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‘Damned Mission… GOD-DAMNED mission!’ Trembling with cold and anger, Sidney squatted down even more, but it doesn’t help much anyway. No blankets available and this thin prisoner dress was her only – rather poor – protection against the cold. ‘They don’t waste much money for the heating in this prison,’ she thought lowly cursing, ‘but therefore more than enough for the lighting’. Her cell was dipped in bright light, not even worth to spend one thought at anything like privacy in this wretched hole!

Well, so far the plan had succeeded at least; she was caught with the drugs, and indeed was brought to this prison, where she should free another caught agent, who was imprisoned here as a drug-dealer as well during her operation against the regional mafia-organization. Sid fetched a deep sigh and hoped, that this contact person who should belong to the guards would become active soon. Her stomach rumbled, but if the smell of this grub in the dirty tin bowl would not be enough, one look in the direction of the lavatory certainly took away each feeling of hunger with at once. Better a rumbling stomach than to run in the danger to need the use of this disgusting thing.

Still worse the call three sides of the cell were made of iron bars, allowing a free peek-through for each guard. ‘Welcome-cell for our new guests,’ it was called from this filthy guard, when he had pushed her grinning into the cell. Sidney hoped she would meet him again on her way out of this prison to drive his grin out of his face forever. Not even the handcuffs they removed – ‘because this bracelets would look so nicely on her!’ Filthy bastards! and the cuffs were tight and rubbed on her meanwhile chafed skin.

She cursed again, long and abundantly, when she heard steps advancing from the stairs. Again the guards? From her feeling the guards should pass this room not before half an hour on their next tour. Until now they passed rather periodically her cell, where she felt like an caged animal in the zoo, when these bastards stared at her with slobbering mouths.

But indeed the steps came downstairs and the metal door hidden in the dark opened with a loud creaking. “Well maybe it is indeed this contact person,’ she hoped and massaged her clammy limbs to regain her full agility, hoping he also has thought at some reasonable clothes.

“Hmmm, indeed, fresh meat, and really looks tasty!” If this should be their contact trying to make a joke, he should better not advance to fast! Angrily she stared at him, but his look quickly drove away each hope that her time in this cell could finished now. And furthermore he smelt disgusting for cheap alcohol, his steps not so sure as they should.

This looked like trouble, that Sidney couldn’t need at all. She had to play a little drug-dealer, but if this filthy bastard would try to touch her, she would beat him to pulp! She squirted down as far as possible, trying to hide her body as far as possible, but this cloth were really rather thin.

“Still a bit shy, cutie?” He gulped and removed her clothes with his eyes. “This will be cured soon. Relax and take a sip, it will give you some heat, too!” He took another long sip, gulped and reached the bottle trough the iron bars. ‘This probably would make me blind,’ Sid thought with a touch of grim humor and shacked her head declining, that the tips of her rudely cur hair swung in her face. ‘Will become a rather expensive visit at the hairdresser, to repair this mess.’

“Don’t make such a fuss! You pampered sluts are use something better, eh?” He poured the spirits to her, and the spirits hit her face, burning in her eyes like hell, instinctively her leg shot upwards and kicked the bottle away, that cracked at the iron bars with a loud clank.

“Damned whore! This stuff was expensive! This you will pay!” Uttering oaths he looked for the key and opened the cell door. “Spread your legs, cunt, this stuff was worth at least one good fuck with a whore!”

“Calm down, I will give you some money as soon I have talked to my lawyer.” Sid straightened, this bastard was drunk, greedy and now angry, too… this really smelled like trouble, not a good start at all in her first night in this jail.

“Oh no, no doubts… this we will put in order at once!” With greedy grin he advanced, his hands reaching for her breasts. Sid ducked and gave him a push to the chest, that made him stumble backwards and fall down to the remains of the bottle on the ground.

“AHHHH, DAMNED SLUT.” His loud shouting echoed in the room.

“What happened, Petrov, trouble with the lady?” Another guard hurried into the room.

“No, no trouble at all. He just is a bit drunk and fell down; that’s all.”

“Pissed? Me? I will show you how pissed I am!” With clenched fists and red eyes he stood up slowly. Sid retreated until she was stopped by the iron bars in her back.

posted May 18th, 2003

“Take this!” Again she parries his fist and her foot hit his balls with force. Groaning he falls to the floor again.

“Stop it, I don’t want any trouble. Just stay away from me and …ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHH!” A sudden heavy shock runs through her body when the taser hits her kidney from behind. The current makes her shake with pain, driving tears in her eyes, making her blind for a moment. One moment too long – because her hair is grabbed from behind before she gets back the control of her trembling limbs, and her head is punched to the bars behind.


“Be quiet, sweetie!” The shocker hits her neck and drives another bolt of electricity through her screaming nerves.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! STOOOPP!” Blindly for pain, Sidney kicks backwards, hitting nothing but air, and gets a hard blow with the fist in her stomach stealing her breath. Her knees bent, but the grip in her hair holds her upright and another blow hits her belly, followed by another one into her face.

Sid groans loudly, spitting blood and trying hard to regain her breath, when a strap is wrapped around her neck, and tightened at once.

posted May 18th, 2003

Choking she gasped for air, pranced and twisted, while blow after blow hit her belly and face until she hung nearly fainted in the grip of the strap that cruelly strangled her hurting neck.

“And now show me what you’ve got to offer, slut!” Strong hands ripped up her dress, and were pressed painfully against her firm breasts. With wide open mouth and burning lungs, Sid gasped for air in vain. There was no chance for any resistance. She stared with widely open eyes on the drunk guard whose hands moved downwards along her trembling skin and touch the slip between her legs, pressing the thin cloth to her pussy lips.

“GGGGGlllllrrrrr!” All protesting sounds where suppressed by the strangling strap, when she desperately tried to get rid of this fumbling fingers between her legs.

“Hey, Petrov, maybe we should make it a bit more comfortable. This hot slut is worth more than a quicky!”

posted June 3rd, 2003

The strap loosened, and gasping she inhaled the cold air in her burning lungs, not realizing at all that she was grabbed and thrown to the iron bed.
“AH, what a sweet cunt!” The sticky hand between her legs brought her back to consciousness at once. Sid found herself nailed to the bed from the weight of the drunk guard who fumbled her sex with one hand, while opening his pants with the other.

“No. not!” Her voice croaking and nearly in auditable ended in a rough coughing, her neck hurt like hell, but she ignored all the pain and weakness, pranced wildly, struggled against the firm grip of the other guard who stood behind her and held her arms.
The hot touch of the hard cock on her thighs gave her new forces. Her knee shot upwards, hit cracking this ugly grinning face that moved out of her sight now like in slow motion. Sid pulled her arms with force, and the guard who hold it, followed them fully surprised, loosening his grip. Her elbow hit his nose that broke with a cracking sound. She pushed the move-less body aside and stood up heavily breathing, giving him another hard kick in the belly.

“Take this, you filthy pig!” She wiped the blood from her face; try to calm down her pounding heart. ‘So much for the genius plan, now was the only question to get out of here as far as possible!’ And where was this damned contact person? He should have known that prisoners in this stinky jail where nothing but toys for the guards!

She knelt at the side of the fainted; her head still somewhat dumb from the heavy blows, and searched in his pockets with trembling hands.

“Okay, that’s enough for now!” Sid raised her head to stare into the muzzle of a pistol. “On your knees, slut, hands behind your head… and better avoid a fast move, my fingers are a bit nervous!”
She had no other choice but to follow his command, and with raising panic she realized from the noise in her back, that at least one of these other guards regained his consciousness.

“Good girl!” He laughed and pressed the pistol rudely to the soft flesh of her naked breast and raised her blood-spoiled face with his other hand. “But it seems that you could need a bath, you are looking awful!”

“A bath?” The guard behind her nearly cried it out and spitted some blood. “I will beat this cunt to pulp!” He hold her by the cuffs and kicked in her side.
“No, Petrov, stop now. We will bring her to the playroom below.” He laughed maliciously. “There she will get her bath… and not only this! This seems to become a more interesting night watch then the former ones. Take her away!”

Each sign of even weak resistance was answered by the shocker, there was no way out and soon Sid found herself dragged to a rather empty room… some hooks on a horizontal bar, a dirty lavatory, a rusty table and some things the could easily identify as torture tools.

For a moment she was paralyzed with terror. Only a moment. When the sad remains of her dress were torn off and she was dragged to the bar with the hooks, she struggled wildly, kicked, cursed and twined in the hard grip of her captors hands. But finally she was suspended from the hook like the corpse of a dead animal.

The one behind grabbed her ankles and bound her knees backwards, so she fully hung at her wrists, the hard iron of the cuffs cut deeply in her wrists and made her groan in pain. His tongue licked her sweat covered back, but worse was the shocker that moved across her belly looking for the next target, and this other bastard who fumbled at her panties, her last protection before she was completely naked.

“Any wish, where you want the next shock, slut?” The shocker moved upwards from her navel and stopped for a moment at the base of her ribcage. “Left or right, first?”

“Fuck you, bastard!” She pressed her teeth and swallowed hardly, while the shocker moved upwards again, until it stopped, pressed rudely against her breast, the nipple in the hole of the shocker’s end.

Without a further warning, the guard pressed the trigger, and the sudden shock made her body convulse and prance in pain. The high walls of the room echoed her wild screams, but the shocker followed each of her desperate moves to escape it, sending bolt after bolt of agonizing electricity into her body.

Sid didn’t realize the final loss of the panties, sunk in the wave of pain, She kicked instinctively and wildly, until all of her strength were gone and she hung motionless from the hook bathed in her sweat and still trembling all over from the countless number of shocks she endured.

“As tasty as she looks like?” The voice and the touch brought her back. Her legs were spread widely, and she was licked again from this stinking bastard, whose drunkenness had finally brought her in this situation.

“Starve on it!” She wanted to shout it out loudly, but the screaming turned as a hoarse whisper, nearly inaudible.

Sid coughed with hurting lungs, tried to fight them as they spread her legs even further, but her muscles didn’t follow her anymore, and a moment later she felt the polished steel of the shocker touching her and opening her pussy-lips.

“You can have this, or a good old-fashioned fuck, girl. It’s all on your choice.” The pistol touched her lips. “If you have learnt your lesson already, just show it by licking my little friend before you may lick the big one!”

She pressed her lips still more and stared at the ceiling without seeing anything.

“Come on! Ask me for a little fun, and this night could become a nice one for you, too! Otherwise…” With a hard push the end of the shocker was inserted completely, her sensitive nerves felt the cold spiral wire at her clit, but she just bite her tongue and looked away.

“As you want!” The shock came suddenly, and gave her a completely new, never expected or even experienced quality of pain. All her muscles seems to spasms at once, and she screamed again, a piercing cry with voice that she never thought it was her own. The guards had to tighten the grip, the hands holding her legs glided along the wet skin, but they held her for some endless moment, while the electricity from the shocker made her pussy a source of pain that filled each single nerve from toes to the fingers.

Barely consciousness, nearly blind from her tears and the ears filled from the echoes of her screams and the hard pounding of her heart she felt the touch of a tongue licking the blood from her lips.

“My god, I cannot wait longer, this cunt makes me too horny.” A voice from elsewhere, and suddenly something a wet and warm liquid hit her back and her trembling ass. She knew what happened, and the disgust made her sick, bitter liquid arose from her stomach and run out of mouth and over her cheeks.

“What a mess” Now she really needs a bath.” A loud and rough laughter. “Hurry up and fill the tub!”

posted August 4th, 2003

It was like a very bad nightmare. Sid’s limbs still uncontrollably flickering from the countless shocks didn’t follow any command of her mind to fight back.

There was nothing she could do to fight against the guards, when she was laid to the table and bound with strong ropes, her wrist to her ankles, her arms to her legs. And when she tried to move her head to bite the hands the touched her trembling skin, the rope around her neck was fastened still more.

A kick in her side and she swung in the air, the ropes cut her flesh painfully, but much worse than the pain was the complete helplessness, that she could not do anything to avoid the kicks in her side, to give the right answer to the mocking and laughing of the guards. She screamed and cursed at them until she was too hoarse, and without breath she gasped for air, as she fell down suddenly and the icy water filled her mouth and lungs. She coughs and gasped under water, tried to raise her head, only to be pressed under the water at once again and kept there, until she felt like her burning lungs seemed to burst.

“Refreshing, your bath?” She heard it like from far away, fully concentrated on coughing the water out of lungs and filling it with fresh air. Trembling and shivering all over her bluish tinted body, her teeth chattered from the cold.

“You bastards!” She spitted it out as soon she had enough breathe for it. “You…”

And again she was dived under the water and all she wanted to say was rudely stifled by another swell of water entering her mouth, lungs and stomach. Her sight got black from pain. She coughed all air out of her lungs, and each instinctive desperate try to raise her head above the water surface was stopped by the hands that pressed her firmly down.

She was nearly fainted, when she raised again after an endless seeming time, felt something warm on hitting her side, her face, a good feeling considering the cold before, good until her sight got clear and she had to notice, that these animals were pissing on her and into the water, the same water she just coughed out of her lungs and stomach.

Sid felt sickness arise from the disgust, coughed bitter liquid, that last sad remains of something she ate before her capture so many hours ago, that drooped out of her mouth mixed with liters of water and dropped into the water below again.

“I’m sorry, we forgot the bathing oil first.” Laughing the guy on the table shook the last drops from his penis on her body. “This will do it as well.”

And again she was lowered, now even more trying to hold her head over the water bite to the hand in her face that pushed it down, tried to press her lips, her eyes, to keep it closed. But the spoiled water found other ways as well: her nose, her ears, her vagina, as her ass… no way to keep it all outside and absolutely no chance to keep it away from her skin. And finally even her mouth opened again, gasping for the air she could not get under the water and instead of it swallowing a huge amount of the water.

She didn’t know how often she was raised and lowered, and how long this torture was done to her, had lost any sense for the time, when it finally stopped and she was left suspended some inches above the water for some time, slowly swinging and twisted, her body like paralyzed from cold and pain.

posted August 25th, 2003

“Now that you are so clean, you are certainly ready for a good drink, too?” Sidney stared at the guard near her face who started to open his pants. Trying to ignore the fumbling between her legs; she knew too well that there was nothing she could do to stop this.

“Dare it, you bastard, and I will show you that I need something to eat, too!” Sid showed her teeth and stared at him filled with a furious rage that made her forget all the exhaustion and pain.

“Not yet? You are a wild thing, aren’t you?” He laughed out loudly and closed his pants again, what she noticed with sigh of relief. “You need more foreplay, right?”

Sid shuddered, what else they could do to her? She knew that they could do anything to her at this moment, and certainly nothing would be better than the previous. She had been caught several times before, but always had the luck to escape before she was sexually abused, something she fears more than each torture. But it seems her luck has come to an end now, she didn’t see any way to escape, and another wondrous rescue seemed to be impossible. She trembled, not only because of the cold, when the exploring fingers at her legs touched her exposed and protect less vagina and clit and started to play with it.

Sid closed her eyes to suppress the tears and tried to calm down her pounding heart, as the sudden shock made her yell, when something metal and hard was inserted suddenly into her vagina, something like a small dildo, covered with tiny, hard spikes as she felt at once.

“No, stop. What do you want from me?” A clap to her buttocks and dirty laughter were the first answers.

“I have a second one of these.” A dildo appeared in front of her eyes, she knew one of the same kind that was now pressing its spikes into the sensible flesh of her pussy. She shuddered, and this even more, when she saw the contacts at the end of this spiked dildo, contacts obviously thought to be connected to cables… cables that were connected to the generator that meanwhile stood on the table.

“I think this one fit well here.” The fingers on her anus filled her with panic.
“NOOOO, you may not do this. I’m American and my lawyer… ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH.”

The pain when the dildo was forced into her anus was too much to continue. She pressed her muscles with all force, but the metal was stronger; something warn run along the cleavage of her buttocks, some inches on her spine until it dropped down into the water. Blood, her blood as she knew too well, and she tried to relax, knowing, that she would hurt herself more badly with the useless fight against this thing inside her.

“You asked me, what we want from you.” She felt the cables on her buttocks, on her thighs, knew very well what was happening, even if she had closed her eyes, trying to concentrate to fight the coming pain. And this knowledge made her nearly panic, too well she remember the shocks she received today, and those shocks were ‘only’ touching her puss lips. The imagination what those things would do to her, some inches deep in vagina and anus, the spikes pressing in the soft, sensible flesh… She heard her teeth clatter in fear and pressed them as hard together, that she nearly broke her teeth suppress this, when she got a glimpse at the grinning face that stared at her, enjoying her fear so much.

“In some minutes, or maybe in hours – that is only your decision – you will BESEECH us to replace these dildos by our cocks, to replace the current by our hot semen in each of your holes.” He caressed her lips by the word each. “And … MAYBE … we will do then the favor to you to listen to your entreaties, if they sound honest enough for us!”

“You… you are crazy, insane!” Sid shuddered in terror and disbelieve. “I will never do so, no matter whatever you will do!”

He only grinned and licked his lips, and then from one second to the next, there was nothing else than pain, when the current run from the spikes directly into her flesh and nerves. She was turned into a convulsing something full of pain, yelling and screaming with a nearly inhuman voice. Sid never had experienced anything comparable, she even never could imagine a pain like this, and after a few moments the whole world vanished besides the pain and this screaming with a voice she never heard before.

“This was the first level of…?” Asking he looked to the guard on the generator’s switch who raised grinning his left hand showing all the fingers. “Yes… of five! And it was about one minute!”

Slowly her sight also cleared a little bit and she stared in a grinning face only some inches away from her chattering teeth, but she didn’t have even the strength left to move her head those few inches to in this bastards nose as she wished to do in this moment when his bad smell touched her nose.

“And we have a lot of time… many hours until the night is over.” He giggled and raised two fingers, and very clearly Sid could hear the sound of the switch that was turned a two the second level. Could it really become worse? Sid couldn’t believe it, but one second later she was taught better.

The screaming lower and hoarse now, because she nearly had lost her voice during the past minute, but her body convulsed in spasms, her wide opened eyes reddish from burst tiny veins; eyes, that seem to fall out of their sockets, the tendons on her neck stretched to limits. She pulled at her bonds without noticing the blood that run from the shredded skin from her ankles wrists along her limbs. The muscles in her vagina and anus pressed in and constant spasms against the spikes of the dildos that send this hellish electricity in this way even stronger directly to the burning nerves.

When this shock was finally over Sid hung limb and fully exhausted, too exhausted to move even her fingers or toes anymore, or to spit out the blood in her mouth where she had bitten her tongue heavily. Blood also run out of her nose and her ears, she felt the warm liquid on her face, smelt it and heard the drops that felt to the water below in a strange clearness. She coughs when she got some blood into her lungs, but not enough to get it out. ‘I will die, suffocated from my own blood’. But even this knowledge didn’t give her any more strength to turn her head and spit it out. A guard did this finally, when her coughing got hoarser and her head turned blue. She felt how her head was twisted and raised so that the blood could run out of her half opened mouth. Her eyes fell down to a couple of cigarettes on the floor, and a bottle nearly emptied, and she realized that she was tortured since a long time now. How often the current was sent through her body? How often she had fainted just to be brought back again by a dive into the now reddish water below?

“Level 3… rarely needed, but this seems to be a special case.” She heard the voice from anywhere, and again this click of switch, that made her body now stiffen and sweat instinctively in panic, made her heart pounding that it seems to jump out of her chest.

“And don’t hope to die, cunt! We know very well, how far we can go to keep you alive.”

Tears run in her eyes and she sobbed, pressed her lids together to hide them, but they flew like streams now.

“Do you want a taste what will come in the next two hours?”

TWO HOURS! So long these bastards were torturing her now, and they wouldn’t stop, would go on and go on. Two hours seemed endless, but there were at least six hours until the morning could end this. And from this point of view, two hours were nearly nothing.

Sid wondered about her sudden clearness until her look fell on an empty syringe on the table. They even had given her a kind of drug to keep her awake, and she noticed now the tiny piercings in her right elbow pit, bluefish swollen, where they had tried to hit her vein several times before they succeeded. Another click and again her body pranced, her neck nearly broken her mouth open but mute. She felt heat in her vagina and her anus, vapor raised out of the bleeding holes. The shock was short, only a second or two, then again this grinning face with the brows raised in question.

“STOP!” Hoarse and desperate, nearly not audible. “Please…” Only whispered the last word, but she couldn’t stand it anymore, it was too much and it didn’t make any sense to try. They would rape her sooner or later, no matter what she did.

How she hated this satisfaction in the face, that she’d like to smash in pieces!

“What do you want exactly, you slut?” She closed her eyes, and bit her lips.
The next shock as long as the previous.
“Take me, please, take me…”
“Louder, cunt, my ears are a bit deaf from all this screaming in the past hours… and use the word that a whore like you should use!”

It needed two more shocks and another syringe with drug to bring her back again, then she finally shouted it out, as loud as she still could.

posted September 6th, 2003

Loud laughter and then she saw the three guards surrounding her, the pants open, three grindingly erected penisses.

“Well, three men, three holes… we will need three rounds to do everything.” He laughed out loudly. “But you have the choice: Tell me which cock you’d like to taste first!”

Sid stared at him in disbelieve, but another short shock showed her that this was no bad joke.
“Yours, I want yours first!” Now she was crying loudly, she felt completely defeated, and tears or not didn’t make any difference.

“Ah, a good choice, you will not regret it!” Loud laughter again. “Petrov, you may start at her lower end, just take a hole of your choice, both a rather hot now, I think.”

And then his penis touched her lips, she didn’t resist anymore and opened her mouth, felt and tasted him, wet, and obviously he has ejaculated during her torture. She felt so sick when he touched her tongue and when his hairy balls hit her chin, that she nearly didn’t feel how the dildo were removed from her vagina and replaced by another penis who instantly started to move, to fuck her with force. Both men were excited enough that they came after some short moments, filling her mouth, her throat her vagina with their hot semen.

She was mute now, only screamed another time, when she was penetrated from the third one in her wounded anus the first time, the rest of her abuse she was silent, only sobbing and crying lowly. They needed much longer for the second round, when their first excitement was satisfied, and some when even the drugs they gave her couldn’t keep her conscious anymore and she fainted with a sigh of relief…

Again the door opened far away, and Sidney didn’t waste some of her few remaining strength to raise her head. Only the guards on another walk. The third… no, the forth, since she was here in the cage. As she knew from the mission briefing they did those nightly walks each 30 minutes, so she was now about two hours here. Maybe two or three more hours and this damned night was finally over.

She groaned lowly, and carefully moved her hands a little bit, just enough to get rid of the beginning spasms, but carefully enough to avoid more damage from the barbed wire that added an additional torture to her even without it more than uncomfortable position. Her back felt like frozen, while her front felt like grilled from the campfire bellow her, and her bent back meanwhile felt like broken.

But more than the different pains Sidney was filled with a furious rage from her former brutal abuse. In her mouth she still tasted the foul smell of the semen of her rapists, a taste that she never would wash out, as she thought in this moment. And with another wave of furious rage she clenched her teeth and cursed herself that she didn’t bite those bastards.

“It is damned cold tonight, let’s warm a bit here at this cosy campfire!”

Sid hadn’t noticed the advance of the two guards. This time they had entered the center of the courtyard, and she pretended to sleep or to be fainted in the hope to avoid further trouble in this way.

“I bet here I will find a still hotter place for my fingers!” He touched her buttocks and penetrated her anus with two fingers… too much to for her now to keep her silence and she shouted out a bad curse.

“Hehe…you have awaken her, is it as hot as it looks like?”

Oh yes,” he laughed out and fought her fight with ease, penetrating her fully with his fingers. “But a little bit dry, give me some snow.”

Her back were already frozen enough, that she didn’t feel anything, until it was melted a bit and the ice-cold water run down between her cleavage, hit her open anus and run further touch her abused pussy with its icy bite.

“AARGGGHH!” Sid quickly pressed her teeth, she didn’t want to encourage them further with useless struggling, knowing to well how helpless she was at this moment.

“Much better… she is so hot that she really shouts out for a good fuck! But it is so cold that my dick is frozen before it finds this warm place.” Laughing he curled his fingers inside her, noticed her pain filled groans with a content laughter.

“Well, if she needs it so much to be filled, why not with this?”

Sid couldn’t see what he meant, but then the icy touch of the icicle made her scream out loudly.

“No, stop this you fucking bastards!”

The barbed wire was forgotten when then icicle was pushed deeper and deeper into her anus, the cold seem to burn her from inside out.

“Well, this will be some entertaining time for this whore…What do you think when it is molten? Two more walks?”

“Hmmm..” He gave the icicle a last push before he let it go and warmed his hand. “If she is so hot as she looks like, I think it is molten when we come back in thirty minutes… I bet a bottle of Vodka!”

Laughing and mocking they left, leaving her alone impaled by the slowly melting icicle, and after some minutes she even lost her voice to scream anymore.

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