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Lillith – Taken

Lillith, the manager of the “Dancing Dragon”, the only strip-club in town, was always the last one to lock-up and leave. Simon knew this and had often watched her long nimble legs skipping across the cobblestones to her car. Finally one night, the when all was silent as the tomb Simon was ready to act.

A silent shadow stepped out behind Lillith from behind a dark unlit alleyway. A glove slipped over her pouty lips and small nose. She felt the prick of a needle in one shapely firm buttock. Her panicked struggles were followed by weakness then dark as she slumped into Simon’s strong arms. Her clothes had been torn in her panic to escape and exposed a portion of her perfect slender form.

“Easy girl,” Simon whispered, “your getting what you deserve. I’ve got plans for you….”

A Rude Awakening

Lillith began to stir. Simon watched her patiently as she slowly came out of her restless dreams.

Her head ached. Blindfolded, she could not see. She felt pain in her nipples, cool air flowed across her young tan skin, ropes held her. And worst of all; something thick, long and very foriegn had been embedded into her ass.

“Wha…where am I,” she asked the darkness. She heard a button click as a hefty shock was delivered deeply into her rectum.

“NNNGHAAA” she screamed as the electricity made her buck and dance against the ropes.

“Slaves don’t talk. Slaves do as they are told. Slaves suck cock, and swallow cum. They do only that which pleases their owner. You are such a slave now Lillith.”

She pulled and struggled against the ropes. Simon laughed and caresses her chest, shoulders and neck. “You’ll learn soon enough my sweet Lillith, that you are a slave and a whore. You’ll get to know my cock quite well as I explore every inch of your body…”

Breaking Her In

Spread open and utterly defenseless, Lillith experienced Simon’s lust and perverted rage for the first time.

“No Please,” She begged as Simon slowly pressed his cock against the opening to her womb, “I have money, I own a successful business I can make you rich just please don’t…NNGGHAAAA!”

Simon shoved himself fully into his new slave. She twisted quickly from side to side. Simon watched as her full breasts bounced and jiggled enticingly from side to side.

“If I allowed you to pay me off little bitch,” Simon said as he pumped deeply into her body, “I’d just use the money to buy another slut like you. Why would I ay for one when I got you for free?”

After what seemed like hours to the poor writhing girl, Simon’s cock swelled even larger. He grunted deeply and emptied his balls into Lillith. Savoring the moment and his first of many orgasms to follow, he simply stood there with his wilting cock still in her cunt. Lillith wept aloud with the shame and horror of what she’d just been forced to endure. “Stick around bitch. I’ll be back later. You’ve got two more holes left to plumb…”

On the Stripper’s Pole

“Look bitch,” Simon laughed, “it’s just like the pole you have in your nightclub where all your strippers dance and tease the men who stuff euro’s into their panties.” Lillith was amazed at Simon’s strength, at how easily he had tied her to the rafters above the pole. But what really frightened her was the whip in his hand.

“Now dance for me bitch. If you slow down you’ll feel the whip.”

Lillith, horrified, began to gyrate slowly against the pole. Her ass cheeks pressed against the cold metal and she shook her tits a little.

She heard the whip a split second before she felt it tear into her skin.

“AIIIIEEEEE,” Lillith shrieked, as blow after blow marked her tender flesh.

“I said dance whore!” Simon shouted into her ear, “Entertain me! What’s the matter, bitch? Out of practice? It’s just like riding a horse; you never forget how!”

The pain of the whip overcame any misplaced sense of modesty Lillith still held onto.

She began to dance and gyrate madly against the pole and shook her heavy tits now with wild abandon.

Simon moved in behind her now only inches away. He was naked again, his shorts lay on the floor and his cock pressed against her ass.

“Ride this pole slave and don’t forget I still have the whip!”

Weeping again, Lillith stood on her toes as Simon forced his rigid cock into her ass.

They both grunted like animals now. Simon from the effort of spreading her bowels open and Lillith from the awful pain of his merciless intrusion.

“Since you’re not wearing your thong,” Simon remarked jokingly, “I have nowhere to place your tip. So I guess I’ll just have to give you the whole thing. Ha! Ha!”

Slave Girls Shared – Lillith’s First Party

Unfortunately for the beautiful Lillith, Simon had a circle of friends that enjoyed his peculiar taste for slave girls.

Lillith, dressed like a whore and spread open across a saw horse, knew exactly what the strange man had in mind. He leered at her fine young body for a few moments then pulled a switchblade out of his pocket. He pressed a button and the blade flicked out shining silver and cold.

Lillith whimpered as he approached shaking her head imploringly.

“Don’t worry slut,” said the strange man, “I ain’t gonna cut ya, Simon don’t want his personal meat all marked up.”

Lillith felt the cool steel against her flesh as her bra was cut away. Her breasts sprang out full and free. Her nipples already hard from the cool night air. He suckled at each nipple as he massaged Lillith’s cunt.

“Look at you, girl, gettin’ all wet and juicy. This’ll make you a lot easier to fuck!”

Lillith heard screaming from the next room. The man cocked his head and smiled. Sounds like your master is getting acquainted with my newest slave. I wonder which of you can scream the loudest.”

He climbed onto Lillith and pierced her spread cunt with a cock even larger than the monster that dangled between Simon’s legs. As he fucked her, the nameless man twisted Lillith’s nipples and slapped her breasts. He punched her in the stomach shouting, “you’re not screaming yet slave, I need to hear you scream!” When the cattle prod came out and began to shock her chest and tummy, Lillith’s screams far surpassed those of the unfortunate girl in the other room.

“A good screamer and a decent fuck,” he said, “Simon throws the best parties. No frills just thrills and tight young cunt to fuck.” He pulled out just before he came. Lillith tasted his thick cum as it splashed across her face and into her open mouth…

The Night Cap

“Party’s over slut” Simon told Lillith, “just enough time for a nightcap before I turn in for the night. And although I don’t drink…you do!”

Simon crawled onto her chest and forced her mouth open.

“One tooth scrapes my dick and I’ll cut off your tits bitch, get it?”

Lillith nodded and opened widely, carefully accepting the hard cock that slapped immediately against the back of her throat.

‘Mustn’t throw up,’ Lillith thought desperately to herself. She could taste and smell the other man’s slave girl on Simon’s cock. Shit, cum and cunt juice all mixed together. This was the “nightcap” Simon had referred to.

He pulled her head back and forth violently as he fucked her face.

“NGGK…UNNGG…GUK…GLLNNK…”Lillith grunted gasping for breath between Simon’s savage thrusts into her throat.

Soon he came flooding into her mouth with thick sperm. Lillith swallowed all she could spilling only a few drops that rolled lazily down her chin and onto her chest.

“Say good night bitch,” Simon commanded as he rolled off and lay down next to her.

“Good night Master,” Lillith mewed obligingly.

Soon Simon was snoring contentedly beside Lillith’s bound body. She wept silently unable to sleep. Her battered bruised body cried out. The ropes cut and chaffed. She lay there quietly praying that Simon would not awake soon. She glanced over and saw his naked body. Even now, in his sleep, his cock grew erect and glistening in the early light; ready for the coming day…

Cat Scratch – Bad Kitty

When Simon awoke, he untied Lillith and pulled her out of the bed and back to the pole in the next room. Without even thinking Lillith flashed out with one long nailed hand and cut Simon along his left cheek.

“Little kitty-bitch has claws,” Simon laughed as he punched Lillith hard in the stomach. She would have doubled over in pain but Simon had already fastened her other hand to the pole. He walked to face her. He hoisted her legs up over his shoulders and spared no time shoving his cock first into her cunt then her ass. A few strokes in each hole then he would switch again. Lillith grunted in pain as her battered holes were assaulted once more.

Simon would pause and pull out often so that he cold whip her. She’d found her voice and began to scream mindlessly as the whip cut her flesh. Then came the salt. Simon rubbed it into each cut. The sting was every bit as bad as the strokes from the long leather whip. Simon pulled out one last time and came in his hand. Thick and white it pooled there. He smeared the handful of cum across Lillith’s face.

“There’s your breakfast bitch,” he told her as he ran his finger along the cut on his cheek, “lick up as much as you can, it’s all you’ll get. You’re on a very strict diet. I’m going to keep you weak so you don’t think about scratching any more.”

As hungry as she was, and though the taste and smell of her Master’s spunk revolted her, Lillith licked up as much of the cum she could reach with her tongue.

Presently she heard other men’s voices and the whimper of other slaves girls. A door opened and light flooded the room. Simon had put her dress back on her like wrapping a present. It stayed on about 10 seconds after the men came into the room. Their slaves girls were leashed and on their hands and knees.

Each girl was trained to use the whip that night. Lillith was their practice dummy. Screams, grunts, wracking sobs, the never ending rhythm of bodies slamming into soft female flesh and cruel male laughter were all that Lillith heard that as her journey into slavery continued.

“Great whore you got here, Simon,” said one man as he pulled out of her cum soaked cunt, “If you ever decide to sell her let me know first! She’s a first rate cum-bucket!”

Faux Freedom

A week later a car stopped outside a nightclub in the center of town in the small hours of a cold morning. A door opens as the revealing silhouette of a beautiful bound woman falls with a grunt onto the wet stones of the street. Lillith lays there shivering as the car pulls away. She was in front of her strip club; “The Dancing Dragon”.

It would be dawn soon. She would be found, she was free, she knew what her assailant Simon looked like. The police would find him and all his perverted friends and put them behind bars forever.

She heard the purr of an approaching auto and saw headlights in the distance. The car came to a silent stop, all shining black and polished chrome. A door opened and Lillith was lifted carefully inside and placed gently across a woman’s lap.

“Poor girl,” said the woman’s soft voice with a French accent, “You look as though you’ve just been through hell and back.”

Lillith was glad to be in the warm car but presently began to wonder why the woman didn’t untie her or remove the huge rubber gag from her mouth.

“Driver,” the woman’s voice continued, “we have what we came for and, although a little worse for wear and tear, she appears to be everything I’d hoped she would be. Home please…”

Mistress Antionette had her newest slave and Lillith was about to find out that women are by far the cruelest masters of all.

When the car passed quietly out of town, the needles and spiked-dildos came out…the screams started all over again…

Lillith and Slave Training 101

“AAAUUUUGH…MMMMFFFAAANNNGHA” Lillith screamed harshly around the foam flecked gag as the whip rapped out an endless volley of excruciating stripes across her ass.

Mistress Antionette, naked and beautiful, sat in a nearby recliner with her legs spread. She drank wine and fingered her clit casually as her dungeon master introduced Lillith to Slave Training 101.

“Do put your back into it Viktor,” she said sternly, “this little bitch has been with Simon for the last two weeks. He’s far too lax with his whores. Little Lillith here needs to know that there’s more to slavery than just giving up the cunt – or licking mine. She needs to learn that the whip is a reward. Her job is to please me. When I see her writhe in pain I am pleased. So make her do her job!”

Viktor began to sweat heavily as he redoubled his efforts with the heavy whip.

GHAAAAAAAAAHHH! Lillith’s screams reached a mindless primal level as the pain of the whip reached a crescendo.

Mistress Antionette bit her lower lip and screamed once herself as came onto the leather chair…

“Aaaah…Very good Viktor,” She said as she drew her robe around her and licked her cum slick fingers, “you may fuck her now. Start with her tight little ass; that should hurt the worst. Then make her lick my cum off this leather chair before it stains. She’s a slave now and needs to learn her place…”

Mistress toy

Tammy had always wanted to experiment with her bi-sexual tendencies. One night she decided to take the plunge. She showed up at the dyke bar on highway 105a outside of town. Upon entering, she was immediately drawn to Mistress Antoinette who sat in a poorly lit booth all dark and glorious in her black latex and leather. She took a deep breath and decided to approach.

“Uhm…H-hello miss,” Tammy stammered, “I was wondering if…um…if I could join you for a drink. Maybe we could talk and…maybe we could…you know…be friends.”

“Please sit here beside me young lady. I think I know what you need. Does anyone else know you’re here, sweetheart? Any friends or family know where you’ve gotten off to tonight?”

“Oh gracious no,” Tammy said blushing, “I’d be way too embarrassed to let my friends know where I’d snuck off to. I don’t want anyone to figure out that I’m…well…you know…into girls.”

Mistress Anoinette smiled charmingly, “Still in the closet are we dear? Sit and we’ll talk.”

Tammy slid in next to the dark clad Dominatrix. The smell of her expensive perfume mixed with leather and Antionette’s smoldering beauty, made Tammy weak with desire.

“I can’t believe this is finally going to happen,” Tammy said. Her heart was beating hard and her breathing was coming in short little gasps. “I never thought I’d have the nerve to…”

Tammy never finished her sentence. Mistress Antionette leaned in and kissed Tammy hard on the mouth. One hand reached between Tammy’s legs while the other circled around behind her neck.

Tammy was immediately lost in the moment. She began to sweat as her cunt grew moist. This was everything she’d ever wanted.

‘Why did I wait so long’ she wondered as Antionette’s long tongue snaked in and out between Tammy’s full pouting lips.

Suddenly she felt the sharp prick of a needle at the nape of her neck!

“Owwch” Tammy jumped and tried to back away. But the room was already beginning to spin and grow dark as she fell into Mistress Antoinette’s waiting arms.

Tammy awoke to the sounds of pain. She’d been lashed to a pole in a standing posture. She felt sick to her stomach. Her clothes were gone. She knew she was in trouble. Then as her senses began to clear, she saw Mistress Antoinette sitting in a chair watching as a heavily muscled bald man brutally fucked a brunette from behind. The kneeling girl’s large breasts swung back and forth as she was pounded by the man.

Looking over, Mistress Antionette noticed that Tammy had awakened from her drug induced slumber.

“Hurry up and finish pumping Lillith full of your cum Viktor. Our newest guest has once again joined the land of the living and she must have so many questions…”

“MMMPPH!” Tammy tried to talk but realized she’d been gagged. Panic stole over her as adrenaline began to pump through her veins. She jerked desperately at the ropes that held her bound to the rough wooden pole.

“Whazamatter lover?” Mistress Antoinette purred as she approached the struggling teenager, “Isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this what you always dreamed of?”

Mistress Antoinette had the whip now. Viktor watched her as he screwed the kneeling Lillith from behind like a rabid dog.

Lillith and Tammy locked eyes for a second. Tammy recognized Lillith from her picture in the the paper. She’d been missing for over two weeks now. Lillith felt pity for the poor girl as Mistress Antoinette raised her arm and swung the whip for the first time across tender tan and flawless flesh.

“NNNNGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMFFFFF!!” Even around the gag, Tammy proved that she could scream as loud as the rest of them.

“Congratulations slut,” Antoinette whispered into her ear, “you went looking for cunt…and you found the meanest one of all!”

A close friend…
Buffy was a special order that Mistress Antoinette had procured for a close friend. Alfred had been a gardener and caretaker of Mistress Antoinette’s estate for some time. He also worked part-time at the Silvington estate where a certain Buffy, a teasing cruel little bitch, lived with her extremely rich family. “Someday,” he thought to himself as Buffy walked past him in her skimpy bikini, flipping him the bird as she dove into the pool, “someday I’m gonna teach you some manners!”

It was all just a fantasy that helped Afred jerk-off, until he proved that if you don’t play, you can’t win. He hit the lottery; all 365 million British pound sterling.

Alfred could now do anything he wanted. He told Mistress Antionette about his winnings immediately. He always treated the Mistress with great respect and she thought of him with surprising kindness.

“Let’s celebrate,” she said smiling, “Your good fortune just got better. Which of my slaves would you like Alfred?”

“Begging your pardon Miss Antoinette Ma’am. I think you know about Buffy. I’ve spoken of the snotty brat often enough. It’s her I want. I want her real bad.”

A week later Alfred received a call from Mistress Antionette’s henchman Viktor. “The Mistress needs to see you immediately. She has acquired for you an item of great interest.”

Alfred showed up at the gate in his new car half an hour later. Antionette met him at the front door. “Follow me Alfred,” she said, “I’ve someone here who’s just dying to meet you.”

In the basement in a private room waiting lonely, afraid and wearing only a tiny pink bikini, was one Buffy Silvington.

“Have a go at her Alfred,” smiled the Mistress, “she’s all yours so there are no limits. When your done, and if she’s still alive, I would love to buy her from you.”

Alfred wasted no time. All the things she’d ever said, all the teasing, all the cruelty came boiling up to the surface.

The bikini was torn off immediately as Alfred inspected his prize. Her firm young tits bounced free and her tiny thatch of pubic hair was visible for all to see. Her perpetual look of superiority had miraculously been replaced by tears, fear and complete panic. Alfred smiled as he undressed. Buffy stared down in horror as his huge erection bobbed free.

“AAUNGH!” A heavy slap from one beefy arm sent Buffy reeling. She wound up on her face on the floor and before she could regain her senses, Alfred was on top of her crushing her with his weight. She felt his cock pressing against her virgin cunt.

“You flaunted yer little cock-holster a few times too many, whore. Now I’m gonna try it on for size.”

“NNNNGGGGGGMMMMMFFFFFF!!” Buffy fought and twisted as she screamed for the help that would never arrive. Instead, Mistress Antoinette appeared in the doorway to watch as Alfred pumelled into the shrieking brunette’s pussy. She wore a smile that horrified Buffy. How could another woman just stand there watching while this brutal man ravaged her body?

“Fuck her good and hard Alfred,” Antoinette said laughing, “her new life as a slave hasn’t quite settled in yet. Make sure she understands what it is to be a cum-whore!”

Alfred slammed into her for all he was worth. Knowing that Antoinette approved and cheered him on spurred him on to a higher level of savagery than he though possible. Buffy’s face was a study in pain.

She grunted harshly around the gag at each thrust until, finally, Alfred could wait no longer.

He pulled out and, grabbing a handful of her thick black hair hauled her up to face his glistening cock. She stared transfixed at the monstrous prick covered with her own virgin’s blood.

Suddenly it started pumping jets of cum into her eyes and all over her face. Buffy jerked and tried to twist away, but Mistress Antoinette had anticipated this and was there to grab Buffy roughly by each ear and hold her in place as Alfred emptied his balls all over the soiled debutante’s face.

“Take her for a ride if you like Mistress,” Alfred said breathing hard, “this little whore will need a lot of breaking-in before she’s fit to be a slave.”

Mistress Antionette smiled at Buffy, “you’re just a sperm dump for now, bitch. But in a second you’re going to learn how great my cunt tastes.”

Buffy screamed again as Mistress Antoinette began to smother Buffy with her pussy and ride her like a bull at the rodeo.

“Just a cum-whore for now little Buffy, an empty canvas” Mistress Antoinette sneered, “but we will soon turn you into so much more…!”

Broken in and humiliated….

“Finally broken-spirited and beaten down, Buffy knelt at the leather shod boots Mistress Antoinette wore. Without hesitation and without being told. She pressed her face against the shiny leather. Mistress Antoinette removed the ball gag.

“You know what to do, girl. Get to it.” Antoinette ordered.

Buffy licked the leather hard and long slathering her long tongue across the surface and even the soles of the knee-high riding boots before her.

Alfred watched the display with great satisfaction. The tongue and mouth that had once insulted and laughed at him was now only good for shining the boots of a Dominatrix.

Alfred saw Buffy’s tight rosy asshole and decided it was time to break in another hole. With the cum that dripped freely from her battered cunt, Alfred lubricated her ass and, kneeling behind her, pressed his cock against her crap dump.

“UUNNNGH… GGHHHAAAIEEEE!” Buffy grunted at first but then began to scream as Alfred pushed inside her whip-marked ass.

“Keep licking slut,” Antoinette ordered.

Alfred took much longer to come this time as he slammed the girl’s body forward and back, but finally he succumbed to the overpowering lust he felt for his first slave-bitch. Buffy felt his balls slapping furiously against her pussy lips as he jerked and pumped more sticky hot cum into her body.

“Let’s see if your slave is really broken-in Alfred,” Antoinette mused. “My boots are nice and shiny now but your cock is quite soiled.”

Antoinette spun her around to face Alfred’s shit-stained pecker. Buffy hesitated for a moment as she saw and, even worse, smelled her own feces on this evil man’s penis.

Antoinette cracked the whip in the air next to Buffy’s ear. “Willingly or not, you 18 year old whore, you will eat your own shit and polish your owner’s prick until it shines slick and pink!”

Crawling forward with her mouth open, tears falling and sobs wracking her chest, Buffy took the stained member into her mouth and began to lick; to suck. She was so naturally adept at using her tongue, that Alfred began to grow hard all over again.

“Looks like you’re going to pull an all-nighter with her Alfred,” Mistress Antoinette smiled, “my dungeons are at your disposal. Her screams will add a new and special ambiance to my house. You may keep her here as long as you wish. I just hope you will allow me to play with her a little from time to time.”

Buffy sucked and slurped busily at the huge flesh-pump that filled her mouth as she listened to Alfred and Antionette discuss the piercing and branding options available for this new slave.

It would be a long and painful night for Buffy who now truly regretted every cruel and careless word she had ever spoken…

Sister Joins the Party

Buffy, now gagged, fully fucked and beaten down into a completely submissive sex-slave, knelt in one corner trembling with fear. Her wrists were tied so tightly that her hands were turning blue. Alfred’s cum still hung from her lips and chin. One tiny drop clung stubbornly to her left nipple like a pearl tit-ring.

Out in the hall, Buffy could hear the sounds of a scuffle, Mistress Antoinette’s laughter, a heavy slap, a yelp of surprise and pain. This would be a new girl, Buffy thought. Some pretty young thing who thought that she was still in control and could threaten or fight her way out of bondage.

Suddenly the door crashed open. There stood Alfred holding the new girl tightly by her elbows.

“Hi Buffy,” Antoinette said smiling, “You looked so lonely when we left you there covered in cum, that we thought we ought to get you a playmate.”

Buffy, shocked and horrified, stared into the dark eyes of her little sister Brenda. When Brenda saw Buffy’s whipped and beaten body kneeling in the corner with cum on her face, she knew she was in real trouble. She twisted savagely to one side an stomped down hard on Alfred’s left foot. She wrenched herself free from his grip and turned for the door.

Mistress Antoinette, however, was well prepared from a long history of taming female fuck-slaves. Her tazer zapped silently and Brenda fell to the floor flopping like a dying fish.

Awake but paralyzed from the shock, Brenda could only lay there as her favorite black dress was torn roughly off her body. She was tied sitting onto a chair.

With Brenda now immobilized, Alfred and Antoinette grabbed the weeping Buffy and tied her suspended from the ceiling.

Brenda watched in horror as whips came out and Alfred and Mistress Antoinette took turns slashing Buffy’s already whip-marked body.

“You’re next little bitch,” Antoinette sneered at Brenda, “We’re going to have a sister team all trained and ready for auction. You two will bring a very hefty price sold together as a set.”

Buffy swung back and forth, squealing and grunting around her ball-gag as the whips did their work on soft flesh.

Brenda’s eyes that had once flashed with rage and haughty demeanor, now filled with tears as she realized the gravity of her situation and her sister’s agony.

Alfred removed his trousers and rubbed his cock between Buffy’s perfect rear cheeks until he was fully erect. Then, Grabbing the suspended girl by her hips, slammed into her ass with all his considerable strength.

Buffy screeched around her gag as Alfred ripped into her rectum. Antoinette’s whip still fell hard across Buffy’s bouncing tits and firm stomach as she was brutally fucked from behind.

Brenda could only gaze at the horrid spectacle through tear blurred eyes while her sister was ravaged without mercy.

“I don’t know what they want,” Brenda thought to herself, “but I’ll do anything to avoid that whip.”

Brenda, unlike sister Buffy was a complete slut and very bi-sexual. At any given time she would have 3 or 4 boyfriends and girlfriends to satisfy her carnal urges.

Eventually Alfred pulled his throbbing cock out of Buffy’s ass and stood in front of Brenda. She leaned in to ward the shit-stained prick as it began to spout powerful jets of cum across her face…

Eager Slut

Brenda would have opened her mouth to take the spurting load but Alfred’s belt still held it closed. He lifted her black sweater and gasped when he got a look at the pair perfect tits that sprang free. He lifted them like melons at market feeling their warm weight. Then he kneaded them roughly finishing off by twisting her erect nipples. Brenda grunted and twisted against the ropes that held her. Her face still dripped with Alfred’s warm sperm.

“We are going to remove your gag Brenda,” Mistress Antoinette told the beautiful brunette, “you will get one chance to prove your eagerness to please. And based on your reputation around town, I think you know exactly what I mean.”

The gag came off, Alfred leaned in, Brenda took the smelly wilting penis into her mouth. She tasted her sister’s feces on her tongue, but never slowed down or hesitated.

Soon Alfred’s prick began to grow hard again. He pumped it in to her throat a few times before pulling out from between Brenda’s full luscious lips. She sat there straining forward with her mouth open and her long tongue extended as though begging for more.

Buffy stared wide-eyed at her sister’s wanton display of sexual arousal. But Brenda, biding her time, was only giving these people the show she knew they wanted to see.

“She didn’t scrape my cock against one tooth,” Alfred said to Antoinette, “Her mouth is like a moist velvet glove.”

“Good job Brenda,” Mistress Antoinette said quietly, “Untie her Alfred and let’s see just how well she obeys. Brenda, remember that I have my tazer ready and I will use it again without the slightest hesitation. Now get over here and let’s see you use that skilled tongue on your sister. You have 5 minutes to make her cum.”

Brenda rose quickly from the chair and stripped out of her sweater and panties. Now completely naked, she knelt before the whip-marked body of her sister and plunged her face into Buffy’s cunt. She traced her finger around Buffy’s anus and slowly pushed it into her ass.

Buffy had been given five minutes to make her sister cum, But Buffy was writhing and grunting like a whore in less than two.

Less than halfway through her allotted time. Brenda brought her still suspended sister to a wrenching orgasm. Buffy had never cum so hard. She wrapped her legs around Brenda’s neck and pulled her in deeper as her cunt gushed onto her sister’s face.

“That’s enough bitch,” Mistress Antoinette said to Brenda, “you’ve proven that you’re a skilled slut with men and women. Now let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to be a slave like your weak whore of a sister.

With her face covered and dripping with her sister’s ejaculate and the memory of tasting Buffy’s shit still very fresh in her memory, Brenda turned to Antoinette and, on her knees, awaited what would come next.

Slut’s Cotillion

The party was now fully underway. Brenda could hear feminine screams, grunts and shrieks echoing throughout the mansion. Buffy hung from her ankles nearby; legs spread wide. A huge candle had been stuffed deep inside her swollen cunt. It supplied more ambiance than it did light. She was part eye candy and part fuck-whore. Her mouth was exactly at crotch level and already her upside down face streamed with cum and more than a little vomit. These men and women took great pleasure in pushing the girls, especially the new ones, to their limits and beyond.

Brenda had been forced to kneel. Her arms were pulled far behind and bound to an iron eye-bolt set in the stone wall. Her mouth, like her sister, was also level with any cock or cunt that might pass by.

The guests all held a pencil and a score card.

“Don’t forget to grade all our new slaves, ladies and gentlemen,” Mistress Antoinette announced merrily, “your input will be very valuable in helping us to break and train these fresh females for their new lives as pleasure slaves.”

The terms ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ was just a bad joke to the screaming girls who all experienced some different form of bondage. There was nothing “Gentle” about the people who were in attendance on that hellish night. All the women had at least one hole – if not all three – available for anyone to fuck, fist, or fondle.

“This pretty bitch kneeling before you,” Antoinette said motioning to Brenda, “is our freshest acquisition. She shows great potential. Please use her liberally and often. Her sister, Buffy, is the one with the Candle in her Cunt. She’s good for a solid suck as well. Whips, crops and cattle prods are available upon request. Please enjoy…”

The line formed and soon Brenda was nearly drowning in cum. Being a true slut, she didn’t mind, and even enjoyed sucking cock and cunt, but she was used to sex on her own terms. Unfortunately for her, that particular portion of her life was over. She was now just a warm place to deposit cum. An amusing bit of flesh that wriggled and bucked when beaten and bound…

Brenda glanced to her right and saw a line of impatient sadistic party-goers all waiting for a chance to sample her mouth. Soon, Brenda was nearly unrecognizable. Her features became blurred and glazed with the deposits of lust left by over a hundred horny men and women.

A man slapped her hard across her cum splattered face.

“Pay attention bitch and quit looking around. I’m gonna cum directly into your pretty eyes so don’t blink!”

Soon Brenda’s useless screams chimed in with the other slaves here at Antoinette’s party of pain…

A Brief Intermission

After the men and women had all had their fill of the girls, they retired to the dining hall to refuel. The night was young and the guests were used to all night events at the Maison du Animal Femme.

While the guests ate and drank, Brenda and all the other slaves had been hung by their wrists to a conveyor belt. One by one, each girl was hosed down and “cleansed” both inside and out. They were given painful enemas and filled with scented oils that would lubricate and ease the entry for anyone wishing to plug a cunt or an asshole.

The sweet smelling motion-lotion was put in place for the benefit of the guests, not the girls. In fact, some of the women had been left dripping after a douche had drained all the cum from their warm bodies. These specially selected slaves had received low scores by the party guests and would be fucked brutally and without mercy as a form of punishment and an incentive to perform better. Besides, they screamed more beautifully when taken dry.

After her preparation for Phase Two of the party, Brenda and Buffy had been separated. Brenda was placed in a cell and bound to the bars with her ass very vulnerable and easily accessible. The scent coming from her cunt and ass smelled of cloves and herbs. To her relief, she had been lubed up nicely. Buffy, however, had scraped two guests with her teeth and would receive no lube.

Soon the party continued. The guests were ready for more fun.

“GHHHAAAAA!” As Brenda was brutally ass-fucked for the first time, she could hear her sister’s pitiful screams mixed with laughter and cat-calls. Buffy was being dry fisted, without any lubrication, by a black dominatrix named Rustafa. She just hated rich haughty little white bitches; and Buffy was just her type.

“That’s it white piece of shit! Ride the fist and scream all you want little rich bitch!”

Alfred and the Pain-Slut

Antoinette, being a very attentive trainer, always capitalized on each slave’s natural sexual depravity. She knew well that all women have a dark and secret place where they hide their sexual perversions. All you have to do is peel a bitch like an onion to find her private depravities.

Marie, as it turned out, had a very high tolerance for physical trauma. In other words, Marie was a natural pain slut.

Alfred found her sitting alone while the other guests were watching the newer slaves like Brenda and Buffy.

These two sisters were now being cared for by two particularly vicious dominatrixes. The two women had made a bet to see who could make their bitch scream louder. They both strapped-on double headed dildos and each grabbed a handful of hair and prepared to ride the girls from behind like dogs. Then, someone shouted “Go!”

“AAAAAIIEEEE! NNNGGHHAAAAAHH!” Both Brenda and Buffy screamed loud and without pretense as both ass and cunt were savagely penetrated by the huge spiked double dildos at the same time.

So while the other guests were predisposed, Alfred began putting Marie through her paces. Marie was unbound. Her desire to serve and be brutalized were mutually voluntary. Alfred knew that she had limits though. Everyone does…

First, after removing her gag, he fucked her straight up with the music of the new girls shrieking and screaming in the next room. He lifted her legs and split her open like a nail into an orange. He was amazed to find her already very aroused. She grunted hard as he rutted into her wet cunt. While he fucked her he began to apply clothespins to her nipples and then to the thin skin around her aureole. The tears streaming from her eyes were real but all part of her persona. To cum, Marie had to be in extreme pain. Alfred decided she would cum hard.

After he had covered both tits with strong clothespins, he placed a sharp-toothed alligator clamp on her large clit.

“UUUNNNGHH!” Marie grunted hard at this, but it didn’t hurt her her enough to make her cum. He began slapping her across her tear-stained face. Her head pivoted violently from side to side. Long streams of drool flew from her open mouth.

Another guest had heard Marie’s short shriek as the clamp was placed on her clit and had come to investigate. Alfred tossed the man a whip. Then he grabbed a handful of Marie’s hair and pulled her in close. The man with the whip saw Marie’s unmarked back and started to work.


Marie finally began to cum in waves. Other guests had gathered to watch. She clenched Alfred’s cock so hard that he could hold out no longer. He pulled out of her twat with an audible pop and shot multiple streams of hot sperm onto her face and into her screaming mouth.

He roughly pushed the soiled pain slut off to one side. As he walked away, Alfred glanced back at Marie, expecting to see her curled up in a ball sobbing inconsolatly. Instead, she lay on her back with the slightest hint of a smile playing across her cum stained lips. Other guests had begun to gather around the pain slut. Her screams of pure animal pleasure soon echoed more loudly than the wild shrieks of the two punished sisters in the next room.


A man who called himself Denizen had been enthusiastically watching as Brenda and Buffy writhed and screamed madly throughout the evening’s events.

He loved the way their tits bounced firmly, their perfect young bodies twisting and bucking, the way they cried and screamed. While the girls had been brutalized by the two dominatrices, his personal slave had knelt at his command and gently sucked his rigid cock. As he came into the attentive mouth of the kneeling girl, he decided these two whores would be added to his personal stable.

The auction was held at midnight. All the “sales items” had been hosed down again, hair prepared, make-up applied to their faces (also to cover the heavier bruises), and dressed in revealing middle-eastern slave garb (a favorite style for the slaves of Mistress Antoinette). Brenda and Buffy were sold together. Of 15 items sold, they were the last two to be paraded onto the auction stage.

Denizen was a rich man. He owned diamond mines in three countries where slaves toiled to dig the precious stones from the earth. The bidding started at 100,000 euros but rose quickly.

“I hear 450,000 Euros” chanted the auctioneer, “…going once…going twice…Sold to Master Denizen!”

The two girls were still very dazed and confused by the last five hours of non-stop torment and sexual debasement, but were cognisant enough to realize that they wouldn’t be going back to the life where they called the shots. The world no longer waited at their beck and call. They were animals now, sold to service the sexual depravities of a mad man.

Certain services were provided at no extra cost to any one who bought a slave that night. Mistress Antoinette wanted her customers to be fully satisfied.

Denizen spread and tied Buffy to the nearest divan and stood over her as Mistress Antionette firmly pumped his cock. She sprayed his load over Buffy’s face, chest and tits while the other guests crowded around to watch. Buffy had no idea just how brutal Denizen was, but the other guests had seen him prepare slaves before. It was a show not to be missed…

Slaves crowded around now as video cameras taped Buffy’s preparation. No anesthetic was to be used. Her well-defined nipples were pierced. She was given a large hoop ring through the septum of her nose that was pushed through the lower cartilage. Then the sharp point of another hoop was pushed through her clitoris. Medical pliers were pushed into her mouth and the tongue was pulled out sharply. A large stud was inserted and another hoop near the tip of the fluttering tongue. These all took place at once.

“NNNNGGGHHAAAAAH… NNNOOOOAAAAIIIEEEE… K-KUUURRRRRGH!!” Buffy’s choking shrieks and screams were primordial such was her pain. Sister Brenda was leashed at the perimeter of the circle of fiends who watched as her sister was given her ornaments. But a computer monitor had been provided and Brenda was forced to watch. As she witnessed and heard her sister’s pain, Brenda knew it would be her turn soon.

Then she saw the smoking iron that glowed white hot. Brenda stared at the computer screen transfixed with horror as Denizen’s brand was pressed onto Buffy’s inner thigh.

“NNNAAAAIIIIEEEEAAAUUUGHH!” Buffy’s horrible scream filled the room. Everyone cheered madly as the smell of singed flesh spread throughout the chamber. Buffy was untied and led away by a leash. The leash was attached to her nose ring and down to the hoop that pierced her clit. Her head was bent forward. Rough hands grabbed for Brenda as Mistress Antoinette yelled “Who’s Next?”

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