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Laura felt the hot pipe against her spine, and arched her back to keep her skin from being seared. Her large breasts jutted out obscenely but she was oblivious of the spectacle she was making. It hurt! Hemp ropes wound over her nude body, binding her firmly to the wooden chair.

A man’s voice, rough and thick with a foreign accent, caused her to jump in shock.

“You want me to suck your big titties raw, miserable cow? Do you think that by shoving your fat tits in my face I’ll spare you the torment that’s coming? Dream on, fuckmeat! Grabbing tourists off the streets and selling them to tribal warlords for cum-dumps makes me a rich man. It’s hard work, but every now and then a stupid cunt just wanders into my trap. It’s almost like you wanted your white fuckhole to be taken!”

Tears sprang from Laura’s eyes and fell down her ample cleavage. She shifted in panic on the rough chair, it’s cracked wood digging into her tender ass. Her voice shook with terror.

“P-please sir… I just got lost. I…. I’m traveling with my sister. She ate something that made her sick and I was looking for a doctor… Please… you have to let me go. If I don’t help her….” The terrified young woman stopped when she saw a predatory look suddenly blaze in the swarthy man’s dark eyes.

“A sister, eh? You’re not only the dumbest cunt I’ve taken all year, you’re the most brain dead Westerner who’s ever set foot in my country! Now you’re going to tell me where I can find this sister of yours. I’m sure I can give her exactly what she needs!”


The spiked dildo started ripping into Kelly’s puss. Her agonized lips clamped down on the studded phallus, desperately trying to keep it from pushing further into her abused twat. She gasped in agony, and the desert browned man suddenly forced more of his sweaty uncircumcised cock down her throat. Her screams became muffled as she tried to breathe around his stale-smelling rod.

“That’s it, white trash. Do the only thing you’re good for –sucking dick and suffering! Yeah… My nutsack has been filling up with ballsnot just waiting to conquer an infidel whore like you. Miserable piece of shit! Don’t you realize how thankful you should be to be given the honor of gagging on my boner?”

Kelly grunted into his crotch and felt her head being jammed further and further down his filthy hard-on until his hairy balls rested on her chin. Her vision swam and the only thing she could feel besides the enormous cock swelling in her throat was the burning torment of the spiked dildo.

“Western whore! You’re never going home, bitch. I’m going to keep you here under lock and key just like the other mindless animals in the kennels. You came to my country like all we were good for was to entertain some spoiled college girl. Well you’re here now, and you’ll never leave! You’ll spend the rest of your pathetic life as a Bedouin’s white pain-slut!”


Tiffany’s eyes burned from the mascara running down her face in big, shuddering tears. The makeup was expensive. It was a graduation present from her mother. In fact the whole trip to the Middle East was paid for by her rich parents. As the only daughter to a politically connected family, she was used to getting pampered.

When she was invited to the Governer’s palace by the ambassador, she knew what was expected of her. Squeeze into an expensive gown that showed off her cleavage, step into some high heeled pumps and show these backward third-worlders what civilized behavior was like.

But something had been slipped in her drink, and she’d woken up in the slave’s quarters as a gift to the dark skinned Governer. She sobbed as they locked the collar around her neck and forced the ball-gag past her lipsticked lips. This just wasn’t where they kept the slaves, she realized. From now on, this was where they would keep her.

Six hairy men gathered around her, pawing her flesh and slapping her tits. They laughed at her tears, and enjoyed humiliating the stuck-up tourist who was now their plaything. The governor reached out and grabbed her heaving breasts in a painful grasp.

“You’ll make a nice addition to my stock of white fuck-whores, bitch. I’ll offer your cunt as a treat for my guests, and you’ll crawl under the table like a whipped dog as we eat. We’ll dine in Eastern style! Food on the table, and a wretched slave underneath…. sucking the cum from our balls, lapping the head of our cocks eagerly. You’ll dine on spunk, whore, and you’d better swallow every drop! In the palace, it’s all that slave cunts get to eat!”

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

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