Kisses Of Submission [HINES]


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The government of this authoritarian Asian country was deeply suspicious of all foreigners, no matter who they might be. Pretty blond Marlene was no spy. just a careless tourist who had wandered too close to a ‘sensitive area’ while taking photographs in the countryside. Within minutes, a horde of gun-toting soldiers of the Peoples Republic had descended on the shocked 19 year-old American college student and had dragged her away. Ignoring Marlene’s protestations of innocence. the People’s Court had swiftly tried and convicted her of being an American spy.

They wanted a confession out of Marlene but she wasn’t the type to give in easily. But the authorities had all the power and Marlene had none. Over the next few weeks, they abused and mistreated the poor white girl until finally, she began to be more receptive to their point of view. Marlene had tearfully given her captors the false confession demand of her and her pleased interrogators sent for Miss Chan. Since Marlene had shown herself to be so cooperative, Miss Chan would hear her pleas for a shortened sentence and make a judgment on the white girl’s sincerity.

The white prisoner, Marlene, was so sincere and had repented for her ways. Miss Chan was indeed satisfied with the girl’s confession and contriteness. And besides, the girl was so pretty….

“You are nice girl,” Miss Chan whispered. “You must keep on being nice, understand? Then maybe I tell them to set you free sooner, yes?” She turned Marlene’s head around to her. “Give Miss Chan your cute tongue. Mmmmmmm…”

Miss Chan thrilled to how submissive the girl was. Western girls were so tender, obedient. Her fingers and then her fist found and began penetrating Marlene’s exposed asshole. “Uhhhhhhhhh….!” Marlene cringed with the intense pain as Miss Chan’s fist shove deep into her anus; pumping and turning….

Miss Chan keep her thick tongue in Marlene’s mouth, making the girl kiss her back. “You good girl. I come see you many times,” Miss Chan assured Marlene as she now worked her fist up to the forearm.


“I think she’s beginnin’ to like ya, Abe,” Bella laughed as she watched her husband settle in for another turn with the city girl they kept tied up in the old shack behind the house. ” At least she ain’t yellin’ and screamin’ at ya and callin’ us all them names like she’s been doin’”

“Yeah and mebbe she’s gettin’ smart and don’t want any mo’ of this here paddle, either,” Abe smirked. The gal had been a bit difficult for the first few days since they had snatched her off the back road. Dumb city gal. Stupid enough to try hitchhikin’ at night around these parts! Big mouth on her too, yappin’ all about how they wouldn’t get away with it an all. Gal still didn’t know about all them other sweet ladies Abe and Bella had kept before her. Those girls had been all defiant too, but they soon learned how better it was to be nice and give Abe and his woman everything they wanted.

“Well, city girl, you want to fuck or do you want some more of Ol’ Abe’s handy hickory paddle here?” Abe’s dick was growin’ hard. ” You tell me what you rather have, now.”

“Please!” The captive girl voice was tiny and desperate. “Don’t hurt me any more! I’ll do anything you want!”

“I already knows that,” Abe chuckled as his cock swelled even bigger. “Now, give me some real good kissin’. I likes that tongue of yours.”

Abe grunted as the prisoner obediently began intertwining her tongue with his. ” Yep, you makin’ me hard, real hard. Gonna make me fuck ya like you deserve to be fucked…”


Tammy’s brain was still swimming from her new circumstances. It was only two nights ago that she had been taken from the safety of her privileged home by the two masked intruders. One night since she had been subjected to a prolonged whipping that had repeatedly caused her to pass out – only to be revived and have the torture begin again. Then came the agonizing series of suspensions, bindings and forced standing that had left Tammy ready to sign the ‘contract’ that the strange men had presented to her for signing. And she had signed it without hesitation. Tammy just wanted it all to be over. But it had only begun…

Tammy had signed a ‘slave contract’ stating that she was now the property of a certain Mistress Olivita.

Then came the chloroform and darkness until they open up the container and dragged her out, handcuffed and ring-gagged, to meet her new owner.

Mistress Olivita looked strangely familiar.

“Don’t you remember me, Tammy? It hasn’t been that long ago….”

The ring-gag prevented Tammy from speaking properly, but her eyes finally widened with recognition. Before she had gone off to college. The maid. The mostly silent dark-haired, dusky woman who had cleaned Tammy’s home for some time. A woman whom Tammy had barely spoken to except for the few times which she had asked her to maybe pay especially close attention to cleaning her bathroom or bring her attention to the dusk on one of the shelves….

” Ah, you do recognize me, my sweet girl. I’m so glad you remember me now. Because I’ve never forgotten you. I’ve waited patiently for you to reach your eighteenth birthday. And now here you are, all mine. I paid good money for you, Tammy, real good money. But you’re going to be worth it.”

C> Mistress Olivita stepped close to Tammy.

“Either you will be my dedicated wife and serve my every pleasure or you will be my victim who I will enjoy punishing over my days and nights until you burst. It is up to you, Tammy. I prefer you to be my wife so that you spend the rest of your days eating my pussy and ass – but you will have to chose.”

Now the Mistress stepped even closer. ” Look me in the eyes, slave. Keep looking me in the eyes while we kiss each other to celebrate our contract ..” Mistress Olivita’s dark brown eyes were hard as they stared into Tammy’s frightened ones……


Her arms firmly bound behind her with leather strappings, Andrea squirmed and whimpered as the prison guard opened the cell door. Corporal Vigung was coming back for more. More of the hard fucking of captive Andrea’s tight holes. Still tight after five days and nights of probing and slamming by the Corporal’s eager cock. Vigung routinely attacked all the attractive female prisoners when they first arrived and their pussies and asshole were usually loosened up by now. But this Western gal’s cunt was still snug and gripped his dick when he mounted her – still as tight as the first time. Vigung just couldn’t resist riding that pussy of hers…He had transferred Andrea to a cell isolated from the others because she still cried and moaned loudly as he assaulted her time after time. Especially when he used her ass hard the way he liked it.

She had toured this country with the wrong boyfriend; a boyfriend stupid enough to try and smuggle out drugs. Although Andrea had known nothing about what her beau was doing, she had been imprisoned here all the same. The Corporal was glad about Andrea’s distress because it gave him yet another pretty girl to use.

They said that Andrea had come from a rich family back in the States, but that didn’t help her at all. Yes, she might have been rich back there but here in this prison she would be Corporal Vigung special whore.

He didn’t feel any need for talk as he flipped her on her back with her legs over his shoulders. Without ceremony, Vigung’s swollen cockhead found her tight cunt and drove in. As usual Andrea started to cry with shame as she was forced to accept Vigung’s slimy tongue in her mouth and forced to use hers back.

The Corporal was feeling randy; this fuck would be a long and rough one. “Whore. My little whore….”


The visiting Miss Mubui didn’t hesitate to intercede with the motley group of African rebels when they dragged Betsy from the burning building that had served as the headquarters for the Western food aid for this part of the country. They had killed all the rest of the aid workers; Betsy’s blond good looks had marked her as a good piece of gang-bang pussy for the dozens of armed bandits who had carried out the raid. But Miss Mubui had something else in mind.

” Give that girl to me,” Miss Mubui brashly told the rebels. ” I will pay you one hundred American dollars for her!”

” As soon as we’re done fucking the hell out of her!” a rebel laughed.

” She’ll be no use to me or anyone else if all of you ride her,” countered Mubui. “You already have all that stolen rice. You don’t need the girl.”

“Piss off old woman,” the rebel spat.

Miss Mubui stepped up to one of the more ranking rebels and told him, ” I am Madame Mubui, elder sister of the Mubui brothers. Should I go back and tell them that one of your people told me to “piss off”?

The man flinched at the mentioned of the Mubui name. The Mubui clan were known for their widespread criminal activities and their ruthless ways. these rebels, even with their heavy weapons, would have no chance against the legions of even heavier-armed thugs that the Mubuis would surely send after them for this insult to their beloved sister. “Uh, no, Madame! We didn’t know it was you! Forgive my men for their rudeness, Madame. One hundred dollars, you said? Agreed, Madame!”

“Good. Tie her hands for me. And write me a receipt.” Madame Mubui believed in sound business practices.

” Do not try to escape from me, white girl,” Madame Mubui said to Betsy. ” There is no place for you to go and you don’t want to make me mad. Besides, you’re going to be hurting enough when we get home. I have a trusty stick that use on my whores when they’re bad. I will use it on you until you beg me to let you kiss my feet. If you do not beg to kiss my feet, I will know that you do not wish to belong to me and my sisters and I will put you to work fucking in one of my brothels.”

True to her word, Madame Mubui, upon arrival at her compound, promptly began to use her ‘ trusty stick ‘ on Betsy’s pale body. Mubui was a strong woman and within moments, Betsy’s screams echoed against the walls of the Mubui compound.

“Do you want me to stop, white girl?” Mubui’s voice was calm as she raised her arm to deliver another blow. ” Do you want to be a good girl?”

“Oh, stop, please! Please don’t hurt me any more! Please!”

“Now you will have to earn the right to service me and my sisters instead of me sending you to work in the whorehouse,” Madame Mubui instructed Andrea. ” Start out by giving me some real sweet kisses to show me how much you want to love me.”

The scared, beaten, white girl’s tongue returned Madame Mubui’s lusty kisses the way the Madame wanted her to.

“Hmmm, such a nice kisser you are! Now get down on your hands and knees and suck each one of my toes. If you do a good job, I will let you slowly lick the dirt off the bottom of my feet.”


For Kathleen, there was no escaping what was about to happen. The robber had skillfully waited for her to exit the back door of the small clothing shop that she owned. The back door that opened up to the alley where she kept her car parked. Parking spaces on the street in front of the shop were almost impossible to find and besides, the meters cost too much. But now, having to exit to her alley-parked car was going to cost Kathleen at lot more…..

” Please don’t hurt me!” Kathleen’s voice quivered with panic. “Take my purse, take my car! Just don’t hurt me!”

But the robber, taking note of Kathleen’s shapely body and beautiful face, was beginning to have other ideas. Ideas that made his cock swell in his pants.

Holding her by the throat, he told her to get her car keys out of her purse and give them to him. “Do it quick if you don’t want me to put a bullet in ya, bitch!”

Kathleen’s trembling fingers finally found the keys and handed them over.

“That’s a good girl. If you keep on doin’ what you’re told, I won’t kill ya. Understand? Good!” The robber pulled Kathleen’s face towards his. “You’re a cute bitch. Gimme a kiss, baby. Gimme a long, deep kiss if ya don’t want to get hurt.”

C> “Yeahhhhh….you do some gooodddd kissin’, babe,” the robber laughed as Kathleen was forced to return his tongue kisses with her own. His breath was bad and his aggressive tongue tasted worse as it probed deep into her mouth. But she had no choice but to kiss him back like she would her boyfriend. And she could feel his dick growing bigger against her belly.

The robber was excited. He was getting turned on. ” Listen, cunt. You’re gonna get in the trunk of your car, understand? If ya make any kind of fuss at all, you won’t live a minute longer! Gotta little place I’m gonna keep ya to where you and me can be alone, understand? And then you are gonna gimme all that good pussy. And ya know what’s good for ya, you’re gonna fuck better than any time in your life….”

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