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Julia’s car broke and her cellular phone didn’t work. She decided to walk to the isolated house for help… that was a great mistake that changed her life forever…

When old Darryl opened the door, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The hottest bombshell he had ever seen was asking him for help! And she was alone!

Old Darryl has kept Julia chained to the floor of his filthy shack in the junkyard for a week. Young Julia is now his fuck-pet. He fucks her constantly and makes her perform the most degrading acts like bathing his filthy body with her tongue…

“Open your eyes and keep looking at me slut! Greasy cum in your eyes might hurt, but not as bad as what will happen if ya make me angry!”

“A sloppy gob of spit in your face while you blow me will remind you of your place. You think that’s degrading? You haven’t even started sucking my ass yet!”

“Empty your blond head of any thoughts and just let it happen. You’re gonna serve me with total loyalty and devotion”

“One of us is the Master, and the other is the helpless piece of fuckmeat. Since my warty knob is banging the back of your throat, that means I’m in charge!”

“I’ve got another snotball to clean your face with. SNORT!! PHOOY!”

“Did that make you cry some more, or is that just my dick-slime running down your cheeks? Guess that means the next wad of cum better go in your mouth!”

“When I fill your slutty mouth with my baby-batter, you better not swallow! Keep it in your mouth like a good pet. Open wide and show me your mouth full of my sticky cum… then let it run down your fat tits and shaved pussy!

“Suck my dick, bitch! Harder! Blow me like the slag you are! You wanna feel my whip on your back again? No? Then face-fuck yourself, slut! Bury your pretty nose in my sweaty pubes. Make my stinking balls bounce off your chin!”

“Once you’re covered with my filthy cum I want you to thank me for all I’ve done for you. I showed you that you’re nothing but a disgusting fuck-bag too stupid to be more than a wet box to hold my spunk!”
The dim greenish light of the clock on the basement wall marks the old bastard’s arrival. Heather’s sadistic Master is going to be home soon and if she isn’t waiting kneeling in her slave position with her bare breasts against the cell bars, there’s going to be hell to pay!

The caged girl deeply hates the awfully humiliating posture. She’s crying on her knees, legs spread far apart to expose her carefully shaved pussy, her hands laced behind her head thrusting out her breasts thru the bars so the old pig can cruelly squeeze them, pinch on the nips, pull on them brutally….

She feels a wave of sickness take her at the thought, but knows there’s nothing she can do. She’s his defenseless slave locked in a bird cage in his dark and wet basement, and heТs going to punish her severely if she doesn’t follow HIS rules.

The bald, middle-aged man wants a chained fuck-doll. A submissive young slut he can wet his dick in day and night. And heather, his foster daughter, was in the right place at the right moment just after her mother died.

Heather’s trembling all over, praying the old SOB is in a good mood. What’s he going to do to her tonight?

Then the footsteps, the spine-chilling sound of the locker of the basement trapdoor being unlocked, the light being switched on….

“Hello, fuck-pet… what about a bath to start with tonight’s party?”


Stupid slut, have you forgotten how to give a knob-to-balls rough face-fuck? You did good licking my filthy cock clean, but thatТs just one of your duties, fuck-pet!

Work that dick, bitch! Suck it harder! If I feel any teeth, IТll punch them down your stupid throat!

Gulp it down, inch by inch slut! I always though you teen bitches loved big cocks. Well IТve got one that could choke a horse, so make yourself useful for a change!

IТve had a hard day at work, and I come home to seeing you laying around in your cage waiting for me to fuck you. Lazy slut! I know you want my jizz, but youТre gonna have to work for it!

The only reason I even keep you around is for my amusement, remember? Filling your hot snatch with my cum keeps me from having to change the sheets! ThatТs why I feed you! ThatТs why I train you!

So put that mouth to work, disgusting slag! Take your OwnerТs throbbing cock, take it all! Show me how happy you are to be my fuck-pet!


Good God! Why is he so angry? IТm the one caged in that dark basement all day while heТs at work!

HeТs totally out of his mind! What am I doing wrong? I do everything he commands, but he just shouts at me louder.

Ulp! I canТt breathe! I How can he force his disgusting thing so deep inside me? Mmph! It hurts! IТm choking!

IТm going to throw up! I just want to die

and this is just the beginning. HeТll violently take me 5 or 6 times before letting me rest.. I can tell! Just like yesterday, and the day before HeТs sick! The more I cry the harder heТll fuck me!

I just hope he doesnТt invite his drunken friends over tonight, theyТre even worse!

Why is this happening to me? IТve never harmed anyone or been a bad girl how long will this last?
When 20 years old Vicki answered the personnel ad in the paper, she thought she was getting ready for an exciting blind date. The man described himself as wealthy, handsome and shy. She hoped heТd been telling the truth about being good looking, but was mostly interested in the money! She was behind on her rent, and being a waitress at the town diner just didnТt make enough to cover her bills. She hoped this was her big break.

The moment Chuck saw the girl arrive at the fancy restaurant he knew his trap had worked perfectly. She was exactly what he was looking for: a shy but extremely hot piece of ass. Vicki bit her lower lip nervously, her perfect teeth glittering in the candle light. She had tried to dress in an elegant outfit, but it didnТt fit her well. Probably some second-hand dress sheТd picked up at the thrift store. She was hoping to score a rich boyfriend, but was clueless about how the real world worked!

When she walked over to her table, he couldnТt help but admire her deep cleavage. For such a young woman, her full tits proudly thrust out before her. She lowered her big, blue eyes in a sexy manner. Yes, she hadnТt had many boyfriends before. She probably didnТt realize what a hot piece of fuck-meat she was! She gripped her hands before her, her large fuck-bags jutting out between her elbows. Damn, she wasnТt even wearing a bra! She jiggled as she walked, her long blonde ponytails bouncing on her shoulders.

Once heТd gotten her drunk, he drove her back to his place and locked her in his basement prison. He wasnТt rich, but he was clever. HeТd built the tiny cell, actually more a locker than a cell, under his shabby house when heТd first planned training a fuck-slave.

Over the weeks that followed, Vicki quickly learned how quickly he could get angry, and how violently heТd punish any disobedience.

The training was harsh, extremely humiliating and sadistically painful. The guy didnТt want just to fuck her, he wanted to abase her, to make her cry and beg, to make her feel totally miserable. She was forced to perform the most abominable tasks under the threat of the dog whip or the tazer, strict and painful bondage or disgusting and extremely distressing sexual punishments.

SheТd gone from starry-eyed young woman, to helpless, terrorized fuck-slave.

Tonight, in the dark basement, after an especially hard training session ended by a humiliating and brutal face-fuck, Vicki thinks about her life before that horrible СdateТ and sobs in loneliness and despair…

Unknown to her, her Master is not yet done with her and is going to visit her again. WhatТs the point of having such a hot fuck-toy unless you can show her off to your friends?


IТm freezing! ItТs colder than hell in here. My legs are going numb at least I canТt feel the bruises any more

Steps! Is he coming back again?

IТve never been more humiliated in my life. He treats me worse than an animal has me degrade myself for his amusement

but IТd still debase myself for him just to get out of here, even for a minute! I canТt move! The chill is entering my bones. My teeth hurt from chattering.

There! I heard it again!

Someone is speaking! Oh God! There are voices, many voices! Steps are coming closer

Please let them pass by, God, donТt let them come

-Shit oh shit thereТre 6 of them, and theyТre all drunk!

With her doll-like face and large chest, Heidi had always been able to skate by at school. She’d trick her boyfriends into doing her homework. Whenever a teacher had been ready to fail her, a sexy wink with her long lashes would get her out of trouble.

That all stopped when she took Mr. Nash’s class. The old man had caught her cheating on her final exam, and for the first time no amount of flirting was going to save her.

Mr. Nash had his eye on the blonde looker from the start of the semester. The wide-eyed young woman was a knockout. When she walked into class with her long legs and short skirts, he got his first hard-on in years. She looked like a living doll with porcelain skin. Just seeing those tits stretch the fabric of her school uniform was almost enough to make him cum right there in the classroom! They were full and firm, and swayed while she walked. When she got in trouble, her full lips would pout, and she’d lower her eyes bashfully. She’d then thrust out her tits, hoping to distract him from whatever she’d done wrong. Well that might work with her boy-toys, but not him! He was a perverted old man, and he knew how to handle this manipulative cockteaser!

The next day, Heidi mysteriously disappeared…

Old Mr. Nash had decided to home-school the rebellious girl. Personally!

Over the following weeks, he subjected the girl to severe, extremely humiliating training. She had to wear clothes he’d picked out for her, and always call him “Master”. Whenever she seemed to be on the brink of refusing his disgusting demands, he’d savagely punish her.

Somehow it was like at school. The girl had homework to do after the very personal classes and had exams to pass every now and then. Needless to say, the nature of the homework couldn’t be more disgusting and humiliating… and the exams were very strict, only A grade performance was accepted!

It wasn’t long before Heidi was the old man’s fuck-doll. She quickly learned to avoid her teacher and Master’s anger by dropping to her knees and looking up at him with pleading eyes. It was a sight for the old bastard to look at his hot fucktoy as she deep-throated his withered cock, her tears fell down her cheeks, mixing with the sweat and watery jizz coating her face.

Knowing that he owned such a gorgeous little fuck-doll gave him a feeling he hadn’t had in decades. Suddenly he had the stamina of a teenager, and could fuck her in every hole, all night long. If he felt she needed extra punishment, there were always his old friends who were ready to help put the blonde student in her place…


“AEEEGGHHHHH!!! Please Master! I still haven’t finished my homework… I have to practice for my exams next week… OUCH!”

“Shut it! You can do all that later, fuckdoll! Right now you gotta move your sweet ass into the basement before I get angry!”

“N… not the basement again! Please Master!. It’s freezing cold…. I’ve tried to be good and obey… Oh God, what have I done?”

“Nothing yet, bitch! But I don’t need a reason to punish you, do I? Your job is to worship my wrinkled pecker with your mouth and pink cunt. And what better place to hang you up while I fuck you than the basement? Right?”


“ARRRRRRGH!!! Yes, yes, Master. You are right as always, wonderful Master. W… what? I heard someone laughing. Who’s down there?”

“What have I said about talking too much, fuckdoll? Or thinking too much? I think it’s time you get your lips around a fat cock and try doing something useful for once.”

“Y… yes. How… how many men did you invite, Master? Mh!”

“I told you to shut your stupid hole! I’m going to love seeing you suffer. My friends aren’t as kind as me. They know how to put a fuck-slave in her place! By the time they’re done with you, the only thought bouncing inside your empty blonde head will be how much you love getting fucked in all holes!”



“Look at this little cunt!”

“She can’t wait to get stuffed! She’s getting wet just thinking of a tube-steak injection!”

“I’m going to pound her all night. What a body! I’ll be hard for hours!”

“Let’s see how much she can take before she breaks… HAHAHAHA!!!”

After a week locked up in the basement, Gary’s newly captured slavegirl is allowed to have dinner upstairs with her Master.

It’s not a candle light, romantic date…

Hogtied and collared and under the whip, Cindy had to crawl first the stairs attired with the revealing maid uniform Gary ordered her to wear for the occasion.

Of course the slavegirl eats from a bowl on the floor, on her knees, always chained in the humiliating and extremely uncomfortable hogtie. ‘Like the fucking bitch you are’.

After the horrible week downstairs on a cum diet, the girl is extremely hungry. Under the leering grin of her perverted Master, she devourers the dog food messing up everything. Her face, her hair, the apron, the bowl, the floor…

A madly enraged Gary takes the dog-whip…

“I can’t believe this mess! Come here bitch!”

“See that?! Stupid whore, you got your fat tits all messy from your dinner. You’ve even ruined your uniform you cheap cunt!”

“P… please forgive me Master!”

“What the fuck do you intend to do about this, whore!”

“I.. I-I-I….”

“Well? Speak up, slave. Your Master is asking you a question!!!”

“I’ll clean it all Master, please! Don’t get mad at meeeee!!”

“Yeah, you’ll lick the whole floor clean fuck-pet, and polish it with your hair. You better keep that ass in the air when you’re cleaning. I want to see you spreading your cheeks with your hands and keep that crap-hole spread because I’m gonna bugger you while you work!”

“Yes, Master! Anything you say, Master! Thank you Master, thank you….”

“This will be the last time I allow my little fuck-pet to eat inside. I should rub your face in the mess, it’s the only way a naughty fuck-pet learns anything! From now on, you’ll eat on your cage. In fact, you’ll never be allowed out of the basement again! There you’ll eat, shit and get fucked… and punished, of course!”

Crystal and Betty were best friends all through school. They did everything together, so it was only natural that once they graduated they’d have a special night together to celebrate. Although they didn’t like bars, they decided to go to a club on the outskirts of town where the bartender wouldn’t look too closely at their ages.

The moment they walked into the smoky club, all eyes turned to follow them. And with good reason! The pair was extremely sexy. They giggled with excitement and tossed their thick hair around as they laughed and whispered to each other. Their young bodies almost glowed with energy. Hoping they’d find some young men who wanted to dance, they’d worn their sexiest dresses which hugged their curvaceous hips and showed off their tight asses. Both had full busts, and chose outfits which revealed ample cleavage as they walked.

From behind the bar, Rick watched them come up to place their order. He looked around and saw his friends staring at the sexy grads and knew this evening was going to be one to remember. He got hard looking at the blondes hips as she strutted across the floor. He’d brand those hips with his leather whip! He’d mark her silky skin with strips of pain until she’d never be able to sit down again! The blonde leaned over the bar, her full chest resting on the counter. She ordered two beers for her and her friend. He slipped a few knock out drops in the bottles and prepared to grab them when they fainted. It wouldn’t do to harm his new toys!

The girls woke up in agony. The brick room they found themselves in was freezing, and spun around them. Part of the dizziness was a result of the drugs coursing through their veins, but also because of the sadistic way they’d been lashed to the ceiling. Rick was a cruel man, but could be horribly inventive when thinking of ways to inflict pain on a bound, crying woman. The two girls suspended from the rafters gave him his greatest challenge, and greatest thrill ever!

“Welcome to old Rick’s fuck-den, bitches… Hope you enjoy the place and the company ’cause you’re here to stay until you fucking burst!”

The girls looked around dizzy, their bodies spinning idly… There’re were 3 of them, all naked and rampant, all leering at their naked bodies, all holding a whip…

“You’re our fuck-pets now, and you know what all bastards like us do to their fuck-pets?”

“Let me tell them Joss, we fucking beat them and we fucking fuck them… HAHAHAHA!!!”

Many hours later the ruthless degradation and abuse continues. The two lovely girls still hung painfully by the ankles, the men surrounding them like hungry wolves, whipping them hard, making them scream like scalded cats. Their hot bodies turn like dead meat on the butcher’s shop under the vicious sting of the whips. The men only stop to fuck the girls’ lovely faces with brutal rage, their engorged dick-heads well beyond the back of their victims’ throats.

“Oh yeah… gag around ma dick, bitch… make me cum!!!”

The girls’ faces, their hair, their bodies are covered with smelly, sticky cum… They’re a living image of misery and degradation…

“Have you two empty-headed sluts had enough? Maybe one more spin for luck, eh?”

“Better make it 3 more spins, we wanna make sure you bitches are completely submissive fuck-dolls. Cock-hungry whores should learn their place!”

“After this you cum-dumps are going to fuck and suck cock like never before, right? Answer me whores!”

“We already told you we know how to handle conceited teen sluts. But we didn’t tell you that we’re waiting for some of our asshole friends to arrive so we can start filling your holes with jizz! One of our buddies is bringing a movie camera too! Yeah!”

“You fresh fuckable tramps are going to become famous! We’re gonna make tons of movies, and you two sluts will be the stars! You’ll have a long career as porn cum-sluts. A rough gang-bang movie will start your careers!”

“We’ll make you do things even worn out hookers would be too humiliated to do, and we’ll get it all on film!”

“Spin them around again, make ’em beg!”



“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! FUCK US!!!! It’s all we’re good for!”


“Stop this, please! I’m going to die!”

“Please… pleeeeeease…. You’ve made me throw up already… I can’t see anymore!”

“Everything’s moving, turning around me… What do you want? Please! What do you want me to say? Stop!”

“Don’t wanna ya say anything, bitch… I’m feed up with all that fuss and screaming, gonna plug your gullet with ma meat and cum right into your stomach and if you fucking puke again I’m gonna make ya lick it clean… NOW SWING THOSE FAT TITS FOR US!!!



The slave recruiters caught blonde Sloane at night right from her dorm room. Today it’s her redhead girlfriend Anne’s turn. All they had to do was hang the sexy bombshell Sloan by her tits while giving her a brutal fuck and she was on the phone calling her friend for a date. A date spawned from hell! When Anne showed up, the trap was sprung!

The bastards hunt, train and sell girls to foreign bordellos for a living. And these brutal thugs know their business! In less than a week, a young woman is broken in. She quickly learns the disgusting details of her new life and is shipped away to her new career as a paid cum-dump.

But this time Jerome and Jason are taking it easy. No rush on this one! They plan to keep Sloane and Heather much, much longer than usual. Classy stunners are even more fun to break, and they scream so well!

You whores donТt know anything about rough fucking, or how to take a dick like a true slut?

“Let us go, please… oh please….”

No way, youТll stay down here until you learn all there is to know about hard fucking!

Yeah… all the fucktoys weТve trained break in sooner or later the later the better!

Stop! Pleeeease, leave me alone! It hurts! I IТm begging you please no!

It hurts? ItТs supposed to hurt like hell stupid bitch! Ask blondie what real pain is, we just hung her by her fat tits last night and fucked her raw! IТm just drilling your nasty cunt, the real fun hasnТt even started.”

“Yeah… weТre just getting some use out of our property, and youТd better get used to it.

We know how to treat upmarket cockteasing sluts HAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah young clssy cunts who need to be fucked hard all day long. Am I right?

WeТll teach you a slutТs place, I promise!

IТve got another hot load brewing in my balls, just waiting for ya mouth!

Sssstop! I I canТt breathe! IТm chok.

Look at blondie’s swollen knockers, do you want to be hung up by your fat tits too?


You got that bitch? If you waste a drop of my baby-batter, youТll be sorry!Ј

No!! DonТt force me to. Please!

Kelly’s got lost. Everything seemed out of order: the GPS, the cell phone and now the car was running out of gas. She slowed down, the chances to find a petrol station in that remote road were too slim to take risks…

She felt very relieved when she saw the farm…

And old Joss just felt a rampant hard on the moment he opened the door and saw the girl standing in her party dress and the red Miata just behind…

Before Kelly could say hello, the bulky man was over her, her back on the ground.

She’d never forget her first time with the old pig… it was more than four hours of harsh, repugnant sex. He pounded all her holes hard, he slapped her on the face, on her breasts. He sucked, licked and bit on every inch of her glossy, young skin…

He was extremely rough with the girl, viciously fucking her like a sex starved sadist. A lucky sex starved sadist!

She was utterly revolted, terrorized…

For two days now, Joss has been keeping his sexy catch in a dog cage only to take her out to beat her and to fuck her raw.

The girl is desperate, hungry and freezing cold… and terrified beyond belief. What has the fat bastard in mind for her?

On the third day, Kelly’s got all the answers…

Please sir! ItТs cold! IТm freezing and so tired. I havenТt had anything to eat, hunger is killing me … IТm begging you.

HavenТt I filled your belly with fuckmilk, cunt? That should be enough for you!

You lazy city cunts, all you think about is dancing at bars and having men buy your drinks. You act all slutty just to arouse men, and then get offended when someone tries to use you!

I spit on you slut! Worthless tramp!

HELP… HEEEELP!!!! Someone might see me out here!

ItТs 4 oТclock in the morning and the nearest neighbor is miles away. No fucktoy, weТre all alone. You can scream your fucking head off, and no one would ever know! You want someone to see you, eh? Think someone will come and save your worthless hide?

Rake it slut, IТve got plenty of chores for you!

B but I thought that when you were done taking me youТd let me go.

Stupid whore! Do you want me to put a leash on you as well? Drag you through the cactus like a stubborn mule?

No no please. IТm sorry

Now move your lazy ass, fuck-slut! Rake faster! Show me youТre good for more than just holding my cum!



Once youТre done here, you’re gonna clean all the shit out of my stables. I donТt have a shovel, so youТll use your hands! IТll keep you busy, cunt! When I feel the need for a warm hole, IТll bend you over and bury my cock up your whore’s ass!

“Please… let me go… I… I’ll do all you want… I… I’ll be good… I’ll be nice to you! But please let me go!

Stupid bitch, you’re here to stay. You’re cattle now like any of my other steeds. In a couple of weeks IТll have a fully trained fuckslave, an obedient piece of fuckmeat who knows that women are meant to serve men. After that, IТll rent you to some friends, they have work for you too!

Sandra woke up hanging from the ceiling. She was stark naked. A brute of man was leering over her, holding a bamboo cane. Her ankles and wrists hurt but even worse, her nose and her clit screamed pain. The bastard had ringed her!

“Hi sweetie, this is your welcome-to-slavery-party. Hope you enjoy it… HAHAHAHA!!!”

The man started whipping Sandra’s unprotected buttocks and legs relentlessly. The whistling of the fishing rod cutting the air and the sound of the blows hitting the flesh were spine chilling…


Sandra’s screaming was ear piercing, the blows merciless….

The man threw the cane away and roughly fucked the girl raw. Many times. Viciously. For hours…

“Are you gonna blow ma black meat, whore?” Asked at last.

“AAGGGGGHHHHH… Yes… yes… whatever…. Will you let me go after…argggghhhhh…..”

The man stuffed Sandra’s throat with his smelly, dirty, blood engorged log. He was still hard like a rock and huge, abnormally huge!
That was just this morning. Since then, the leering bastard has been fucking and whipping the helplessly bound Sandra non-stop. The welcome party seems to have no end…

Not again! No!!! DonТt take me it hurts! I need to see a doctor

HavenТt you hurt me enough? Stop!


You said youТd let me go if I took it in my mouth Please! IТve done everything you asked!

HA HA! I donТt remember saying that. I must have been joking around! Yeah! Your slit is so tight around my cock I canТt wait to fuck this dripping pussy raw!

God, no! P.. Please sir! ItТs just too big.. I canТt take it all. AHH! Not so rough, please!

Does this feel different now? I told you that new clit ring would make you a slut!

My little fuck-doll better stop struggling, or the new piercing will slice a nerve. It would be a shame for you to miss out on feeling my huge dick plow your cunt! You and I are going to have lots of fun together!

“Let me go, pleasee….. let me go!”

Stupid cunt! God gave you huge fuck-bags instead of brains. DonТt think for a moment that IТll let you go, even after IТve stuffed all your holes with my cum. I love the idea of having a white whore serve my cock! I’ll keep locked in that old fridge in the corner when I’m not using you… If you turn out to be a good fuck, I’ll buy a dog cage for you…

AHH! YouТre sick! YouТre a monster! OWW…SHIT!!! STOP FUCKING ME!!!

Shut your filthy hole, bitch! You’re my fuck-slave now. You lost any rights you once had, whore! Including the right to decide who youТll fuck, or how! YouТre nothing but my property now, useful to me and my gang!


Monica woke up with a splitting headache and the world spinning around her. She felt like her head had been cracked open like an egg. The last thing she remembered was walking in the park, and seeing a diseased old bum running up to her. In his grimy hands he wielded a steel pipe!

Gus has a new pet to keep him company in the sewers. His only company had been the rats and cockroaches which crawl over the concrete floor. Now heТs got a sexy woman to satisfy his needs! HeТs kept her chained to the brick walls for days. Feeding her whatever garbage he finds in the dumpsters in the park. Sometimes he forgets, and the young woman is forced to feed only on the slime he shoots down her throat from his throbbing cock while hanging her from the ceiling.

Gus has no plans to let her go. HeТs gone for years without a woman, and is making up for lost time!


“Stupid bitch! YouТre spilling your supper! What the fuck is the matter with you? I go to all the trouble to make a hot meal for you from my itchy balls, and you waste it!

The old pig’s angry again! No! HeТll hurt me even worse! -SNIFF- I I have to try harder -GULP!-

YouТre gonna lick it all up off the fucking floor every drop! I wonТt have you messing up my home because youТre a sloppy eater, slut! Then for dessert, you can polish my ass clean with your hot mouth I wanna feel your tongue dive deep into my hairy crack!

Revolting old fart! IТd kill you if I had a chance! -SOB- But IТm so weak the blood is rushing to my head it feels like itТs about to burst! I I just want it to end

Maybe if youТre a good fuck piggy IТll give you a treat. Only 10 lashes across your fat jugs instead of the usual 20! YouТre crying? Those must be tears of joy! See how nice your owner can be, piggy! Now gobble it all up like a good little whore!


Jamal lives in the swamplands of Florida like a hungry alligator ready to tear into any helpless prey that comes his way. His dark face split into a toothy grin when he saw the young blond stranded on the side of the highway. This was the sort of treat his swollen anaconda was always hungry for!

When her car blew a tire, Cheri was left helpless. Her cell phone didn’t work so far from civilization and no one knew where she was. When the hulking black stranger pulled over in his battered truck and offered her a ride, she quickly climbed in. That was the last anyone ever saw of the young woman.

Since then, Jamal has kept Cheri bound in his home deep in the swamp. He fucks the terrified woman morning, noon and night. Her cries of anguish echo through the swamp, but no one is around to hear her. Her screams are only muffled when her mouth is stuffed full of Jamal’s dick-meat.

Right now the burly black thug is washing his fuck-slave raw, while she can only imagine the abuse that’s coming!


“What’s the matter, white bitch?! Is your ass still raw from the scrubbing, or is the bleach enema still burning your shit hole? Scream your fucking head off for all the good it’s gonna do ya! There ain’t nobody but me and a nest of black mambas in these swamps, and I’m the meanest! Now fuck that cock, whore! Take it all!”


“Stupid cunt! Ya think your lilly white ass is too good for my black tube steak? Is that what you think? Fucking tramp! You better get it through your head that you belong to me now. I’m the one who decides if you eat, when you take a shit, and when you are allowed to sleep! Christ! I even decide if you get to live another day as my white cum-dump! What’s it gonna take to get that through your fucking head! I’ve never seen such a dumb blonde whore!”

“Take that cock up the ass bitch, and make it good for me. I don’t give a shit if it feels like it’s killing you. You’ll make me cum or spend the night hanging from the ceiling upside down. Is that what you want? Then fuck that shaft like a good little slut!”


“That’s right fuck-slave. Work it deep inside your tight hole. Filthy cum-sucking slut! I’m gonna clean your mouth out with hot jizz, and ream your pussy with my scrub brush. Gotta make it all tender and pink for my spitting cobra! What’s that? The brush scrapes your clitty raw and feels like I’m gutting you? Too damn bad, bitch! Filthy whores like you have to be cleaned inside and out! No tellin’ how many boyfriends have fucked you before… but I’m your boyfriend now… the last one you’ll ever have!”



Dirk knows a good thing when he sees it. And when the pair of young women wandered into the ghetto, he wasnТt about to let the opportunity go to waste! He called his buddies over to get a party started, with the girls as the main entertainment!

TheyТve been savagely using the young women as their personal cum holders for hours now. The bound and humiliated victims have been tied up and made to do the most disgusting acts on the lust crazed bums.

Old Tim loves fire, and heТs bought the candles for his own brand of sick fun. The hot wax has seared their nipples and scorched their tender puss flesh raw.

Nina and Michelle are now joined by humiliation and suffering. Michelle supports Nina on her back, and is helpless to do anything but listen to her pitiful cries of misery. Burning tears flow from her eyes, when suddenly she feels Dirk grab a handful of her hair. The bum brutally forces her pretty face into his smelly crotch.


Hot wax on a hot cunt! You sluts wanted a long fuck with just me and the boys, eh? Is that why you came to the slums? Well youТll get it, from all of us!

AAHHHH!! The candles are burning me! I can smell my skin burning!! AIIEEEE!!

Open wide, bitch! I got a firehose full of cum thatТs gonna cool down your mouth! I ainТt gonna let you go until I blow a wad in your face. If you want to save whatТs left of your hot tits, you better get sucking! NOW!!

-SOB- P please donТt hurt us any more We didnТt mean to bother you, we just got lost on the street

HA! More like you were streetwalking, and then changed your minds when you saw us! Guess weТre not rich enough to afford taking your ass for a ride. But that donТt bother us none. WeТre gonna poke your pussy for free!

NNOOOO!!! IТm burning up! Somebody, help us!!

Shut the fuck up, bitch! Pauls gotta wad ready to blast all over your face. You only open your mouth to swallow from now on, GOT IT?! White jizz over your titties will look good with the red wax! You two are gonna look sexier than ever when weТre done with you. HA HA HA! IF weТre ever done with ya!

“Yeah man, there’s enough room in here to keep the two cunts until they burst. It’d be a shame to let them free, they’re so much fun!”


Sally answered the advertisement in the paper offering a room for rent right next to campus. She thought it was a stroke of luck finding a cheap place to stay while she started her first year in college. Actually, it was the worst mistake of her life!

Rex was looking for a college girl for his extra room. A room he made with special equipment in his basement. The walls are soundproofed and a drain in the floor lets him wash his new fuck-toy after heТs coated her hair and face with his sticky jizz. A hook in the ceiling lets him suspend the struggling girl and place her in any position he desires.

Since their last playing session -already 24 hours ago- the young woman has been hanging upside down, her face right in line with Rex aching hard-on. ItТs Friday, and heТs just come home from work. He has 48 hours to play nonstop with his new tenant!

This is the third time you pissed yourself without permission. WhatТs wrong with you dog-bitch?!

I give you the chance to piss once a day, thatТs more than any fuckpet would dare ask of her owner! You must like getting your plump, white tits whipped raw. Why else would make you disobey me like this?!


Even a silly fuckslave-cunt like you knows that actions have consequences

I want my fuckpet to think about everything sheТs learned in school about electricity. Think hard, bitch!

Do you remember anything?


I only know that youТre gonna spend the next few hours screaming your lungs out as long as your mouth isnТt filled with cock!


But for now

You look so pretty hanging there all helpless and ready for face fucking. IТm gonna take a few pictures and post ’em in your fakebook page. Your friends will know what happens to cockteasing sluts like you!

“Now stick out that lithe pink tongue of yours, you gonna lick my heavy balls until full with ooze, gonna wash your face with cum before playing with the tazzer!”



Leon stopped working when he got Cassie. The young secretary moved into the apartment upstairs. Just another girl in town looking to start a new life out on her own. One look at her long legs, and Leon had other plans for the beautiful young woman!

He keeps her in the attic now, and videotapes every humiliating act he inflicts on her. He sells the videos online and uses the cash for beer and drugs. Whatever is left over he uses to buy dog food to feed his money-making slut.

The heavy chains and leather collar are constant reminders of Cassie’s humiliation. He never calls her by her name. To him, she’s less than a dog. She’s a mere object he uses to fuck and then make money to support him.

“My cash-cow had better work harder! The last time I choke-fucked you like that you were a blubbering mess for hours afterward! This time you couldn’t even cry enough to wash my stinking cum out of your eyes!”

“Listen carefully, stupid bitch. I got customers who want to see you scream pathetically when I stuff your shitter with my massive cock. And if you don’t scream loud enough, I’ll just shove my fist up your chute! HAW! You’ll scream then!”

“AH! He’ll kill me! No… I have to try harder… and keep him happy… even if it means becoming a cringing slave to his cock…. Please don’t let anyone I know see those videos! I’d die of shame!!”

“You let your favorite dildo slip out of your cunt, stupid whore! What’s the problem? Didn’t you like the salsa I dipped it in first? You’ll pay for that! You know what I told you…. An empty hole is a wasted hole! Shove that dildo back where it belongs, or I’ll shove it in with my boot!”

“Disgusting fuck-bitch! Your fat udders don’t look sore enough. A few stripes from the crop will get your attention! Now let’s give the guys a good show… count them out with me. We’ll go up to thirty!”

“NOO!! Please don’t use the whip! I can’t stand it! I… it feels like the skin is being torn from my breasts… -SOB- Does he even care? Can’t he see how miserable I am? I….”



For 3 days Linda’s been Tyrone sex slave. He stalked her for days, then got her in the campus parking lot. It was late in the evening, he just tazzed the girl and dumped her into the trunk of his junker and drove off. A few hours on the interstate and they were at home. Tyrone’s home, now Linda’s home too.

The man wasted no time stripping his catch naked and putting her into a good use. The welcome party went on for almost a day. The man was tireless and very rough.

Introductions done, Tyrone indulged in his second favorite hobby after fucking pretty white girls raw: filming!

Tyrone is a frustrated director. Between fuck and shag, the man turns into a most creative artist. Linda is his hot star…

Does this taste good, fuck-whore?

Stupid cunt. I bet you never thought youТd be humiliating yourself like this one day. Probably thought you were gonna marry some rich prick and spend your days shopping.

Now youТre licking a strangers boots, all in front of the camera! This video will make you famous, at least on the Internet!


You look so happy. You look like youТre about to beg me to fuck you, am I right? Speak up you big-titted slut!

Y yes. P please fuck me Sir! IТm all yours Master IТm your big-titted whore

Yeah! Talk dirty fuck-slave! Get me hard again, you know what I like by now!

OOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!! Pleeeeeeease!!!


The new city frightened Halley, but she was determined to be a professional ballerina and this was the only way she could make her dream come true.

Her mother was furious that she was leaving to go live with her father almost 500 miles away. Her mother and stepfather had split up when she was very young. She hadn’t seen him in all this time, but when she had gotten a dancing scholarship in the city where he lived, she called him up and asked to live with him.

To her delight, he said yes!

Ray almost didn’t recognize his stepdaughter when she pulled into the driveway.

She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman!

Her chest had developed until her tits were even larger than her mother’s.

When she ran into his arms and gave him a hug, the warm pillows crushed against his chest. Ray couldn’t keep his hands from gripping her ass and squeezing! Her ass was a dream, full and firm, just made for bending over your knee and swatting until it turned cherry red. Her hips made every step she took look like an invitation to fuck.

She may have been a good girl, but she moved like a slut.

He knew any man looking at her would kill to slide their hands over those hips, across that smooth belly and down her legs to cup her soft pubes in their palm. Not only would they kill for the chance, but they’d pay good money for it too!

One call to the college made sure they took back her scholarship. She was on drugs, he said. It was sad, but he thought they should know.

Since her mother disowned her when she moved out, she had to get a job. She had to pay rent, right?

He found her a job dancing at the local nightclub.

The place was a dive, filled with drunks and perverts. Halley refused but a few private sessions with his stepfather in the basement convinced her….

Within a month, the young woman’s dreams were shattered. She’d become one of the hopeless sluts she’d always laughed at and pitied. She’d never be a ballerina. She’d spend the rest of her youth doing live sex shows on stage, trying to hide the disgust she felt for herself as she shook her naked tits and ass, hoping to feel dollars being stuffed into her g-string.

Ray became her manager, teaching her how to be sexier.

The old man had his fun training his stepdaughter with electric prods and clamps and, of course, with his rampant dick.

In a few sessions, Halley was completely broken. A defeated sex-toy in the claws of her perverted stepfather.

During the day she was allowed to rest chained on the soiled mattress of the basement, but the too frequent visits of the old bastard didn’t allow her much sleep…

During the night she served in the club…. If she didn’t make enough money from the men he rented her to, she was guaranteed a severe punishment session twitching in pain to electric jolts.

“I’m begging you! Stop it! Stop hurting meeeee!”

“I’ve learned my lesson, Daddy. Please, stop!!!”

“It’s a bit late for that now, don’t you think? My little fuckdoll needs to learn how to be submissive to all her Master’s orders!”

“Your fuck-doll slave will never, ever refuse to suck anyone’s cock again. I swear!”

“OOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!! Pleeeeeeease!!!”

“OWWW!! P… please –sniff- don’t keep me down here for more training. I’ll do anything you say. I’ll always be your obedient little whore!”

“OK, I’m gonna test you, whore…. I’m gonna stuff my dick in your asshole and stay still. You’ll do all the job until you make me cum right into your bowels, understood?”

“Yes… yes… whatever! Please, daddy…. drop that tazzer now…. pleeeeease…..


The iron door in the ship’s hold creaks open and Badru steps into the sweating steel cell holding the sobbing captives. His powerful black body is almost invisible in the gloom. Only his hard eyes and white teeth can be seen as he surveys the bound figures before him.

Fuck, this must be my lucky day, he thinks. Old Abdulla places an order for Western slaves to stock his harem, and I’m lucky enough to deliver the goods. And what goods they are! Two young lasses who’ve never felt a leather whip tearing at their flesh, or had a wooden dildo strapped into their asses for a full day. Even the strongest women turns into a howling puddle of misery when they’re clamped into an iron chastity belt with a thick wooden plug jammed up their shitters. These sluts don’t have a clue about what’s going to happen to them when we reach harbor. One day, they’ll look back at this voyage as if it were a pleasure cruise to the Bahamas !

Badru’s large, black eyes crawl over the unfortunate girls’ bodies, caressing their smooth skin and delicate features with a primal hunger. The girls whimper pitifully and triy to crawl back into the shadows of the cell, but the hemp ropes secure them tightly to the wall, preventing them from hiding.

Oh yes, these girls are lost, he thinks, they might as well have dropped off the face of the Earth! But until we dock, they’re all mine. And I’m not going to let fresh fuck-meat go to waste on some slobbering old Arabian warlord.

He reaches out and grabs a soft, warm tit in his huge black hand, squeezing it painfully.

I’ll wrap these chest melons around my cock. Stroke my African monster hard with these jugs till I’m shooting cum over their pretty faces. I’ll save a load for their freshly shaved spunk-holes too! Look at those tight, pink lips! They’re just made for jamming a huge black dick between their delicate folds!

The image of the milky white skin being split by his black cock makes him chuckle deep in his throat.

Oh yes, we’ve got time little kittens. Plenty of time to train you how to deep throat my black pole…

“Like the taste, bitch? Were you dreaming about slurping a clitty before we took you?”

“Blonde whore! You should know better than to not answer me! Do you like the taste of your friend’s snatch?!”

“Mmm! Y… yes sir! I like it very much… mmm”

“Ha! I knew you were a worthless whore the second I saw you. Fat titties like that marked you as a shameless whore!”

“Gonna milk your titties dry before I hand you over to your new Owner. He’ll whip them black and blue. Probably have you hanging from them in his attic!”

“Fuck! Your ass is tight Red! Never had a boyfriend poke you from behind, eh?”

“Well I’m not your boyfriend, and I’m gonna do more than poke ya! I’ll impale your crap hole with my man-meat till you cry jizz!”

“Fuck yeah! Ride my cock, bitch!”

“I’ve got plenty of dick for you too blondie. You’ll clean her shit off my dick once I’ve shot my load. If you do a good job, I’ll let Red suck your muff as I fuck you hard!”

“If you disobey, well, it’s a long swim home!”

“T… thank you sir.. I’ll do a good job. I promise!”


Tyrell was a loser. He didnТt care who knew it. He collected used condoms and broken sex toys from the dumpster behind the adult novelty shop. He lived in filth, the odor of sweat and stale cum always hovering around him. His life was pathetic and he knew it.

But when a charity worker from the local meals-on-wheels knocked on the door of his grimy house, he knew his life would change forever.

Standing before him was a pert, wide-eyed girl. Her skin had a healthy glow, completely contrasting with the scabs and warts which covered his flabby body. Her smile was wide and inviting, he could already picture his massive cock-head parting those lips. SheТd open her mouth to scream, but heТd shove his meat into her face chocking off any protest. That silky hair was perfect for gripping as he rammed her pretty face into his reeking crotch.

HeТd thrust his cock deeper and deeper down her throat, her huge fuck-melons swaying to the rhythm. God, those tits! HeТd only had glimpses of fuck-bags like those from the prostitutes who worked the alleys, and now heТd have a pair for his own! Big nips to suck and bite. If the little bitch squealed, heТd shove his used underwear in her mouth until she shut up.

With a sick smile, he invited the eager young woman in. Locking the door behind her, he turned to the newest addition to his collection.

Flinging himself on the stunned woman, he dragged her to his basement to try out his collection of filth-encrusted toys. Her world became an unending nightmare of humiliation. She endured, hoping that eventually his perversion would come to an end. It never would.

Get that ass higher, slut! I want to see your brown eye looking up at me!

Two down and one to go! Do you know which ass-trainer is going to split your shitter next? Eh?

ThatТs right, the largest in my collection! HA HA! I can tell you want to stretch your ass, make it easier for me to fuck your craphole with my massive dick! WhatТs that? You want me to drill you first before plugging you with the monster butt plug?

Naughty, little fucktoy. How can I ever say no to you? IТll even do it without lube, because you asked so nicely

This isnТt really happening it canТt be! IТm being forced to offer myself to a psychotic stranger. It must be a nightmare! Nooo!!!

YouТll never walk normally again once IТve pounded this meat into your crack. YouТll waddle like a duck! HA HA!

Any moment now IТll wake up in bed, safe and sound. IТll forget all about this the humiliation

Relax your tight little hole, or my tool will rip you open like an overstuffed bag of shit!

AHH! I I wake up, and get ready for school like always safe in my room ARRRGHH!!

“If I just weren’t gagged I would sure convince him not to bugger me again and let me go back home! I would even take his filthy cock in my mouth again…”

Ready, whore? Gonna push it all the way down… and that’s gona hurt a lot! Better get used to it, I’m gonna be using your craphole day and night, forever, until you burst!


Asudden noise startled Hal. He was working in the subway tunnels and thought that he was completely alone. The noise came again, much louder than before. Much too loud to be the rats which infested this part of the train line. He’d gotten used to them. But this sounded like footsteps. Someone was walking on the abandoned platform. Someone in high heels.

He put down his tools and walked quietly towards the platform. He touched the knife sheathed in his belt to make sure it was ready if he needed it. It sounded like a woman had walked into the subway, but you never knew what trouble was waiting on this end of town. There was more than once he’d had to use the knife to scare away a thug, or some hopped-up junkie. He looked around the tiled pillar at the end of the platform, and almost fell over backwards. It was a woman all right, and what a woman!

She was young, and clearly out of place. She was facing away from him, but he could see her studying a map of the subway which she held in her hands. She was probably looking for the last train of the evening, stupid bitch! The last train left over an hour ago, and there wouldn’t be another until morning! She must be a tourist. She shuffled uncertainly on her high-heels as she looked at the schedule. Her weight shifting from one long leg to the other as she scanned the map. Her legs were gorgeous, full and firm. Perfect for holding on to when you thrust your dick deep into her wet snatch! He licked his lips at the image. Her skirt was a size too small for her tight ass. He could just make out the start of her tanned cheeks from the bottom… and yes! He could see a pink thong caressing the lush little mound between them! Pink, like her clitty! How perfect!

Moving silently behind her, he grabbed her hair, yanking her head back against him. Before she could scream, she felt the foot-long steel knife pressed against her throat. With eyes wide in horror, she felt herself being dragged off the platform and down the dark subway tunnel.

This was Hal’s domain. He quickly tied the brunette beauty to the electric cage he was working in.

The girl’s wrists and toes screamed pain!

He lashed her gorgeous body with thin wire rope. Her wasp waist, her midriff, her voluptuous thighs, even the offered soles… He cummed twice over her white skin.

Now it was the girl who screamed loud. Something had to be done!

With a flash of steel, he cut the thong from her hot snatch. Pressing the silky panties to his nose, he breathed deeply. Yes! Sweet like honey! He stuffed the panties into the struggling girl’s mouth, muffling a scream that was building up in her. He had until morning with the brunette. If she cooperated, he might keep her as a pet, nobody will ever find her there. If she gave him any trouble… well that was a different story.

“Dumb bitch! Who said you could keep your jugs tied hidden? A streetwalking whore like you should have them on display!”


“Keep thrashing around, and I’ll slice them off! Do you want that? If I cut your nipples off, it’s all your fault!”

“Stupid little whore, you’ve pissed yourself! Is your head so full of shit that you don’t even know how to use a toilet?”

“I’m gonna fuck you, fuck you hard! Fill your wet snatch with my jizz. You know you want it. You were probably waiting around hoping a real man would fuck you like the whore you are.”

“Is that what you’re trying to say? That you were hoping I’d fuck you, bitch?”

“Well you’ll get your wish, and more! I need to dip my wick, and your cunt is mine for the taking.”

“Does my huge dick scare you? You’ll get used to it. It might bruise your tonsils when I face fuck you, but you’ll still deep throat me, slut! You better do a good job too. You don’t want to see what else I can do with this knife. You wouldn’t like it!”



Dakari stepped up to the two Americans standing in line at the airport getting ready to board their flight home. They stood out from the normal crowd of peasants and villagers. His eyes traveled up and down their bodies, taking in the sight of their firm tits stuffed into tight t-shirts, the neckline plunging down their chests showing fleshy valleys of pleasure.

He grinned, revealing tobacco stained teeth. “Tourists,” he thought, “Probably college students getting their first look at poverty and squalor. Dumb sluts with more cash than brains.”

He introduced himself as head of airport security and motioned them to follow him into his office. As the confused girls walked before him, he leered at their swaying hips. Obvious sluts! Only whores with tight pussies walk like that! You could tell their cunts hadn’t been stretched by a black dick. A foot long trouser python would have stretched them good. Fill their pink cunnies with fertile African seed, make them know they’ve been fucked for real!

He leaned close, breathing in the faint smell of flowery perfume which wafted off their hot skin. Fucking tramps! Probably spent their entire trip hopping from bar to bar hoping to get laid by a real man! Well he’d show them! His squad hadn’t felt white pussy flesh around their massive peckers in a week, and they were hungry for more!

He led them into his office and shut the door behind him. Seeing this, the other guards grinned at each other, and followed.

Jungle heat builds a raw, primal ache in the men of Africa . A thirst which can only be satisfied by humiliating Western women, making them slaves to their cocks through fear and intimidation.

Dakari’s men were experts in both.

Within moments both women were hustled out of the airport and thrown into an unmarked van to be transferred to the special prison where convicts disappear without a trace. Here is where the men would unleash their hate and scorn for women, cultured white women in particular…

MAN ON LEFT: “Scream louder American slut! My foot-long black mamba knows how to tame your lilly white shitter. It’s a spitting cobra ready to spit hot cum in your dripping snatch, bitch! You ever seen a thick tube of prime African dickmeat? Gonna spoil you for whitey cock from now on. You’re a black cockslut now! Got your dripping box all stretched out now whore! Gulp your food like a jizz-guzzling fuck cow! We done collected a gallon of ball-milk for you, slut! We mix it with watery turds, we call it the “cunt lunch special”! Better keep it down. If you puke, we’ll mop it up with some shit-stained underwear and force it back down your throat!”

MAN ON RIGHT: “Look at the little slut dance to the shocks! Burns like a motherfucker, doesn’t it bitch? Shooting volts through from your clit to your tits… and this is only the first setting! If I crank up the juice, you’ll understand what real pain feels like! Gonna feel like your skin is exploding, might make you break some bones trying to get away from the agony. That’s OK though, the only thing that needs to work is your hot cuntbox! Gonna impale your smooth white ass on my black python. He’s a huge jungle snake, and he’s hungry for cunt juice! You like the lightbulb, stupid cow? Gonna zap you so hard there’s gonna be sparks shooting out your nips! Lemmie know when you want my hard, black cock in your mouth instead. Gonna fill your cheeks with my African crotch sauce!”


When you live in the slums, you have to rely on your neighbors. Dirk knew this better than anybody. You had to be ready to lend a hand when you could. When his neighbor, an old drunk named Sean, needed cash to pay off his gambling debts Dirk was happy to help out. He offered to buy Sean’s daughter.

Dirk had watched the sexy redhead grow up next door. She was always a cutie, but once she’d turned 18 she became a stunning piece of fresh fuck-meat! Her fiery hair fell over her shoulders and playful strands would plunge into her cleavage when she walked. And her cleavage, what tits! Big, soft pillows just made for smearing with sticky cum and hot piss. She had large nipples which poked out on cold days. She was a stubborn young woman, but Dirk had an answer for that. A few slaps to those fluffy tits would keep her in line. Her big tits weren’t even her greatest feature. She had long legs that promised a tight little clit between them. When she wore short skirts, he could just imagine her soft lips hidden behind silky panties. Lips that would stretch around his mammoth cock!

Buying her was easy. When Dirk gave the old drunk a case of beer and some cash, he was happy to hand his daughter over. After all, what did she ever do for him beside eat his food and use his money for clothes?

In two months, Dirk hadn’t allowed his new fuck-pet to leave the house. She stayed caged in the basement, only to be released -heavily chained, of course- to clean his house, prepare his meals and offer herself to her new master. As horrible as his brutal fucking was, it was the only human contact she’d had, and she began to look forward to it. As degrading as it was, it was better than the mind-numbing loneliness of the cage in the dark cellar in pitch darkness.

“What’s all that fuss, slave? Can’t you breath properly gagged with that clamp on your nose? That’s half the fun… looking at your fat knockers gasping for air!”

“I know you’re tired, cunt. But a lazy whore is a worthless whore!”

“You got up early to suck my dick, make my breakfast and clean the house, but you’re still not finished. Not by a long shot!”

“Heh Heh, I never said that serving me would be easy, or fun for you slavegirl. I don’t give a fuck about how hard it is, I expect you the best service!”

“Before you make supper, you’d better scrub my car clean with your fat tits and slippery cunt. I went through some mud on my way home, so there’s plenty of grim for you to wipe up with your hair.”

“I don’t trust a stupid cum-hole like you to do a good job, so I’ll give you a hand. Do you want more freezing water?”

“Look over here, cunt!”

“You didn’t think I forgot all about you while I was at work, did you?”

“It’s not as big as my massive pecker, but it should be big enough to fill your ass when I fuck you tonight!”

“Lucky slave, we know how to make chores fun! Now get those plump fun-bags working. If I don’t see my reflection, I’ll whip your hide until I’m satisfied!”

“Shit… I think you’re gonna take break. Can’t wait to fuck you, bitch! Gonna use your three holes and give you the beating of your life before you finish cleaning all that mess!”



The slave school wasn’t run out of large building. It was located in a soundproofed brick basement that Chad had built for this very purpose. Chad was a white slaver, and knew that even in Zimbabwe there were some things that couldn’t be done publicly. Forcing captured girls into bondage and training them to submit to their Masters was one of them. It was a job filled with dangers, but the rewards made it worth it!

Right now he was just thinking about the rewards. He’d broken many women before, turned them into sobbing whores who were eager to suck a thick dick or take a huge dildo up their shitters to escape punishment. But this was the first time he’d had two beauties to train! The blonde was a knockout. A high class Westerner, probably never did a days work in her life. She was humiliated to be naked before the towering black man, and blushed with shame when he examined every inch of her hot body. He looked deep into her hot slit, prying the smooth lips apart with his thick fingers. God, she turned him on! The heavenly scent of her cunt made his head spin. He’d enjoy breaking this one. If she sobbed pitifully now, she’d cry with despair when he forced his thick log into her ass!

The brunette was just as sexy. He couldn’t understand a word she said, and didn’t give a fuck. She was hot and had a body that looked even better when chained to the greasy mattress on the floor. He didn’t care what she was trying to say anyway. The only thing her mouth would be used for was sucking his dick. She’d wrap her ruby lips around his man-meat happily by the time her training was complete. She babbled hysterically the first time he smashed her huge fuck-bags around his cock and started thrusting, but a few heavy punches to her face silenced her. He taught her how to say “Yes, Master”. It was the only thing words ever need to know from now on.

He’d fuck these sexy chicks until they learned their place. Their beautiful faces would be covered with his jizz until they’d forget what it was like to be free. He had two weeks, and then he’d sell them on the slave market. He didn’t care where they ended up, as long has he had his fun with them first. He had some ideas about how to train a pair of slaves together, and couldn’t wait to put his ideas into action!

“Your new lesson begins… now! You’ve got five minutes to shove as much of that dildo down your throats.”

“There’s only one winner, the one who swallows the most dildo gets an A!”

“The loser gets an F, and I don’t need to tell you what that means…”

“That’s it sluts, work it down. Try to suck it out of each others mouth.”

“You think it’s hard to breath? The loser will get it even worse! Whoever fails this test will get choke-fucked. I’ll drill my throbbing cock down her throat until she turns blue! “

“Stupid fucking sluts, you look good covered with my sticky jizz. You’re beginning to like the taste, eh? Well as a reward, the winner can clean my cum off the losers face. You can suck it down like a dessert. See, your instructor can be a nice guy as long as you do what you’re told.”

“Suck harder!”

“You might as well give up, blonde bitch! I guess you just needed more encouragement to do better. Before you blow me I’m going to pump your crap-hole with my cock. Get it all nice and stinky for ya! A worthless piece of shit like you will love the taste!”



Any cunt stupid enough to be caught up in a warzone deserves everything that happens to her, thought Umar. It wasn’t like she didn’t know we were here!

Umar and his squad had been raiding the villages valley for months. What started as a criminal gang grew into a hardened fighting force of over 100 men. For each fighter cut down, there were two ready to take his place. Once word came out of how Umar allowed his men to take the villager’s women and keep them as fuck-slaves, he’d never had a problem with deserters. Men were fighting each other just to join his personal army!

This morning, a patrol had snagged a prize which made his cock twitch in anticipation. A fine looking slut claiming to be a UN aid worker. She was a foreign whore!. She said she was part of an International Assistance program, monitoring the war zone. Said she was here to make sure there weren’t any human rights violations. Bullshit! Umar grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it off the crying girl, exposing her full breasts. Men hooted and cheered at the sight of her heaving tits, large pink nipples quivering in terror as she sobbed. He knew a slut when he saw one, and this hot bitch was ripe for fucking! He grabbed a handful of her thick hair and yanked her head close to his. She opened her mouth to scream, but he spit a large wad of saliva down her throat instead. Tears filled her big, blue eyes and she choked in humiliation.

Another fuck-hole whore! He grinned. Pulling the bound girl closer to him, he roughly grabbed her crotch, squeezing the flesh painfully. She let out a sharp cry of pain. Under the thin material of her skirt, he could feel the warmth of her pussy on his fingertips. Oh yes, this little cocksucker was special! He squeezed tighter and suddenly slapped her heaving tits with his free hand. A screamer too, perfect! He needed a new toilet slave since the last one had chewed off her own tongue to escape her hellish existence. This one would do nicely.

In weeks that followed, Mary experienced degradations she’d never imagined. Nothing had prepared her for the humiliations that Umar demanded on a daily basis. Her breakfast was his morning piss, which he shot directly into her stomach as she deep-throated him. Her warm slit was now puffy and inflamed as a result of the large dildos he constantly kept strapped inside of her. The constant buzzing was driving her crazy, but it wasn’t as bad as the cleaning he demanded. After each stinking turd, he forced her to clean his hairy asshole with her tongue, and look lovingly into his eyes as she licked and kissed his sweaty balls.

“Got a second helping for ya, bitch! I’ve been drinking beer all night, so you better be thirsty!”


“Do you like your new home? Not as nice as your house, but it’s more than a cock-sucking bitch like you deserves. Got everything you need right here. Freezing water to cool your hot cunt, a faucet to bath my toilet-slave when she gets filthy, and a cattle prod to punish you when you disobey!”

“Them titties are looking good enough to eat! The clamps are working, making your nips nice and big. Gonna pierce them later. Have you chained by the nips to the floor.”


“Just because you’re my human toilet, doesn’t mean you can be a stinking mess! I expect the floor to be scrubbed clean with our tongue when I’m done giving you breakfast. If it’s still filthy, I’ll dump bleach into the water. HA HA HA! You’ll be working fast then! Your dripping snatch will be melting!”

“I’m filling a huge turd comin’ down the chute. Hope you saved some room!”


“You say no? Gonna have to punish you then! A disgusting little whore like you should know your place… serving your Master happily! I’ll send in some men later, to make sure you get your daily amount of cock! Some of the men have been waiting to split your ass too, so you should be thankful I’m giving you what you deserve!”



Redheads always turned Jonah on, but being a homely, unemployed black man meant that they’d always look at him with pity. The few he’d approached before had turned him down flat. The last one even laughed in his face!

But when he saw Jessica hitchhiking on the side of the road, he decided he’d had enough. He was driving with 10 friends, and each one leered at the young woman as they drove closer. The sun hit her hair making it look like a sheet of flame cascading down her back. Tiny freckles were scattered across her cheeks making her look even sexier. Pouty nips poked through her blouse, hinting at the delights they offered.

They’d dance for him! He’d pinch those nips till they glowed like her hair.

He’d check to see if she was a natural redhead, rip off her tight jeans and see if her pubes were as red as the hair on her head. He’d shave them off before fucking her, and training her to be an obedient fuck-slave. His friends had all dreamed of having a slave for their cocks, a young woman who couldn’t say ‘no’ to any sick demand. The idea of ordering a sexy woman to her knees whenever they wanted a blowjob was too great an opportunity to pass up.

The moment she climbed into the pick-up truck, they were on her like a pack of wild animals. Her hands were pinned behind her and her cloths ripped from her struggling body. From that moment she was told what was expected of her. She’d call all black men “Masta”, and a slap across her freckled cheeks was the easiest punishment if she hesitated.

If she refused to be their submissive whore, there was always a whip ready to raise welts across her delicate back… or full breasts.

Now a full week has passed and party nights are the worst. She’s expected to serve all the men at the same time, and there’s no pity to be found if she can’t keep up with their demands on her body, her mouth, or sore clit…

“Mm… mercy! Please! I… I’m begging you!”

“Back up on your knees, lazy cunt!”

“I ordered you to suck all our cocks with a big cum-gulping smile! And what did you do? You nearly passed out after just one rough face-fucking! On your knees now! Take that!!!”




“P..please Master! I can’t… it’s too much! There are too many of you!”


“Mercy? Stupid whore, that’s the one thing you won’t get! Sluts only get beating and solid, rough fucking here! You’re starting to piss me off!”

“If I don’t blow a load soon, you’ll wish you’d never been born. I’ll nail your fat fun-bags to the floor and jump on them until they pop!”

“Clueless bitch! You belong to us now! If you’re not sucking, then I’ll make you dance to my whip! Get up!”



“This will cool your puss down! Red headed sluts always get distracted by their throbbing clits! An icy bath will help you concentrate on what’s really important… our throbbing hard-ons!”



Sandy was collecting donations for her church when she knocked on the door of DanТs house. The old pervert snatched the young woman and has been training her to be his toilet slut. Dan has found many uses for the innocent young woman and enjoys making her degrade himself for his sick pleasure….

A crying piece of shit like you should be at home here, eh slut? I canТt see how you stand the stench myself.

Is something wrong whore? Ah silly teen fucktoy

IsnТt this better than being chained to the cold garage floor all day waving your ass in the air for me? Offering your shitter and hot cunt for my raging dick? Hoping that IТve brought some friends home to spit in your face and split your ass wide open? Eh, whore?


ItТs a shame you donТt have a twin. You have so many talents, it seems a waste that you can only do one at a time. Maybe IТm being too nice to you, I bet you could serve me better if you tried!

HA HA! You know whatТs coming next, donТt you? You can tell by the smell! My dripping dick needs some cleaning, the head is oozing piss into the bowl. Get ready for a treat!


ItТs one of your favorite tasks, I can tell. You wouldnТt cry so much if you didnТt love cleaning my crotch with your tongue, lapping up my dribbling piss like a little puppy


Spit out that soap and look me in the eyes! I want to see those big, blue eyes looking up at me when I shove my dick down your raw throat!

DO IT, CUNT !!!!



Vanna knew that she’d screwed up, but it wasn’t fair to make her daughter pay the price! She’d made some bad bets before, but had always been able to get the money to cover the losses. But this time was different. Suddenly she owed money to the city drug lord, and didn’t have a cent in the bank.

She went to explain to Mr. Carlone that she needed time to get the money to pay him back. Her daughter was just supposed to wait in the car where she’d be safe…

Mr. Carlone took everything she had. Her house, her car, even the clothes she was wearing. When he grabbed Conny, the helpless mother could only watch silently as he forced his daughter’s head into his sweaty crotch. “She’d become an expert cocksucker”, he explained. She belonged to him now, and Vanna would become a working slut to get his money. He pierced their navel and hung a bell from it, the silvery tinkle a constant reminder of their status as his property.

Now he’s forced the terrified women to perform for him. If one fails to obey his commands, the other suffers. Before Vanna’s eyes, her beautiful daughter has transformed into a brainless bimbo…. a toy for men to use…

“Grind that slutty cunt into her face!” Mr. Carlone commanded. “Make that bitch get you off! I want you cumming on her face… make her cheeks slippery with your nasty pussy juice!”

Connie sobbed in humiliation. It was all her fault….

“Stop crying and fuck that dildo hard!!! Do you want me step on that red button again and fry your clit and that bitch’s tits? C’mon, move whore!!! Make that bell sing!!! I wanna see you cumming right on the little slut’s face now!!!”


Tommy has been keeping Angel as his personal slave for a week, and every day gets better and better for him.

The snotty blond had made his life a living hell every day at school. She always made sure to bend over to pick up a dropped pencil right where he could see up her short skirt.

HeТd get an eyeful of her pink silk panties, and then sheТd whirl around on him and call him a perverted peeping-tom.

He stammered out apologies, but sheТd just laugh at the bulge in his jeans and make him feel even worse.

But the day she called him a loser in front if his friends was the last straw.

When school closed for summer break, he grabbed the blonde knockout and took her to his fatherТs bar.

His pa always had a craving for young white flesh, and the moment he saw the bound schoolgirl tied up in the truck of his sonТs beat-up car he had a plan.

HeТs been making the girl service the deadbeats and addicts who come into his bar. Every disgusting act is caught on hidden video cameras so he can sell the tapes online. By the time summer comes to an end heТll be a wealthy man!

Gotta scrub all the dried spooge off your nasty cum-chute, bitch! Your filthy hole is slippery with jizz youТd think your puss was crying tears of cum! Ha ha ha! What a disgusting bitch!

AAAAHHH!! Stop!!! It hurts! IТm sorry Tommy! IТm so sorry! Please believe me!

YouТre not sorry at all, tramp! But you will be! WeТve got a happy hour rush coming, and that means this place will be wall-to-wall with grimy cocks for you to swallow. yeah I always knew you were a tramp. Fucking everyone in school but me but youТre my fuck-toy now. I can take your mouth and ass whenever I want and sell your cunt like I was passing out free drinks! This is your summer job, bitch! About time you realized how worthless cum-dumps earned their living around here

“Whip the bitch harder, son, she’s not yet understandin’ her place around here. Whip those white tits to twice them size!”



“Broken? You kidding? If you don’t want them hurting don’t squirm that wild and take your punishment as the broken whore you are… Stuff the bitch with your black peeper, son, show her what choking really means!”


Getting a fake ID was easy for Kelly, but she was afraid to sneak into “The Pit” by herself. It was the hottest dance club in the city and if the bouncer discovered the fake ID she didn’t want to think about what would happen. So she talked her best friend Becki into coming along. They were dressed slutty and ready for a good time dancing and drinking. Surely the bouncer wouldn’t turn away two sexy girls just because of a fake ID, right?

Rocko doesn’t give a shit about people sneaking into the club, but the husky black bouncer doesn’t let any opportunity go to waste. He grabbed the two girls out of line and yanked them into the garbage strewn alley behind the club. His gang ran another club across town which provides women to any drunk with five dollars to spend. That club was always looking for fresh young talent…

He’s been keeping them in the club basement locked in cages between shows. Using threats he makes the two friends do each others makeup. Under his watchful eye they apply it heavily so they look like trashy whores. Good girls don’t sell well, he explains. Jizz-thirsty cunts work all night long…. When he’s satisfied with the makeup he explains their new life as bought-and-sold whores for the club.

“Run your tongue on the underside of my cock, bitch. Lick it like a dog slobbering over a thick bone… yeah… cuz that’s what you white cunts are now. Bitches who make money for your Master! Heh heh… stupid white whores who will suck off every bum commin’ into this joint. They’ve got perverted tastes too… They like pissing on girl’s faces… spitting in their eyes and slapping their tits… You’re gonna be submissive little twats and thank them every time they shove a stinking dick in your face.”

Kelly trembled in fear, her blonde hair brushing her swollen breasts. Rocko had whipped them earlier and now they throbbed painfully with each breath. She struggled to get the words out.

“M… Master? I… I can’t… I’ve never done anything like… that… before. Please don’t hurt me any more!” Her voice broke into a wail of despair.

“Stupid blonde bitch! You’re gonna do lots of things you never did before, or I’ll kick your ass until it’s black and blue! You’re gonna eat out your friend and slurp down her cum as your slide your tongue between her tight lips… yeah… you’re gonna put on a good show for the crowd tonight. You’re gonna make me a mint workin’ on your back, jugsy! It’s how you’ll earn your keep around here!”

Brian doesn’t think he’s a bad guy, just someone who expects to be obeyed. Life is nothing but a series of rules, and people who violate the rules get punished. What could be simpler? When his upstairs neighbor wouldn’t turn down her dance music at night, he knew it was his job to lay down the law.

He’s been keeping the single woman in a constant state of arousal and humiliation for two weeks. She was intimidated when the bulky man banged on her door, bellowing at her to turn off the music. She was so scared that she made the worst mistake of her life; she opened the door…

He’s insisted she apologize for her behavior by giving him a blowjob, and then surrendering her supple body to him. She gave in to every disgusting demand. Licking his balls, being slapped in the face with his fleshy dick and begging like a streetwalker to be fucked like a dog. She calls him “Master” now, and sleeps at the foot of his bed. Chained and stark naked. Her tears run down her face as she realizes how completely she’s been dominated by the powerful man.

Now he’s brought over his drinking buddies to fuck the crying blonde. She’s their private stripper. She dances to the blaring stereo now for their pleasure, and shakes as the voltage is cranked up even further.

-GLUB!- P please no more -choke- Master. IТve been a good girl a good fuck slave for your wonderful Цchoke- cock. Please donТt hurt me

Raul gloated over the cowering woman. She looked like a drowned rat on the floor of the shower. HeТd hired the buxom young woman as a СbabysitterТ. She looked like she needed the money and didnТt have a family to support her. What she didnТt know was that when he came home from work sheТd be expected to take care of his needs as well!

HeТs just given her a shower under scalding water until her flesh was bright pink and glowing. He soaped up her tight ass and pressed anal beads one by one into her puckered brown hole. She groaned with pain but kept silent until the pressure building up inside her became too much and she collapsed at his feet.

I work my ass off all day to make sure you get paid, and all you do is lay around the house like a useless piece of shit! Nasty whore! I told you to shave your pussy bald, I want to feel your cunt-lips grip my tool as I fuck you feel that hot pussy grab my dick like a streetwalking skank is that too much to ask? But I found three pubes on your mound. ThatТs going to be 30 lashes across your tits!

No! I IТm so sorry, sir. I I tried to be an obedient fuck-toy for you I tried to shave off all my hair. I must have missed some IТve been so hungry

Ungrateful slut! IsnТt drinking my piss enough for you? You want food too? Fucking greedy bitch After whipping your tits youТll get a hot meal straight from my sweaty asshole! Do you want that? Maybe you want me to throw your ass out on the street so you can suck off bums and junkies to make your money

Nno sir. I thank you IТm your property. I.. Цsob- I want to lick and suck your ass. anything to make you Цsob- happy with me

Shannon didnТt realize that being the teacherТs pet would cost her everything. Her dignity was stripped away along with the rest of her clothes as Mr. Rand inspected the young woman. She cringed under his hungry gaze, and shivered when he pulled open the desk drawer. It was filled with huge, knobby vibrators and strings of anal beads.

The sight of the humiliating toys made her gulp involuntarily.

Did my pet shave her pussy like a good fuck-slave? he asked.

Yes, Mr. Rand . Цsob- I I made sure it was smooth and clean for you like you instructed

She choked back another sob. It was another degrading Сhomework assignmentТ that the old professor had come up with. It was one of many.

Mr. Rand knew that Shannon had to obey. If he failed her, sheТd get kicked out school and lose her home. She stayed on campus at the dorm, which put her directly under his thumb. Every minute of the day was filled with new, disgusting tasks.

Now get up on my desk like an obedient slave thatТs right he ordered. YouТre a shameless slut who needs to work extra hard to get a good grade in my class. If you had any brains, youТd have passed already! But youТre just a cheap piece of ass thatТs is only good for fucking thatТs right. And IТm going to make sure you work your ass off!

HeТs bound the young brunette with thick ropes and shoved the largest of his toys into her ass where it buzzed violently sending waves of pleasure and pain through her body. Her large, plump tits have been clamped. Bolts of pain shoot through her breasts whenever she gasps in agony or with another involuntary orgasm.

Now heТs left her on his desk during the school lunch break with the door unlocked.

SheТll be ready for a hard fuck when he comes back, and in the meantime anyone could walk in at any minute and see her shame.

Emily woke up to total darkness. Where am I? she wondered, before her body started screaming in pain. Her mind whirled and she tried to piece together what had been done to her.

The beautiful 18 year old knew sheТd been stripped naked. The ropes snaked over her body, scraping against her youthful skin with every breath. They bound her in a humiliating posture, and her muscles cramped as she tried to get out of the obscene pose. The ropes were almost inhumanly tight! The loops bit cruelly into her tender flesh with every twist and squirm the blonde made. The pain was agonizing, and she fought down a rapidly rising panic which threatened to overwhelm her.

Something huge, thick and long penetrated her pussy, stretching it painfully. The damn thing itched as though it had been coated with chili sauce or covered with fire ants. She rubbed her thighs together trying to get some relief from the burning, but only succeeded in making the invading probe wet with her juices.

After hours in twisted agony, the light switch suddenly came on. Blinking against the glare, she saw her depressing surroundings. Her heart sank. She was locked in an animalТs cage in a windowless basement. The concrete walls were streaked with rust and grime and ominous pools of crud stained the floor.


Oh NO! Tyrone, the moron from the pizza parlor!

The manТs bulk filled the doorway. Emily recognized him instantly. HeТs a waiter at the small pizza place down the street. Whenever she and her girlfriends went there the old man would try to look down their blouses or up their skirts when he didnТt think they were looking. Now he leered at her with red, lust filled eyes. His blubbery lips parted in stupid glee as a thick string of drool ran down one side of his mouth.

The stench of rotten cheese and rancid sweat broke over her as he stumbled forward.

The old fart is stark naked, and he idly stroked his huge, veiny dick in one flabby hand. Yellowish, thick cum dripped from the distended hole at the end and spattered on the floor.

Welcome home, Emily Hope ya like this cage ’cause you’ll spend the rest of your life locked into it. Ol’ Tyrone’s gonna take care of ya, of all your needs, forever… Nobody’s gonna find ya here, ever! Yeah… ol’ pa’s gonna take good care of his little white slave… Gonna feed ya dog biscuits and ol’ man’s spooge twice a day and fuck ya raw the rest of the time. Gonna teach ya ‘things’ too, gonna take good care of your education… Hei! What’s up? Why the fuck are you cryin’, bitch? What else a dirty slut like you needs in life but a hard boner the size of your arm and the girth of your fist?”

“Please Tyrone… let me go… it… it hurts… you’re scaring me…”

“Do ya think ol’ Tyron’s a moron? No…. I’m gonna keep ya as my little fucktoy until you rot. And call me Sir or Mista or Masta. I’m your owner and a slavegirl owns her Masta respect!”

“But… but… you… you can’t!”

“SHUT UP, SLAVE!!! Goona play some hot games before fucking ya first time… Sort of lovers foreplay, ya know? Gonna warm your white skin to get ya on the mood for a raw fuck… A wax shower’s gonna do the trick!”

“No… please… don’t…. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Amanda always liked the ‘bad boys’. As tough as they looked, all she had to do was bat her long eyelashes and open her blue eyes wide and they’d be wrapped around her finger. With her hourglass figure, she always had the upper hand in any relationship. Until she met Clive…

Clive couldn’t believe his luck! The blonde hottie walked right up to him and asked him out on a date! He hadn’t much luck with women before. Most of them turned tail and ran when they found out about his unusual appetites. They’d call him “sick” and “perverted” and that would be the last he saw of them. He wouldn’t give this one a chance. She had a firm little ass which swayed beneath her mini skirt, and her tits were made for abuse! He said he’d pick her up at 7:00. That gave him plenty of time to get the old barn ready…

He’s kept Amanda in a filthy stall, bound and helpless. Her arms are lashed behind her, forcing the terrified young woman to crawl through the muck on the floor as she hurries to obey the one bad boy she couldn’t control.

“Nasty whore! You’ve barely touched your slops! I’m going to punish you for that, bitch. Making me waste all that time going through the garbage to find you a good meal…. I think I’ll fire up the cattle prod again. Give your clit a sizzle so you understand who is calling the shots in our relationship! HA HA HA!”

“No! P… Please honey… I… I just wasn’t hungry… I… I’m craving your cum again. Please don’t hurt me! I… I want you to fill me up with your delicious cum… I can’t get enough…. I’m such a filthy slut… I need to suck your dick or I’ll go crazy! Just don’t… don’t do that….”

“Lying cunt!” Clive spat in her face, the spittle blinding her. He ground his mud-crusted boot into her sore breasts. He liked the feeling of the tit-flesh being crushed under his foot. She groaned in pain as her breath was squeezed out of her. The sound of her suffering made him hard again.

Yeah, he thought, he’s give her plenty of spunk, and then fuck her ass as he shoved her head into the slop bucket. That would get his point across!

Robin had never done anything so stupid before! What had come over her? She’d never thought about shoplifting, she never needed to. Even though she was over 18, her parents still gave her a large allowance to get anything that caught her eye. But she’d forgotten her credit cards at home and the store was closing. It was just a tube of lipstick, she’d didn’t think anyone would miss it. Besides, she could come back the next day and pay for it.

But when the two greasy, black security guards grabbed her and threw her into the back of the store her world crashed around her. She nearly went crazy with panic, and tried to plead with them to explain. A swift backhand from one of the black men silenced her and the taste of blood filled her mouth. They stripped the young woman and took turns squeezing her tender breasts and stroking her trimmed mound with their calloused fingers.

She sobbed pathetically but they just laughed and made crude comments. They called her a “cum-dump” and a “cock-teasing bitch”.

She felt nausea rise in her throat as she remembered them forcing her naked body over a garbage can so they could take her from behind like an animal. She opened her mouth to scream but they just shoved her head into the pile of rotting food and stinking filth.

Now as she feels the hot, slimy jizz dripping from her abused snatch she remembered their last words after they’d chained her to a metal bench in the back of the store…

“We’ll be back for your ass later, blondie. We’ve got to round up the posse so they can enjoy your snatch too. We take care of a brother, ya know! Every one of our homies is gonna get a chance to shoot a wad up your cunt, and you’ll lick and suck them clean like a grateful cock-sucking whore. If ya don’t, then we’ve still got that videotape of you stealing…. Be a shame if that ended up at the police! HAR HAR!”

Sara never thought twice about flirting with her classmate’s boyfriends, sometimes even right in front of them. If the girlfriends were so insecure that they couldn’t stand a little competition that was their problem! She wiggled her hips and slit into her shortest miniskirt, grabbing her purse before going out the door. The mall was going to be full of attractive guys, and she wanted to give them something to look at. It was all part of the game. Flirt, tease and then leave them with an aching case of blue-balls!

But when Sara flirted with Shani’s boyfriend, she discovered that some games don’t have any rules. Shani’s brothers belonged to a violent street gang, and were happy to take care of their sis’ problem permanently!

The gang bangers grabbed the young woman and threw her into the trunk of their rusty car. Once back at their clubhouse in the slums, the hulking crew started in on the trembling brunette.

“What you cryin’ for, tramp? You were strutting around like a alley cat in heat, lookin’ for a big black dick to ride! Well you’re gonna get all the dick a ‘ho can stand. You’re our cock-teasin’ bitch now! We share everything around here, including cunts who don’t know any better than to shake their ass around town without expecting the consequences of their slutty behavior!”

“I-I… I didn’t mean anything… I was just having a little fun. I’m sorry if I insulted your sister… I’m sorry….”

Didn’t mean anythin’? Do you think we’re fucking stupid? Any chick who dresses like a hooker is obviously looking to get laid, and we’re the crew to do it!”

“No…. please… I’m sorry… I…. I apologize… I’ll talk to Shani… I’ll explain her…”

“Too late, whore. You’re gonna talk to Shani, yes, with your white face stuck to her cunny, HAW! You wanted cock? You’ll get tons here!”

“Get out of those slutty clothes before we tear ‘em offa ya! We gotta make sure you’re clean before we bone you blind. We don’t want to be catchin’ anything a streetwalking tramp like you is carrying!”

Ripping off her clothes, Sara was hustled into the filthy back yard and tied up next to the hose, her right ankle shackled to the wall. Four of the guys started whipping her with willowy fiberglass canes and an evil cat o’ nine tails.


“Dance for us, bitch!”

“Gonna keep you here, naked and chained like a fucking dog! Forever! Nobody will ever look for you in this rat infested alley…!”

“Gonna fuck you dumb day and night. There’s plenty of hard cock around to get you entertained!”

“Yeah… very entertained and clean! A jism shower and a cold hosing… a jism shower and a cold hosing… All day long… HA HA HA HA!!!

With a grin of triumph, one of the gang members turned the spigot, and blasted a cascade of icy water over her cringing body.

One of the greatest pleasures of having your office at home is having a sex-slave as secretary.

With trembling hands, Cassie poured the coffee into the mug for her boss being careful to add two sugars just the way he liked it. Mr. Anders was very clear about what her responsibilities were as his secretary, and following his instructions exactly was at the top of the list. She bit her lip in worry as she brought the steaming mug to his office. Mr. Anders was in a foul mood that morning and that was never a good sign. Whenever he had a bad day, he was sure to make hers worse!

She gulped and knocked quietly on the door to his office. “Mr. Anders? I… I mean… your slut-slave has brought coffee for her Master.” With a feeling of panic, she realized her knees were shaking. She tried to take a deep breath to relax, but at the sound of his voice they started trembling even more.

“Then get your sweet ass in here! You’ve been keeping me waiting too long as it is. My personal whore must want her ass spanked raw today!”

Her hands shook, almost spilling the coffee she held. She opened the door and went into the expensively furnished office.

“I’m beginning to think I should have fired your dumb ass already, sold you to some old Arab customer of this company. Worthless cow! Didn’t you beg me for this job? Telling me that sob story about how you and your husband were about to be thrown out on the street because you couldn’t pay your bills any more? Crying pitifully when you told me how you’d do anything for a job. I just made you give me a blowjob and swallow my spooge to prove what a whore you were. You passed the test and instead of hiring you I bought you from your husband and the debts were paid!”

Cassie nodded, her eyes filling with tears as she remembered all the things her boss had made her do that first day. And since that day! Lick his feet under his desk, crawl around the office with her panties in her mouth… her ass held high, ready for a painful swat or pinch. All the brutal fucking… She blushed with shame.

Mr. Anders grinned evilly. “Don’t look so sad, fuck-slave. Ever since I saved you from spreading your legs for your sissy husband, I’ve made sure your cunt is filled with my meat. You just need a hard prick up your ass to remember to give your boss a big smile when he comes into the office. Now don’t just stand there like a speechless bimbo. Get on my lap and spread those cheeks! I want to hear how much you love having your boss’ cock pumping your cunny!”

Jenny had barely touched the door knob to the front door when it burst inward, followed by a dozen of the scariest men she’d ever seen. One minute she was getting ready to go hang out at the beach, and the next she was being tossed between one man to another like a beach ball! Each black man grabbed her hair, forcing her to kiss them deeply on their thick lips while they pawed her body, sliding their hands down the bottoms of her bikini and stroking her soft pussy lips hard. She froze in terror, afraid to scream and gagging whenever a slimy, long and thick tongue was forced into her mouth. After each assault, she’d be tossed to another burly man who waited with grasping hands and a hungry leer.

“G-get out! I-I’ll call the cops! My parents are going to be home soon and they’ll get the police! AHHH!!”

“Cherry pie, we’ve been watching this place for weeks! They aren’t gonna be home for weeks and you know it! We got lots of time to have some fun, and stretch your twat wide open! You’ve got a nice package between your legs, bitch. Too bad that you don’t know what to do with it! But we’ll show you how a fuck-hole is meant to be used. We’ve been saving up our spooge to fuck a blond piece of white-trash like you, and when we’re done you’ll be as used up as a box of condoms in a whorehouse!”

“N-NO! Take anything you want, but please leave me alone! I… I know where my parents hide their money…. you can have it all, and anything else you like. B-But don’t do that! AAHH!!”

“Do what, sugartits? Fuck your blonde brains out? Tough luck, bitch! That’s exactly what we’re gonna do day and night for weeks! You’re a blonde, so that means you don’t have that many brains to start, but after some knob-to-balls shafting you’re gonna be so full of dick you’ll never be able to think about anything else!”

They wrapped a noose around her neck and led her around the house like a dog, smashing furniture and taking anything of value. Jenny tried to curl up into a ball on the floor but they swatted her firm ass until she was screaming and crying for mercy. Laughing to each other, they made her crawl out the back door and onto the family picnic table. The gang was going to have a garden party that the sobbing young woman would never forget.

And that was just the beginning of a four weeks non-top fuck action. They were 12 of them…

Her mother always told Samantha that her innocence would get her into trouble. But the beautiful blonde never believed it. When she got a job as a substitute teacher at the inner-city high school she thought her prayers had been answered. She would finally be able to change lives and help the underprivileged students succeed in the world.

But the busty teacher caught the eye of Jake, leader of the worst gang in school. HeТd been held back a few years, and grown tired of the ditzy girls in his class. But the new teacher was different! Her strong legs looked so sexy, especially when she wore the clingy dark panty-hose he loved. They glided on high-heels, clicking over the floor of the classroom, making her cute ass sway hypnotically. He couldnТt take his eyes from that ass! The lines of her thong were visible through her thin slacks, showing the elastic band before it plunged into the smooth cleft of her ass. She didnТt realize the effect she had on him, he could tell. Hell, she probably didnТt even have a boyfriend!

When he asked for some after-school studying, the blonde teacher was thrilled. She thought it was strange when he asked to get together at her apartment instead of the study hall, but she figured it was because he was embarrassed to be seen studying like a geek. She gave him her address.

When he arrived, he had his friends with him. They quickly overpowered the struggling teacher, and violated every part of her firm body. Since then, Jake made copies of her house key and passed them around to his friends. She was told that anyone could go to her apartment at any time, and she was expected to serve them willingly. As long as she cooperated, theyТd never tell about her shameful activities, or show the videos theyТd taken as they plowed her virgin ass and tight pink twat.

AHHHH!! When are they coming back? God, this hurts! My nipples feel like theyТre being torn off!

They promised to hurry, they were just going out to buy more beer

The bastards are always breaking into my house expecting me to be ready to serve them with my mouth my body

I try to cooperate, to give in to every disgusting demand no matter how degrading or humiliating hoping they will be gentle when they use me.

but nothing satisfies them. God! I canТt stand their sick punishments any longer. God, please help me!

The bucket is filling up AHH! Where are they! My breasts will rip off!


Slav peered out from the bushes as the shapely jogger ran past. Damn, what a fine piece of ass! I wonder what she’s getting herself into shape for? Maybe she’s got a boyfriend she’s trying to impress? He snorted, a fat gob of snot running down his face. With a body like that, she shouldn’t be jogging, she should be bobbing on a fat cock. His cock! Her tone legs pumped as she ran, making her fat tits bounce in her sports bra.

She wants to shake her tits, eh? Doesn’t have to run to do that. She can just come over here and bounce them in my face! I’d suck those fuck-bags raw, get them all slobbery. I’d bite them too, make her squeal like a little puppy! Bet she loves getting titty fucked, having a fat cock sliding all over those fat mounds. She probably gets wet knowing how many men want to fuck them, too. Fucking slut! He’d be ready for her tomorrow. He’d make sure he had some nice treats for those tits.

The next morning when Katie jogged past, he jumped out of the bushes and plowed into her, knocking her completely off her feet. The breath was knocked out of her, forcing her to gasp for air. Slav locked his massive arms around her firm body and pulled her into the forest, down into the sewers where he lived. Deeper into the tunnel he dragged her, slapping her head and tits hard when she struggled.

Realizing the danger she was in, Katie opened her mouth to scream but was immediately silenced when a foul taste rubber ball-gag was forced past her lips. She turned to run, but felt a heavy chain lock around her neck. Horrified at what was happening, she felt the bum’s hot, stinking breath inches from her ear. “Don’t fight it fuck-pet. You’re not going anywhere. You’re mine now for as long as I want… and taking into account how old are you, that means 15 or 20 years chained in this gutter!!!”

What follow was pure hell for Katie. The smelly monster tied her legs obscenely and painfully open and her wrists above her head. Then she felt the weight of his fat body crunching her and his rampant member knocking at the door of her virgin pussy… Then a brutal push and shear pain… Then his hands hurting her in the most tender parts of her body; slapping, pinching, twisting, pulling…… But the worst was his lips and his sticky, smelly tongue all over her face and the dirty, menacing, awful words he was saying….

“Does my new little fuck-doll enjoy this as much as I do? Love my toys? Oh man, I loved those those little bells I hung around your ankles clinking when I fucked you raw!”

“Maybe we gotta get to know each other better… See my old, sweaty cock? Why don’t you offer to clean it with your cute little mouth? Put that slippery pink tongue to work, I’m sure you’ll like the taste… nice and stinky for ya!”

“Mmmmm…. My fuck-toy tastes salty. Is it sweat or just tears?”

“Your face is hot, almost as hot as melting wax! I hope I don’t drop the candle, I don’t want to leave permanent marks on your smooth skin… yet!

“Does this hurt you, cunt? You know, your soft titties aren’t the most sensitive part of your slutty body. Let’s see if we can find your most tender spot with the wax! After we both found it, you can thank me by choking on my fat dick! When my hairy balls are resting on your chin, you’ll know your place!”

“Yeah… you’re going to have a lot of fun together…. You look no more than 18 or 19, that means you’ve got at least 15 more years of use!”

Hector didnТt realize that the girl on the beach was nervous. He didnТt realize that sheТd never worn a bikini before, but her breasts had filled out that summer and she was proud of the sexy figure she suddenly had. All he cared about was taking the tan young woman.

She strutted across beach, smiling at the feeling of the hot sand sliding between her toes, tickling her. She tossed her red hair across her smooth shoulders, enjoying the feeling of the long strands caressing her neck and back. He ran his knobby hand down his swimming trunks and slid his fingers across his flaccid cock. She was a beauty all right, a real knockout! Her bikini was a few sizes too small, those lush breasts almost leaping out with every step! They were perfect soft tits too, just made for slapping together. He could see her tears falling down her cleavage as he punched them, bit the soft flesh between his teeth gnawed on her large nipples until she ran out of tears. SheТd be his fuck-toy, her tight clit would grip his wrinkled cock as he fucked her raw!

But heТd need help to help control the fiery babe, and he had the friends to do it. Hector lived with a dozen old perverts in a house by the beach. Normally theyТd spy on the women playing in the dunes or splashing in the ocean. TheyТd be all too happy to help take the beach bunny, and get a piece of ass in the process. TheyТd even talked about seeing if a girlТs honey-pot would attract bees.

When he asked the young woman for help getting home, she happily agreed to assist him. Once he had her at the front door of his house, he placed a flabby arm around her smooth shoulders. With a quick pull, he flung the innocent girl into the arms of the other men who were waiting inside. She was trapped! They quickly hustled her into the bathroom, grabbing her tits and pawing at her smooth slit. With rough hands they smeared honey over her tanned skin. With her mind whirling, she finally calmed down enough to understand what they were saying to her. With a creeping dread she felt the first stinging insect land on her skin. A loud humming filled her ears. She thought it was from panic, but realized with horror it was from a hive placed in the bathroom with her!

Better keep still, slut. One slip and youТll be history, and youТre too big to flush!

Are you telling me you want some prick?

Once those bees get a taste of your honey, youТll get all the pricks you need! HA HA HA!

Keep those knees together and your honey-pot sealed tight. The bees will investigate everywhere I smeared the honey, and I mean EVERYWHERE!

I hope you have good balance. IТm going back to the beach. I might be gone awhile.

IТm looking for another busty, bikini-clad cockteaser to keep you company. IТm having a party this weekend, and youТll need help taking care of all the huge cocks that are coming over for a piece of ass!

Guess it just wasnТt your day, getting taken by 10 old perverts looking for a fucktoy they could torment.

ItТs too late for you now. WeТve taken a bet on how many times youТll get stung by those little bastards. The winner gets to split your tight ass first with his greasy cock!

YouТll be covered with stings before we let you out of there. Gonna have bites glowing redder than your hair! Your smooth skin will feel like itТs been set on fire!

If you last the weekend, weТve got something else planned for you. WeТve been thinking about getting a toilet-slut for the house. Someone to clean our wrinkled asses with their mouth and tongue

Randall snapped his cell phone off and put it back in the pocket of his greasy shirt. Son of a bitch! This was the wrong girl! Someone screwed up royally, and he was sure it wasn’t him. He’d rehearsed the plan down to its last details with his buddies. They knew that the rich-bitch college student was loaded. Her family was wealthy and would cough up a huge ransom for the return of their little angel. All they had to do was wait by the nightclub and grab the little slut when she came out. A few jolts from the Taser to her tits would take the fight out of her. Once she hit the ground, they’d stuff her in the trunk of their beat-up Chevy and get the hell out of there. The gang held their meetings in the old warehouse by the docks. They could keep the stupid cunt chained there for weeks, and no one would ever find out.

And now he’d gotten a call saying they’d grabbed the wrong college bitch! Fuck! He looked down at the dazed young woman lying on the scarred concrete floor. She was a hottie, at least that part of the plan went right! Her long, auburn hair was tied in a sexy ponytail that wound down her back. Her tits were huge, looking even larger because of her narrow waist. “Fuck Bags”, he liked to call them. Tits big enough to fuck, even if the whore you were pounding was so ugly you had to put a bag over her face. Not this one though! She was sexy, with full lips made for giving blowjobs. A bitch this good looking should be spending all her time on her knees, thought Randall. His lust started building as he felt the blood flowing into his swelling cock. Yeah. Kept on her knees and made to serve like all women should. The gang had never had a fuck-whore before. An available slut to spank and fuck whenever they wanted. Some fine looking slut with a hot, wet mouth just waiting to be filled with cock. The thought of it got him even harder. Yeah, a jizz-drinking bitch who would only serve them, and whoever they sold her to. They could rent her out by the hour. A couple of bucks for a blow… maybe a little more to tap that tight ass. Randall started to think their plan hadn’t failed completely after all.

In the months that followed, their captive hadn’t been allowed outside. She stayed chained to the foot of a stinking metal bed. She slept underneath the filthy mattress, and only came out when one of the gang members tugged at her chain. She was their mascot, they’d never even bothered learning her name. When one gang member pointed to his bulging crotch, she’d shuffle forward on her knees, mouth open. She had learned what was expected of her.

“Clean that floor, cum-whore! If you leave any spunk behind, I’ll taze your clit”

“Hell yeah! Make sparks fly from her ears! She likes being punished. All brain-dead whores love abuse.”

“Reminds them of what worthless skanks they are. She’s lucky we found her!”

“You missed a spot, bitch! Are you trying to get me angry? Fucking cunt! We’re nice enough to cover your face with our dick milk, and this is how you repay us?”

“Slurp it all up, fuck-slave! It’s the only dinner you’re getting tonight!”

“You sent out the invitations? The guys know that if they bring their money tonight, they can wet their dicks in our fuck-toy till she screams for more?”

“Damn straight! We’ll get rich off this stupid cunt! She’ll pay for making a mess of her room. We give her shelter and all the cum she can swallow, and she still doesn’t appreciate us.”

“Gobble it up faster, whore! I’ve got a new battery in my electric prod, and it’s aimed at your sweet cheeks. If you don’t hurry up, a few jolts will get your ass moving!”

Getting a good paying job would have been difficult enough for Camila, but for her it was next to impossible. She was in the country illegally, and knew what would happen if she was found out. She’d be deported in a blink of an eye, the law was very clear about that!

She tried to find work in the city, but everyone wanted proof of her citizenship. By the time she was ready to buy a forged ID, she was down to her last few dollars. Then out of the blue, she was given a job offer! She had never been a maid before, but the man was wealthy and didn’t seem to care that she had no experience.

Mr. Jamison was nice, but there was something unsettling about him. She didn’t like the way he looked at her, but couldn’t really blame him. Camila knew she was an exotic beauty. Her figure made other women green with envy, and her tight little butt had men following her down the street with their eyes. She expected men to want her, but Mr. Jamison was old. She imagined she could handle him easily enough.

Mr. Jamison sprung the trap the moment she walked into his house. His eyes bulged out of his head when he got a good look at the Spanish beauty. With that dark skin and full figure she could have been a model! Her dark hair fell down to her tits, almost caressing them in their silky strands. Well, he’d caress them soon enough, and not so gently! He was old, but he was rough with his fucks. If the girl wasn’t screaming by the time he forced his knob into her puss, he’d slap her around until she started making some noise. Hearing a woman pathetical weep while he reamed her ass was heavenly!

And he’d work her ass over, if not with his belt then with his dick!

He wasted no time showing the control he had over the helpless woman. He told her he knew she was in the country illegally, and if she ran he’d have the police on her tail. They wouldn’t just deport her either. He’d say she’d stolen money from him. By the time she was out of prison her fat tits would be drooping around her ankles, and she’d be too old to get a real job!

Knowing that she was defeated, she listened to his demands. She’d still be his maid, but she’d work for him as his fuck-doll. She’d cook his meals in the nude, and suck his bulging cock while he ate. She’d sleep under his bed, coming out only when he wanted to fill her tight ass with his cum, or shoot a load of cream up her Spanish cunt. When he was at work, she would make the house spotless and wait on her knees for his return. If she was lucky, he’d be alone. If she wasn’t, he’d bring home some friends to sample her mouth, her cunt and ass.

Her cheeks burned with shame as she remembered those nights. Men laughing as they coated her face with spunk, laughing at her tears and forcing her to smear the hot jizz over her heaving tits.

“It looks like a pet’s life is nothing more than hard work and pain. The only happy moments are when your Master covers your pretty face with dick sauce!”

“Isn’t that right, cunt?”

“HA HA! I really don’t give a shit. My pleasure is the only thing I care about. You’re only here to milk the spunk from my heavy balls.”

“I’m leaving now fuckpet. Some of the guys are getting together for some drinks and cards.

“Keep your lazy ass busy while I’m gone, and I promise to bring back from dicks for you when I get back. I’m selling you to some friends later on.”

“You’re gonna make some money for your Master before I allow you to crawl back in your cage tonight.”

“One last thing:”

“You better do a good job cleaning, and don’t break anything. If you bust anything, I’ll bust your ass in front of your customers! They like hurting worthless sluts almost as much as me!”

The two beautiful girls were walking home from school when they heard the cries of a puppy. It sounded like it in trouble, or being hurt! The barking came from the abandoned building crumbling in the field next to the slums. They’d been warned not to go there because bums and transients had been known to sleep in its empty rooms. But as the cries turned more pitiful, the girl’s hearts melted. What else could they do but see if they could help the poor puppy?

As they approached the empty shell of the building, they didn’t realize they were being stalked. Vic watched them from the shadows. Hot damn! The stupid bitches were falling for it! He’d seen them walk by before, their hot bodies skipping along in their slutty school uniforms. Of course they would run from him the second they saw his fat, filth covered body. He was loathsome, and knew it. He’d ogled them as they walked along, oblivious to the rising lust that surged through him. Their full breasts swaying as they laughed and gossiped. Their tits looked so good, like fresh melons to be plucked! Their nipples probably looked like cool strawberries on their creamy skin. Cockteasing tramps! They probably enjoy flaunting their sexy bodies, hoping to get a poor guy hard, so they could laugh in his face and run away! He’d show them what real power was. Their silky skin would tremble under his touch; they’d shake with pleasure as he shoved his meaty fingers deep within their tight slits. He dreamed of seeing their cunt-honey dripping from his fingers as he fisted their twats raw.

Overpowering the poor girls, he forced them into the building and down into the basement. He showed them how he baited the trap, playing a tape recording of a puppy barking. Just fucking the girls wouldn’t be enough to satisfy his lust, he’d train them to be his personal cum-crazy sluts. They’d worship his cock! Dressing them like pets, he named the girls “Fuck Pussy” and “Cunt Bunny”. As he tightened the ropes around the frightened young women, he prepared to do more than just violently use their bodies. He got ready to train his pets for a lifetime of submission. A life they would one day end if they could.

“That’s right Pussy, get my sausage all slippery with your drool. I better feel my knob banging on the back of your throat or I’ll rip your clit off and shove it up your ass. Fuck Pussy doesn’t need a clit anyway, it makes her feel good when I stuff my dick into her wet slit! She just needs a dripping hole for her owner’s filthy cock!”

“Fuck Bunny, are you ready to have your fuzzy tail pounded till I shoot my wad up your shitter? Nice, tight ass… perfect for slapping as I drill into ya. Gonna make your dreams come true and give ya a fat prick to bounce on!”

BUNNY: “Ack! Y… Yes wonderful Owner. Fuck Bunny is ready for her treat.. She wants to ride your beautiful cock… …Gasp!… and show her owner how much she loves feeling him inside her ass. She gets wet whenever her owner is around.. AHH! She is a naughty pet… Please fuck your Fuck Bunny! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Erin didn’t know what to expect on her first day at her new job, but she was excited! The economy was in the dumpster and any job a high-school graduate could get was a good one. The paper said that the company needed bright young women for a sales position. She didn’t know the details, but she was confident she could learn the ropes. With her friendly smile and big blue eyes she knew she could sell anything!

Joe had her selling her cunt that afternoon. Sure, the stupid bimbo wasn’t happy about it, he thought. Too bad for her! She’d just end up spreading her legs for some limp-dicked boyfriend anyway. What a waste! Better that she made money by riding cocks for anyone who had ten bucks and was willing to shaft a helpless young woman in the basement of his warehouse. He’d been in business for years, and had an extensive list of clients who had a taste for cute chicks who disappeared from home one day and were never seen again. He felt the thick wad of bills in his pocket. Hell, she’d had over thirty clients already and the day wasn’t even half over! At this rate she’d become his star employee! He laughed to himself and thought about giving her a raise. Of course she wouldn’t see any of the money. But a chick with a twat this tight deserves a reward for sinking so many hard cocks in one morning. Maybe he’d let her lick the spent jizz off the grimy floor before drilling her puckered brown ass…

Matt had been training his newest toy every day since he’d taken her from the mall parking lot. The sexy brunette was naturally submissive. He knew it the second he saw her. She kept her eyes downcast as she walked through the dark parking garage, the pink ribbons in her hair bouncing with each step. She was so meek that she didn’t even notice his van pulling up alongside her until it was too late.

In just a few days she obeyed every order without question, no matter how depraved or disgusting it was. And Matt had lots of perverse ways of getting his rocks off! Toilet training was his specialty. Nothing demonstrated to a slut her new status as a fuck-pet like meekly holding a bucket of reeking piss under his nose. Matt wasn’t too careful with his aim either, and burning drops of his urine stung her eyes and splashed in her face as she knelt before him. She was afraid to refuse any order, she knew his violent temper could rage in seconds if she failed to please him in every way possible.

With a trembling voice she called him by the name he ordered his new toy to use… Daddy!

With a sudden bang, Rachael’s car started to shake violently down the freeway. Just great, she thought, miles from home and I get a flat tire! She steered the car off the side of the road and turned off the engine. This was the worst place for her car to break down. The lights of the city were on the horizon and before her were miles of empty road. She sighed and got out of the car. Maybe if she was lucky she could flag down a passing car and get some help. She was a buxom woman with long legs. Finding someone to help here should be very easy!

Unfortunately the first person to find her was the last person a helpless woman wants to run into on a quiet freeway at night.

After being savagely attacked by a filthy day laborer who was driving home after working long hours in the fields, Rachael was bound tightly to the guard rail. A thick, knotted rope bound her firm legs painfully behind her. Her pale skin was covered with ropy strands of dried cum and phleghm where the immigrant had spit in her face after coating her tits with his rank jizz. With a final laugh he cleaned his sweaty cock in her hair and removed her expensive engagement ring. Can’t let this go to waste, he thought. After fucking her ass raw, no one would want her any more. His cousins would be driving down the freeway shortly. Maybe they’d like a piece of the defiled chick now that he was done with her!

With the bouncer in on things there was no way anyone would interrupt this little bachelor party gone horribly wrong. Well, wrong for her but perhaps right for the pack of drunken men ready to pound her pussy raw after she finishes this last dance.

The best man spotted her immediately and pulled out enough cash to ensure he and his friends would have the time of their life without any interruptions. She thought it odd to be given the stage in the private room. It was where the gals earned some extra cash fucking customers after their dances.

She should have known better!

“Jesus, where is the bouncer?!? They’re getting more and more out of control and acting like they are going to rape me! Someone needs to get in here fast or God knows what will happen to me!!! They’ve already shoved this vibrator in my pussy, and they … What?!? Oh God no did he just say that?!? No, please, no this can’t be happening. They can’t be thinking I’m just a toy for them to have sex with!!!”

“Keep fucking dancing you fucking bitch!! We paid good money to watch you wiggle and then fuck you raw until you drain every cock here as dry as a desert! You like our little friend there?!? We call him Mr. Buzzy and although he doesn’t talk much he’ll make sure you are nice and warmed up for the marathon of pounding your pussy is going to be taking after this next song. And before I forget … BOYS! LISTEN UP!!! Three rules. Everyone here fucks her at least once, nobody uses a condom and LAST BUT NOT LEAST: If you fuck her ass make sure she cleans you up with her pretty fucking mouth!”

By week three of her captivity Monica knew what the word “action” meant. The cameras began to film and brutes surrounded her like vultures. Bound, gagged and with two holes available, hungry black cock standing fully erect can only mean it was another hour of being fucked raw! It was never pleasant for her battered and abused asshole when they tied her into a folded position. She could only lay there helpless as they savaged her ass repeatedly. Each man used her pussy to lubricate their thick shafts before squeezing themselves into her tight little pucker hole. When one would reach climax he would pull out and spray his hot load onto her face as her asshole was already filled and being fucked by another.

“Ever play musical chairs you fucking whore?!? This is our version except your tight little asshole is the chair and there’s no music, just the sweet sound of you screaming in pain as we fuck your ass raw!”

“You should thank us. Warming your pussy up with that vibrator makes for plenty of natural lubrication. Image your ass getting pounded by all this dick meat totally dry!”

“Lou, stop fucking around and finish messing up her pretty face. I’m about to blow my load, and I don’t want to get this tight ass all sticky before Jimmy gets his chance to rip her open!”

A wonderful evening at the cinema was shattered for Keira when several men accosted her while she showered for her date.

They brutally bound and gagged her!

Helpless on the floor, they shoved a vibrator up her ass and plugged her pussy with a dildo coated with hot chili sauce!

The pain was intense and made more painful with hot wax dripped all over her body. In the middle of her torture, her friend Maya appeared at the door.

The men slunk into the shadows and watched the drama unfold!

It was the cruelest torture of all for one noise from the girl would bring her friend inside and into the clutches of the torturous brutes!

They would not accost the girl outside unless Keira betrayed her, and the searing pain in her cunt was about to make sure she would do just that!

Keira hung spinning around slowly like a piece of meat, freshly fucked and forced to orgasm for an hour with a vibrator taped into her raw and ravaged pussy!

Since her abduction weeks ago she had been beaten repeatedly and fucked raw daily in front of a camera. Every bit of her training as a fuck slave would be available for the world to see because she was now a cum-drenched star in the world of being impaled by thick, black cock!

Her latest performance featured her ass and cunt being ripped apart by two massive dicks. She was forced to watch all of it as she came over.

Part of her training required holding the device inside even though the tape, soaked with her juices, had begun to come loose. The price for failure in her new home was always quick and harsh!

It had been five days since Darcy and Deanna woke up to men in masks over their beds.

Bound and gagged they were brought to this location where each underwent training as future sex slaves. In five days you learn a lot about pleasing men sexually, especially when the whip and cane punish your tender flesh when you don’t perform up to the high standards these merchants of flesh have!

Being a sex slave requires obedience and the ability to satisfy the perverted desires of your soon-to-be Masters. Their captors took this training seriously. If they told you to lick your little sister’s pussy and then open wide to suck a black cock dry you did it even though it tasted of piss and your sister’s ass …

You did it or you paid a heavy price!

The parking lot was so dark. Why did that creepy van have to park next to her? She fumbled for her keys as the door to the van slid open and she disappeared inside without out any notice.

The first session took place in the van where he fucked her raw before leaving her bound and gagged for the ride to his own personal version of hell.

He carried her to the basement tearing off clothes along the way. By the time they were all the way downstairs she was already stripped to her heels and having a giant dick rammed down her throat over and over!

She started to puke which angered him. He whipped her ass raw and told her to take it all by herself.

Eyes teared from both the taste and her own gag reflex she slowly impaled her face on his throbbing member. He held her face there as she choked.

She saw stars. Was this the end?

The sensation of hot cum spraying all over face brought her out of her stupor, but it wasn’t over. It was just the beginning!

The girls were told about the movie production assistant jobs and they showed up for the interview at the production site, a rented film studio. A big black man who called himself Melvin brought them into a small room for the interview. When they were inside, two other men stepped in.

“Thanks for coming in, but no movie, girls. Just bondage, punishment, and lots of fun.” Melvin said.

The girls screamed, but there was no one to hear.

The three men had done this before, and they moved quickly to restrain the cute young blonde, Kylie, and her sexy friend, Kayla. The men cut the tiny skirts and tight tops off the 19 year old victims. The girls wore no bras, just thong panties, which the men ripped right off the girls.

Leroy and Abraham used the girls first, forcing them onto their knees and sticking their hard dicks out for sucking.

The shocked, frightened girls did as they were told and soon had drawn huge loads out of their captors’ fucktools.

Melvin took over. Even as jism drooled from the girls’ lips, Melvin told the other two men to stuff the red ball gags in the teens’ mouths, then get Kylie and Kayla on their knees, up on the table, facing away from one another.

Kylie felt fingers on her butt cheeks, felt them pulled open, tried to yell when she felt something cold and slimy touch her anus and push in hard!

Kyra’s new black friend Antoinette invited Kyra to lunch in the city, but Kyra never made it out of the parking garage Antoinette had told her to use. Two big black men had grabbed Kyra on the stairs, handcuffed her, and taken to the sub-basement. They commanded her to strip even as one sprayed her with a hose and another whipped her.

Damn, Antoinette sure earned her hundred bucks by bringing in this sweet piece of ass, didn’t she, Frank? Strip, you!

How can I do it with my hands cuffed?

Figure it out, slut! This whip will help.

Owww, no, stop! Please. Don’t whip me, I’m doing it!

Do it faster, cunt!”

I’m… Owww! I’m trying! Please, turn off the water!

Got to wash you up, bitch, for you to meet all your new friends.

It’s so cold, please… Oww… Ahhh… That fucking hurts! What did I do?

You got nice big white titties. Me and the boys wanna look at ‘em, touch ‘em, whip ‘em.

Stop! Stop it! Oww, ahhww! Stop whipping me!

You got a bald white cunt, and we’re gonna spread that all out and examine it real close.

Help! Someone, help!!

You got a round white ass… and that we will most definitely check out. We’ll beat it red and swollen, then pull those cheeks apart to inspect that butthole on the back of you. I’ll bet it is pink, but I know it’s gonna be tight on my dick.

Noo! No! Just ask for money! Ohhwww, aww! My parents will pay! No!

Damn, you say “no” a lot for a chick in handcuffs. Well, we’ll teach you, no matter what it takes. That is what whips are for and we’ve got years to use them…

Daryl had drawn the high card, so he got the stupid young blonde’s back door first, when it was tightest. Even though she was only half conscious because of the roofies, when he rammed his 12 inches home in the girl’s asshole she moaned – which made Lester a real happy man as his prick tingled in Claire’s ring-gagged mouth.

“Ahhh, boys, this hottie’s butt hole has got a real nice pinch on my big black dick,” Daryl said. “And were gonna make the money, not her, when we sell this video. Three niggas gang fucking a silly white girl.”

“Then we sell her. She’ll be whored out down the coast, earning some pimp money,” Al said, slamming his fuckstick harder into her pussy hole. “Damn, somehow it gets me even hornier just to think about that.”

“Yes…. That’s it, ho’,” Lester said as his cum boiled off into the helpless girl’s mouth, his huge dick beyond her gagging throat.

“Ain’t roofies great!”

“Yeah… man… next time we stuff ’em up the bitch’s craphole! HA!”

The car Taylor and Tory were driving from their all girl college off to their Spring break adventure broke down a mile away from the campus. One of the college janitors – they were all so nice and polite with the girls – was driving by and stopped his van to offer a ride back to campus. When Taylor and Tory got in, they found two more janitors, and they did not act nice at all. The girls were bound, gagged, and hooded for a long ride before they were carried out of the van and down some stairs.

Taylor and Tory had their wrists tied behind their backs, their ankles tied together, and even their elbows were roped until they almost touched. They were bent over the backs of chairs and tied to them, and their clothes cut from their trim, curvy bodies. When the hoods were yanked off, the girls saw a janitor named Dashawn standing in front of them – holding a whip.

“I love lecturing stupid bitches when I whip their asses, so listen:”

Dashawn walked to one side. The whip snapped out twice, cutting into first Tory’s than Taylor ’s fine, round, white bottoms. They yelped, and Dashawn continued talking.

“We have the administration and you girls all fooled. You all think we smile and clean and help you spoiled white cunts for the $ 9 an hour the college pays.”

The whip lashed out again, twice, and the lovely screams of girls in pain filled the room.

“Shit, we would pay the college if we had to for what we get – access. Your dorm is wired for audio video, and I don’t mean cable that you get to watch. It’s cable we get to watch.”

The whipping continued while Dashawn spoke. As they cried out, begged for mercy, the pretty blonde and the raven haired beauty saw men step out of the dark edges of the room. They recognized all the men as college janitors.

And the men knew the girls, their pricks already hard to see the teen coeds bound, exposed, and crying as Dashawn’s whip welted their upturned rumps and hanging tits.

“Every toilet stall, every shower stall, every bedroom. We see you undressing, posing and looking at your nude bodies in the mirror, shaving your snatches in the bathtub, and rubbing your snatches in bed. Even better, we’ve seen you getting it on with each other. Those are our biggest sellers. Yes, of course, we sell it all. Those videos are why we chose you two slitlickers.”

The men closed in. Hands quickly removed the ropes that held them bent over the chairs, but not the others.

They sat Taylor on her rump on the floor, and then bent Tory over Taylor ’s lap. Tears streamed down the faces of both teens.

“We’ll get you girls to put on a nice lez show for us, of course, but first we’ve just got to drain our balls. Having white girls all tied up and crying just turns us on.”

A man stuck his cock into Tory’s face and ordered, “Suck!”

Terrified, Tory opened her lips, stuck out her tongue, and instantly his meat filled her mouth and throat to choking. Another man presented his thick prick to Taylor , and she soon found herself getting a face fucking.

A third man was snapping Polaroid photos of the humiliated, naked cocksuckers.

With a load of goo that left her gagging, the man in Tory’s mouth finished. A steel collar suddenly snapped around Tory’s neck and she felt a chain tugging her head up.

Then Tory felt a strange pressure on her anus.

“No! Nnoooo! Not there! No, don’t do it! You can’t!”

Taylor looked down in horror to see Dashan bracing his huge cock up against Tory’s tiny pink pucker. She felt Tory instinctively

“I can and I will,” Dashawn said, and began sinking his prick into Tory’s narrow asshole.

“No! Ohh, ohh, it hurts! Aaoww, it huuurts!”

“Feels great to me.”

“Aaaiieee! Fuck, it’s killing mee!”

“Nah, bitch, it ain’t killing you. It’s just hurting you real, real bad. But you’re gonna take my whole roll of tarpaper all the way up your ass, and you’re gonna shake and scream for me until I fill your filthy butthole with my cum.”

Jism now dripped from Taylor’s mouth while, right in front of her, she saw Tory’s welted butt cheeks pushed apart by Dashawn’s awful, enormous tool. Taylor sobbed, knowing she would be next.

But Tory shrieked, because her sorry ass was being stretched wide open now.

“Turning spoiled white coeds into ass busted sex slaves,” Dashawn said. “Now that is what college is all about.”

Perhaps one in one hundred end up this way.

Taken when she was 18, she has been a slavegirl for two years. Two years of degrading nakedness while bound in humiliating positions. Two years of cruel lashings with the whip, the strap, the cane. Two years of terrifying sessions with electrodes pumping current through her most sensitive, most private places. Two years of submission to any kind of penetration by dozens of objects and hundreds of cocks, all to the order of the sick man that she called “Master” who kept her.

She often screamed with other girls, cried with other girls, suffered with other girls, and was forced to use her tongue on other girls, but never was she permitted to talk with other girls.

Only men talked to her, and mostly just her Master.

She saw nothing else of life. She was always locked in her quarters or bound, gagged, and blindfolded for a road trip to some savage “party”. She never saw the outside. No friends, no television, no music, no recreation, she knew only the pain of women and the pleasure of men, master’s satisfied expression when her quarters were clean, the occasional “good girl” after she had endured pain and provided a man with an orgasm.

A pat on the head from Master, perhaps even a gentle flick of Master’s thumb across her clitoris when she had served his cock.

With time, she began to desire Master’s approval. She wanted him to hurt and use her, get pleasure from her, be pleased with her. There was nothing in her life except imprisonment and slavery. The thought of pleasing Master, of a moment of approval from him, began to turn her on, allow her to become aroused. One day, after taking a harsh beating that left her tits, belly, thighs, and ass covered with welts, Master told his crying slavegirl that she had been a good girl, rubbed her clit with his fingers, and she came.

Since then…

Mmmaster? Please, Master?

Get your mind off your own filthy fuckhole and please my cock. That’s what your whole body exists for, bitch: My pleasure!

I know, Master. Fuckpet wants to serve Master! Fuckpet loves to serve her Master! Fuckpet will squeeze her cunt on Master’s big, throbbing dick to give Master the best, tightest pussy ever!

Keep sliding up and down on my pole, slut. Do a good job or I’ll whip your ass raw.

Fuckpet will, Master. Even if Fuckpet does the best job, Fuckpet wants Master to tie her down and turn her ass red. It hurts so much, but Fuckpet knows it excites Master and harden’s Master’s wonderful, huge fucktool so that Master will drive it into Fuckpet again. But please, please, Master, please may Fuckpet cum? Please, Master, please?

You have become one horny whore! You abuse Master’s incredible generosity in ever letting you cum at all.

Yes, Master. Fuckpet knows she must be punished for being such a slut. But Master’s hardness feels so good inside Fuckpet! Will Master please take the clamp off Fuckpet’s clit?

The clamp is there for a reason, you jizz rag. The pain is the only thing that keeps you from cumming. You know that I demand you provide me with ten orgasms before I even consider allowing you one! And how many times have I gotten off since your last cum?

Only seven, Master. Fuckpet is sorry, Master. Fuckpet must be punished. After Fuckpet gets Master’s jism in her pussy, will Master please restrain Fuckpet and punish her good with the cane on her bottom until she cries and Master is hard again? And then will Master please drive his cock into Fuckpet’s asshole and cum again while listening to Fuckpet’s screams of pain? And will Master please shame Fuckpet by making Fuckpet clean Master’s dirty tool with Fuckpet’s mouth until it is hard again? Then will Master please allow Fuckpet to suck Master off? That will be ten cums for Master! Then, maybe, Master will please take the clamp off Fuckpet’s clit, and please, please rub Fuckpet’s clit until Fuckpet cums for Master, cruel Master, hard Master, powerful Master? Fuckpet begs her Master!

Fuckpet knows how to talk to Master to get him off, but the clamp stays on. You are an insolent slut who still doesn’t know her place.

Yes, Master, of course, Master. Fuckpet has been bad. I hope Master thinks about how he will punish bad Fuckpet while pounding Master’s big dick into her clutching cunt.

That’s right, Fuckpet. You’re making Master cummm!

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