Country Nieces [HINES]


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Ma Stower got a little worried and checked to see how it was coming along with the new niece who had just arrived a few hours ago.

No need to worry, though; she could see right away that her family was getting ready to take of things in the proper way. It was just a matter of introducing her sister’s girl to the long – held traditions of sharing everything with one’s blood relations. Yes, the gal would a bit difficult at first, but within a few days and nights of hard lovin’ would bring her into the fold…

Down the mountain, ol’ Uncle Ray was get acquainted with his niece, Sonya.

“Now look here, girl, you done been eatin’ our food and sleepin’ on our floor. So me and the missus can’t understand why you bein’ so rude as not to let us have some fun usin’ that sweet little pussy of yours. I guess we’re gonna hafta keep you out here and have our fun floggin’ on ya until you come to see things our way.”

Big Maybelle and her sister Anna just loved playin’ around with their young nieces…

“Hey you, why so shy, huh? don’t you like the smell of it? Yeah… I agree, this’ why auntie’s pussy needs some tongue washin’!”

“C’mon, Pa, it’s time for you and your niece to really get to know each other. I done talked and reasoned with her and she’s real sorry that she put up a fuss against gettin’ fucked by her dear ol’ uncle. She done promised me that she is gonna absolutely enjoy anything that you want. She wants to be a good little whore, just like her sister over there.”

“That’s nice, girl. You sure you ain’t had that mouth of yours on a pussy before? Well, if you really haven’t done this before, you have got real natural talent. You keep on with that sweet little tongue and your Aunt Sally won’t have to be whippin’ you. Mmmmmm…..No, your dear Auntie will teach you all kinds of things and if you keep on doin’ what you’re told, your Auntie will treat you right.”

Uncle Bubba and Uncle Billy Ray didn’t have any children of their own. So when their pretty little 18-year old niece was orphaned, her two uncles saw a chance to not only have a reliable piece of fuck-meat around the cabin, but also an opportunity to finally produce some offspring of their own.

As expected, the niece tried to resist this fate, but it wasn’t as if she had a choice.


Posted April 28th 2004

Betty Ann had no choice, really, other than swallowing Cousin Chuck’s semen as it flowed down her throat.

And she also had come to realize what would happen – again – if she failed to provide him with the pleasure that he demanded from her. It had been just a bit over a week since she had come to visit her uncle’s family; now it seemed like she had been there for years. Her body ached from the hard whippings and floggings that had been put to her for her initial resistance to the sexual advances of the menfolk; her mouth still carried the foul, salty taste of their cumloads; her pussy and asshole were raw and tender from constant attack.

Kept out in the barn, Betty Ann was just what her uncle and his sons wanted in a woman – always available and subservient to their needs. A good little piece of ‘country pussy’.

“Don’t spill a drop, cousin. Country cum is all you’ll get to eat to day!”

Betty Ann was eventually brought up into the man house, of course; she now had company, as another niece had been sent to join the homestead. Jenny was just too willful, too much of a handful for her aging parents. Now she would be another welcome addition to her new “family”.

Uncle Ray was a man who believed in sharing with his extended family, so soon an invited crowd of blood relatives were invited to come over and spend some time getting real acquainted with these two newest inductees to the family lifestyle….

“Say hello to aunty Eloisa, dear… And start moistening your lips! You and I will share a relaxed siesta after lunch… Yes… a very relaxing siesta for aunty Eloisa!

Over in the next valley, the Gumer clan had taken in a fetchin’ young niece named Kate. Kate had left these parts to spend some time in the Big City, but had run into trouble with bad boyfriends and a couple of bad jobs.

Kate had desperately sought her Aunt Betra’s help – could she please stay at Aunt Betra’s place for a little bit of time while she got back on her feet?

Well, sure, her aunt had said; just as long as you contribute to keepin’ the house clean and helpin’ around here and there. But Kate soon discovered that Aunt Betra’s idea of a good niece was one who did as she was told and one who worked at household chores from dawn to dusk – often corrected and urged on by the steady application of Aunt Betra’s favored ‘whippin’ stick’…

“Oh c’mon, Betra, leave the poor girl alone… what Kate needs is a break. Bring her over here on her knees, she’s gonna empty her uncle’s balls again… they filled up again!””

When night came, Niece Kate’s duties changed to keepin’ her host family happy, real happy….. Uncle Jake, Aunt Betra, Grandpa Al and Aunt Becca all required Kate’s nimble body and her young, vigorous tongue for makin’ those long, humid nights more bearable. Uncle Jake was so hard to please; he not only insisted on those long, hard fucking sessions, he also liked using his belt on Kate.

It was almost a relief now when Kate’s elderly Aunt Becca would slowly amble into the bedroom for her turn at Kate.

“You love your Aunt Becca, don’t you, girl?”

“Yes, oh so much. I love you, Auntie.”

“Ummm..that’s so nice to hear, my cutie-pie! Give Auntie some more of those kisses with that sweet tongue of yours before you start payin’ attention to my pussy.” Becca’s breath stank and her tongue was slimy with thick saliva as it licked Kate’s lips and then probed the insides of Kate’s mouth.

“Mmmm…Goddamighty, girl, you sure do know what to do with that mouth of yours. Let’s take our time together so’s I’m real wet and ready for you. Your Uncle Jake can get his rocks off watchin’ we two girls together. Let’s give him somethin’ different tonight – after you pleasure my old cunt, why don’t I have you tongue-out my asshole and make it all clean for me? Ever done that, sweetie? No? Well, when I was in my prime, I had a couple of cute gals who did that for me all the time. Sure did love that, I did. I’m sure that you’ll start acquirin’ a taste for it if you practice it enough…”

Kate’s spirit and morale had plunged. She had done everything demanded of her at Aunt Betra’s house. She had been the exceptionally obedient slave niece that they had wanted her to be.

So it came as such as shock to Kate when, one day, without warning, she had been caged up and driven over to an isolated, run-down homestead owned by a distant uncle and aunt that she had not even met before.

Uncle Joe and Aunt Nellie needed a another strong body to help them work their disolate farm – but they lacked the funds to hire on the needed help. Kate had been ‘loaned’ to them to fill their needs.

Kate’s dispirited attitude just wouldn’t do. But Uncle Joe knew just how to get her up and movin’. After a session of spankin’ and other measures, a couple of applications of his burning cigarette to Kate’s rear pucker really got her attention. The girl would thereafter be real hard-workin’, both in the field and in their bed…

In this part of the country, a niece was one who could bring a good bit of joy and comfort to her kin. No need for outsiders to come in to help; a blood relative was always much better at providing the various wants and needs in those remote households.

Cleaning, working, giving love and attention – no one was better suited to for those things than a tender, impressionable niece….

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