Condemned [HINES]


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It was a shock for any new convicted female arrivee at that isolated political prison located so deep in the tropical rainforest of colonized South America.

Still smarting from her mistreatment while first being put on trial for mostly false charges for political purposes, a new girl was immediately harassed, mishandled and humiliated by eagerly awaiting prison authorities and Party-affiliated civilians.

The reason for all this, of course, was for the purpose of putting the new gals firmly in their place and making it clear that they could not expect any rights, only mistreatment….

There were Ladies Club composed of women Party members who had first ownership rights to any new female prisoner – and they exercised those rights well.

Within minutes after being marched off the plane, the most attractive slavegirls would be picked and separated from the rest by these keen-eyed, experienced judges of young pussy and then the process of deciding who gets who would begin.

Kathy was nervous as she tried to shield her nude body from the obvious staring of the older women, but it was no use.

“Look at that sweet thing over there,” exclaimed a big black matronly woman indicating Kathy. “Hey, darlin’, I likes you! You is just the kinda gal made for someone like me. How old you is? ANSWER ME!!!!”

“I-I’m eighteen….” Kathy begin to answer just before the black woman slapped her hard across her face.

“You says ‘Mistress’ every time you addresses me, you bitch! Got it? You might’ve been all high mucky-muck back there, but you is just another piece of trash once you gets off that plane! I used to be just a housemaid before – but now I is ranking high over you and these other bitches.”

“So you just better get used to the idea of you being nothin’ better than a little Ho from now on. In fact, I promise you is gonna be beggin’ and screamin’ in about a hour. Gonna be just beggin’ for me to let let you lick my big ol’ wet pussy. Which reminds me…..”

“Open your mouth, girl, WIDE!” Miss Estabon ordered Kathy as she back the frightened girl against the wall. “ Hmmmm, nice little tongue you has got there. Stick it out, show me. DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO TELL YOU AGAIN!”

Trembling, Kathy obeyed, sticking her tongue out for the woman’s inspection.


Cecilia had waited a long time to get her revenge on Lia. Lia and Cecilia, both daughters of high-ranking Party official, had once been close friends. That was until Lia’s father had been elevated to a much higher party position. Once that happened, Lia promptly ceased her social contact with Cecilia, even going so far as to inform her former friend that it “would be wrong to be seen in the company of ‘regular’ people” now that she and her family had moved into the mansion in that complex reversed for the organization’s elite.

But what go up sometimes comes tumbling quickly down.

It was a huge scandal involving Lia’s father being accused of mishandling Party finances and her mother being attacked in the Party’s newspapers for lavish overspending in times of great economic strain. Then there was the widely-televised trial; Lia’s father’s strained face as they accused him and his family – including Lia – of setting bad examples for the Party.

Lia’s father had been promptly executed and Cecilia heard rumors that the mother had been sentenced to serve time in an inner-city whorehouse where she was getting her holes stretched throughout the day and night by an endless parade of working-class cocks.

And as for Cecila’s former close pal? In the Party’s thinking, the daughter was guilty for the sins of the parents, so it was soon known that Lia was returning to the area – this time as a political prisoner.

Cecilia had never partook of the lesbian services provided by the female prisoners in that big hulking monster of a place located at the far reach of the valley. She had heard giggling tales from her female friends who thought it was so nice to spend a few dollars to have their pussies and assholes massaged by the obedient tongues of the unhappy girl-slaves there throughout the day.

But now she had a very good reason to visit.

It was great for Cecilia to chuckle while her unfaithful friend was forced to eat her cunt. So great to pay for reserving Lia all day and night. Cecilia found that she liked using the whip to punish Lia, enjoyed looking Lia in the eyes while she peed in her mouth….

“Hmmmmm, I like that, bitch. I really do,” Cecilia purred as her former best friend began – once again – to lick out her needy asshole. “Just think, a few months ago you were a fuckin’ snob who that that you were too good to even speak to me. And now you’re just my whore who has to eat my ass.”

“And you do such a good job, too. Now stick that tongue real deep in my ass and clean it out while I give you a couple of my farts….!”


“Owwww…..Oh, God! Help me! Please, no more! Pleassssssseeeeee….!” The blonde political prisoner, Georgia, tried in vain to avoid the hard, punishing whipping that was being put to her by the off-duty guard Tamara.

“Are you guilty?”



“Then I have to punish you!”


“NOOOOO… I’m not… AAAAAHHHHHH!!! I’m not guity!”

“You’re lying to me!”



“OK, we’ll resume the questioning later… Time to get a break; my arm aches and my pussy is soaked…. time for you to lick it dry again, little whore….

The slave auction proprietress looked with a smile as her guests showed their excitement at the show being put on by her two well-whipped slavegirls, Gloria and Yvette. The Proprietress did usually arrange for small private auctions like this, but she had always found it a bit unfair for the working-class village women in the area frequently were not afforded the chance to acquire some pretty female slaves for their own uses. Sure, many women with money crowded the various auction houses around the prison, some buying a half-dozen girls at one time.

These regular village women mostly worked inside the womenТs prison, doing thankless work and missed out on the wonderful, nasty pleasures that the more well-connected and well-heeled lesbian women enjoyed. They were surprised to be invited for an afternoon СAuction PartyТ at the lesbian auction house and were enjoying themselves.

The Proprietress tended to like whipping and paddling her soon-to-be-sold slavegirls more than most sellers Ц but that was one of the reasons why she was in the business; being able to mistreat the girls and make them cry and then being able to sell them for a tidy profit

CТmon, girl! Shake that sweet ass! ThatТs right, do that dance! The village women were not shy expressing themselves .

The petite Gloria, originally from the States, and the tall, trim French Yvette both showed the effects of the ProprietressТs spankings and floggings on their bodies, but that didnТt prevent the invited group of village women from getting excited as the two crying slavegirls danced in front of them.


Although Mistress Guzman was mostly ruthless and cruel in her dealings with those political sexslaves who were unfortunate enough to be place under her domination, there were times that she displayed a touch of tenderness Ц at least her own version of it. Guzman enjoyed nothing better than stringing up helpless young beauties after spending a weekТs time with them and extracting every last bit of pleasure that they could give her.

Their desperate attempts to stave off or avoid their fates made the prison girls the ideal sex prey; There was nothing that they denied Guzman and nothing that any of them would hesitate to do in order to perhaps survive another day or week.

Beautiful Wendy had managed to survive for almost two weeks. It had been rare for Mistress Guzman, with a reputation for enjoying putting her girl slaves to death within days of taking charge of them, to let one last this long Ц but Wendy had managed to keep GuzmanТs holes satisfied and ready for more. The Mistress had disposed of three other slavegirls within the time that Wendy had also spent with her. A wonderful example of WendyТs erotic talents.

But with Mistress Guzman, even the best things came to an end; Eventually Wendy had become just too familiar and too much a habit. Guzman was ready now to move on to sampling a new set of scared young things who had been shipped in. After all, she was rich ad could afford it

Mistress Guzman was pleased at how Wendy tearfully returned her wet, deep kisses. Too bad WendyТs time was finally up.

This is a nice way to end it, the Mistress breathed heavily in WendyТs face. LetТs keep on kissing like this and I promise to jerk the rope quickly instead of pulling you up slowly like the other girl, okay? Oh, yes, Wendy, youТve been such a pleaser! No need to make you suffer for very long.


Even though it was a prison was political prisoners, the authorities in charge of it saw nothing wrong in being open to all methods of adding all sorts of additional revenues in order to keep the place as self-contained financially as possible. Of course, there were the monies being earned by those willing to pay Ц and quite handsomely Ц for the services of the younger sexslaves and for the right to enjoy being their private executioners. There was also the booming slave auction section that supplied the many brothels, sex shows and private citizens wanting houseslaves of their own.

But one steady revenue-maker was the often overlooked in-prison industry commanded by Mistress Diaz, the wonderful old widow of one of the PartyТs founding fathers. Leave it to a smart old codger like Mistress Diaz to think of a way of having an uninterrupted stream of revenue while heartily enjoying doing it at the same time. Diaz had met her famous husband when they both served as torturers for a now-forgotten Latin American regime way back when. They had stuck together ever since, but there was no retirement funding when Senor Diaz had died and Mrs. Diaz had to think of some way to support herself. Leave it to her to come up with a serve the PartyТs prison system and provide herself with a comfortable living.

So many cute young girls, hundreds of thousands every year, moving through the PartyТs lethal female political prison system. So much need also for a disposal system.

And so СMs. DiazТ brand of soaps came into being. People marveled at the unique feel of the heavily perfumed soaps. Ms. Diaz would never reveal her secret recipe for making the soaps, only saying that the СfattyТ feel of the soaps were the reason for their popularity.

The prison authorities were happy that they no long had to spend valuable time and land in the disposing of political prisoners

Come now, dear, donТt turn away. This ball gag will prevent you from upsetting everyone with needless screaming! We donТt want that, do we? And donТt you worry, rubber and leather strap are especially made so that they wonТt dissolve. Does that make you feel better?

The ruling Party wasn’t always so inflexible when dealing with legal-aged political prisoners or the legal-aged offspring of political prisoners.

Some of them were very fortunate, indeed; instead of being shipped off the designated South American penal colonies, they were blessed by being chosen to serve in their respective countries. There were always duties which they could perform to show their reformed attitudes toward those in Authority and many ways that the Authorities could give them the chance.

The Party had decided that the particularly attractive young ladies would be afforded a one-time opportunity to serve as domestic sexslaves and in the many whorehouses that just happened to be owned and operated by Party officials and their cronies.

But first, those ladies had to be broken and trained in the proper ways of repentance and subservience. Those who showed any resistance would

immediately be separated and put on the penal planes to South America; there was no need to waste any time with a few when there was such a big choice of pretty girls so desperate to cooperate.

Judge Inbuti love sentencing those lovely girls, handing down terms that would allow them to make the lives of is fellow Party members and their friends more enjoyable with the use of their willing mouths and tight holes. The Judge also liked nothing better than making sure that the girls he sentenced had a chance to show their appreciation before they were taken off to the Training Centers. He and his Court Staff loved fucking those fine young things with their tight, shaven pussies and assholes.

The Judge wasn’t too pleased to find that his Court Sergeant-at-Arms had already began to fuck the prisoner whom he had sentenced just a short time ago. But, he’d let the girl make it up to him by giving up her asshole for his long, hard fucking when he got her in his private chambers. He stroked his big cock, thinking of what he was going to do to her.


The Training Center was where the girls just sentenced by the Court were brought to undergo a punishment, rape and humiliation program to determine whether they were fit to deserve being domestic or sex slaves. Those who showed the right traits were certain of an appreciative waiting clientele of Masters and Mistresses who would make good use of them in so many ways. In six months, these prisoners would be re-made and their attitudes readjusted; the Center’s administrators, trainers and guards would make sure of that.

Tanya sobbed with fear and distress as the guard named Ophilia dragged her into the Initiation Chamber for her first lessons. The Chamber was dank, humid and reeked with the smell of sex, pussy fluids and cum. Throughout the large dim chamber, Tanya could see the ongoing whippings and forced, perverted sex. She could see what was clearly in store for her.

“Come, girl, I want you to meet Officer Dermott,” Ophilia told her pretty prisoner. “He and I just love being the first ones here to welcome in a new thing like you. You can see by his cock that he’s glad to meet you also.”

“Mmmm, she’s a nice one, alright,” said Officer Dermott. “You want her first or can I go first?” His dick was throbbing, lengthening.

“I want her and to start getting to know each other first, if you don’t mind, honey,” Ophilia said.

She knew darn well that Dermott loved watching her expertly introduce a new girl to the arts of eating pussy and she enjoyed having him watch. A new girl usually took a long time in being able to bring her off, but Ophilia was a patient sort of woman who would let this frightened female captive know exactly what to do and how she wanted it done.

“You want that, don’t you, girl? You want to learn how to please my cunt with that pretty tongue of yours, don’t you?”

Tanya had no choice, no hope. “Yes, Miss Ophilia, please teach me.”

“I like this little gal,” Ophilia chuckled with pleasure. “ She’s not going to be hard to break, I think. Okay, let’s you and me and Officer Dermott here find a private room where I can start teaching you how to be my bitch. He’ll get off watching us. Then he will get his turn and give me a show.”


Aside from the whippings and beatings, one of the hardest things for a new Center prisoner to get used to was having to take the large cocks of the male guards and trainers. The Training Center chose it’s male staff especially for their cock sizes; only by getting used to dealing with such oversized dicks in the Center would these prisoners be prepared for the hard lives of being fucked continuously in the homes and sex trade destinations of their new owners.

It was not unusual for a prison girl to have to deal with four or five different ten-plus inch cocks in one dayand night. By the time they were finally released for service, these girls would be the perfect sexslaves.

Wanda had been fucked for hours by the sentencing judge and his court staff, but nothing had prepared her for the life of sex in the Center. Her pussy was still trying to adjust to being stretched by the huge dicks from the men there. They were so rough on her. So crude in the way they would turn her over on her stomach and jam their meaty shafts into her ass, making her cry as they pounded and rammed her.

From her dingy, foul-smelling cell, Wanda could hear the pitiful sounds coming from the many other cells around her. Sounds of girls crying and begging for mercy as the male Staffers made their rounds, taking their pick of which pretty prisoner to be their bitches fir the night. There were tears in Wanda’s eyes also. Her pussy and ass were so sore from the abuse from this guard named simply as “Grande”.

For some reason, Grande had decided to claim Wanda solely for himself.

At first Wanda was glad of that, thinking that it would be better than having to satisfy number of different rapists during the nights and days. But she soon learned that Grande liked to fuck at least a dozen times each day. He was so virile, so demanding. His eleven-inch dick stretched and hurt Wanda in her deepest places. She was fortunate that the Center fed her birth control pills because her cunt was constantly full with Grande’s thick cum; whenever she stood or walked, globs of his semen dripped from her pussy and oozed out of her hard-used asshole.

Wanda sobbed quietly because Grande had fucked her so hard only an hour ago and now he was back for more.

The guard didn’t talk much, but he said to Wanda in his gruff voice, “Been thinking about you. Missed you. Want to fuck you now.” He sat on top of Wanda, ordering her to stroke that monster of a dick of his. “Uhhh, yeah-h-h, that’s it. Keep strokin’ it with those soft fingers.”

Wanda felt the guard’s cock growing harder and longer as she obediently thrilled it with her obedient hands.

“Just a bit more, girl, and then I’m going to fuck you like you never been fucked before….”

The lesbian female Staffers at the Training Center were as dedicated as the men when it came to sexually preparing their girl prisoners for their sexslave futures; after all, there was an equal chance that these slaves would be servicing the needs of women Superiors as much as men.

These Staffers had a duty to make sure that all the beautiful lady prisoners had the necessary skills to bring pleasure to the most demanding Mistresses and whores. It was easy to please men who only needed to use their needy cocks; pleasing other female owners and Superiors sometimes called for a more detailed education.

An education that the Women Staffers at the Center were all too willing to spend long hours teaching.

The Center was a 24-hour operation and there was no time that it didn’t have a full complement of horny female Staffers roaming among the prisoner cells making their choices of the poor girls who would be spending time learning how to use their captive mouths, lips and tongues on their Staffers’ demanding pussies and assholes. The prison girls would have to learn that nothing less than totally satisfying a Mistress would be acceptable.

Betty was presently being taught that lesson down in the Female Staffers’ Chambers. Her mouth tasted of vaginal female juices and with a more musky aftertaste that came from digging her tongue inside the lesbians’ assholes. They made her practice again and again, until she began to pleasure them in the way they all wanted.

As word spread of her improving abilities, more and more Mistresses began flocking to the Chamber in order to test Wanda for themselves. Even the ugly, loud-talking cook, Latisha, came down for the chance to use Betty’s services.

“Goddamnit, I works hard up there in that hot kitchen,” Latisha complained. “ I deserves me some satisfaction!”

“Yeah, bitch, keep that tongue goin’! You almost got her ready to cum! Keep lickin’ that black pussy of hers until she starts juicin’ all over your pretty face! I know your tongue must be tired, but there’s no fuckin’ excuse for you not getting’ her off, you hear me? Then it’ll be my turn again, so you better hurry up!


The Training Center routine hardly ever varied. Girls were trained, some trained harder than other. But now as again, there was the prisoner who was just not measuring up to standards. These particular underachieving ladies were the unfortunate ones: What awaited them was the

Prospect of being sent to a more gruesome fate down in the penal colonies in South America where they treated women much less gently.

Hilary just wasn’t working out; the Staffers had concluded that she was holding back. Hilary just couldn’t seem to give in completely. There seemed to be a part of her that could accept being a slave, a slave whose life would be dedicated to pleasuring the cocks and pussies of her Superiors in any way they demanded of her. Yes, she did as she was told and instructed, but the Staffers were experienced experts at spotting when a slave prospect was failing to give up every bit of her soul. For Hilary ever to become an acceptable slave, she must be rid of every ounce of her identity and self-respect. Hilary seemed destined for failure and for South America.

Hilary panicked when informed that she had been marked for deportation. She begged and begged for a chance to redeem herself, to show that she was worthy of being a slave to any Party Superior or even for service in one of their whorehouses. Please, please. Give me one more chance, she begged the Centers Warden as she crawled on her belly across the office floor to his desk.

The Warden was touched by Hilary’s sincere pleadings and decided to give her one more chance.

“I’m going to see if you can convince me that you deserve to be a slave here and not be sent to that nasty place down in the colonies.” the Warden conceded. “Maybe your problem is that you need a bit more punishment training to make you into the nice little bitch we want you to be. Me and some friends I know will personally put in the time needed to break you completely. But I warn you that very few bitches have been able to withstand this process. It would be six months of nothing but pain and humiliation and afterwards you won’t even be able to remember your original name. You will be a complete slave and you’ll want nothing out of life other than pleasuring your Superiors. You’ll even be happy to be put to work as a whore on the street corners in the ghettos if we decide to send you there. I promise that you’ll have no dignity or self-worth left in you after we’re done. Are you sure about this? At times, you’ll wish for death.”

Hilary said yes, shakily begging that anything would be better than being sent to South America.

“Alright then,” smiled the Warden, his cock beginning to swell in his trousers at the thought of what was coming. “ You will be taken back to your cell now. I will make arrangements, then I will come down with my belt, which I’m so good at using on sweet girls like you.”

Later that night, Hilary was forced to act and beg like a lowly whore while the Warden started to ride her with his big cock. She cried at the thought of the coming six months of non-stop beatings and punishment. She begged the Warden just like she told to.

“Please fuck me, Master! Please beat me! Make me wish I had never been born! Please!” Hilary pleaded as she moved her hips to response to his brutal fucking.

“Beg me more, bitch! You gotta beg better than that! When I finished fucking you, I’m gonna be beating you all night!


Upon finishing their stints at the Training Center, the broken slaves were ready to be assigned and delivered to their various destinations. Some slaves were going into service as domestic house and sex slaves; other girls were destined to service endless cocks in the Party-owned brothels; others yet were bound to serve in the well-maintained lesbian whorehouses for Party women and their friends.

As usual, the Staffers were very proud of their work, glad that the girls that they had broken so well would be bringing so much pleasure into the lives of those whom would be using them. The Staff would need a few days of rest. So many cocks needed to recover from so much fucking; new supplies of cum needed to be generated by overworked testicles. And so many female Staffer pussies needed to rest from the rigors of having so many orgasms so many times during the days and nights. All that pleasure tended to exhaust the Staffers like any other hard work.

And there was yet another delivery of pretty young, unbroken, untrained girl prisoners arriving within a couple of days.

Over in the far corner, waiting for her new owner to pick her up, was that slave named “Monica”. They said that her original name was Hilary or something like that. No one was quite sure. All anyone was sure of was that ‘Monica’ was such a good fuck, one of the best they had experienced. Even the female Staffers were sorry to see her go; they loved how she would open her mouth wide after a long pussy-eating session, open her mouth so wide so that the Mistresses could easily piss down her throat, emptying their urine-filled bladders. ‘Monica’ accepted it all, her beautiful eyes wide as she swallowed it down and thanked them so sincerely. ‘Monica’ was perfect. She would be missed.

Monica was trussed and waiting to be picked up by her new owner, Miss Allie, the Madam of the infamous lesbian whorehouse that catered to more darker side of the lesbian sex trade. The rumor was that Monica was destined to be Miss Allie’s latest ‘Toilet Throat’ girl, an attraction that had her female clients literally lining up to take their part in…

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

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