Disappeared [HINES]


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The military Junta rules the troubled country. Democracy is now history and political opponents start to disappear…

After the coup, the generals who comprised the new Junta made sure that the troublesome student agitators were quickly dealt with. The male prisoners were executed right away. But the more attractive female students were introduced to the rigors of intense questioning followed by more personal attention from their captors….


General Gonzalez was old and long-retired, but he still enjoyed being involved in military “activities”. Having heard about the quality of these abducted leftist student agitators, he just had to come down to the detention barracks to see them for himself. And being so well-connected, he also had the right to choose a couple of them for his own use…

Many of the convicted traitors were kept at the infamous military officer’s retreat known as “Miranga”. The lucky putas who were chosen to serve there would be spared for the time being – as long as they continued to adequately provide their Superiors with the pleasures demanded from them.

Sometimes the girls’ duties extended a bit beyond the normal fuck and suck routine. Sometimes one of them was required to exhibit a willingness to accept a little (or a lot of) pain in order to excite her Masters’ libido.

Of course, all was not perfect – after all, these were girls who had shown a disturbing tendency to challenge, disobey or disrespect those institutions or elites who were deemed their Superiors. So it was up to Senora Guzman, the officers’ hand-picked Mistress of Discipline, to deal with or adjust the attitudes of those ungrateful bitches who had the nerve to resist the rightful demands of their Superiors. The Senora had been granted the total right to decide upon the methods or the severity of the prisoners’ punishment.

Some girls were deemed too defiant, unable to ever to trusted to be dedicated slaves. Those bitches were slowly dispatched in the most painful ways that Senora Guzman could think of at the moment or by her current whim. and having another slave-bitch witness the horrible fate of a sister prisoner usually worked wonders on adjusting her own outlook…

Maria had been a favourite at Miranga, but there was always a demand for new faces and fresh bodies there. But the Superiors there were not ungrateful concerning Maria’s delicate and total sexual compliance; instead of being disposed in a mass grave, she would be spared.

Maria’s new duties would be as a new addition to one of the whorehouses that paid kickbacks to the Military. Maria would be a popular piece of pussy, earning much money. And due to her previous service, Maria would only need a minimum of training, mostly done for the pure pleasure of it…


Posted May7th, 2004

Cpl. Pedrosa enjoyed this part of his job. Being chosen to be in charge of executing these leftist troublemakers was a great honor – and it also put a few extra pesos in his pocket.

But what really got him excited were the tears and the terror on the faces of the doomed female prisoners as he slowly fitted the noose around their pretty necks. And all the begging and pleading…

If you politely ask me to fuck you now, your life will be a bit longer. If you donТt, IТll fuck you anyway hung by the neck what you say?

Some of the convicted female agitators were lucky enough to spared from the death warrants and instead sentenced to long terms in the notorious Rosita Womens’ Prison. The prison authorities there would make sure that the pretty ones, the tender ones, would get “special attention” while staying there.

A favorite ploy was to place an especially attractive and naive girl in a cell with the most hardened, aggressive lesbian prisoners.

This was to be the fate of 18 year-old Natalie, a petite blond university student from an upper-class background imprisoned for signing a petition demanding better treatment of peasant farmers. Her guard chuckled as he saw the shock on Natalie’s bruised face as he introduced her to her new cellmate.

“This is Mamacita, girl. You’ll belong to her now. Here, run your delicate hands over her big body. Si, look at those big tits and those big nipples! And look at that big cunt – it’s already dripping wet, just waiting for you. I’d advise to do your best to please Mamacita, so she’ll take care of you. If you stay on her good side, you can probably get through your time here in one piece. A pretty thing like you will be valuable to her; she can trade you off for use by the other bitches – you’ll be worth cigarettes and homemade liquor in return for your tight little pussy and your eager tongue..”

And Natalie would realize just how fortunate she was to be cell-slave to Mamacita. Her sister, Margarita, whose looks were as fetching as Natalie’s, had been so unwise as to resist being given to the bulldyke who had been selected for her. As punishment for her impertinence, Margarita was declared “open goods” – a girl who was totally unprotected and at the mercy and whim of any guard or prisoner who wanted to abuse or use her in any way they chose. Before she committed suicide, Margarita had been assigned to permanent duty as a ‘toilet-girl’.

Is she taking it?

Not yet but sheТll do, no matter if I make her eat it from the floor

Mmmm yes make sure she chew on it for a while, will ya?

Some of the more attractive political prisoners would be also be pressed into service as objects of entertainment at parties hosted by the prison guards and their wives or girlfriends.

So this is number 3. My husband is very found of you he says you suck like a pro I wonder how good are you at cunt lapping

“Yeah finish the Colonel quickly and you come with us. We have a room ready for you. Nobody will interrupt us there the three of us sharing the same bed all night long…

Colonel Diaz had spotted Natalie in the prison yard and had taken a fancy to her right then and there. Mamacita had protested when Diaz had Natalie removed from her cell for his own use, but there was really nothing that she could do except hope that the Colonel would tire of that pretty little angel and eventually return her.

Diaz kept the pretty blonde confined to a small exterior cell located in a detached part of the prison, easily accessible at any time – for the Colonel would enjoy training this former malcontent in the ways of true service to one’s superiors.

“You wanted to fuck our Holy Junta, didnТt you? Now itТs me who fucks your asshole. CТmon, bitch move that ass, squeeze me and donТt dare shitting on my prick this would cost you five or your nails”

There would still be more of those lovely, stupid and misguided students who would insist on defying the Junta and it’s allies. So there would be a steady supply of more lovely female political prisoners to serve and service the appreciative officials, guards, wives and girlfriends at Rosinta Prison.

What the fuck! ArenТt you Laura Gomes, our neighbors daughter?

Sure she is, dear It was me who ordered her detention

Please Senora, I have done nothing wrong please tell your husband to freed me

Nothing wrong, little slut? You spent the weekends sun-tanning naked in the Garden provoking my husband and sons! Now youТll have the opportunity to apologize

Yeah weТll make you sorry, little cock teaser WeТll start whipping you hung by the wrists youТll dance sexily for us, youТll see but this time you wonТt just tease

Next to Laura and her neighbors…

Name, girl?




Ever sucked a cock before?

N never, Sir…

Ever got a fat cock up the ass?

W what I n… no… never….

YouТll be tonight, are you aware of it?

Please… Sir… donТt…

Oh yes, you will… among other pervert things that you canТt hardly imagine now…

Things were all going the Junta’s way; their control of the South American country was brutal and unquestioned. The armed rebellion had been failed and the generals and the elite could now turn their attention to those pesky and ungrateful university students who had long been a thorn in their side.

The Junta specialized in the “Disappearing” of troublesome leftist agitators. The male students were simply murdered and buried. But the more attractive female students found themselves shuttled to one of the country’s

Political Reeducation prisons, where they would be forced to serve the cause of the Junta and the Elite. At Miranda Women’s’ Prison, the newest shipment of young prisoners were greeted with the sight of one unfortunate inmate being burned alive in the courtyard.

“Do you see what happens to those who are difficult here?”, laughed one of the female guards. “You leftist slime will either obey without question or else you will die a horrible death. Do you understand?”

Before being assigned to her cell, each new inmate was escorted to meet with Capataz Cruz, who would conduct his own special “interview” so that he might gauge whether she might be resistant to authority or how willing she would be to cooperating with the wants and needs to the staff.

This cute little sophomore student might have been a loud-mouthed, unruly protester on the university campus, but here in Cruz’s office, she was at once cooperative and obedient. Just the right kind of girl. The Capataz liked her attitude so much that he would allow her the honor of sucking him to completion and swallowing his cum-load.

“Si, bonita, now open your pretty throat and drink your Capataz’s sperm.”

After her “interview” with the warden, each new inmate was given a ruthless internal examination by the female guards. The guards hands were enthusiastic in their duties and their hard hands penetrated and explored every opening. Deeply.

There was no need for interrogation of the prisoners; the Junta already pretty well knew all they needed to know. Capataz Cruz and the rest of Miranda’s authorities were more interested in the training and re-orientation of the girls. Each girl was thoroughly stripped of her independence and self-esteem in order that she be better to service the desires of the Elite. Such a process called for a long and intense program of mental abuse and i punishment. And the program worked miracles in reducing those once-defiant troublemakers to quivering pieces of pussy-meat who now begged for the chance to dedicate themselves to the pleasure of their Masters.

Of course, not every inmate could be thoroughly broken. there was always the rare holdout who resisted all efforts to re-make her. Such malcontents soon were made to regret the errors of their ways; their screams serving to amuse their tormentors……

But not all things would be so uncomfortable for the prisoners. Most of those who had their attitudes readjusted in Miranda Prison would soon have the chance to redeem themselves in so many ways. One avenue of redemption was volunteering themselves into service of the League of Wives, a group consisting of the wives of some of the most powerful leaders of Junta and the Elite. Those girls who were lucky enough pass the audition of pussy-eating at the Wives Club might find themselves being relatively well -treated as lesbian sex slaves. It would be here that these inmates would discover that the females of the Elite class were every bit as perverted as their men.

Lecita, a pretty young lady of Indian descent, had been a superb student at the university. Her work in the classroom had made her stand out amongst all the professors and her sparkling personality had endeared her to her fellow students, who had elected her to serve as Student President. But her ceaseless public agitation for human rights and her constant calls improving the lives of the country’s Indigenous population also made her a target of the Junta and their allies.

Now Lecita, battered and broken, was just another of the inmates who had been “graduated” from Miranda Women’s prison. All of her will had been beaten out of her and she no longer resisted the whims of those who were her Superiors. She was such a perfect prize for Capataz Cruz; her dark, petite young body would earn him quite a bit of extra money on loan to Senora Gomez’s brothel, located just down the road from the Prison.

“Ah, my little Puta”, Cruz chuckled as Senora Gomez helped by guiding his cock to Lecita’s anal opening. “I just have to have one last fuck before I leave you to your new life. You will come to fully accept being just a piece of fuck-meat for all the men who will pay to use you…..”

The other veteran whores gather around to giggle and watch. “After the Senor is done, I’m going to get acquainted by shoving my fist up her little cunt – all the way to my elbow”, said one.

“Not me,” answered another whore. “I just want to take my paddle and spend an hour beating on her dark ass so that she learns quickly about where she will stand around here.”

“Now, now, girls. Be patient,” intoned Senora Gomez. “I’m first!”

Lecita first “customer” would be a brothel regular named Pedro. Pedro always arranged to be the first client to sample the new pussy that was made available there. It cost him a bit extra, of course, but he preferred the feeling of being the one who would officially introduce a fresh bitch into her new life as a fuck-toy. With his oversized dick, Pedro made sure that the girl would always remember him and the hard ramming that he gave her.

And Lecita was no different. She would always remember Pedro’s rude, cruel fucking and the way he seemed to stay hard even after he shot and filled her insides with another hot load of his thick cum. And Pedro would always remember and savor Lecita’s frantic and helpless begging and crying as he mounted all of her tight holes….

The Junta did have it’s own sense of morality and it treasured it’s ties to the Church. Of course, the Church had always used it’s power and influence, in turn, to protect the interests of the Elite.

Blanca and Maria had been imprisoned for – among other things – writing dreadful articles attacking the Church for it’s lack of concern for the poor. But the Miranda Prison staff had corrected their misguided thinking. It’s amazing what a few months of hard and painful punishments can achieve in regards to changing a lady’s mind.

The two young inmates had recanted; disavowing their previous blasphemies and swearing their allegiance to the Church.

Upon being informed of their reeducation, the ranking Sister Superior, Mother Dominica, arranged to have the two girls brought before her. ” I have decided to give you the honor of serving the Church. To really show that you deserve being spared. Our sisters get so lonely in this place and they also have their needs – as do I. You are both so young and pretty; just the type of girls that we need to comfort us… You can leave now, officer, and leave us girls on our own…”

And there were so many pretty young prisoners at Miranda Prison who needed the firm and proper guidance in order that they could be allowed to atone for their previous displays of defiance. But the guards had a lot of extra time on their hands and they used it to do their part in this struggle against godless leftism.

Here, in the privacy of one of the “Interviewing Rooms”, Sgt. Diaz was about to sample the extent of Inmate #22209’s sincerity. She had pleaded for a chance to show that she was willing to change her ways. She had repeatedly begged to be allowed to serve the Junta in any way that was demanded of her. Hearing her tearful pleas, Diaz had granted her wish.

“Are you sure that you want to serve, prisoner”, he asked as one of his crude fingers found and then jammed itself up her virgin anus. ” Are you certain that you really want your Sgt. Diaz to use you as his whore so that he can be more happy with his work here? Mmmmm… your little asshole is so tight around my finger. It will feel even tighter around my big cock. I like to fuck a girl’s asshole really hard and rough and hear her scream. I like it when she thinks that my shaft is going to tear her apart. I like to do it to her many times each day so that she stays raw and sore until she finally gets used to it…….You want that, bitch? Tell your Sgt. Diaz that you want him to use you like twat. Tell him……”

Other Miranda girls were interviewed by various high-ranking Junta elites and her allies in order to fill domestic slave positions inside their huge haciendas . Being responsible for the social, economic and political fate of a nation, even one as relatively small as this one, was a daunting and tiresome. The trappings of wealth, the wines, the parties, sometimes it just wasn’t enough…..

These previously ungrateful and spiteful female inmates were now so eager to please and show that they were worthy enough to be spared, so it was only natural that they be allowed to repay their Superiors by dedicating themselves, body and soul, to servicing every their need .

General Estaban and his wife Glorita had stopped by Miranda prison for a day of interviews with potential domestic sex-slaves to do duty at their new seaside vacation villa. Senora Glorita has already decided upon an former University teaching assistant whose tongue seemed to be extremely talented. Furthermore, the girl had promised that she would not refuse toilet duties when Senora was in the mood….

“I will keep this one, husband. I don’t think that I want you fucking her. Now don’t get all upset and all – it’s just that I’d like this sweetie to be solely for my own use. Tell you what, why don’t you go and choose two other cunts to keep as your bitches. Take your time; me and my little honey-mouthed girl here are in no hurry. I have a feeling that she wants to show me just how much she appreciates me….”

There are so many individual stories within Miranda Prison. So many stories because there are always so many new arrivals of new fresh flesh to be used and abused. So many many naive and unrepentant student agitators and troublemakers to be broken of their mistaken ideas and re-shaped into grateful servants to the Elite. “Now said it again… The Junta is the best government ever. I like to fuck militaries, they’re the greatest machos and they know how to make a woman feel like a woman!”

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