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Posted 11/07/2003

The year is 1492. The place: a small village near Valencia in the very South of Europe.

An unusual series of events has taken place during the last few months, alarming the good citizens of the village.

The crops, abundant for many years, were practically non-existent this summer: no wheat, no corn, no grapes, nothing And no explanation: the weather had been good, no crop-destroying insects had been seen anywhere.

And then, during the fall, three women of the village give birth to deformed children, an event unheard of in this part of the country.

A few weeks after the birth of the last baby, the priest of the village, known for his robust constitution, died within a few of days from an unexplained illness.

Raul, innkeeper and village leader, convened the city council and launched an investigation into the strange succession of events that seemed to doom his village. Rapidly, it became obvious that two of the village women must have relations with the Devil. Why else would these strange evils befall? The local church authorities were contacted, and a swift investigation proved their guilt beyond any doubt. The two women were sentenced to death

But the church leaders feared that the situation might in fact be worse than it appeared, and decided to call for the help and support of the Spanish Inquisition. Tomas de Torquemada himself sent his best investigator and trusted friend, Alfonso de Reinas, to lead the inquiry at the village

The team of Inquisitors reaches the village the day after the two women had been executed. The battered and broken bodies are displayed along the main street, to remind everyone of the fate awaiting those who choose to side with the Evil One. ..

Alfonso de Reinas starts the investigation with a young girl, whose name was given during the trial of the two executed witches.

Listen to me, creature of the Devil! Your only chance to live is to reveal the identity of all witches infesting this good community And maybe The Good Lord will have mercy on your soul

Unable to take more pain in her tortured cunt and in order to save her right nipple from being torn off with the hot pincers mercilessly wielded by the Inquisitor, the girl confesses that she knows of at least fifteen women of the village who entertain carnal relations with The Master of the Night, and screams out their names frantically, one after the other, to the holy man.

The confession probes to be useless to the terrified girl. A long night of savage torture and sexual abuse is just beginning…

The first name of the list is held. No need for trial. After raping her, Alfonso de Reinas decides that the poor thing is guilty of using her lovely body to make him sin against God. She will pay dearly for it!

The width of the investigation is such that Alfonso de Reinas has requested the help of the local villagers, lead by cruel Raul. The innkeeper has carefully selected a few deputies, mostly men but also a few good church-going women, women of impeccable morality, deacons of the church to help the men of the cloth in their search for the Evil minions.

Raul, my good friend, the Holy Inquisition will not forget your assistance in this matter. I will see that you are properly rewarded

It is a real pleasure, father, to contribute, even in a small way to the cleansing of the village. My best reward is to keep on punishing these evil whores!

You will not believe how ashamed I feel for not having spotted so many witches inside my community Rest assured that they will pay dearly for their crimes against Our Lord.

RaulТs daughter, Isabel, is one of the few women whose task it is to assist in extracting confessions from the suspected witches. She’s a sadist and a lesbian. Everybody on the village knows it…


Inside the village chapel, RaulТs mistress Laura Ц a closet lesbian and sadist Ц is having the time of her life with the alleged witches. At last, she is being given an opportunity to play out those fantasies she has kept secret for many years.

It was so much fun to whip those udders of yours And IТm not done with you yet Wait until I fuck you with my spear IТm going to rip your entrails out But that will have to wait for a while First, your little virgin sister here is going to suck my pussy And sheТd better be good at it IТm in no mood for a botched job!

Stop yelling like that, slut We know you like the bite of the whip Frances, put down that cross, and sit down on the bitchТs face Make her suck you, make her drink your juice At least, this will keep her quiet while I lash her cunt. Open your legs, so that I can flay your filthy hole

BDSMinq0008.jpg (85408 bytes)

Alfonso is interrogating two girls who so far have been far from cooperative. Always blindfolded, the sadistic monk has been raping and abusing the poor things for days. Now he’s tired of the m…

Tormentor, these two filthy bitches are yours. Next time I see them, I want a signed confession Use whatever means you deem necessary, and spare no efforts In any case they will end burnt at the stake

The tormentor cannot refrain from smiling sadistically. These two big-breasted beauties are going to suffer for the tormentorТs own pleasure So much flesh, and so little time IТm going to flail their nipples and burn the exposed flesh with a hot iron That will be a good beginning

In the cave of the nearby convent where most of the interrogations take place, a few girls have been rounded up and chained, waiting for their inquest to begin. Driven mad by the screams coming from the adjoining torture chamber, they gather their strength and chant piously, praying for their God to give them the courage to deliver them from the horrendous torments that await them.

These witches have no sense of family ties Would you believe this mother has trained her own daughter to entertain the Devil? comments Alfonso to the tormentor We are going to remind them of the holiness of motherhood.

Strap down the mother on the rack Break her bones one by one, starting with the feet and going up slowly When youТre done with the legs of the mother, I will work on the daughter. Her juvenile flesh will peel easily under the bullwhip LetТs see how the mother reacts to the skinning of her offspring

Raul told me you are a whore You sure have all the right assets But IТm going to fix that

IТll start with these two obscene breasts Fifteen skewers in each boob, to start with Then IТm going to slice them off with this saw, to teach you humility And because I sense that you will not learn your lesson well, I will have your cunt pierced and sewn Yes, pee now while you still can In a little while, your pee hole will be burnt into smoking flesh, whore for the Devil!

Posted 12/11/2003

Turn your eyes from the glory of God, and reap the torments of Hell!.. Your confession was good, little vixen but your ass is even better You may have once been a fine lady, but you will never look down your nose at a Holy Inquisitor again!!! In fact, I shall have your eyes plucked out and fed to the dogs A high-brow bitch like you will never look down on me!

“Look, bitch I am a man of God Your futile attempts at seducing me can only bring more torment onto you. A man of good faith, such as myself, can resist temptation; but not everyone does. Therefore, I am going to make sure that you can never pull that trick again A few hours on this iron horse, with 50 pounds on each ankle, and your filthy cunt will split clear to your belly button As regards your lovely tits, I will pierce them with the white-hot iron, until they are nothing more than disgusting protuberances on your chest”

The women have been brought in front of the Holy Court, to hear their sentence.

After having heard your confessions, the Court in its wisdom has decided the following: five of you, who confessed being the leaders of the ring of witches, will be burnt alive in the town square this afternoon; the rest of you wenches will be placed under the guard of the Church, and will be punished by being committed to life long servitude for the men of the cloth in a special convent There, you will have a chance to redeem your souls by accepting whatever punishments the Church finds appropriate for you.

Tormentor, prepare the witches for the burning

Arms bound outstretched to a wooden log running parallel to their shoulder line, the condemned girls marched as if crucified through the streets of the village as the population watches to see what happens when one sides with the Devil.

Two of the girls, who recanted soon after confessing their crimes, are being dragged on their knees towards the burning stakes.

Your knees will bleed long before you reach the stake, wench Only the fire will put an end to your suffering Praise the Lord!

BDSMinq0022.jpg (130252 bytes)

I had told you to be careful with your step This will get you one hundred lashes of the whip And since you like the horizontal position, you will crawl to the square I will drag you with a rope if need be We will see how nice your tits are when we reach your execution spot That is, if you still have any boob left, heh heh

While Alfonso and his followers chant prayers for the souls of the witches about to be burnt, the tormentors nail the girls to small wooden bars. The long nails are hammered at the base of the wrists, crushing the fragile bones, and the pain drives the women crazy.

String them up, orders Alfonso. And start the purifying fire at once These bitches are screaming too much

To the assembled crowd of villagers, Alfonso says: Good citizens, keep your eyes wide open Look carefully at the burning witches See the flames engulfing the bodies that these unfortunate girls chose to give to Satan Hear their screams The holiest among you may even catch a glimpse of the Evil while it escapes the tortured envelopes This village is purified at last Praise the Good Lord, and ask for His mercy!

In the crowd, some soft hearted individuals faint while the jerking bodies are progressively transformed into piles of burnt flesh, amidst horrible yells of never-ending pain and the unbearable stench of human barbecue.

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