe me, p-please. N-nothing, there was nothing. He didnt ask me to say anything. He was j-just a man in the bar

СBut you slept with him, Leila, didnt you We know that, we have films of you. You like sex, dont you Leila? Well, lets ask Halima to use her skills to bring you the pleasure you enjoy so much to help you to remember. The woman smiled as she listened to the major. She knew what he wanted her to do now

She wet her lips and leaned close to the hot moist skin of the girl. She blew gently on the soft bulging lips, watching as they engorged, parting to allow the girls clitoris to peep out between the soft folds. Leila forced her head forward, craning to peer down to where the woman was so skilfully and carefully exciting her, driving the memory of the recent agony into a dull ache in the background. СOh no, please, please dont do t-t-that, oh, ah no, p-p-p-please ah, AAAAAH!

Leila was soon gasping in a different way as the woman continued blowing a stream of warm air onto her labia then she moaned softly, feeling the first feather touch as Halima let the very tip of her tongue trace the soft furrow of her slit, allowing one fleeting caress of the little nerve centre as she worked slowly up and down the soft furrow spread before her. Major Katabi smiled, watching as the girl began to move, her belly rippling as the spasms of pleasure increased. СYou see, Leila, we dont only use painHalima will bring your pleasure on many times as we continue our little conference. Perhaps that will help refresh your memory.

The girl was lost. Her helpless position, the pain from the wooden splinter and the expert, knowing masturbation of the Arab woman gave her no chance to resist. Within minutes Leila was hooting and crying deliriously as Halimas clever tongue worked her to an unstoppable orgasm.

СWhoo whoowhooo uh, uh, uh, yuh, yuh, Yes, YES, YES, YES! Im there, Im there IM THERRRRE!

The young student wailed and chanted to a driving rhythm of sensation as her breasts jiggled and bounced, her body vibrating and heaving against the leather straps. Leilas cries changed their tone as she pleaded with Halima to stop the thrilling ecstasy. The Major caught his assistants eye and circled one finger in the air, signalling that she should continue the pleasure torture for a while longer.

Leila squealed and surged even harder against the straps as she felt the womans forefinger curling up into her vagina once again. Still trying to cope with the sensations of her first climax, Leila now felt the shock of this new contact as Halimas finger began to twirl and scrape unbearably against the most sensitive places deep inside her body. The young girls desperate panting cries began to fill the room once again as her tormentor worked her up to a second shattering peak within five minutes.

СUh! Uh! Ah, ah, aaah, aaah, AAH, AAAHHH!

The cries, pleasure mixed with anguish, reached a crescendo and became a wordless babbling. Leila dribbled and drooled, droplets pouring off her face, her hair matted with sweat and the hard, upturned peaks of her breasts shiny with moisture as she twisted and bucked in frenzy, strapped down in the hot, close atmosphere of the interrogation room.

СEnough, let her rest for a moment. Major Katabi studied the desperately heaving figure on the bars as his assistant sat back on the little stool, wiping the fluids of the girls arousal from her lips with a satisfied smile. СNow, Leila what did you tell American?

СNo, n-nothing, I swear, please let me go, please, please

СAnd yet the Centres security was breached the night following your affair with the American spy. We know it was him. And, since he left the country the next morning on a diplomatic passport, we must talk to those he used to try and limit the damage. Do you understand my traitorous little spy? Now, what did you tell him?

Leila flailed her head to and fro, the wet strands of hair whipping across her face. СI didnt know he was a spy. He was rich, he brought me things her voice became almost defiant. СAnd, yes, yes he fucked me. But there was nothing else, nothing I swear. Youve got to believe me please

СHalima, my dear, the Major smiled thinly as he listened to the repetition of pleas and protests of innocence. СI fear that our little friend is proving stubborn. I think it is time you gave Leilas other charms some attention, the wire brushes I think this time… As the woman went to across to a side bench in the darkness behind the lights, Major Katabi ran his hands over the firm globes of the girls outthrust breasts. СYou will have to do better than that, I fear. He sighed, Сso pretty, Leila bucked as he scraped his nail over one nipple, and so sensitive too.

Halima walked silently to the other side of the pinioned girl as the major continued in his soft, cruel voice. СNow, unless you can think of something else to tell me, you are going to discover just how sensitive these can be. Ill let Halima show you The Arab woman grinned in anticipation as she held up the object shed fetched from the bench. Leila, panting heavily and quivering with the after effects of her twin orgasms, at first thought the she was holding an ordinary toothbrush, then, the young girl saw the way the lights reflected and winked on the thin brass wires that formed the bristles and she opened her mouthand screamed.

Major Katabi waited until her first shrieks of protest died away. СListen, Leila, this is a little technique we call Сpolishing. Youll be amazed how much pain you will feel with the removal of even just one layer of skin. Especially afterwards when Halima starts to play with you. Of course, if you can tell me what you said to your American friend? He paused, his lips curved up in a thin smile as he and his assistant watched LeilaСs frantic, head shaking denials. СNo? Ah well, your choice, my dear

He looked up. СThe right one first, Halima just the nipple to start with if you can. Leilas wail of anguish rose again.

The woman hefted the soft weight of the girls breast before bending forwards, sucking on the protruding tip until there was a hard, glistening peak rising from the broad surrounding circle of darker skin. Leila peered down at the slick curve of her own breast, watching mesmerised as the woman gave the nipple a final tweak.

Carefully and delicately she dragged the little brush downwards quite slowly, scraping the sharp, springy wires over the wide brown aureole and turgid nipple. The nineteen-year-olds mouth opened in an O of shock, then she caught her breath, clenched her lips together and moaned, heaving wildly against her straps as the brush started its second stroke.

СThat was just a taster, my darling, Halima purred as she adjusted her grip. СNow, lets polish up this little nub properly Still cradling the girls breast in her cupped hand, Halima started stroking the brush across the delicate tissue with a steady, agonising rhythm. She bent her head, intent on her task, always working just one way each stroke starting on the edge of the aureole and finishing on the very tip of Leilas nipple.

The hot kiss of the wire brush removed the top layer of skin in moments. Leila, unable to do anything to stop the agony, squealed uncontrollably as her Arab torturer carefully worked her way round the whole the nipple, flaying the outer skin away to leave a stub of gleaming, raw flesh.

Major Katabi held the girls face motionless between his hands as he gazed into her eyes. СSo you see, Leila how it will be. On and on, please believe me, we have hardly started you know you will tell me in the end, so why not save your self so much pain He watched the fire of anger and resistance in the nineteen year olds eyes and smiled back in eager anticipation of the agony to come. СWhat, still no answer? Well, feel how sensitive you are now after Halimas work

At the majors gentle nod, Halima just teased one fingertip across the red raw tip of Leilas right breast, the feather touch bringing another agonised scream from the young girl, a scream that doubled in pitch and intensity as Halima used her nails to scrape across the weeping peak of flesh before pinching and rolling the flayed nipple itself.

СNow watch its time for the other one now Again the gentle pressure as Halima lifted the soft globe, her lips and tongue working the left nipple to a hard, glistening peak before she positioned the little wire brush.

СNo, no please, d-d-d-d-dont, dont touch me, please dont

СWhat did you tell the American?


The first stroke of the little brush turned her denial into a scream of pure agony as the Arab woman began the slow flaying of the girls left nipple. Between the squeals of pain, Major Katabi could hear the ticking creak of the leather straps as the girl heaved and bucked wildly against her restraints.

Five long minutes later, Halima completed the second circle. Leila, gasping and panting with the agony she was suffering, forced her head forwards to look at the raw weeping tips that were blazing with the pain of the flaying. Major Katabi clenched his fist in a handful of the young secretarys hair. СLast chance what did you tell the American?

He watched the girl trying not to cry out as he gripped her hair. СAh well so stupid. Halima try the cocktail sticks on her nipples this time.

Leila shook her torso from side to side, flailing her injured breasts madly in a hopeless attempt to avoid the Arab womans hands. She felt Major Katabis fingers digging into her upper arms, holding her arched in position as Halima held up another thin cocktail stick in one hand as she lifted Leilas right breast so that the girl could watch her own torture more clearly.

Leila screamed as she felt the fiery kiss of the point scratching across the raw surface of her nipple. The awful friction went on and on as the woman deliberately teased and tormented the flayed circle of flesh. She watched the circling point, wet and red by now, knowing instinctively what was about to be done to her.

СTime to go a little deeper Halima whispered, carefully positioning the point of the little skewer against the very tip of Leilas nipple. СJust a little twirl She spun the skewer to and fro between her finger and thumb, pressing inwards so that the sharp wooden splinter sank into the very peak of the nerve-rich stub.

СEeeeeeeaaargh! Ah, Aaaah, ARRRGGHH!

The screams echoed round the hot, stone cellar. Major Katabi lifted his head and the womans fingers stopped moving, between them the little white stick remained poised, just skewering the tip of Leilas nipple. СIt will be worse now, much, much worse I can assure you of that, Leila. Imagine what it will be like as Halima drills that little stick so slowly into your breast, twisting and turning it so you feel only pain. Pain you can stop now, just by telling me what I want to know If she starts again she wont stop until this breast is finished. He paused, using one hand to stroke the wet, matted hair from the girls sweat soaked face. СAnd then why then we can start on the other one

The threat hung in the air, the silence of the chamber only broken by the girls harsh, heaving breaths and the soft creaking from the leather straps. A few moments passed then the Major leaned forwards to kiss the girls flushed cheek. СGo on, Halima

The Arab woman licked her lips, enjoying the terrified expression on the girls face as she cupped her breast more fully. Then, she gently twirled her right thumb and forefinger, pressing and turning the cocktail stick into the meat of the girls breast. She and the Major watched avidly as the girls mouth stretched wide, eyes bulging out as every muscle and sinew locked in agonised tension beneath the sweat-slick skin. No sound, not even a breath as the girl tried to ride the sudden, blazing pain of the wooden skewer. Then a wild, inhuman scream ripped from Leilas throat and she surged up against the straps in a single curve of agony beneath the hot lamps of the torture chamber.

Halima waited for a moment, waited for the first shaft of pain to pass, then began to twist and turn the skewer very gently. Leilas scream became a series of sobbing grunts and squeals as the woman took her into a world of pain she had never imagined was possible.

Finally, the overload was too much and Leila fainted, head lolling backwards as she hung against the cruel straps that held her pinioned to the torture bars. At the Majors signal Halima pulled the little stick free, tossing it aside before leaning forwards to lick the single bead of blood from the raw tip of the girls breast.

СYou know, Halima I suspect she was telling the truth. But, if she didnt talk to the American who did? Major Katabi smiled grimly, СI think its time we had a word with that friend of hers, you remember, Rania, the one she shares a flat with. He looked into the darkness beyond the lights. СSergeant, you know the address. Get a squad and arrange a pick-up immediately. A crisp acknowledgement and the crash of boots on concrete broke the hot, sticky silence of the interrogation room.

Major Katabi smiled quietly at his assistant. He looked back at the figure slumped on the bars. СMeanwhile, Halima its time to wake this one up You can show me how quickly you can bring her to a climax again and then we must let you work on that other nipple youve prepared so nicely

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